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South Africa

24 August 2018 - 12:29 AM

This has been quite the controversial situation really, I only really started studying the situation about a month ago, other than mildly heading about it on the news, reading articles ect. What we do know at least is that white South African farmers are being disproportionately murdered when compared to murder rates for any other reason in the ball part of around 10 times that number. People have theorised that it is because of the Apartheid, long held racial tension between the races, and this does largely hold water when you do listen to some of the stories of the murders, that are absolutely gruesome, under the guise of a robbery people are brutally murdered, entire families. Additionally, the SA government are now looking to change legislation, allowing for the government to strip white farmers of their land.


If you listen to those on the left it is nothing but a conspiracy theory furthered by white supremacist and neo-nazi Lauren Southern, that these murders are vastly overexaggerated and misrepresent the actual situation on the ground. This all of course gained a whole lot more attention when Donald Trump tweetied that he would like to follow this situation more closely. While I do not think that there is quite the white genocide happening, it is clear that there is at least some form of governmental corruption in both the investigation of these murders, the due process involved in the justice system, and the legislation being introduced. What does everyone else think?

Champions Cape

24 July 2018 - 11:39 AM



Probably one of the dumbest grinds I have done as of late, but I'm glad I did it.


Total kill counts:

Goblins: 12, 542
Hobgoblins: 61, 902
Zombies: 6861
Imp: 8252
Ghoul: 2315
Earth Warrior: 4326
Giant: 860
Jogre: 8235
Skeleton: 6028
Lesser Demon: 3028

Recent doozie

12 July 2018 - 9:17 AM

If you're not aware, in implementing the ardougne knights integrity change, they introduced a bug where upon picking up coins after pking somebody, you go a max cash drop. I find this hilarious that such a massive error could occur, it doesn't really seem like they know what to do currently.
It was supposedly the new JMOD Bruno that implemented it, while he did make the error it does seem strange to not go over a trainee's new code.
And some instances on this happening 
Anyway, pretty big instance of Jagex screwing up, figured it would be worth talking about it.

Trim Comp

15 May 2018 - 11:15 AM






Such a long grind, even longer than max on osrs, I'd say worth it though!

When you're trying to write an argumentative essay

22 April 2018 - 7:35 AM



Do you comment on it? Attack its issues? Leave it out? I've always found it interesting in that when writing papers supposed to give an objective view, there becomes a certain point where the results a paper includes become too compelling, that it must be left out. Of course this applies to just about any kind of reporting of point of view, you could grind it down to the confirmation bias.


What's your take on it?

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