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#17224797 2018 End of Year Awards

Posted by Yoto32 on 16 September 2018 - 10:38 PM

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#17224785 Exit post: The End.

Posted by Yoto32 on 16 September 2018 - 9:38 PM

I don't know what my life would have been like without zybez, who I would have become.

May you all one day find the strength to drop your moon, whatever it may be.
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#17224772 Anyone awake now is just waiting for it

Posted by Yoto32 on 16 September 2018 - 9:08 PM

I will go down with this ship.

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#17224724 My Final OT Topic

Posted by Yoto32 on 16 September 2018 - 7:05 PM

I'm posting this so it can stay in posterity, but Trump is not only an incompetent president, but he is an illegitimate one that has committed federal crimes both during the campaign and while in office, and needs to be impeached. Let's recap what happened in the past couple weeks since clearly OT is filled with Trump supporters who would rather not talk about this.

After being convicted of defrauding the government, Paul Manafort just agreed to a plea deal with Mueller. Notice how I didn't post to any news organization and went straight to the source. This isn't fake news. As part of the plea deal, Manafort admitted to committing crimes before, during, and after his time serving as the current president's campaign chair. He forfeited tens of millions of dollars in assets, which more than makes up the cost of the probe. He will have to cooperate with any government official about any criminal activity he witnessed. Paul Manafort also was at the Trump Tower meeting where the Trump campaign knowingly met with Russian agents in order to reap the benefits of a foreign government's attack on our institutions. If he doesn't cooperate, the deal is rescinded. If the President pardons his own campaign chair for crimes he committed while being his campaign chair, Manafort's tax crimes will be charged in the states where he committed those crimes. Michael Cohen, Trump's longtime personal lawyer, admitting to committing federal crimes during the election directed by Trump on his behalf. No wonder Trump is so desperate to shut down these investigations. His guilt is obvious, plain as day in every tweet about Mueller. But can you imagine that this is the state of the nation we're in? A president abusing his pardon power to protect his criminal campaign chair? A president abusing his position to protect his hide from his many criminal dealings? A president that is confirming a SCOTUS specifically because the candidate believes presidents should not be subject to criminal investigations? I did, before the election. Most people did, actually. But his supporters didn't. Or maybe they did, and this was actually the America they wanted. This is exactly how much they care about democracy and the rule of law: consequences for Democrats but not for them.

Furthermore, there is the op ed from the New York Times. You know which one I'm talking about. That's not the only report of Trump's gross incompetence. Hundreds of credible stories by reputable sources of Trump's aggressive incompetence are out there. Besides, you can tell just listening to him that he's a couple suits short of a deck. I'm not going to link to any because we all know how this will play out: conservatives whose only interest is advancing their own agenda will claim "fake news", completely uninterested in the fact that senior Trump officials, who are so completely devoted to also advancing the Trump agenda are so worried about Trump's complete inability to be anything but a disgrace to the country that they are unconstitutionally hindering the president just so he doesn't ruin the country. And no, I don't think they should be breaking the Constitution either. There are ways in the Constitution to protect the presidency from a man like Trump, and it's those ways that should be used.. However, both the Cabinet and Congress are completely derelict in their Constitutional duties. Republicans in Congress have doubled down on protecting an illegitimate president who has sold out the country to a foreign government as it waged war on our institutions. At best, he fraudulently deceived the American people when he committed federal campaign crimes. There is no real check on the President, and they have abdicated their duty to protect the nation. And they do this because of their base, of Trump supporters who don't want to admit how awful, how stupid, how incompetent, how dangerous their candidate is to this nation, just so they can pass their vision of America.

And what vision is that? A growing, $800 billion deficit? Tax cuts to the rich? People with preexisting conditions going bankrupt from insurance? Trade markets the US is excluded from? Being a complete laughingstock to the rest of the world? 3,000 dead in Puerto Rico? Neonazis marching in the streets? Children in cages? I've had plenty of disagreements with people who have differing ideologies in the past, but this is more than that for me. This is a difference in decency, in democracy, in humanity. 

This'll be my last post in OT. I'm done arguing this. There is nothing more to be said in the matter.

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#17224593 Final Clan Awards, 2018

Posted by Yoto32 on 16 September 2018 - 4:20 PM

I thought the awards are for clans that aren't dead?

They were alive when voting started.
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#17224564 Final Clan Awards, 2018

Posted by Yoto32 on 16 September 2018 - 3:09 PM

Hey all. Welcome to the final Clan Awards. CD has had a long history of great clans, so huge congrats to those who won our last awards. May your fights and rivalries stay epic wherever your clans end up.

Best F2P

Best P2P

Best Community

Best Organization

Most Improved

Most Respected

Best Maxed Warring Clan

Most Biased
The Duck

Funniest poster

Best CD Staff

Most Annoying

Best Contributor

Best tank





Best Fall in leader


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#17224553 The Post Comp Life - Invention MEGAUPDATE

Posted by Yoto32 on 16 September 2018 - 2:18 PM

My final pic for this topic. 115 slayer, still quite a bit aways from my comp cape, but I'll get it back. Been great scaping with you all.


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#17224370 Rating Logs

Posted by Yoto32 on 14 September 2018 - 1:03 AM

the most ratings of any member so far?

almost doesnt fit in one page, lols

You're in the top 10  ;-)

Wish I still had a picture saved but I found a log:

[October 30th 08] -1 from Kuroda (-1)
[January 11th 09] +1 from Jeremy (0)
[March 28th 09] +1 from Karll (+1)
[July 25th 09] +1 from Shadowmu (+2)
[January 18th 10] +1 from Arno (+3)
[October 15th 10] +1 from Molson (+4)

Reading through the pages of this thread make me proud to see how many people have made incredible turnarounds/progression. Some of the worst trolls of Clan Discussion back in the day are now Senior Members+ that have left remarkable impacts on RSC. One of the most fulfilling experiences of being part of the forum staff was rewarding good behavior and recognizing the leaders, both formal and informal, within the community. Thank you all.

YOU HAD MORE THAN 6. Took me forever to find.

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#17224255 1K Slayer Assignments

Posted by Yoto32 on 11 September 2018 - 8:23 PM

So, dunno how much of an achievement this is, but it seems significant to me considering I've been working on it since they released slayer points, and what with the board closing and all I'd like to post one last time:


Here's to 1,000 more.



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#17224242 The CD Zybez Love/Hate Thread

Posted by Yoto32 on 11 September 2018 - 3:06 PM

I remember the last time I cared about this forum and was complaining about the bias moderation on it. Refer to my signature lol.


It gets better though, same moderator suspended me for talking about him in a post. Then in the filed report, said it had nothing to do with what I said about him. Yeah I'll take your word once again Yoto. FREE JIM HE DID NOTHING WRONG LOL!

You mean the post where you also called Magick a "dumb 4ner gimp" three weeks ago? Damn you're right, I shoulda just let that one slide.

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#17224228 Remembering 17 years of Zybez

Posted by Yoto32 on 11 September 2018 - 10:23 AM

So I found my old computer and as it turns out I'm pretty bad at cropping pics, which is a blessing in disguise as it shows a glimpse into my life as a teenager, what I was doing at that moment. I'm grateful that all of these pics are from when I was an Seme, because the Wayback Machine doesn't always show what the site used to look like from back then, and doesn't show avatars and signatures which for me holds a lot of memories about my times on the boards as my avatar has changed several times over the years. My time as an Seme was the most fun I've had on the boards, and I think a lot of the mod+ staff can say the same. Let's have a look into what I was doing a decade ago.
Wrote a short story for the Zybez book about being part of a clan PKRI. It's still in the Library in Blogs and Literature. I still have no idea how to write dialogue.
April Fools, 2008. I was pretending to be a demoted Andrew, and Andrew was pretending to be a promoted Molson (and Krystal was pretending to be a promoted me. Can you imagine, me actually becoming a Seme? No way). The prank was convincing enough to get bspy and Lord V Unit to instantly bump me to +5, which I would later earn for real a year later.
A bit conceited, but I loved seeing my name listed as a forum leader, although I think in this pic I was just wondering where that green square went (thanks PlNG)
Posting in an Seme topic I made asking for excuses not to go to work. Also training construction while talking to Scythe. What that full post looks like:


Az6BJTI.jpgWhat the Clans HQ used to look like. I'm not sure if this is when it was still in the Clans board and not the CL HQ. The video is Lollipop by MIKA. The suggestive video description is Andrew.

Asking advice from Andrew on how to moderate a topic. Been listening to people complain about modding for 10 years.
No comment.
Alc Jr was helping me with a treasure trail that was in the duel arena, you can tell cause I have a treasure trail tab open. I guess he wanted a kill pic. Btw my favorite board was and is the CD HQ.

My parents divorced when I was 14, and I registered on Zybez the next year. I moved a lot during that time, and I was never really popular at school. But wherever I went, I could find friends at Zybez. During this time, 2008, I was living with my abusive dad. After high school graduation, I lost contact with the few friends I had. It was a rough time period for me, but being a part of the Zybez team was a light in my life. This board gave me a kind of validation that I had never experienced before. I first started posting seriously in 2006 because ratings were visible, and I wanted a +1 to show that I was a smart guy, I wanted to be recognized for being a positive contributor. Little did I know I would get my wish, but it came with a condition. Brad and the CD staff desperately needed new blood and tossed me into a promo like an afterthought. I threw myself into moderating because it was a way for me to be useful. Every rating, every promotion gave me a confidence boost at a time when I was suffering from that teen angst we all get, that nobody likes me, that I was worthless, that I had nothing to contribute. It took me longer than most to rise through the ranks because I was never consistent with my activity. I had bursts of over zealotry and then burn myself out and take breaks without telling anybody. That's still a problem I struggle with today in my real life. I suppose it's a good thing I learned that lesson on an online forum instead of real life. I remember watching people get promoted over me over and over again, and while it stung I always knew why. By the time I finally became a mod, the person who was first promoted with me to the Great Hall three years prior, Tmal34, had already become an Hmem. That was where I expected my RSC career would end: I just wanted to become an Hmem so I could have a little recognition after I retire from the site like all my friends did. The only two promotions that ever came as a surprise to me was my first promotion to CD staff and my last to Smod. The best thing about being an admin was trying to give other people with potential a chance like how a chance was given to me. I hope to one day be in a position like that in real life: It's always a surprise seeing who flourishes and who fizzles. At the time I viewed the ranks as a mark that bestowed respect, but being a part of Zybez has taught me that respect is always earned and never given. It's not the ratings or the ranks that show you're smart or wise, it's how you conduct yourself at every moment, in every interaction. Looking back, I was never really as smart as I thought I was, or as funny, or as mature, and I'm still not now, but being surrounded by people who were the very embodiment of those traits gave me role models that I could strive to emulate. It's these lessons that I can take with me as I move forward in my career. Thank you all for putting up with me. Here's the album I got from my old computer. if you want to take a look.
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#17223253 Is love real or is it all just an illusion?

Posted by Yoto32 on 27 August 2018 - 2:15 PM

I love you so much I'm going to close this thread.

It'll hurt me more than it hurts you, but trust me it's for your own good.

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#17221830 The CD Zybez Love/Hate Thread

Posted by Yoto32 on 19 August 2018 - 3:54 PM

also unban bishinmo

immature ... grow up lol
I'm saying if he applies he's got a shot. I mean I'm feeling generous due to the circumstances.
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#17221500 The CD Zybez Love/Hate Thread

Posted by Yoto32 on 17 August 2018 - 1:35 PM

Literally the worst rating system I've ever seen, I've been on these forums for over 12 years and have received i believe 2 upvotes. Apparently its cool to throw around punishments for asking moderators to do their job, but 12 years of following these forums and thousands of posts doesn't matter to these trash ass mods.

Trash ass mod here. Thanks to this comment I viewed your warn log to see if maybe I could find an excuse to bump you up, but found you're actually supposed to be one rating lower than you are so I fixed that for you. No need to thank me.

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#17221338 Do you talk about RS IRL?

Posted by Yoto32 on 16 August 2018 - 9:56 PM

All my friends know I still play Runescape and it's an amazingly effective vehicle for self-deprecating jokes. You guys have no idea.

"Listen guys I have a maxed out runescape account, do you think I have a life?"
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