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Community Memories

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#41 Angel


    Sincerely to you

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Posted 22 August 2003 - 3:52 AM

I remember alot of things.

The Barfights (before they were not allowed, I posted in that thing all of the time....)
The Closing of the Off topic board...
The wiping of the Senior members...
The opening of the off topic board, but with the now still standing, qualifications....
The upping of Senior member qualifications....
The Bam Sukka issue...
King Of lucky came back for like a day, before all of the mods found out and he was banned again.....

I've been here for almost a year, so I have seen alot, but not as much as other members :-P
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All of this vast and proliferating edifice is because of this small, patronised, put-down and overworked person.

Gone from RSC indefinately, I love you all and will miss you all dearly.

#42 ""Sephiroth197""

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Posted 23 August 2003 - 5:06 PM

I joined 30th December, 2002, approximately 6:25pm, member number 10,094. I browsed the board one month before I decided to join. I remember looking at the "New Weapons" poll started by Runiteshark. I basically spent all day there. :-P

I remember one of Baby Daddy's suggestions (or replying to) of selling other Rune items in the Heroes Guild, like the 2 hander. I remember posting once or twice there.

I got a 1 rating from replying with 2 long posts to Shadowdancer's topic about ranger's and fighters. I can't remember how I got a 2 rating, but I got it when I had about... 124 posts, and stayed that until whatever it says in my signature (I can't remember.) I can remember the issue about Lime Mercury, I remember Kleaver leaving to RsCity (Or something like that), Bam Sukka saying he killed himself (or was going to), and I remember I survived the June 1st hacking. I survived :-P And the last thing I remember is being nominated only once for poster of the month, by Svergie Boy.

I can't really remember anything else. I was hoping the community shop would open so I could 'buy' my posts and rating back, but it's going unfortunately.

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#43 Runiteshark


    The Shark King

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Posted 23 August 2003 - 6:14 PM

Sigh... My history in RSC is a rather confusing and disappointing one. I remember the clearest when Ovidu and I hated each other, god we were stupid back then. I really did try and just stop the fight, but just couldn't. The ordeal was, that in the SeMe boards, I asked why Ovidu had permission to spam, or why he did spam after he closed a topic. Now I dont want to re-open old wounds, but we had extremely large fights, everywhere across the boards, I remember very clearly in general discussion, he posted that he got 60 herblaw, I congratulated him and he told me to stfu and not post on his threads, I told him he couldn't tell me what threads I could and couldn't post on, so I got my rating lowered, and more then was regularly lowered. I then was demoted to a regular member. I was enraged by this, for I thought that I was one of the best posters, proper grammar, punctuations everything. I wanted to be the CL of suggestions so damn bad. Then one day I got so damn sick of Ovidu idiocy (we were both idiots lol) that I said that I would send him a virus to shut him up once and for all, This was near the time of the virus scare with Sparr since he allegedly hacked Cuzza, I for one didn't believe this, but well, that's me. Anyway, I was banned from the community for a short time, and was reduced to a -1 rating, an all time low. I still had my old 1500 posts, or somewhere around their, but after that I just stopped posting as much, I had realized that no one really cared about topics and I saw that members and SeMes that I once knew were being promoted for some absurd reasons, now Im not saying that they did not deserve this, Im just saying that I was incredibly jealous of them, since I though they did not deserve the rank. Now to me, Ranks were a status symbol, such as you are an Excellent poster and you have the skills to be a moderator or Smod. In other short words, the conflict between Ovidu and I, destroyed my reputation. I simply did not feel like posting on the same old crap that some newb posted to try and get ratings, because yes I know that some people just fished for ratings since they saw that some people were getting ratings by starting decent topics, so as you know, The board became flooded with senseless topics. Anyway, moving from the ovidu topic, I remember making my MONESTROUS Weapons suggestion. I do plan to make it again once I am a Seme or whatever rank it requires to make a poll, since I do have it saved on my computer, I also have revised it. I also remember the many leavings of close friends and cool people of the community such as Worldie and Lunar. They have taken something of the community with them when they left. Anyway, Going back to events other then my monestrous post and the Ovidu conflict, I thought that I would never be promoted again since, well I thought everyone was afraid me, since I had found a fault in Ovidu, that other moderators would think that I would find a fault in them, causing them to be demoted or whatever in their status. Now, I really dont care and most of you can see that, I am over all of that crap and personally, I just wanna be a simple poster on this community But I am up to be a moderator or whatever if I am offered to do so.

Another great event of this community was sparrs and baby daddies leaving. (sparrio is back though :)) Sparr and baby daddy had the best posts I had ever seen, And even though Sparr was arrogant and he was banned before the hacking, he was an awesome poster, and even though some of his posts did not make any sense at all at first, and it appeared that he had typed them up in just a few seconds, once you read them and absorbed them, you found that he was always right, even though it was presented in an unorthodox fashion. Baby daddy on the other hand, was exactly like Sparr, except he only posted in suggestions and nothing else. He had the ability same as Sparr except not as good with graphics to be a smod in RSC in my opinion. Thank god Sparr is back anyway.

The final and most drastic thing of the community, that isn't so old, but is rather recent, is the hacking. Yeah the first hacking made me lose my account, but I got that fixed. Now the 2nd account, I personally thought RSC was gonna be out for at least a month, and then when it even was remade, I didn't re-re-register for about 2 weeks, since I really didn't see a reason why and I didn't know if it would be hacked again, since it was in such close chono-proximity of the previous hacking. But eventually I did come back and well here I am. I will never ever for get my old former self, and I do wish I could be the same again but I doubt that would be possible.
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wat helo

#44 !gnition



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Posted 23 August 2003 - 6:26 PM

In the old RSC I was known as PhantomPM.

I was an Ex-Senior Member with around 500 posts. I remember the Firefest, I believe it was Firefest 2002. We first went on a massive pking trip, Bam Sukka leading the way. Virtually everyone we saw, was considered owned :-P .

Those were the days...

But its a new beginning, and I look forward to starting on what I left in the old RSC.
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#45 Peyton



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Posted 24 August 2003 - 1:09 AM

I remember when I first joined in May 2002 -- I was below 1.5k members, half which posted openly and the other half who posted in particular boards such as clans, PK Discussion or Off Topic. You could practicly memorise the names of the mods and most of the active members. The Kings at that time were W13 and Sir Wild.

I thought Sir Wild was made king in late Summer/early Fall of 2002. I remember being in the RSP chat when he got it - then I asked him to change me title. :-P

Heh...RSP chat...I remember making stupid names and getting banned by ParodyGuy. I'm not going to go into any detail about the types of things I did though. (However, I can assure you they were highly offensive and innapropriate - but I never took RSC seriously then )

Edited by Konnhar, 24 August 2003 - 1:11 AM.

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#46 ""Gaza""

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Posted 24 August 2003 - 6:05 AM

Whats up ~CrAp~! Hahah I'm not to stupid..

Anyway my memory is Modoc's Yoda avatar.. And some stuff I said :-P

Care to refresh my memory? Well, I certainly hope you aren't the guy I flamed which got me my first -1 rating -- Cause I still ain't sorry. Chances are you aren't but I don't think I really got your name, surprises me how you got mine... Hey, if you liked Modoc's avatar chances are you remember how it was when the Druidz came out. Mostly haigh ranking members or people with such a high combat, you dream of the day you find a macro.

Other than that, I think it'll probably be a while before I get re-acquainted with the rest of the gang, which brings me to how many of the original SeMes are still around since I left? I noticed that a lot of the people are new and mod spots taken up. I hope you guys didn't leave because your post count and rating got reset. Your rating can be brought up again but all the fun of post counts are posting great posts while helping other member -- Oh, and you can consider that extra digit your 'reward'. :-P

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#47 Wizard Dwarf

Wizard Dwarf


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Posted 24 August 2003 - 5:21 PM

http://www.dodstudio...newbieguild.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
Oh god, I remember this Suggestion. It was a newbie tutorial for the game a really long time ago, like around September or October, I think. Like 3 hours after I suggested it, JAGeX made it and W13 closed my topic.
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#48 Adrian


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Posted 24 August 2003 - 9:45 PM

What happened to your big bold red letters?!
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#49 ""Gaza""

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Posted 26 August 2003 - 8:10 PM

What happened to your big bold red letters?!

Quiet you!

I prefer reading posts in normal blac font the way it is, don't make him revert back to his 'old' ways! [ :-P ] But all in all, it was a grat memory, especially the way everyone begged him to stop.

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#50 Jamesb_R


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Posted 26 August 2003 - 8:49 PM

The Memories ... :-P

I find it hard to remember how I first came about the community as the name zybez wasn't around but anyway. Well I was first visiting zybez (or whatever name it was then but I'll just call it that for now) after I had searched runescape in google to see what fan sites there were. Of course I visited tipit.net and zybez. I found zybez very interesting. I also then noticed there was a community. This was the community from avidgamers. The best of times In my opinion.

There I met many friends and learned many more things about runescape. The best memory I have is when we had the first ever zybez party. I remember being at port sariam adding Just Jay and Dr J (I can't exactly remember his name) to my friends list.

Later on we went on a pking trip. This is when I saw Lunarknyght. The highest combat of us all. I think everyone at avidgamers really respected Lunar.

After this we moved to OpenBB. This is when I *think* that Lostandconfused (or a name similar) posted heaps. His the only member I remember who Joined at OpenBB as RSC actually started.

I Also remember from Openbb is when I had a higher post count than W13. :-D I posted a lot of 1-2 liners but they weren't all too bad. W13 used to post a lot more than he does now. There just weren't as many topics then and the topic were a lot more interesting.

After this the internet provider was not offering unlimited mb per month anymore but it was offering 100mb!! I just couldn't get onto RSC Anymore. Therefore I had to leave the community for many many months.

I remember when I came back (this was 1 or 2 days of a month I'd visit rsc) that there was a 'scammer list' where we said anyone who had scammed us. I of course put down my arch rival wizardy. Who stole my runescape name Jamesbr. (I had just got a computer so I fell for the F4 trick :-P )

Another month or so I came back for my 1-2 day visit to tell everyone too look out for Jpnst4520. (or whatever his name was) I posted it everywhere and in my sig. This only caused trouble for me. I recieved a pm from Kite telling me that I did not have enough proof to start saying this member had scammed me. Well frankly I didn't.

Then months passed and I had a little post sprout. Atomicfog on runescape notified me saying 'Hey, I noticed your posting more on RSC again' I told him that I had more than the expected data limit so I could post more at rsc for those few days.

We then moved to Invision but I of course was not active at this time therefore losing my account and posts etc;

Luckily!! Yes Luckily!! My mum got sick of the internet provider as I bragged about how low it was. We then moved to a new ISP. This ment UNLIMITED! I was finally able to come back to RSC. This is when the Lime Mercury incident happened.

In January Greedyguts was posting his messaging system suggestion. This suggestion was absolutely fabulous! I loved it! Like so many other members.

I now was posting a lot more in suggestions when I made my Pk List suggestion. This was a very favoured suggestion too. I also made a suggestion in W & C about an offline/online modification.

http://www.speedis.o...ages/389638.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

As you can see I had my colours the wrong way around :-$ And I had a 1 rating and a low amount of posts.

I now started getting a little bit noticed. I was then promoted by KiteMac to SeMe then shortly after promoted to a Cl Of marketplace and then again shortly promoted to a Moderator.

And that's my history of RSC :-D

- Jbr
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#51 danger boy

danger boy

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Posted 26 August 2003 - 11:11 PM

well, i beilive i joined in september of 2002, but im not sure, it was somewhere around there. I missed the first hacking, but i remember the second one easily, not that it was long ago. I logged on to rsc like i do everyday, and that bob marley message came up, scared the hell outta me, then i realised what happend and it scared me even more, i thought i might have a keylogger or a virus. (luckily i have viruscan and i didn't get a virus)

Anyway, i also remember really wanting to get 50 posts, so i posted about 10 times that day on topics i usually never posted on, like questions and general discusiion. I usually posted on pk disscussion, and have up until recently, because its always the same old same old, i dont mind seeing the dueling pictures, because there are alot and they are good items. I started to post more in general discussion recently, right before they made it so if you posted there, you didn't get a post count.
I spend alot of time in off-topic now too, even though i dont get post counts. I used to visit off-topic like once a month, i just found it boring. Now there are fun posts like "worlds worst" and "ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer", and probably my favorite "dream disrupter" (before tehy made like 5 of em) :-P

anyway, that's enough of me rambling on, but just one question, what was the bam sukka incident, and the some of the other incidents, if someone knows, can they pm me about it, or if its none of my business. (i really want to know bout bam sukka though , as i used to respect him)
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#52 Sleepy


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Posted 27 August 2003 - 12:28 AM

I've been here since March 2003...I think that the people in RSC back then were more intelligent than they are now.

I witnessed a few things, not much...such as Eastgotenks getting banned for the first time.

I was also here to experience the ratings before the infamous InvisionBoard Warning Update, where there was a Warning System rather than Karma.

I used to post quite a lot to get my post count up fast, now I realize that it is useless and the quality of your posts is more important than having a high post count.
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#53 ""Lord Ryu""

""Lord Ryu""
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Posted 27 August 2003 - 8:25 AM

I remember when W13 first made Fast Reply

I remember when the Lime Mercury inccident happened (I dont think I should have mentioned it though

I remember my first rating, and how I was wondering how I could of got it because I had pretty lousy posts :-P

I remember the first Community Mentor Project, I was in it before, but I left right after it got started so Matchu and I didnt get to do much

I remember the first Wish Corrupter (That was probably the biggest spam topic ever :-P )

Not much memories for me, I wasnt very well know :-D

Edited by Lord_Ryu07, 27 August 2003 - 8:26 AM.

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#54 Joolker


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Posted 27 August 2003 - 8:41 AM

I remember way back, when I joined people were somewhat nicer, and it was easier to settle into the community. I was one of those shy people who mostly browsed. I myself browsed for over 2 months before even making a post.

I also remember:

- Figuring out that there was an OT board
- Super Girl's promotion to Smod
- Finding #community
- The old rating system, aswell as the warning and finially what we have now.
- W13's RSC account being hacked and posting bad stuff in events
- Fuzion Shockwave (aka John/John B)'s promotion to CA
- Oblivion's promotion to Mod from CA
- The brief CL position that was half smem and half member for CL's only.
- The black skin, and the others aswell.

Some others that I'm not sure weather to mention:

- The Lime Murcury dilema
- Amazindude's smem promotion and shortly afterwords, his collapse.

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#55 0bliv



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Posted 27 August 2003 - 8:48 AM

I remember when W13 first made Fast Reply

I remember when the Lime Mercury inccident happened (I dont think I should have mentioned it though

I remember my first rating, and how I was wondering how I could of got it because I had pretty lousy posts :-P )

Not much memories for me, I wasnt very well know :-D

You forgot that you started the FAQ in Q board, which we used to edit and add to :-P And that is how you got your rating aswell as good posts in Q board. I got a good memory :-D

I'll have to type one of these one day, i seriously have looooooooads
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#56 ""Lord Ryu""

""Lord Ryu""
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Posted 27 August 2003 - 8:57 AM

I remember when W13 first made Fast Reply

I remember when the Lime Mercury inccident happened (I dont think I should have mentioned it though

I remember my first rating, and how I was wondering how I could of got it because I had pretty lousy posts :-P

I remember the first Community Mentor Project, I was in it before, but I left right after it got started so Matchu and I didnt get to do much

I remember the first Wish Corrupter (That was probably the biggest spam topic ever :-P )

Not much memories for me, I wasnt very well know :-P

You forgot that you started the FAQ in Q board, which we used to edit and add to :-D And that is how you got your rating aswell as good posts in Q board. I got a good memory :lol:

I'll have to type one of these one day, i seriously have looooooooads
Oh yeah my old Q&A guide :-P

I intend to make another once I get acertained of what is happening in RS and get up to date on the things that have happened in RS :-D

What happened to my/our guide anyway? Was it deleted from being out of date?

Though it might be better if you do it though, my spelling and grammer are not very top notch :yes: I would just add on to it instead.

Edited by Lord_Ryu07, 27 August 2003 - 8:58 AM.

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#57 0bliv



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Posted 27 August 2003 - 9:01 AM

It got lost when rsc was hacked :-P

*see's akaron reading, prepares for a lonnnnnnnnnng post lol*
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//a.k.a 0blivion
//Former Senior Moderator

#58 ""Kudos""

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Posted 29 August 2003 - 3:18 AM

I remember Kleaver too.

I remember him being promoted to Senior Member.
I remember him trying his best to help the community.
I remember him being promoted to Community Advisor.
I remember him being welcomed by the other CA's and Mods.
I remember the same people who were congratulating him stabbed him in the back.
I remember them all turn against him because he too actions on what he believed in.
I remember him get demoted because he told off someone who was abusing other members.
I remember W13 PMed him and treated him like scum.
I remember him sadly leaving all his friends and the community behind.
I remember he tried to come back.
I remember he was rejected, never to return under his own name again.

I remember him coming back under a different name.
I remember him reading this post.
I remember him feeling happy that some people remembered him and liked him.

How do I remember? I was him...

Thanks to those who remembered and befriended.
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#59 Roy71


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Posted 02 September 2003 - 7:47 PM

I remember when:

I first joined on September 16th,2002 :-P RSC was great when I first joined,the ban list wasn't too huge. Only like 1-2 people were on the list

When I got my very first rating thanks to Loyal2Death's help :-P

Then I came back on somewhere around January,2003

I remember the Bam Sukka issue when Bam faked his death

When there was no more SeMes

Then I came back on somewhere around June 2003,I found out that rsc got hacked since my char was deleted in rsc.

And that's all I guess,gee I miss my 500 posts :-D

Edited by Roy71, 02 September 2003 - 7:48 PM.

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#60 Axl Rose

Axl Rose

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Posted 06 September 2003 - 10:55 AM

I remember when there was no Ronnie's or Beska's
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