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Goal Pursuit & True Mastery

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#1 Matt258


    Good with wood

Posted 30 October 2016 - 9:04 AM

Every player here has something to accomplish; a place you want to get to, skills you want to have, items you want to wear, reputation or fortune you want to posses. This thread was made by players like you, who desire to teach and motivate others, to help you in the pursuit of your goals.

We always seek friends who we can share all our goals and achievements. However existing clan chats and most friends chats, seem to be indifferent to our personal goals, presenting little support. It was June 28, 2011 when finally a group of friends that met in the Goals & Achievements forum decided to start a thread and a clan chat; Goal Pursuit, a place where each can have the best social environment for us, pursuers, to focus and push all the way to the finish line.

Quick find code: 93-94-896-64206212

True Mastery Clan

Quick find code: 93-94-739-64027865

I'd like to Start a New Clan for 200M Skillers. You can be a Low Combat Level or a High Combat Level. If you are a Member you can be in charge of the Clan citadel.

Join my friend chat: 200MSkills


1. Are you F2p or P2p?
2. What is your Combat Level?
3. What are your 200M Exp Goals?
4. What 200M Skills do you have?

1. Share with Friends!
Let others know about your goals. You will not only inspire those around you, but have them interested in what you are doing, so that everytime they ask, you are being reminded on what to focus.

2. Have a plan
"A goal without a plan is just a wish." Do your homework, ask for advice; guides and other fellow players. Investigate what you need. Make sure your goals are in the range of achievable too.

3. Imagine
Visualize yourself at the end; being rewarded with an extraordinary, almost undescribable feeling of accomplishment, and being admired and congratulated by those around you. Keep thinking on it, let the goal seduce you, to fire up your passionate efforts and focus.

4. Balance
Usually, people think no-lifing is the fastest way to our goals. Maybe it is, but will not be enjoyable. You see, the journey should be fun and not uncomfortable. The journey is more important than the end.

Remember RuneScape is just a game, there is also time to chill out. Share with real life friends and never sacrifice the family, sleep, or work for a game. This will genuinely keep you in the best mood to continue pushing forward.

5) Break
While pursuing your goal, after long periods of time playing you may start feeling tired. Stop. Take a 10 minutes break, avoid thinking about the game, relax, watch tv, talk. When you return you will understand you did not waste 10 minutes, but invested 10 minutes in yourself to be able to dedicate a few extra hours for the game. Its wonderful!

6) Mind into other things
Avoid, at all costs, to watch your progress or how much you are missing. Monitoring closely your stats will make you impatient and desperate.

Going to make some New sections for Quest Cape & Max Cape, Untrimmed Capes

Quest Point Cape

You are now Welcome to join the Clan. Really Good Accomplishment to have completed all of the Quests!

Max Cape

You are now Welcome to join the Clan. Really Good Accomplishment to have all 99 Skills! Going for 120 Dungeoneering?

Untrimmed Cape

You are now Welcome to join the Clan. What 99 do you have? Plan on getting any other 99s?

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My Youtube name is: birdman258 200MCook ProfitCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers
Twitch: Matt258RS Twitter: Matt258RS

Makin Wines to 200M exp in F2p & Make Max Gp in F2p Goals


Going for 200M All Skills. It would be GREAT if you could Loan me Gp & I'll be paying you back with Interest! 40% Interest back to you.
Help me Collect Aluminum Cabs & Tabs for a Guinness Book of World Records! Collecting Aluminum Cans (for Cancer Research) & giving the Tabs to Ronald McDonald House Charities.
Help me Collect Aluminum Cabs & Tabs for a Guinness Book of World Records!

Level 99 Stats 26/27 200M exp Stats 4/27
Make like a tree & burn :)

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