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#17156340 Do you (still) use Facebook?

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 29 September 2017 - 11:23 AM

I made an account before in 2006 or 2007 then closed it in 2008, made another account on feb 2015 


I sometimes post stuff on it from trips and activities but usually i just go on it to say congrats, hello, happy birthday or rest in peace to people :o 

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#17145240 Pure Hatred revives then slaughters the Clan world (Ft OSRS clans worl

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 30 July 2017 - 6:46 PM

To my beloved and esteemed elites of Pure Hatred and distinguished members of zybez,

Recently we invited Divine Kings to take a beating from us, initially they 'declined' our offer but then went on to secretly prepping to engage us. Our phones rang, our emails were jammed with spamm, and our mail boxes were littered with letters, all of this culminating with the bearz being unleashed from their den, once again.

It was a fierce battle, but eventually we stood on top. All the action took place on World 394, we engaged an array of opponents, including Damage Inc, Forsaken, Violent Resolution, The rising and along the way we Obliterated divine Kings from existence.

I would like to say - thank you to all the ORGANIZERS that participate in making this dream come true, and thank you to ALL the former pure hatred members that showed up, and thank YOU to the Zybez (RSC) clan world for honoring us and having fun!. It was truly an amazing experience for every single one of us.

Big shoutout to Irvin for providing sets for all the old faces who had no kind of banks on RS.

So we started with around 50ish people, ended with around 60ish.







Never had any doubt in my men.


Good job, to all the brave men and women of pure hatred - i salute you, to the clan world i thank you for the action, this won't be the last time you'll hear from us, we guarantee you that.
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#17143103 Pure Hatred Pks DKS

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 23 July 2017 - 2:38 PM

Hello Dear Ex Ph members and Friends from Zybez,

Pure Hatred will be holding a pk massacre trip on Sunday next week (July 30th) to celebrate our freedom and to express our love and appreciation to the community.

For this occasion, we look forward to engaging Divine Kings. Be there, or be square.

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#17115745 Trump Watch / General US Politics

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 11 April 2017 - 2:42 AM

I did some searching in the u.s. media and sought statements by politicians about the Syrian issue, It seems like there is a mixed opinion about the Syrian issue, some politicians would rather let the issue go through bureaucracy and get official authorization after a full investigation that can determine who is responsible for launching the chemical attack, their rational is based on the constitution and following rules and regulation, they aren't immoral but are worried from another war. 


Others however, just want to engage in combat with the Syrian army and restore American policing hegemony and bring order into chaos before things escalate further and the u.s. loses more grip on the world, which is really what the ones in charge are after. Their rational is to do things before its too late. 

We have to remember the events of September 2013, we heard the drums of war beating heavily in the U.S., its allies and Israeli media  until a true journalist (margaret brennan) asked kerry a simple but yet important question that effected foreign affairs and U.S. diplomacy. 

Fast forward to April 2017, it is unlikely that the U.S. will back off from Syria now and it is not for certain if Russia will back off from helping Assad either, since any alternative to Assad means a loss to Russia. if Assad was to be executed either by a u.s. drone or a jihadist's sword, Syria will never be the same country it was before 2011, it will only get worse, just like it did in Yemen and Libya. Nobody wants this, people just want this war to end already, it needs a diplomatic solution not a violent resolution. 
This war has really gone far too long, and the more it continues - the more violent it will get. 




Don't really follow any local American news or politics, but i am curious to know how the general public thinks about Trump's direct military intervention in Syria against the Syrian army? support? no support? uproar about him lying? and how do the american people react to Trump threatening North Korea, which could possibly lead to global scale nuclear war?

Where i live there is support for the actions vs syria. There is some thst disagree but the same ones crying about it now 2 days before were complaining that we should do something because of the chemical weapons attack on the syrian rebels by Assad. So damned if you do damned if you dont kind of situation.

The move of putting naval presence off the coast of north korea in my mind is a good power play to possibly keep kim in check but seeing as he's as stable as a jenga tower it may backfire. But hey they cant compete seeing as there missile launches are ultimately failures.




Don't really follow any local American news or politics, but i am curious to know how the general public thinks about Trump's direct military intervention in Syria against the Syrian army? support? no support? uproar about him lying? and how do the american people react to Trump threatening North Korea, which could possibly lead to global scale nuclear war?

Koreans here are unimpressed by Trump's actions as they and anyone with a brain knows that the only one that can really pressure NK is China. UN sanctions and such have already turned NK against virtually every country in the world. Moving the navy is cheap power play.


From what I have read, the navy thing is the media being sensationalist – that is the region they are normally stationed, they went to just refuel in Japan, apparently.


That is true, there is usually a large US presence in South Korea / Japan already. Shows how much these journalists can distuingish normal from special events.. :#



The U.S. is always flexing its muscle around North Korea, S. Korea and U.S. always carry out military drills and practices in close proximity to North korea, if they didn't North Korea would likely just invade and occupy S. Korea. Overall the only thing that has prevented the u.s. from destroying and massacring the north korean population is the country's nuclear weapons program. North koreas are impoverished and suffer from famine because most of their financial budget goes into their missile program, this is true - bush didn't just say it as propaganda in his axis of evil speech in 2002. While they are starving, they can hit every capital across the surface of planet earth, especially their neighboring country's capital - Seoul, a major u.s. ally... 


This world sucks, i hate this. It really sucks here, you can be murdered at any moment by a chemical attack launched from Syria into Israel (which is where i live).. And Who knows.. maybe the Jihadist will launch missiles into Lebanon/Jordan/Israel to create a false-flag attack and push them into attacking Syria or maybe jihadists will take over Syria, these are crazy people that are willing to blow themselves up in a fence/gate and not kill anyone, they don't care if an entire platoon is wiped out in drone strikes..


Getting a pay raise seems pretty pointless after typing all of this :(

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#17043461 German Court Gives Three Suspended Sentences

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 14 January 2017 - 6:13 AM

This is a stupid behavior that can not be justified. The government needs to take full legal actions against the arsonists, regardless of their religion or political views. Being lenient only encourages more criminal behavior and that cant be good for any country.

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#17027179 about forums

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 23 December 2016 - 10:31 AM

I love ZetaBoards, easy to use and offers a lot of cool extensions that are mostly free. There is a premium service for it and i dont recommend it, if you are willing to pay then go for IPB, its the best really. 


I recall Krunal930/Wee man making lots of cool scripts on ph's zetaboard forums, scripts that ran on HTML pages on the site and did stuff like log all ip's/find  who clicks on what links/automated teamspeak ghost viewing that didn't have service queries disabled and even games.. You can do a lot with ZB + it stays so once your clan dies (and it will) you will still have the forums for people to reach out to each other.


On the other hand in IPB once the clan dies and you stop paying and the domain name expires its pretty much gone, you can do a SQL backup but its worthless.  

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#17027171 President-Elect Watch Thread

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 23 December 2016 - 10:14 AM


It's honestly not surprising considering the dnc screwed over Bernie sanders and plotted to stop his movement in favor of Hillary. Then hillary receives questions she will be asked before the actual debate by a liberal CNN contributer. The DNC never complained when obama on a hot mic would be more flexible with Russia while speaking with Putin but are now used as a scape goat with the email hacking. If Russia has always been this big evil nation then why did Obama want to work with him? Never once did hillary or her campaign come out and deny the content of the emails but a big "hey look what Russia did " as there response. Now parts of her campaign staff were trying to sway the electoral college? Wow talk about ripping on trump for not stating he would accept the results of the election. The dnc is an absolute mess right now and deserve everything they had coming to them.





He absolutely nailed it. Hillary has never once accepted the blame for anything in her entire life.



His next tweet was even better, i always thought his movies sucked big time but he truly is a professional comedian :)

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#17026034 What are you doing here?

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 21 December 2016 - 1:43 PM

Found myself on the receiving end of a good ass-whopping from the Israeli Yasam police (Riot police in Israel), happened right after the alleged Mistarivim units (Israeli under-cover cops that instigate violent protests to create violence / catch unsuspecting violent protesters) instigated a protest during an event, gas and sound grenades flew in and everyone ran away in different directions. I for whatever reason decided to stay and yell at them lmao. Well when i looked  around there was no one left, i was stubborn and refused to leave so  a group of Yasam officers beat me up till i lost consciousness then dragged me away so i can be taken into custody, was released a day later since i legally did nothing wrong lol.  


What i find fortunate is the fact i am alive and with no real permanent injuries or damage, i still chuckle about different parts of the events and am truly very lucky to be alive and am very thankful for them for not killing me when they could of easily killed me for whatever reason they wanted and get away with it clean, not all police is bad or brutal, its their job to disperse a crowd when it turns violent or refuses to disperse. You need a valid permit from the police to protest, you cant just group up and protest without permit. Got no Ill-feelings towards any of those officers and am pretty sure i saw some of the few that were unmasked later on in life, a Yasam officer's job is to beat people up, doesnt matter what race or ethnicity they are from. Doesnt matter if they are palestinian or settler jews, the yassam will still beat you up if you disrupt order or violate the law or cause violence. I think they are like power-rangers, you never know who's behind the helmet and they dont wear name tags. 


But still, even though a lot of people were unjustifiable brutally beaten that day and all of it was documented, the cases against the police were closed due to lack of public interest and that's pretty much typical.  


Had i ran away/walked away once the police started dispersing the crowd (which they legally can once the crowd refuses to disperse) i would of never had that experience, it was eye opening i still go to protests that i believe deserve support and stay away from violence fully. 

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#17004266 What Are You Listening To Right Now?

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 18 November 2016 - 9:51 AM

Always found the first part of ThunderStruck odd and awesome, odd that he's tapping, even though in the studio he doesn't really just tap, he does pull offs but its still awesome :D


I just started humming this song and loved it. ALways loved it, it predates my birth and its awesome <3



my favorite part is at the 3:00 minute mark 

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#17000734 2016 Presidential Election

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 12 November 2016 - 6:25 AM

Finally its over, it will happen again in another four years i suppose. 


Trump really took everyone by surprise, mainstream media suffered a massive blow from his victory because they perpetuated the notion that all the polls indicated that Hillary had the best chance of winning. And then Trump won the electoral vote and lost the popular vote, and then became the new president-elect of the united states of america, he will now make America GREAT AGAIN!


Well not everyone is happy, there was a guy in a red beanie & acket that instigated a riot by destroying public property during a peaceful protest and there is a lot of bickering about the situation. I still dont see this as a threat or an alert for a civil unrest or civil war. It will be okay, yihye beseder. 


One thing i noticed is the fact Election day isn't a holiday/day off in the U.S. which is probably one of the reasons why only half the country even participated in this evemt. But maybe that's not a good argument? in israel, election day is a holiday (Day off from work, and they happen almost every 1-3 years) and 70% + of the entire population votes (excluding the fact half of the eligible arab population doesn't bother voting). So maybe it would be better to make it a day off in the u.s. and would bring forth larger participation of the population that can't afford to take a day off from work. 


This was a real spectacle, the trump rallies were probably one of the most outstanding element in his campaign. The man would do 1-3 rallies a day, daily for several months and he'd draw fully packed stadiums with thousands of people, its strange that these rallies received less attention by mainstream media and they were mostly reported on Youtube channels such as Right Side Broadcasting as they would upload/live stream these events daily (I watched quite a few during the past few months), Clinton on the other hand didn't draw as much in crowd numbers on a consistent basis, while some of her rallies gathered hundreds/thousands of people, many of them failed to reach similar turnouts.


I wonder how trump will now settle? downgrading from his marvelous T-Bird to Air-Force one and moving from his trump towers to the white house? would he really do that? would he acclimate? would he still continue to run his business after his term ends (assuming he doesn't want another 1 or he gets another term then that one ends 8 years later). And now its hard for me to really imagine him as president.. But he's done it, damn.


This is going to be good, the media is going to butcher him (both mainstream and online left/right/center)

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#16985390 2016 Presidential Election

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 12 October 2016 - 5:51 AM

Okay This election for an open seat can't get any dumber, right?. I hope not...


Anyway, i am still amazed by the fact that trump has even reached the final stage in this election, not because he's stupid/racist/crazy/makes up random stuff and lies.. But because he's done it with much lesser financial resources than most other candidates. If you look at the financial backing Clinton's campaign or even other republican candidates campaigns they should of been able to easily smoke Trump out of this election. But he's still here? 


Also, did i miss something? trump is clearly not that rich as he claims to be, so did he get a lot of money from private citizens/donors that aren't large companies to stay in the race? 


And in terms of critical thinking, i think its obvious that Trump is a fear monger and offers very little detailed planning on how he'll actually 'make america great again', its just rhetoric that he'll probably do and most likely either end up failing or succeeding and facing anti-incumbency resistance like Obama in some department and making things much worse in other departments (mostly in Foreign affairs). Hillary also handles and offers some fact checking against her opponents but weak planning and its obvious that its only rhetoric and its working to some extent for both candidates, its obvious that Hillary can debate and go across actual talking points but its also painfully obvious Trump can not debate and can not actually stick to talking points and switches to fear mongering.. American's cant be that stupid, out of 300+ million people this is the best they got?. 


I also think there is very little either candidate can perform to prevent the u.s. from entering another recession or even a market crash, the president elect will have to deal with it with his/her hands tied behind their back regardless and as for social, political and geopolitical issues.. One really wants to start WW3 and either bring forth the end to the American empire or make it 'great again', the other isn't that different but isn't so straight and honest about hurting u.s. foreign affairs and interests, but could potentially do it...Just not like a retard. Both of them are chicken-hawks too.  

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#16905497 Mass Shooting in Orlando, Florida Night Club

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 18 June 2016 - 3:49 PM

Its an awful tragic situation.. Rip to all the victims and my heart goes out to their family, peers and friends...

Senseless person took 50 people, for what?.. What crime did they commit? clearly something is wrong here.. Be it gun laws or religious fanaticism on the rise (Islam isn't the problem, but actions speak louder than words).. The problem isn't a psychotic fanatic.. This type of violence can and needs to be mitigated.. Strict Gun laws would force people to use knives/fists and reduce number of deaths.. You cant stop people from killing each other and going on killing-spree.. this happens all across the world in many countries.. Its not religion that's the problem.

+ Police control of the situation was bad.. No proper security at the club.. When Will governments learn? nothing is more valuable than life..

rip all the victims, i am not american.. but this shocked me.. cant even bare the thought that some of victims families found out about their sexual orientation by burying them..
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#16891423 So after 20 months of 'quitting gaming forever'.. relapse

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 04 June 2016 - 1:53 AM

So i guess you can never quit Rs forever, you just take long breaks and eventually come back.. Only to leave again :)

Summary of what i learned:


Why i started playing again.. Relapse:

Tldr: I grew up: after quitting forever for 20 months i comeback and relapse, find myself able to control my gameplay sessions and actually enjoying the game's community without taking a massive a toll on my real life duties/obligations/health/social aspects.. Will probably burn out from actively playing this month and just go back to lurking around as a typical rsc retired old fart clanner.

Not much of an interesting topic, bleh, wasnt far off 2 years
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#16758482 A year since i've quit Runescape & gaming all together (benefi

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 04 March 2016 - 3:46 PM

Feel like I should quit the game too soon, takes some time that can be used for other stuff

It all depends on your interaction with the interactive digital entertainment, so ask yourself.. Is Runescape taking or adding anything to you? do you play too much and if so what is too much/too little? do you think if you stop playing now you'll start being more productive in other avenues in your life? maybe get more busy with school/family/work related stuff?.

The best thing I learned from Runescape was writing & speaking English but other than that I really overused the game and mainly played it to distract myself from my real life worries and problems, soon I stopped playing - I started facing all my troubles and started actually working on achieving my dreams and aspirations.

Well done mate

Thank you!

Exalt did this to you.

Ph did this to me but speaking of exalt, you'll enjoy this video :)


haven't watched any of the rs videos on that channel in a while, I knew I made this video about pure hatred's pk trips just couldn't find it - it was called ph pk trips :-P

I put that video because at the 3:04 mark there is a dude called crest224 that is trying to range one of our dudes (think it was frank) and I recall telling him on ts to just run east to us and the ranger does it and then dies quickly by our pile :-) your name is crest227 so I thought it as you! ( was it!?? be honest!)

Interesting topic, good luck to you

Thank you my kind friend!

No I'm Crest227, There were many Crests, it was an exalt name change.

Still its such a cool moment, It was 5 years ago and I remember it quite well :) hope you are doing well buddy
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#16751873 The positive effect

Posted by hellboysjd2 on 01 March 2016 - 3:42 PM

I cared a while about the reputation system when I was involved in clanning, specifically after I was targeted by a rival clan with -1 bombs when I was leading my ex clan, now I am an outsider and it doesn't matter to me so this is just my opinion but..

So what? let clans hate each other, let them go at it and defend their clan's honor and pride. If a clan feels threatened by -1 bombs then they should do something about that because they obviously do feel hurt and do want to retaliate and not just pretend it doesn't bother them and do nothing back.. Let their members sign up and -1 their rivals back, let them go argue and prove each other wrong and generate more content.. I am not saying to go break the rules, this is why you have moderators to defend the rules.. Moderators aren't supposed to prevent the rules from being broken.

You guys are forgetting that you are playing a children's game, so obviously you'll behave like children and that's completely FINE, ITS A GAME.. You are not supposed to have academic level debates on a forum dedicated to a browser based game's clan community discussion section.

Harry is right though, the system should be removed entirely without the ability to give up voting.. This enforces the forums to become stale and boring.. Less ad revenue = less money. Last post in cd, good luck dudes, cya next year.
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