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About Me

<3 you Zybez. I might never see you again, but you'll always be in my heart.




EDIT: As of July 1st, 2009, I've updated my About Me. Check under the === for the changed part, if you care Posted Image


I've just had an epiphany. My "About Me" page should really be about me, not quotes or topics. Couple that with the fact that all of my topics just disappeared in the pruning of General Discussion :suspect:, I might as well write a new one that just talks about my triumphs and utter failures in my history here at RuneScape Community.


On May 17th, 2006, a mysterious 1-hit glitch was ravaging players primarily in the Tears of Guthix cave or the Gargoyles at the Slayer Tower. What was happening?! No one knew, and rumors were flying wildly that there were mysterious messages coming up, a Jagex mod was invisible and appearing very shortly with an odd two-handed sword and golden armour, and even that an average player was killing people outside of the wilderness (dismissed at the time as an impossibility. Who could ever do that?) Well, me being the RSOF peruser that I was at the time, I decided to set out on one of my first adventures I'd had in years on RuneScape. With my friend Fighter4u123 (my best friend Dangerboy32 didn't believe us), we kept hopping worlds in hope of getting this glitch happening to us. After a while, I lied to him, saying that if W23 was Jagex's world, that'd be the one with the highest frequency with glitch. Of course, this wasn't true at all. However, when we logged in, we were both killed with 70's and 80's! I instantly hit print screen and saved it. I had captured the first evidence of this at-the-time-myth actually happening. So, I ran to tip.it and Sal's. The Wilderness Guardians approached me on e-mail asking me to post on their website the screenshots (now lost). When I got there, I noticed a link to something called RuneScape Community. Click!


I registered immediately under the alias of Sc0rpXLR with an avatar of a penguin with an M4A1 and proceeded to General Discussion to post the pictures. Quickly I ran into trouble with the moderators there and got my thread locked. My first post was a complete failure, and I definitely felt pretty embarassed. I was honestly about to quit until I noticed something very interesting in a sticky. It was the General Discussion CL Application thread! I freaked out and thought "Wow, what a stroke of luck! A few minutes and I can become a leader of something!" I posted the application, sure I'd get it. Of course...I didn't, but three other very lucky people did! ;)


By that point there's no reason I should've been staying there at all. I had totally screwed up my first thread/post. I embarassed myself entirely on a GD CL application thread that I had no chance of winning. Alas, the third time was the charm. Yet another sticky was there, a new "Discussion of the Week." Suspicious, I scoped it out and realized that it was the person with the discussion that was voted the best in the entire board.


As both a personal undertaking as well as a mission to show that I didn't suck at posting in forums, I decided I'd try to win one of those suckers for myself. I examined previous discussions, including ones from Arno and Jon Dudley, the person I always have admired as the true "god" of General Discussion. They were humorous, yet they were well-written. They were out-of-this-world ridiculous, yet they were worth contemplating. I found his style very interesting and kept reading through. Dudley was actually one of (if not the?) leader of the DotW and maybe even General Discussion at the time, so I felt I had to start participating on his posts in debates in order to start getting good enough to post a thread like him. So, after posting a lot and actually getting in interesting debates with him, I took a deep breath and tried one of my own threads.


It was locked.


Next, I was smart enough to actually read the rules :). After that, I was certain I had a shot. I posted another thread. This one did get some replies. However, it was not nominated for that prestigious award. I immediately disliked him. Alas, the 13-year-old Teddy was hardly mature at all. I tried one last time. I created two threads: "Is Pessimism the New Optimism?" as well as "Numbers in RuneScape." To my extreme surprise, they were both nominated! And one of them, "Is Pessimism the New Optimism?" became the DotW winner tied with W13's topic! I couldn't believe I actually won something like that!


I decided to stick around in this interesting community. I began posting a lot more General Discussion threads and began developing my own style. I debated more and more on General Discussion threads. The rest of RuneScape Community was unexplored wilderness to me that I dared not venture into...except for one: Achievements.


I made my own Achievements thread around the time that the Hunter skill came out. I became one of the very first people to start a 99 Hunter goal (at quite a low skill/combat level...something like 400 and 51, respectively!) I made a very funky looking Paint signature and began getting recognized more by that than my penguin avatar. Eventually, however, I became very emo. No one was posting on my thread. After one very bad day in school, I went crazy and edited the top of my thread in one of those classic "OMG WHY DOESN'T ANYONE POST?! I PUT MY HEART AND SOUL INTO THIS YOU KNOW!!!" It honestly said just that. Cestal immediately hid my thread ;).


So, I quit Achievements and went back to General Discussion. Unfortunately, the General Discussion DotW had disappeared. I really had no reason to stick around, but I had already developed an extreme love for the board. Thus, I kept posting on...and on...and on. Eventually, I took a break from both RuneScape and RuneScape Community.


When I came back, I was 14 and much more mature than I was before. Right upon returning, I asked Phoenix Zero for a name change to Teddy, which was granted upon request. However, now no one knew who I was. I had an expanded vocabulary and began to post with it. I deliberately began to expand my posts to 4- or 5-liners at the minimum, trying to re-establish the very minimal fame I had at the time that was lost on my break. In fact, I posted a bit in an orange color for around 6 or 7 posts to get noticed. Of course, I realized that was stupid and could get me in trouble, so I stopped. My signature was gone with just some text. I had a silly avatar that was sort of weird and no one liked to look like. So how could I make my posts more noticeable to onlookers? I took a page out of Merrlicious's book, the last person I saw get promoted.


Why not just post -Teddy at the end of everything?


Please note I do not post this as a means of being able to be recognized anymore. It's only a habit, and it really is part of my posts. Nonetheless, people began to definitely recognize me and my posts, saying "Oh, he's that one Teddy guy that posts in General Discussion!" I posted a bit longer after that, but no DotW or GD CL application sticky was back up. I began to lose hope in ever winning anything ever again. What's the solution to that? Simply stop hoping to. Thus, I posted for the first time since the GD CL application thread with complete freedom and joy of simply posting. On November 16th, 2007, I got my first rating from Atarah. Then, the next day, the night of my play, I got the biggest surprise of my entire Zybez career.


[promo]Tj'ing it up!


I had been promoted alongside Jaya to the position of Achievements, and most importantly, GD CL! I was so happy that I was able to help my favorite board. I was no longer happy that I had "achieved a goal" like I would've been if it was given in the past. I was just ecstatic that I could help it and guide people in the right directions like I had wished would've happened in the past. I had finally become like my idol, Jon Dudley.


After a while, it became apparent that Jaya and I would be the last dual GD/Achievements CL's. We were demoted from that position and it was given to the first three: Tramp Boy 2, Krystal, and Bright_Side4 (I think!). We were genuinely excited for them, but we still felt sort of sad we could no longer deal with Achievements anymore. However, I was given a different position: I was head of the AotM counters, with Atarah and Unseen the only ones above me.


Soon after that, a Zybez recruitment thread came up. I applied fervently for it, hoping that I could prove my coding capabilities as an elusive Database Crew member :P. Well, I got it, but it wasn't what I expected. I helped out for a long time, but it did feel sort of annoying after a while having to edit the site so much.


I got my +2 around this time from PlayTrumpet for my great work in Questions? I only posted twice there, but it was also due to my CL'ing. Alas, my CL'ing was not to be spoken of much longer, because Lent was quickly approaching. I was encouraged by my priest to give up the most important thing in my life. I chose to give up both RuneScape and Zybez.


A few days into the break, I was informed I had been demoted. I am unable to give the reasons or the grounds of my demotion, but that's what happened. A message, and it was all gone. My friend, wantyabones, decided that this was absolutely ridiculous that I got demoted, so he went to Community Discussion and started spamming, saying "Why would you demote Teddy?! You guys are crazy!" They yelled at him, and I think he may have gotten a suspension as a result. I immediately dropped all of my positions since I was paranoid that everyone had begun to hate me.


I didn't change into a poor attitude, though, because I was still away from RSC. I had a fun life away from RSC and was never too affected by the demotion until I came back. It hit me that I could no longer help out the board and that tons of people were already being repromoted in my spot. I got up to speed with all of my fellow teammates being promoted/retiring, and eventually posted my first and most successful thread ever since I came back: "Nerds." It evaluated why people who played RuneScape were thought of as being nerds, and it got quite a lot of attention. I followed it up with "Boyfriends and Girlfriends," my second most successful thread. I was on fire, and I began posting tons of threads.


Eventually, I summoned the courage to talk to Atarah about what wantyabones did. Eventually, he said, "You don't need to say anymore. You can't be blamed for what a friend did." I was offered a position as an AotM counter-leader and retook this position immediately. Soon again, a recruitment thread popped up and I took Database Crew again, promising that I wouldn't throw this second chance away. I was pretty much back to how I had been before I had left...except for one part. The General Discussion CL, my favorite job I ever had here.


So, when late March of 2008 rolled around and all of the member GD CL's were demoted and a GD CL Application Thread was posted as a sticky, I took it as a sign and posted a massive, massive, like 10 page application. It turns out it was an April Fool's Joke, and I felt as embarassed as I did as a 13-year-old, even though I was now 15.


I still began posting in General Discussion, never really venturing anywhere else, still making primarily topics and arguing on there. I gave up ever being a CL again and decided to just have fun in the board. I quit AotM counting. I found a new thing to occupy myself with: a clan recommended to me by my best RuneScape friend, Tommy (Cellularchat).


It was called Skool of Skill, and we had many great members pass through it, including the wonderful Ryu Kenshi (now a Corruption clanny). I had wonderful times there in the summer, but eventually summer came to a close. I quit the clan and most of RuneScape and came back to RSC. I began meeting new people. Eventually, I came on a great find: HDBalab.


HDBalab was a name I'd been hearing for a while. He was quite a poster and topic-creator in General Discussion. He even tied with me a couple times in the MotM. I wanted to see what he was like, since Jaya said he was a cool character. So, I added him on my MSN that was devoid of friends since everyone deleted me after I was demoted. We hit up some conversations and I had met my first RSC friend besides Jaya.


We talked tons. I began branching out and talking to others, including Robert 1992, an amazing, in-depth poster at the time and someone I admired a lot, a really good friend Hail a lot, and one of my greatest friends I've had on this forum so far, Littlemike. Littlemike had asked Joolker for an evaluation, and it was recommended that he posted more in General Discussion or something. So, I decided to unofficially mentor him for a bit. He got on his feet and began developing his own style (and amazingly won an MotM! NICE!)


However, this didn't fall well with other CL's in GD. I was chastised as soon as it was discovered I was helping him out. I was told not to do anymore "puppeting" of anyone. No rating deduction, but it was still stinging. I told Littlemike I couldn't help him anymore and then started talking a lot more to HDB and Hail. I began branching out and finding more friends. I began branching out and finding more forums, discouraged since everyone seemed to be yelling at me in General Discussion. I got an intense rivalry started between some big posters in GD and Questions, which definitely is there to this day. I posted everywhere except for there. November began to roll around, the anniversairy of my CL promotion. I felt a bit nostalgic, and actually thought I might be repromoted but eventually assured myself it'd never happen again. However, another "promotion" of sorts was given.


The Blogs team had been recruiting. I was asking Lilmikee tons of questions about it and if I'd be good. I sent in an application and was accepted. I was now 16-years old. I had finally matured enough into maintaining a position without quitting. I was now patient. It's a really fun position that I love to do.


December rolled around, and Andrew (Jingle Balls75 ;) ) had given me a +3! He called me "irreplaceable" as a CL, the highest compliment I felt anyone could've given to me. For one of those rare moments, I felt good about myself on RSC. I didn't feel prideful...but I felt good. Then...it happened. HDBalab, my best friend, had gotten banned. I was angry. Extremely. He got hit from a +2 to a -1. He was an MotM winner. He was a GD CL! He was banned. I couldn't believe it and left RSC out of unbelieveable and newfound frustration. I tried joining skilling clans like Skillers United and Divination.


Well, after a while, I realized that these new communities were much different than the RuneScape Community one that I had become accustomed to. For a bit, I actually appreciated the greater laxness I had on those forums and the overall communal feeling (which up until that time had been missing from the community for me, oddly enough). After a while of posting on Skillers United forums, I got sort of bored and moved on to the Divination ones. Alas, Divination was the same deal with different colors and different names. For a while I thought it was the perfect compromise between RSC and SU...until I realized the truth.


RSC had captivated me for many years. I started to recall all of the good parts of RSC:


1) Rules and Enforcement: Leniency is excellent in moderation, and this forum is as moderate as it should be.
2) Maturity: Other forums were much more immature than this one.
3) Size: An awe-inspiring facet, this is the most memorable.


I started weighing it over in my head early in January. I had really forgotten why I quit until I remembered...a friend of mine was demoted. I logged onto Yahoo and started talking with others from RSC, such as Hail and Hersch. After catching up with what had happened on the forums, I realized how much I was missing out on, for something that truly didn't concern me. While I felt loyalty to my friend, I realized leaving a community that meant a lot to me was a pretty foolish decision. I started contributing once again, in March of 2009. But something was different...much different, in fact.


I ventured out of General Discussion.


This move was primarily due to the upset I still felt at HDB's demotion, and it's one I'm beginning to reverse as I write this. But while this wasn't free of negatives, a lot of positives came out of my forging ahead. I really couldn't see myself ever posting anywhere besides GD (hence my signature). It was pretty scary, to tell the truth. The first location I hit was surprising to me...Off Topic, my sworn enemy forum. In all honesty, I was actually worried about those forums for a very long time. It seemed everyone was out to get you. While that's true to a degree (lol), I realized what I was doing wrong. I was posting too wholeheartedly, touchy-feely, and opinionated without enough facts to ward trolls and more aware people off.


So I changed my previous amateur ways of OT'ing and stayed out of topics I saw fights I couldn't possibly win in, and didn't become emotional on any side of mine unless I could significantly defend it with facts. I finally started having success in Off Topic, and to this day it is becoming one of my favorite forums! My birthday, March 25th, started rolling around. It was the first birthday in my sixteen years of existence that we were at home instead of on vacation somewhere in Florida. But something big happened...


SeMe Demotion


The Senior Member demotion affected the entire community. Some SeMe's seemed to hold a heavy grudge, leaking out a demotion message that was sent to them all, while other SeMe's expressed resignation. One friend of mine actually expressed nothing at all! I was taken aback at this mixed display of feelings, and was surprised that anyone had gotten promoted with such a venomous secret personality. I started to lose faith in RSC again...


...but thankfully the April Fool's prank was uncovered! We all learned that it was just one big charade that the whole staff pulled off...well! It was good laughs and fun all around. I went back to the Senior Member list to see them all again since I forgot who was all up there. I saw some people had been promoted while I was gone, but I made an even more startling discovery...I had seen all of these promotions, aside from Lilmikee's. I felt very old...I had become a veteran in the community, and so had some of my friends. It felt odd to belong to a past generation. It sobered me up and I realized how little I had accomplished in all of my years here, ignoring my contributions to General Discussion. So I vowed I was going to make an attempt to make more of my time in the Community as I still had it. I expanded all over the place, and posted.


I fell in love with Marketplace Discussion and Suggestions. The former was a good place to make speculation and was an excellent, tight-knit community with familiar faces on every thread and help on every page. The latter is a place I loved and am getting back into as I write this. I found it amazing that I thought Suggestions to be an unpostable board when I realized I started getting a massive amount of post count just offering criticism to the well-written suggestions! I even went to Pictures to critique Pictures with knowledge I had learned from my Art History course this school year. Then I went to the board I had waged war with for so long through Yahoo: Questions.


Questions is really an awesome board. You can display your knowledge while still helping people: kills two birds with one stone, you know ;-). I began posting in there a lot more as well as Classic and even a few posts in PK!


April rolled around, and my friend Silverguy dropped me a message on Yahoo. We began talking a bit about the radio, and I told him about how much the radio meant to me and how I desired to be a part of it. But then I revealed my pathetic library, explaining that that was the reason I never applied. He basically asked me, "Teddy, why do you want to join it so much? I know it's awesome, but why?" I simply replied: "To talk on the air." He agreed that this was a strong point to being a DJ. But then, the next day, I attained this goal...but I didn't join the radio.


Silver revealed this project he was working on, called Zybez20. He asked me if I wanted to take part in the first episode, being interviewed as a Zybez Blogs member. I jumped on this opportunity immediately, and joined Ventrilo, populated with Silver recording it, Frogg hosting it, and Chevy and I believe Jordy being on the podcast. I was interviewed, and nervously waited to hear my voice when the podcast was uploaded. Then, another offer was given to me: become a host on Zybez20. I was excited and immediately took the offer up. I'm still a very active Zybez20 member, and proud of it and happy to be on this awesome team! Posted Image


May 17th came and went, my third anniversary at these wonderful forums. Another important occurrence was to happen in a few days, though...I had a reality check, in the form of a number.


I was viewing my profile in very early June to look at comments when I saw a difference in the corner of my eye. I browsed in a few places of my profile to see if anyone had hacked my interests, edited my gender (hey, it happened in the past!), or did something else crazy. Then I noticed < -5 ( 4 ) 5 > I thought I would be grounded at +3 permanently; this was quite a surprise for me. I checked my log and saw that YanOmeE was the man that added it on. I smiled and realized that I was still doing something right, even if I didn't quite know what it was completely. After posting the rating on the Ratings Log thread, it heartened me to see the comments my friends left me congratulating me.


I felt happy. But as I always have a high in my days, I have another low soon after...


I logged on to Yahoo and realized that none of my friends had been talking to me or even logging on for quite some time. I started growing very self-conscious and paranoid as I began to concoct reasons for this. The worst one? They had abandoned me and begun to hate me. I confessed to Jaya about how I felt I was being alienated from my friends for some unknown reason. But then she told me that I wasn't being alienated at all: it was just that no one could talk to me because of the difficulties of communication between Yahoo and MSN. I couldn't believe that was really the reason, so I had to see it for myself. I logged on my meant-for-Zybez20 MSN account and started adding all of my friends and was immediately taken into a conversation with many of my friends.


I had a load of fun in that conversation, and I felt the communal feeling of RuneScape Community for the first time ever. It felt so great, I couldn't believe how fun RSC had become in the past few weeks. I had branched out all over the forums, and discovered entertainment where I originally believed there was none to be found. This chat client I had thought was the Antichrist and not user-friendly at all had become very friendly to me all of a sudden...just dealing with the interface made me feel happy. I knew I was entering a new chapter in my time here at RSC...it's one I looked forward to very much so!




Nowadays, I truly believe that that conversation was one of the biggest turning points in my RSC career and attitude. Up until this point I had been irrationally suspicious of people deleting me from their MSN's (when it was actually compatibility failure between Yahoo and MSN). I had existed in a less bubbly atmosphere filled with the boxed interface of Yahoo Messenger. And mostly above all, I had really only enjoyed conversations with friends from General Discussion (almost all of whom later became CL's) as well as my fellow CL teammates I had worked together with during my time as CL of Achievements and GD.


But MSN changed all that. As I said above, it became even more apparent what it meant to be part of the community here at RSC. While I had ventured out of General Discussion once already in my life here at RSC and very recently, now it was going to happen on a much larger scale than ever before and a much larger scale than even I could imagine. I was always congratulating people on achievements, answering questions, discussing suggestions, evaluating the marketplace, commenting on screenshots, reminiscing on Classic, and even holding my own in some Off Topic debates. To a lot of my friends then, what was to happen very soon (actually within days of the last time I updated my About Me) was not surprising at all. But for me, even to this day, it is one of the highest honors I've received here at Zybez and that I'm proud to hold.


[Promo] Teddeh


Casey had promoted me to the rank of Senior Member on July 12th, 2009, my sister's birthday. I couldn't even realize or enjoy that day that much because I had Summer Reading for school going on and couldn't get on RSC until later or be very active. I was pretty much numbed in the shock of the promotion for the next few days...then all of a sudden around a week later when I was back into normal activity in RSC until the promotion really hit me. The most enjoyment I got from being a Senior Member I knew was going to soon be able to help mentor new members and take them under the wing I never really was able to get during my early years (no offence to my old mentee Step, who I'm sure would've really taught me...even he admitted he didn't have much time). After waiting a while and making sure I was prepared to take on the challenge, I applied for the Community Mentoring Project and eagerly awaited for some mentees looking for tutelage.


...no one came...


...for a pretty long time...


I was getting rather worried. Was there something that was putting the mentees off? Was there just a dearth of mentees? However, as all of my paranoias are, this was completely unfounded, as a little while later Ramuhitsuji dropped me a PM, saying she had seen me around the community and noticed I was open. She wondered if I could mentor her in the ways of the community. I thought about it and knew she didn't go to General Discussion or Off Topic as much as I would've liked, but the fact that she was interested in getting some help from me as well as the potential I saw in her convinced me to accept her.


To this day I have not menteed that many people. That's not a surprise to me, since I want to be very friendly and personable with all of my mentees, not just have them be numbers. I'm really glad I was able to mentor Ramuhitsuji. Posted Image


It was around this time that I began mentoring Ramuhitsuji that I realized the 2 year anniversary of my General Discussion/Achievements CL promotion was creeping up on me. I recall and remember writing on this About Me when my 1 year anniversary of the CL promotion was coming up and how I thought maybe that day something very interesting would happen. However, twice the time had elapsed and I had grown twice as much in my time here at the community. I wasn't bold enough or stupid enough to believe this time around that the staff had nothing better to do than wait around in order to please me on some arbitrary anniversary. So what happened next was just chance...luck...fortune? :whistle:


On my 2 year anniversary to the day if you count the Leap Year...


[promo] Guides is all soft and fuzzy!


My friend Aragon had made my promotion topic informing everybody that I had been accepted as the newest Community Leader of Guides. I know I say this throughout my About Me (and you must know that too if you've been reading it diligently!) but just as always, I was swept over in surprise. I could understand rising in ratings up to my +4 at the time of my righting this, since that wasn't a CL position. I can understand making various teams such as Blogs and Zybez20, since those were Zybez teams and not CL teams. I could even understand somewhat my getting the Senior Membership promotion because that was a rank, not a position to moderate with. But this was my first time in my 2 years since that day that I had been given another chance to moderate a forum. I was so happy and I resolved that I would do everything in my personal power to make sure that I CL'ed as well as I possibly could.


My anniversary at the time of writing this of my Guides CL position is rapidly approaching. I'm proud of myself to say I've grown enough to last 5-6 times longer than in my GD/Achievements positions. Posted Image


As I was growing used to Guides CL'ing I became very good friends with pretty much the entire team. Although Maxman didn't come on MSN once in a while he seemed like a fun person to talk to. And even though I just recently started talking to vegury, I think he's a really awesome guy with a great personality that I never have trouble starting up a conversation with. Aragon is one of my best friends to this day and I share everything from RSC to RS to real life with him. And Avicenna, although currently retired from the position as I write this post, is one of if not the greatest friend I ever met here on these forums.


My friendship with Avicenna had grown the strongest out of them all as I had known him for years more than the others. That's why I was thrilled to hear yet another surprise fate had tossed my way while talking to him late one night in February. Apparently we were both going to be on vacation during a couple of weeks in Spring Break. I was laughing in my head about how Aragon and Maxman were going to have to cover us while we were gone. It was even funnier when we realized we were going to the same state.


But the joke started becoming serious when we realized we were both staying at Hiltons. And when we realized we were going to theme parks. And when we realized that we were both going to Disneyland.


On the same day...my birthday!


We lived almost a thousand miles away from each other in totally different countries, but I was actually being given the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet up with one of my greatest friends ever here on these forums and in real life! I had read threads in the past on RSC about members doing it but I never thought I would have an RL moment, too! We exchanged phone numbers and identifying information for when we would show up and where to meet. Finally, after nervous anticipation, I saw him stepping off the Indiana Jones ride and I got to spend a few hours talking with him in the theme park before he had to go.


It was at that point that I feel the community aspect of RSC had reached its peak for me, and possibly the highest peak that it ever can for anyone. It was then that I realized the most fully possible that everyone here are very real people with very real feelings and personalities. I am so thankful I was able to meet Avicenna and am even gladder that to this day we are excellent friends.


While we were walking from Thunder Mountain to Space Mountain we obviously had nothing better to discuss than RSC and Guides :XD: I started bouncing off ideas to him about my Camper of the Month contest that I was thinking of starting in Content Camp to get more activity in there and get some exclusive membership won. It was sort of a spur of the moment idea, so when it was tried out finally I shouldn't've been surprised that it failed. Maybe things might change in the future and it'll come back, but for now, my biggest attempt at changing Guides didn't turn out so well. Hopefully I can change that in the future...maybe I'll have a bigger and better idea.


After that eye-opening experience to Disneyland I realized what I had to do. I had to get to know even more people here at RuneScape Community to get an even better and more fulfilling experience in my time here. As one of my first decisions back I decided to take on a second mentee. After waiting for a considerable amount of time, I was approached by someone who I had seen post once in a while in the Off Topic board: Anti-Troll. He had shown before he asked me, unlike Ramu, that he already liked to debate and discuss. It was a bit more of a hassle getting to mentor him than Ramuhitsuji because we didn't seem to be on MSN at similar times because we were both busy during different parts of the days/year. After a while, and as I write this update now, we've resolved that and I hope to develop a lasting friendly relationship with him and hope he can have as much fun in the meantime here at RSC as I did.


What followed these high moments in my RSC career, however, were some of the darkest times that I've had here at RuneScape Community. A lot of my friends had been getting banned over a period of a few weeks, ranging from real life friends that would use Zybez to people I met on RuneScape even to some of my best RSC friends. In the past, back in around mid 2008, I had decided to quit out of anger and protest when a friend of mine had gotten banned.


But this was 2010. I realized that I had grown up even more, that quitting didn't do anything besides hurt myself and my own fun which I knew I had been having all of this time here at RSC. I was sad that a lot of my friends had gotten banned, but I realized there wasn't really anything I could do about it. So instead of taking the easy way out by quitting, I had to make the very hard decision of trying to move on One by one my real life friends stopped talking to me about Zybez. One by one my friends on RuneScape slowly stopped logging in due to the fact they didn't enjoy it anymore without their Zybez experience, which offers one like no other. And one by one I never saw some of my RSC friends on MSN ever again. It was hard, and it still is realizing how many of my friends have had to leave this community.


On July 12th, 2010, less than a month since the writing of this most recent addition to my About Me page, I had attained my full year of Senior Membership. There were only 5 Senior Members at that time that had outlasted me in this rank. As customary for me when I reach an anniversary, I realize that a full cycle had occurred. What had really changed during this time period? Most importantly, what had changed about me? I reflected on the good and the bad here. I reflected on the friends made and the friends lost. I reflected on how much I had learned and how much I had grown.


But I realized now more than ever that even though I had met the actual community aspect of RSC, I had only 2 friends that were still sticking around the community and had not been banned/retired...Aragon and Bolshevik. It occurred to me how the most fun I had had on these forums and in this community were being had with my greatest friends. And no matter how great these two best friends of mine are, not even they could keep my loneliness and sadness away from long. Instead of becoming a sorry sop like I used to in the past when I realized things were not going my way, I checked myself again at the turn of this cycle and realized how much I had grown yet again, not realizing the kid I was back then and how I would handle my problems.


Instead of letting this problem bite me and destroy me, I've decided to smile and turn the tables.


I'm going to get to know some of the people I have discussed/debated with in General Discussion. I'm going to understand the faces behind some of my fellow Senior Members a bit more. I'm going to get more involved with the community I'm happy to help out with in Guides.


I'm going to get to know some people that I could've been friends with this whole time but never had the determination/confidence to approach.


But this time, nothing's going to stop me.


If you read all of this, sorry for the cliche, but I REALLY want you to run to your kitchen and eat a cookie.





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