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I'm back, in the least dramatic way. Hi. Updated 20 Jun · 6 comments

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Find Emotion



It's like in the great stories...the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn't want to know the end because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end it's only a passing thing this shadow, even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines it'll shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something even if you were too small to understand why.


~Samwise Gamgee.






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Hey there! It's very unlikely anyone is going to stumble upon or read this, but if you've seen one of my old posts, or (even more unlikely) seen my name mentioned (or one of my many variants; Find, Findy, Findiee, Retreat, etc) then you might be a little interested in who I am. Or was. Whatever!


I am sadly retired from Runescape and, for the most part, from RSC. In my active days I was often caught skulking around here and have a few little claims to fame, both in Runescape and here on the Zybez web-forum. I'll start with the most interesting bits about me: my online self!


In Runescape, Find Emotion (a name I no longer claim, or can regain due to someone taking it during my inactivity) began as a F2P hitpoints skiller. This meant I trained only non-combat skills and hitpoints (constitution to you newbies). I soon joined RSC and began an achievements thread, which grew very quickly in popularity and rose to one of the most popular in the sub-forum at that time. This is really when my RSC and RS life took off. I became deeply involved in Zchat, Zybez's Official Clan chat, and met many amazing and long-lasting friends there. Whilst most of these folks no longer play, it was really a joy to meet such admirable folks. Zchat and RSC helped me reach a vague fame throughout the forum and even in Runescape itself! I reached 99 Cooking and many other high skills purely in F2P and reached well over 45 Hitpoints (entirely through lamps and boxes -- O! the days). Naturally, I wasn't the first to attempt this and I was told of many 'Copycats' after, however I don't feel myself arrogant in saying I was one of the better known HP Skillers. My time eventually ended as a HP skiller, however my thread and account continued to grow, I was often praised for levelling incredibly fast (though in retrospect, this was less of a good thing!) and I continued to gain many fast friends. My account before I lost activity could have been considered 'High-level' my 99 skills were; cooking, thieving, firemaking, crafting (my favourite skill), hitpoints, attack (my favourite combat skill - breached 30M experience eventually), strength, defence, summoning, magic and (the hardest one I felt), slayer. My other skills exceeded, and still do exceed, level 80. I am immensely proud of my account, and though at times I may regret the hours 'wasted' I do not regret the friends and fun I had upon the way. In mid-2011 (long after I had stopped playing the game), my account was mysteriously hacked. I still have no idea how, but I lost all the wealth I had gained: including enough oak planks for 99 construction which I had intended to hit before I quit. I estimate I lost around 200M, and I was never a rich player. This somewhat guaranteed the end of my RS life. To regain the wealth in a game that is surprisingly different, on an account already so well developed. I will always enjoy the memories of what I earned, learned and gained throughout the game. There is one last claim to fame I can think of - and it isn't too shabby - that is that I named the slayer creature Aquanite, through a forum suggestion and later popular vote. It isn't much, but I feel proud that I've made at least a vague lasting impression on the world of Gielinor.


Back on RSC, I also became relatively well known. I was eventually made a 'Banana rank' (I coined that phrase) in Zchat, a position I seem hold to this day. I'll call it a ceremonial honour. I was in fact the first (and last remaining, the other two were given higher ranks eventually) of three to be awarded this rank, as a sort of half-mod rather than an official, Zybez-rank related position. It gives me feel incredibly old in fact! I also held various other positions around RSC. I was promoted to Achievements CL several times, spent time on the Events and Blogs teams and also both suggested and was staff of the Achievements Skilling Competition. I ran several successful events, most popular was the 'Combat-X' competition, which had several hundred participants. I've won the Achievement's award of 'Best personality' and in the 2009 RSC awards won both 'Most promising newcomer' and 'Best member'. Despite my accolades I never achieved a rank above member, I was never mature or consistent enough to be deserving of higher, and I'm certainly not bitter about it. My time on RSC taught me many things, and many more about myself. I'm fairly sure that is all my history, I'll just finish off with a brief bit about myself.


Outside the web, I'm a 20 year old English literature student, from England. I'm occasionally awkward, mostly friendly and nearly always shy. I spend my time reading, gaming and with my friends and girlfriend. I'm non-religous, a huge Lord of the Rings neek and very excited for the future. I want to just say that if any of my old friends do read this, that I'd love to hear from you and even add you to my more personal contacts on these billion social-networking sites. Please don't be a stranger.


That's all from me! I hope I haven't been too much of a bore and I wish you all the best. (If you want to see what I look like, the cartoon portrait on the left if vastly exaggerated: I have little facial hair, am definitely not that cool looking and my plan to get purple hair has yet to reach fruition)




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