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About Me

Hello, my name is John and I live in New Jersey. I am nine-teen years of age and I attended a university in New Jersey. I am currently enlisted into the United States Army because it's something I've wanted to do since I was a kid. I leave for Boot/Basic on October 21st. My hobbies include friends, partying, cars, driving said car and listening to music. I am also a huge lover of reading and good films.


I have been playing this wonderfully horrible game titled Runescape since 2001. Legendsword is my first and only character and it is still only 118 CB after seven years. Evidently, I don't play much and when I do I don't make much progress. I play this game soley for the clan I am in, The Titans (TT). I have been a member of TT for a little over four years now and I must say it is an amazing clan. I see people joining and leaving multiple clans simply because they are searching for a place they feel comfortable and welcome. I guess I am just lucky to have found that clan so early.


I held the rank of Council when the clan was re-started under Nhia212 but was forced to step down due to personal commitments. Titans fell and disbanded but was re-opened later on when Nhia212 came back to Runescape for a short time. I was then given the rank of Council/Advisor and held it until recently when I stepped down again due to lack of time. I have been with Titans through the highs and lows, though I have left on occassion due to hasty decisions, and I love the clan and its members dearly. If you want a full clan history of The Titans, simply click here. It was written by the one and only The Man O so it is quite a treat.


My (Short) Clan History


Clan - Rank Held - Note


The Titans - Forum Whore - I wasn't an actual member but I knew a great deal of TT members through friends. I lurked their forums and got to know a handful of the members quite well. I wasn't able to join, though I was training my mule off, because they raised requirements and then disbanded after.


Demonic Legendz - Member - Was my first clan ever and I was interested in getting into the whole clan scene. My first event, a PK trip, was coming up but was told by Nhia212 that TT was being re-made. I promptly wrote up a short leaving post and left to join TT.


The Titans - Council - I was promptly auto-accepted into TT. (Ye, mass recruiting started early) I was then promoted to Council shortly after because Nhia apparently needed someone to write up posts in understandable English. I stayed with the clan until a few months before it's death. I don't know why I left but I did, although I had promised close friends that I would stay till the end. I still regret not keeping my word on that.


The Titans - Council/Advisor - Titans was re-made and we're still here today. We've had some incredible lows and epic highs but we're still the same clan as ever. We're a strong clan, not because of our PK'ing or organization, but because of the amazing member base that we have. The 50-70 members that have stuck with us through the years have been the foundation to lay down the building blocks for this amazing clan.


Rating Rollercoaster


+1 (Lord V Unit) - Good and helpful posting all around the forums. Keep it up and make sure you use spell checker for the words you are not sure about, that's about the only area where you need some improvement.


-1 (TheExtremist) - "+1" Bad posting habit.


+1 (Yoeni) - That's simply not enough to deduct a rating. Legendsword is a good CD poster and deserves to have a +1 rating. Just because he made a single spammy post on a spammy topic is not a direct reason to take someone's rating off certainly not in CD.


-1 (Atarah) - Dont flame bait other clans. It is against the rules here.


+1 (Blackspy) - No problems since.

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