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The Corf

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About Me

Personal Info
firstly i would like to tell you about my personal life, my name is Michael and i am from Greenland but i moved to Denmark to go to University to become a grade school teacher, first year out of 4.
i am 21 years old
i live In my own apartment in Roskilde in Denmark which is also where i go to school, transportation only takes about 30 minutes with bus so it's simple so far.
I like most kinds of metal music and some dubstep/techo etc.
I really enjoy comedies in either movie form or TV series form, but i also enjoy Epic Sagas like Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars and most Marvel Movies since they are just amazing in their acting and story, my favourite movie of all time though is My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli and i have a goal of seeing every single Studio Ghibli movie produced.
I also play a lot of different games, my favorite being RPGs and indie games, got a love for some FPS as well, my favourite being Borderlands 2.
My Steam account consists of 600 (and counting) games and i am an avid Steam hoarder sadly so i have spent a lot of money on that, with only a few i regret buying.

I have a pretty long gaming history that started when i was 7 when i got a N64 for Christmas with Mario Kart and Super Mario 64, i then later got Ocarina of Time which still to this date, 11 years after, is my favourite game of all time. I later got a Gameboy Color where i started with Pokemon Gold but i had borrowed my cousins gameboy and Pokemon Red before that so i did know how it all worked.
After many years spent on my Gameboy and N64 i got myself a PS2 where i then spend half of my time awake playing Need For Speed Carbon.
RuneScape got into my life when i was around 11 and all because i found a link to it on Miniclip but living in Greenland the internet was very expensive and therefore i didn't play as much, as the years went by the internet prices got lower and i got my own laptop (which i still use to this day) when i was 13 and that was pretty much then i started my current RuneScape account which then was named Don Maliko but is now known as The Corf, as i am sure any others have had i had a lot of breaks from RuneScape but after so much time spent in it i can no longer get myself to stop.

RS info:
my username in RuneScape is The Corf and i have had many other different names on there but The Corf i will keep for a very long time i am sure since it is my username on everything else.

I started my Runescape Adventure 7 years ago with an account i don't use anymore and i went through about 5 accounts before i got the account i use now which is The Corf.

my goal right now is to get an untrimmed Herblore cape which will be very hard since i got very low amounts of money and i spend it all on getting raised my herblore, i will do some skilling to earn money for the big expenses and i do some slayer also to cover some of it. Done.

My next goal is getting all skills 70 and i am getting somewhat close.


RSC info:
After lot of use of the Zybez guide as a newcomer to the RuneScape members i accidentally entered the forum on the 29th of June in 2010 but after looking around i saw that i would be able to answer the questions in the questions board and i decided to create my profile and the questions board were pretty much the only board i used for a while but i saw the off-topic board also had a lot of interesting threads to read and perhaps supply an opinion to, after about 2 years of use i got a -1 from Aragon for 5 oversized signatures and i then got more careful as to what i posted and generally did in the forums and after a while i got a +1 from Debenkey for not having broken any rules for a while, a few more months went by and i got a +1 from Murdoc for good behavior and additions to the Zybez Page.

i've had a Zybez DJ position for a while before some personal life troubles left me unavailable too much to the point i needed to sign off, also assigned for Content Team where the same thing happened after only about a day or two i had a lot of trouble with my father, i am not proud of how short i had those positions but i am glad i did a little for Zybez in the short time i could.
I am now a Community Leader for Marketplace and have been that since end of June.

So my whole history here and the friends i got are all caused by a misclick which is probably the best misclick i have ever made.


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