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About Me:


Runescape Name: Dakillaz2
Real Name: Vladimir
Country: Austria
Age: 18 (08/03/1993)
Current Clan Status: Retired
Ex Clans: SilverDawn, Eclipse, Hades, Genesis Knights, Golden Sun.




Clan History


SilverDawn was the first clan I have ever joined. It all started with me being recruited by a guy called Gandhishazny. He is still a good mate, but he quit Runescape. It was in the year 2006 and my combat level was 69 even though the requirements to join were 70+. I joined SilverDawn and always stayed loyal to the clan. I managed to be every single staff position except for leader (Warlord, Event Staff, Diplomat, Application Manager...etc) SilverDawn went through many up's and down's. Our biggest Opts where 120+ against TUP (The Ultimate Pkers), full out war in 2007.  
There were about 4-5 Generations of SilverDawn and the final end of SD was in the middle of 2008. I quit in the end of 2007 when the wildy update came. This is about all to do with SilverDawn.


Eclipse was a great experience for me. It was the first clan I joined after started RS again. It looked like a great clan with extremely friendly members. It was the first clan I was in with around 50 members at one point. We pulled nice opts to lots wars and were doing great, but I knew those problems would come, I couldn't come to most events because of the Eclipse time zone which is EST and I live in Austria (GMT +1). The events were really late and Eclipse had no GMT unit. This forced me to leave Eclipse.


Hades has been a great experience for me! Here I warred big clans, learned how to tank and all the rest! The community was great and we were growing stronger and stronger all the time, slowly our hierarchy started to go inactive and we kept losing loyal members which were really important for our clan! We slowly fell from 40 members to 22 in 3 days, until finally the hierachy decided to close down Hades!


Runescape Elites
I had a good time in RE, but for some reason I just didn't fit into their Community. I didn't really get to know anyone and it just pulled me back to my ex clan! Friends from Hades are in Eclipse and Eclipse is my ex clan with a great leader! Good luck to RE, but I am happy with my decision!


Genesis Knights
I had a fun time in GK. I didn't get to stay there for a very long time, but the time I was actually there was pretty fun and good. GK is a very organized clan, with nice members and great staff. The reason why I decided to leave GK is beacuse after Hades closing I saw no fun in Runescape anymore and decided to quit again. I only managed a few events in GK mainly because its an EST clan with late events for me, but it was a fun time there!


Golden Sun
After being clanless for a while I decided to get back to a clan. I was searching for a clan for quite a while and my decision fell on to Golden Sun. Its a great clan with lots of potential, a friendly atmosphere and REALLY nice members and staff!


After deciding to quit Runescape for the fourth time mid 2010, I haven't had any interest to return back to it mainly because most of my friends quitting. Maybe one day again :)


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