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Runescape Community Help & Rules

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 3:13 PM


RuneScape Community Help and Rules

Geniusdude (creating original RSC guides)

Table of Contents

User Functions:
Account Security:
Frequently Asked Questions by Orkman2k1, Arno, Ben_Goten78, Debenkey

Last updated for IP.Board 3.3.4 by Debenkey & Ramu


The Basics

When you first arrive at RuneScape Community, or any fan sites forums, you should familiarize yourself with the posting functions.

Editing is also a needed skill at this forum. We do not allow users to double post, so if you need to add something to your topic, ensure that you use the edit feature. This button has two features: Full edit and Quick edit (Note: javascript must be turned on to use this). Full edit reloads the page and has all the BB-code and emoticon options (once you're done, press 'Submit Modified Post'), whilst quick edit turns your post into an edit box, with BB-Code and emoticons (once you're done, press 'Save Changes'). Quick edit is much faster if you are just changing some text. Full edit is great for previewing your post before posting to ensure everything looks okay (press 'Preview Post'), especially if you have a lot of pictures and text.

Quoting and replying is fairly useful as well. To quote multiple posts, click the 'MultiQuote' button on those posts, then click the box that appears in the bottom right hand corner called 'reply to # quoted posts'. The quotes will appear in the reply box at the bottom of the page. To quote one person, simply press the 'Quote' button, and it will just add the one quote to the reply box.

The profile area to the left is also useful. It contains a small pip (Posted Image), showing the users ranking. It also shows their user name, custom member title, group (ie. community rank), the number of posts they have, the date they joined, runescape name, runescape status, clan name, and team name. For senior members and lower, it also shows your rating, which is discussed further on (here). These fields are all useful throughout the board, whether it be in Questions, or when sorting out arguments and taking note of someone's ranking.
It also contains more detailed information if you hover over their name; a 'find content' button which will show you that users previous posts and topics; a 'Send message' button, which links you directly to a private message window, with their name already in the recipient field; several bits of information found on their profile; and when they were last active.

Furthermore, you must take note of the rules of this community. Nearly every forum has its own "global Rules" which are found at the very top of the page. These rules are the most important, and are strictly enforced. For more information or depth on individual board rules, you must read said board's rules topic, which is stickied near the top of the first page.

Reporting Posts

During your time browsing through RSC, you may come across posts that are violating the rules of this community. The staff relies on your assistance to help rid the forums of these posts, and bad members, by reporting them. To make this as easy as possible, a "Report" button has been installed and it can be found on the bottom right of every single post and profile.

If you click on this button, the page will change to the "Report this post to a moderator" page. The information on the page should be as follows:

Report: The title of the topic where the offending post/profile is should be here.

Enter your report: To the right of this is a large box, you can type a message that will be seen by a CL or Global Moderator who will act upon the misconduct you reported.

There is a warning below this, and it follows:

Please note: The moderator will be made aware of the link to the page you are reporting.
This form is to be used ONLY for reporting objectionable content and is not to be used as a method of communicating with moderators for other reasons.
Below the box is a button entitled "Submit Report". Click this after you have completed filling out your report, and a moderator will deal with the post soon.

Please keep the text in your report to a minimum. Comments such as "Double post", "Flaming" or "Filter evasion" will suffice. Any abuse of the report system may result in a suspension.

Thank you for your help in keeping the boards clean.


BB-Code is a form of scripting, which allows you to display your post content better. There are many BB-Code options available at RSC; many of which are listed below. Those that aren't listed below include lists, tables, and indentation.

Italic Text
[i]Italic Text[/i]
Bold Text
[b]Bold Text[/b]
Colored Text
[color=red]Colored Text[/color]
Strikethrough Text
[s]Strikethrough Text[/s]
E-mail Address
[email]E-mail Address[/email]
Web Address
[url=http://www.zybez.net]Web Address[/url]
Posted Image
[img]Image URL[/img]
Arial Font
[font=Arial]Arial Font[/font]
Code tag
[code]Code tag[/code]

Align Center

[center]Align Center[/center]

Align Right

[right]Align Right[/right]

Paragraph tags

[p]Paragraph tags[/p]
Underlined Text
[u]Underlined Text[/u]
Bold, Underlined, Italics
[b][u][i]Bold, Underlined, Italics[/i][/u][/b]
Colored Website
[url=http://urlhere][color=red] [u]Colored Website[/u][/color][/url]
Size 2 Font
[size=2]Size 2 Font[/size]
[rsn]Runescape Name[/rsn]

Colors List

There are millions of colours in the world. The codes for these colours can either use their actual name, or their hexa-decimal code. Below is a list of just some of the colours that are available for you to use. Colours are great for headers in topics but not for just replying to a post, keep that in mind.

AliceBlue #F0F8FF
AntiqueWhite #FAEBD7
Aqua #00FFFF
Aquamarine #7FFFD4
Azure #F0FFFF
Beige #F5F5DC
Bisque #FFE4C4
Black #000000
BlanchedAlmond #FFEBCD
Blue #0000FF
BlueViolet #8A2BE2
Brown #A52A2A
BurlyWood #DEB887
CadetBlue #5F9EA0
Chartreuse #7FFF00
Chocolate #D2691E
Coral #FF7F50
CornflowerBlue #6495ED
Cornsilk #FFF8DC
Crimson #DC143C
Cyan #00FFFF
DarkBlue #00008B
DarkCyan #008B8B
DarkGoldenRod #B8860B
DarkGray #A9A9A9
DarkGreen #006400
DarkKhaki #BDB76B
DarkMagenta #8B008B
DarkOliveGreen #556B2F
Darkorange #FF8C00
DarkOrchid #9932CC
DarkRed #8B0000
DarkSalmon #E9967A
DarkSeaGreen #8FBC8F
DarkSlateBlue #483D8B
DarkSlateGray #2F4F4F
DarkTurquoise #00CED1
DarkViolet #9400D3
DeepPink #FF1493
DeepSkyBlue #00BFFF
DimGray #696969
DodgerBlue #1E90FF
Feldspar #D19275
FireBrick #B22222
FloralWhite #FFFAF0
ForestGreen #228B22
Fuchsia #FF00FF
Gainsboro #DCDCDC
GhostWhite #F8F8FF
Gold #FFD700
GoldenRod #DAA520
Gray #808080
Green #008000
GreenYellow #ADFF2F
HoneyDew #F0FFF0
HotPink #FF69B4
IndianRed #CD5C5C
Indigo #4B0082
Ivory #FFFFF0
Khaki #F0E68C
Lavender #E6E6FA
LavenderBlush #FFF0F5
LawnGreen #7CFC00
LemonChiffon #FFFACD
LightBlue #ADD8E6
LightCoral #F08080
LightCyan #E0FFFF
LightGoldenRodYellow #FAFAD2
LightGray #D3D3D3
LightGreen #90EE90
LightPink #FFB6C1
LightSalmon #FFA07A
LightSeaGreen #20B2AA
LightSkyBlue #87CEFA
LightSlateGray #778899
LightSteelBlue #B0C4DE
LightYellow #FFFFE0
Lime #00FF00
LimeGreen #32CD32
Linen #FAF0E6
Magenta #FF00FF
Maroon #800000
MediumAquaMarine #66CDAA
MediumBlue #0000CD
MediumOrchid #BA55D3
MediumPurple #9370D8
MediumSeaGreen #3CB371
MediumSlateBlue #7B68EE
MediumSpringGreen #00FA9A
MediumTurquoise #48D1CC
MediumVioletRed #C71585
MidnightBlue #191970
MintCream #F5FFFA
MistyRose #FFE4E1
Moccasin #FFE4B5
NavajoWhite #FFDEAD
Navy #000080
OldLace #FDF5E6
Olive #808000
OliveDrab #6B8E23
Orange #FFA500
OrangeRed #FF4500
Orchid #DA70D6
PaleGoldenRod #EEE8AA
PaleGreen #98FB98
PaleTurquoise #AFEEEE
PaleVioletRed #D87093
PapayaWhip #FFEFD5
PeachPuff #FFDAB9
Peru #CD853F
Pink #FFC0CB
Plum #DDA0DD
PowderBlue #B0E0E6
Purple #800080
Red #FF0000
RosyBrown #BC8F8F
RoyalBlue #4169E1
SaddleBrown #8B4513
Salmon #FA8072
SandyBrown #F4A460
SeaGreen #2E8B57
SeaShell #FFF5EE
Sienna #A0522D
Silver #C0C0C0
SkyBlue #87CEEB
SlateBlue #6A5ACD
SlateGray #708090
SpringGreen #00FF7F
SteelBlue #4682B4
Tan #D2B48C
Teal #008080
Thistle #D8BFD8
Tomato #FF6347
Turquoise #40E0D0
Violet #EE82EE
Wheat #F5DEB3
WhiteSmoke #F5F5F5
Yellow #FFFF00
YellowGreen #9ACD32


There are also a few more options you can do with topics. These buttons are located in the top right-hand corner of a topic.
  • Bump This Topic - Instead of posting "bump" you can click this link to bring your post up to the top of the forum. We have this option: posting bump is not allowed.
  • Follow Topic - Click this to subscribe to this topic. For more information about subscriptions, click here.
  • Reply to this topic - Opens up the full editor in which you can post a reply to the topic.
The buttons located at the bottom left-hand corner of a topic let you share the topic with other social sites. Twitter and Facebook are just two examples. The last three buttons are the neat ones which are explained below.
  • Email This Topic - This will open a form in which you can email a link of this topic to someone.
  • Print This Topic - Will display the page in print friendly mode for easy ink saving.
  • Download This Topic - Click this to download the topic to your computer. A box will popup that will allow you to save the file.
User Functions
Private Messenger
To access your Personal Messages, click the envelope icon located at the very top right hand corner of any RuneScape Community page, then select "View All Messages". If you have a new message, you will see a red box over the envelope icon with a number indicating the number of unread messages you have. Once the page has loaded, you will be in your inbox. On the left you will see folders which you can create to organise your messages. You will also be able to see how much storage space you have. On the right-hand side you can select a check box and then apply an action to the selected PMs on the bottom right-hand corner. The options are as follows:
  • Delete: Permanently deletes the selected messages.
  • Mark Read: Sets the message to appear as if you have already read it.
  • Mark Unread: Sets the message to appear as if you haven't read it.
  • Turn On Notifications: When a reply is made to the message, it will notify you.
  • Turn Off Notifications: When a replay is made to the message, it will not notify you.
  • Or Move To: If you have made folders they will appear below this and then you can move your PMs to the folder you specify.
My Settings
The Settings section is there for you to manage your personalized board settings. Timezone, change email address, change password, and change display name are the most used options. To be able to access your settings and profile, simply click the drop-down arrow beside your name located at the very top right hand corner of any RuneScape Community page, then select "My Settings". You can also access My Settings by going to your profile and clicking 'Edit my Profile'. Once you're in My Settings, you will notice a variety of settings along the left-hand side margin. These are your account settings, and you can change or alter them in any way, at any time. Profile Settings: The Personal Profile section at this community is there for you to express yourself and to let other people know about who you are. You are able to write some of your interests along with nothing your birthday, age, and contact details, so you can get to know other members.
  • Photo: Here you can change your photo (also known as your avatar). This image can be found above your custom member title and user group pip, on every post you make and is viewable on your profile page. Clicking 'change your photo' will open a popup that will allow to to select a file from your computer or enter a url from a file sharing site. You have a couple choices here: you can either select an image file from your computer to upload or add a link to the image into the field provided and click on 'Done' in order to set your avatar. Remember that the link that you want to use for your avatar must be of in either .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png file format. You can also use Gravatar to get your avatar. Your photo must conform to our avatar rules, which can be found here
  • Time Zone will change your Time Zone. You can enable your time to detect when it is DST by checking the box.
  • Comments & Visitors changes whether you allow users to leave comments on your profile; you can make it so you have to approve them if you wish. Lastly you can set it to show who has last visited your profile page.
  • Friends: Checking this box will make your friends show up on your profile page. This is also where you can change it so you have to approve people before they become your Friends.
  • Profile Information: In this field, you can give all the information you want to share with others. Remember not to post anything too personal. You could put anything from a poem, to your favourite food, to your favourite thing to do in RuneScape. Do not abuse it though; vulgarity and other rule-breaking material will be removed, followed with a suitable punishment. Member Title is not necessary to fill out and you will be unable to until you have 50 posts anyway. This field can be anything from a personal quote, to simply your name or something about you; but keep it brief, and within the rules. Your custom member title appears on each and every one of your posts, right above your avatar. Lastly you can enter your birthday in here and it will display your age on your profile.
  • Contact Methods: The Website URL field is optional. You can put a link to your homepage, a webpage you made, or your favorite site. Be warned however, if the link is inappropriate, it will be removed and you will be punished. In addition you can put your MSN and Skype information so people can contact you externally. These fields are completely optional.
  • Profile Information: Again, this field is optional. It is helpful however, for other members, as it shows what part of the world you live in.
  • RuneScape Profile: There are several fields to fill in that will tell us about your RuneScape account.
  • RS Name: Shows your RuneScape Display name. This field is used all around the boards: particularly in the Questions and Money Making forums - it makes it so much easier and faster to contact someone in game in regards to a trade or answering a question that you may have.
  • RuneScape Status: This drop down menu is useful if you wish to display your current status. You have the option to choose: member, free player, retired, or inactive.
  • Clan: This section is also optional, as not everyone likes, or is involved in clans. Simply put the name of your clan in, please only put one clan.
  • Team: Teams are what people may join if they are also apart of a clan, it allows them to freely do different activities that they may not be able to do while in their clan. This field is also optional.
Email & Password: Here you will be directed to the main site to change the email address and password that is associated with your account. If it appears the information will not change then head over to Curse to change it. It is a good idea to make sure your email password and security questions for it are up to date. Also be aware that RuneScape Community will not send you emails asking you to verify your account or that the URL has been changed, those are called phishing attempts. The only emails you will receive are if you forgot your password and requested a new one or the occasional announcement which you will be informed about in RuneScape Community News. Do NOT use the same password on multiple sites. That way if one of your accounts are compromised then the rest of your accounts will be secure.

Display Name: Change the name that displays on your posts. This does NOT change your login details. As a Member you are permitted to make 2 display name changes in a 30 day period.

Signature: Your signature is a place where you can put a custom made picture, a dynamic stats signature for your RuneScape account, or even some text about items you're buying or selling. Ensure that you abide by the signature rules however, as these are strictly enforced. For more information, see this topic, or this section of community help. The signature field can use all forms of BB-Code available in regular posting.

'Ignore' Preferences: If someone is annoying you then there is the option to add them to ignore. They will not be able to PM you or nor will you be able to see their posts or signature, depending on the options you check. If it gets to the point that someone is harassing you it is recommended to let a staff member know.

Manage Attachments: If the board has it enabled you will have the option to add an attachment to your post. This is good for pictures that you don't feel like uploading to a file sharing site. As a Member you can store up to 2MB worth of attachments. Here you can delete previous attachments that you have added.

Notification Options: Here is a plethora of options on how you are notified of new forum content. Most are self explanatory and some others are best to try out and see if you like being notified with that method.

Your Notifications: Displays all previous notifications that you have had. They can be marked as read and deleted from here.

Manage Notes: Here you can write notes to yourself that can be saved to view later. No other Member will be able to view them.

Avatars and Signatures
Many online forums, RSC included, allow users to have avatars and signatures. Avatars are the images located to the left of posts, directly beneath each person's name. Signatures are the content found below the "--------------------" break line at the end of every post. The following rules for image size and dimensions are strictly enforced. There are a few reasons why we do this: Having a larger signature may distort the page on lower resolutions. Bigger file sizes increase page loading time and cause nightmares for our users on slower connections. And for aesthetic purposes, smaller signatures also look much neater. Failure to follow the rules listed below will most likely result in it being removed by a moderator with a warning. You may not be able to recover the offending signature, so for your own sake, follow the rules the first time around. Repeat offenses will result in harsher punishment.

The rules are simple: Avatars -
  • Must be 100 x 100 pixels or smaller
  • Must have a file size no larger than 90KB [92,160 bytes]
  • Must be suitable for all users [No obscene, eye-stressing, or offensive content]
Signatures -
  • Images as a group must be no larger than 500 x 150 pixels
  • Images as a group must have a file size no larger than 150KB [153,600 bytes]
  • Must be suitable for all users [No obscene, eye-stressing, or offensive content]
  • Must be 1500 characters or less
  • Must as a whole, text and images, be no longer than your average post [try to keep it under 200px high].
The only exception to the image rules is the images made for Zybez Staff members, SwiftKit Team members, and some signatures made specially for official Zybez/RSC run competitions (Check with a staff member if you are unsure); these images do not count toward the size or dimension limits. Please note, underbanners and goal signatures are images and do count toward the image limits. You may have any number of images in your signature, provided they do not, all together, break the size or dimension limits. If we find you have an oversized signature, we will provide you a warning and hide or remove the offending signature altogether. It is your obligation to read these rules and ensure that your signature follows them. If you replace your signature without fixing the problems within it, the signature will again be removed and you may be suspended.
Getting a Signature or Avatar RuneScape Community's Multimedia and Design forum, is a great place to find signatures. Some users may create you a signature, and matching avatar for free, whilst others may request real life money or payment in game (All payment transactions are to be discussed in PM, not on the topics). Alternatively, if you have some graphics software, such as Photoshop, Paint Shop, or Fireworks, you could easily learn to make your own! With Photoshop, it's simply a matter of getting the sig size you want, making a rectangle background, and applying filters! Then you can just add pictures, and apply more filters to them, and likewise with text. It's fairly easy once you have a few good filters. For more help, you can view here. Once you have a signature and avatar picked out, follow the guidelines below to upload them and effectively, 'install' them into your profile:
  • Find an image host, such as Photobucket (sign up for an account, to upload multiple images!) or ImageShack. See this topic for approved upload sites.
  • Click 'Browse' :: Find the file you want to upload
  • Press "host it!" (imageshack) or "upload" (photobucket).
  • Copy the "direct link" (imageshack/photobucket).
  • Go to your profile, and click either Edit my Profile, or your username (in the top right hand corner: [name], then click on "My Settings".).
  • Click "Signature."
  • Click the image icon (), and paste the link to your image in the box that pops up, and hit OK.
  • Once you have your image like this: [img]http://www.website.com/folder/filename.filetype[/img], press "Save Changes"
  • There you have it! You're done! Although, please remember to follow the rules stated above. You can also place text in your signature, simply by typing it out and giving it a colour or some other effect.

User Profiles
When viewing another member's profile, you are brought to the default "Overview" of the user. All of the user's general information that they wish to present to the public is found here. On the left side of the window are other tabs that display more information on the user. In order, the tabs are: Overview, Profile Feed, Friends, Topics, Posts, and Stats.

The first tab, Overview, displays the general information of the user. This includes their status (located at the top of the window), About Me, User Tools, Reputation, Friends, Latest Visitors, Community Stats, RuneScape Profile, and Contact Information. The number of reputation points, and the Join Date of the user is also displayed in the Overview.

About Me
The About Me section of a user's profile contains any information, pictures or videos that the user wishes to share with the public. It is located in the center of the Overview.

User Tools
The User Tools section contains the user's Display Name History, if they changed their display name in the past. It is located on the right side of the Overview.

The Friends section contains the list of other members that the user has approved as a friend. It is located on the right side of the Overview.

Latest Visitors
The Latest Visitors section contains a list of the last few members to visit the user's profile. It is located on the right side of the Overview.

Community Stats
The Community Stats section displays a user's community information, as well as some real life information.

  • Group: The Group that the user belongs to: Junior Member, Member, Zybez Exclusive, Curse Premium, Senior Member, Honored Member, Moderator, Senior Moderator, or King
  • Active Posts: Number of posts active in the forum that the user has made, followed by how many posts they make per day
  • Most Active In: The forum that the user has posted the most in, followed by the number of posts made to the forum
  • Time Online: Total time the user has spent online, displayed in days, hours, minutes, seconds
  • Member Title: The text the user has submitted as their Member Title
  • Age: The user's age in real life
  • Birthday: The user's birthday in real life
  • Location: The user's geographical location in real life
RuneScape Profile
The RuneScape Profile section contains information on the user's RuneScape information.
  • RS Name: The display of the user's RuneScape account
  • RS Status: The status of the user as a RuneScape player: Free, Member, Inactive or Retired
  • Clan: The RuneScape clan the player may belong to
  • Team: The RuneScape team the player may belong to
Contact Information
The Contact Information sections contains information on how the user can be contacted.
  • Website URL: A website the user may be found at
  • MSN: The user's MSN account
  • Skype: The user's Skype account

Profile Feed
The second tab, Profile Feed, is a user's status updates and public conversations the user has had with other members of the community. Users can leave comments on each other's profiles and converse from there. If there is a conversation on your own profile, it is possible to delete comments, as well as lock conversations. At the top of the Profile Feed is where you can post a new status, in the input box with the faded "What's on your mind?". At the bottom of the Profile Feed is a button titled "View All Updates". When clicked, it will show you all conversations you have add with other members of the community. It is possible to filter between Member's Profile Feed, Friend's Updates, and All Updates within the community.

The third tab, Reputation, is a list of content that you have received reputation on. It can be filtered between the Forums and the Calendar.

The fourth tab, Friends, is a user's friends list. All the members of the community that the user has befriended or approved a friend request from will be displayed here.

The fifth tab, Topics, is a brief list of the topics the user has created. A few of the user's latest created topics will be displayed here in full. The topics are titled and are linked.

The sixth tab, Posts, is a brief list of the posts that the user has posted. A few of the user's latest posts will be displayed here in full. The posts are titled with the name of the thread they were posted in, and are linked.

The seventh tab, Stats, displays the user's posting stats in the community. It is broken down into three categories: General Statistics, Posting Activity By Time, and Most Popular Boards By Post. All statistics are cumulative board wide.

General Statistics
  • Total Topics Started: The total number of topics the user has created
  • Number of Polls Created: The total number of polls the user has created
  • Number of Votes Cast: The total number of times the user has voted in a poll
  • Reputation Given: The total number of positive reputation and negative reputation the user has given to other posts and topics
Posting Activity By Time
This is a line graph of the number of posts and topics a user has made at different times throughout the day. The x-axis is the time of day in military time (00:00-23:59), with the y-axis being the number of posts. The green line represents the total content posted (posts and topics), the red line represents posts made, and the blue line represents topics made.

Most Popular Boards By Post
This is a bar graph of the number of posts and topics a user has made in their most frequent boards. The x-axis is the number of posts, with the y-axis being the popular board. The green bar is the total content posted (posts and topics), the red bar represents the posts made, and the blue bar represents topics made.

User Content
Located in the upper-right of a member's profile is a button titled "Find content". Once clicked, you will be brought to a page that displays all content that this member has posted. Content can be sorted by posts in forums, interactions with other members, and interactions with the community calendar.
  • When viewing forum content, it is possible to sort by Topics and Posts, only Topics, and only Posts, that the user has posted. Filter types include by Last Update Time, Title, Number of Replies, and Number of Views. The sorting order can be either ascending or descending.

Following is used to track certain topics,or forums of interest. By default, no topics, or forums are set to be Followed.

Following Topics
To follow a topic, navigate to the topic you wish to follow, and click the "Follow This Topic" button in the upper-right corner of the window, above the "Reply" button.

Following a Forum
To follow a forum, navigate to the forum you wish to follow, and click the "Follow This Forum" button in the upper-right corner of the window, above the "Start New Topic" button.

Viewing Followed Content
To view content that you are following, click on your username in the upper-right corner of your window. Once the drop down menu appears, click on "Content I Follow", located in the right column. When viewing under "Forums", you can sort between Topics and Forum.

Notifications are located to the left of your username in the upper-right corner of the forum. Notifications are alerts that notify you of new or changes to content around the forum. In order to access your notifications, click on your username in the upper-right corner of your window. Once the menu appears, click on "My Settings", and when your settings loads, find "Notification Options" on the left hand side of the window and click it. Topics and Posts

  • Notification method to use for replies to followed topics
  • Notification method to use for topics in followed forums
  • Notification method to use for followed topics daily/weekly digests
  • Notification method to use for followed forums daily/weekly digests
  • Notify me when someone quotes my posts
  • *Notify me when someone 'likes' my posts
Status Updates
  • Notify me of replies to my status updates
  • Notify me of replies to status updates I have replied to
  • Notify me when one of my friends updates their status
Profiles & Friends
  • Notify me of comments made on my profile
  • Notify me when someone adds me as a friend
  • Notify me when someone approves a friend request I make
Private Messages
  • Notify me when I receive a new personal conversation)
  • Notify me of replies to my personal conversations
  • Notify me when I am invited to a personal conversation
Other Notifications
  • Notify me of new entries on blogs I follow
  • Notify me when my topics are moved
  • Notify me when my topics are closed
  • Notify me when my topics are opened
  • Notify me when my topics are deleted
  • Notify me when my topics are approved
  • Notify me when my posts are deleted
  • Notify me when my posts are approved

* - Indicates the feature not being enabled.

Search Feature
Located in the upper-right corner on all pages of the forum is the Search bar. This is a simple search where you enter keywords and hit the magnifying glass. Though located to the right of the Search bar is a gear. When clicked, you will be brought to the Advanced Search feature, which is extremely useful.

Advanced Search
The Advanced Search tool for finding exactly what you're looking for on the forum. Whether it be a post, a topic, a member or a calendar event, it can be found through the Advanced Search.

Find Words
Input words or a member name that you wish to search for. If you're searching for a specific phrase or sentence, enclose it in quotation marks.

Filter search results using all words in the "Find Words" field or any words in the "Find Words" field. Search by title and post content, only titles, or only content.

Find Tags
Filter search results by a specific tag in topic titles.

Find Author
Filter search results by the author of the post. Search for posts made by a specific member.

Find by Date
Search for content within a certain time frame. Type in dates in the two boxes that you wish to find content from. By clicking on the calendar icon, you can select dates and exact times to filter.

Search in Section

Find in Forum: Select a forum you wish to focus the search on. Hold the Control button on your keyboard to select multiple boards.
Display Results: Display the search results as the posts containing the key word(s), or by showing a list of topics containing the key word(s).
Topics with at least: Choose to have results be filtered based on a minimum number of replies and views on topics.
Results sorting: Sort search results by Last Update Time, Title, Replies and Views. Display results in ascending or descending order.

Search In: Search through members using either the Last Update Time, or member name. Search through Profile Feeds using the Date added. Display results in ascending or descending order.

Help Files
Result sorting: Search by the Last Update Time or by Title. Display results in ascending or descending order.

Result sorting: Search by the Last Update Time or by Title. Display results in ascending or descending order.

Advanced Member Search
The Advanced Member Search is the quickest way to find a particular member on the forum. In order to use it, click on the "Members" tab on the top of the forum below the header image. Then click on the "More Search Options" button in the upper right of the window.

Member Name
Search using words that are in the beginning of a member's name, or search by member name directly.

Check the box if the member has a photo.

Website URL
Search for a member using a website URL they have in their profile.

Search for a member using a MSN address they have in their profile.

Search for a member using a Skype address they have in their profile.

Search for a member using a Location they have in their profile.

RS Name
Search for a member using a RuneScape name they have in their profile.

RS Status
Choose to search members whose RS status is either Free, Member, Inactive or Retired.

Search for a member using the clan they have in their profile.

Search for a member using the team they have in their profile.

Signature Contains
Search for a member using their signature contents.

Post Count
Find a member whose post is less than or greater than the amount inputted.

Join Date
Find a member whose join date is before or after the date inputted.

Last Post
Find a member whose last post is before or after the date inputted.

Last Visit
Find a member whose last visit is before or after the date inputted.

Filter results by rank, by member name, post count, join date or profile views, in either ascending or descending order.

The RuneScape Community Calendar is displays all types of events, whether they be member birthdays, or user-created events. All users can add events to the calendar that will show in the upper right corner of the board.

Adding Events

To add an event to the Calendar, simply click Calendar; this is located at the top right corner in the community header. Once at the Calendar, click on the button "Add Event" in the upper right.

Event Details

Within the Event Details is where you choose a title for your event, in addition to the Event Start Date and/or Time. There are also options for the event to be all day, have an ending date, and for the event to repeat either weekly, monthly or yearly.

Event Options

Event Options are settings for your event. All events created will be added to the calendar, rendering the first drop down menu useless. However, you may check to have your event request RSVP, as well as select if the event is open to the public or private.


The actual text and information on the event is to be included here. You may also enable the use of emoticons for your event description.


Skins are a custom theme or layout that changes the appearance of the forum.

When you first visit the community, the skin will be set on 'Thoreau'. This is the default skin for the Runescape Community boards. At the bottom left hand corner of every page, you will see a button titled "Change Theme". Click the button and a menu will appear listing the various skins to choose from. Simply click a skin to begin using it.

The skins are listed below:
  • IP.Board
  • Graphite (3.3)
  • Thoreau Dark (3.3)
  • Thoreau (3.3)
Note: The skins are for your own account; you will not change the skin for everyone on the forum by choosing a new layout.


Getting Noticed

Getting noticed here at the community can be a very difficult task. When you enter a new place and people know each other it's quite easy to become isolated and feel like the odd one out. Don't fret, everyone started off as a noobie; it's just a matter of how much you're willing to contribute to get yourself known.

Use your skills
There are people here within this community, that gain recognition and forge social bonds through their skills. These skills can vary from being a high levelled RuneScape player, to being an exceptional poster, or even to being a great signature/avatar designer. So if you have such a skill that is related to this board or RuneScape, then use it to it’s full potential. If you don't know what your skills are, try applying for a mentor. They can be very valuable to you and your career here at RuneScape Community; just make sure you heed their advice. You’ll find that many others share your interests throughout the boards, so don't feel scared to private message them or chat to them on MSN, Skype or IRC (reminder: never give out personal details online. Never accept files from people you do not know).

Post well, not always long.
Although posting long does get you noticed, this doesn't mean it's overly good. Make your posts to the point and only expand if you feel it's necessary. You should avoid longer posts or essays in the Money Making and Marketplace forums, or areas where quick and fast answers are needed, as it helps the author get the answer or bidding faster. You are however, obliged to comment in a constructive and detailed form when commenting in topics that are in forums such as General Discussion, Questions, Multimedia and Design, Guides and Tips, or Suggestions. Overall, you should make an effort to make constructive posts with substance. Remember, quality always over quantity.

Post as much as possible
Posting a lot is a great way to get noticed. They don't all have to be essays, or massive replies, but ensure that they cover the discussion topic, and that you give your personal opinion on the matter. Keep in mind, that when moderators see a forum filled with topics, with "last post by" as one person all the way down, that is generally a turn-off. It is seen that you may be trying too hard, or could even be spamming. The more good posts you accumulate, the more people will recognize you, and not in a negative way. Always remember: quality over quantity.

Post everywhere
Try to post in all of the boards. This will help you get recognized as a constructive member of this community, by various moderators. If you stick to one board you will only be recognized there, by the moderators who are regular users. Therefore, it's a good idea to expand your posting around the forum, comment in as many boards as you can, without it seeming like you're spamming. It's a good idea also, to visit all the forums regularly. Spread your opinions and thoughts with all of us!

Make friends
This is the most important thing you can do here: make friends. After all, that's what this community is for: to unite players of RuneScape (retired or not) together, to discuss the game. If you want to go somewhere in the community, it's a good idea to make friends with some of the staff members - but remember don't suck up, or suggest a promotion, even in the form of a joke. Having moderators on your MSN list is also a great way to help them out through reporting particularly vehement topics quickly. Just make sure you don't bug them too much or they might not like you anymore. Making friends doesn't happen without any effort or initiative. Throughout your posting on the boards, or deals in Money Making and Marketplace, you may find friends who share the same views as you. The Private Message system is also there to help you get acquainted with others, so don't be afraid to send a few PM's.

Know the rules
This is probably what will make or break you in the Community. In the past there have been members who were excellent posters, were extremely active, and had a lot of friends, but were banned because they broke the rules. Don't think that they will go soft on you; if you break a majorly enforced rule, you will be banned. If you follow the rules and follow the above guidelines, you will get noticed within this community. People that cause no problems and know the rules are always more eligible when promotion is considered. Also, moderators appreciate it when you behave correctly, as it means they don't have to waste their time punishing you. So follow the rules, know the rules and remind others to abide by those rules.

Get feedback
After a while, you may build up a reputation here at RuneScape Community if you remain active and in public-eye. If you're not sure where you stand on the community, feel free to talk to a Senior Member or above. Most of them will be more than willing to give you a few pointers, or tell you how you're going. Don't be disheartened if a Moderator or higher doesn't reply; they're very busy folk! Just remember that moderators don't know everything; if they say you're doing badly when you think you're doing well, consult another Moderator or Senior Member.

If you try and consider these things, you should not only get noticed, but you'll have a lot of fun here too.

Becoming a Better Member and Poster

Being a better member is all about:
» Self-confidence
» Self-respect
» Sympathy
» Loyalty
When attempting to become a better member, you try to earn respect; you can’t earn respect if you don’t show it towards others. Being a better member is not a hard thing to do: respect those in all ranks, stay true to your values and ideals and post with dignity and self-respect. When trying to be a better member, you will suddenly notice yourself posting on a higher level; a higher level of thinking and carefully thought-out arguments. Don’t post without thinking about the consequences of your comment. Always ask yourself:
» Does my post contribute anything new to this topic?
» Is my comment of any value or importance?
» Am I breaking any rules or guidelines with this reply?
» Could this reply be offensive?
» Most importantly: is this post needed?
Grammar is a very important factor in becoming a better poster. When using degraded grammar and punctuation, you will be displaying yourself as being worth a lot less. When upholding decent and vocabulary-rich sentencing, you will receive more respect from everyone.

Boards: You have to decide for yourselves where you are most comfortable, and where your posting skills can be utilized to their maximum effect. Moderators won’t notice you if you constrain yourself to a single board; you need to post all over the forum, in various themes or topics, and on various forms of discussion.

Helping moderators to clean up the board by reporting topics is a great way to earn yourself a higher status in the community. If you notice someone breaking the rules, or double, or triple posting frequently, report it to a moderator. If you notice one person posting, spamming, in different boards, report it to a moderator who may, or may not take action. The only thing you have to be careful of, is whether or not it is necessary to report someone. Submitting 30 big signatures to a moderator may seem like a great way to be noticed, and it is, as long as you do it on an on-off (mostly off) basis.

Attitude is the characteristic that defines you. If you have a bad attitude and can’t handle authority, I can guarantee you that you will not get far in this community. You can have a great attitude if you just act friendly, help others out and respect your environment. Flaming, abusive language and evading the language filter is not appreciated, nor is it tolerated. Let the world know that you are a content, friendly and helpful member and I’m sure others will open up towards you and some may even express their appreciations.

When someone calls you a ‘noob’ or when someone abuses you in a topic or through the private message system, you have a choice to make. Will you respond to their acts, sinking to the same level, or will you act with dignity and self-respect? Reporting it to a moderator is the best thing to do; this choice shows the level of your maturity. Always try to be the bigger person, and step away from arguments or fights.

To summarise: Watch your attitude, act mature, uphold decent grammar & vocabulary, post in the right boards, and think before you post.

Ratings and Standards


Within this community, you must be well behaved. Everyone here has real issues, and real feelings. The following sections describe behaviour, what we expect post-wise, and what the ratings (or warnings) mean to you.


Behaviour: it's a very important factor at this community. Those that don't behave will face the consequences and punishments that are discussed below in the punishment section.
We expect that you follow the rules at all times and that you know the rules; if you abide by them, you may earn respect and recognition. Reminding others of those rules when you notice violations or various other negative events, is also tremendously appreciated by the staff. The staff members are the ones who evaluate you on whether your an asset or liability to the community.

If you have an open-minded personality, you will have no problems getting along with every day to day events. Respect is also a key element that may lead to recognition; if you don't show any respect you will not get any back, it's that simple. Appreciate your fellow members and show your respect whenever possible because you can never know what kind of good friendships may arise out of a simple compliment. This however, doesn't mean that you have no right to express your own opinions and views about certain persons, but you have to control it and not over exaggerate.


We expect a certain level of seriousness and maturity in your comments, together with a decent quality standard. Long posts are necessary in many boards and they are gladly appreciated in various other boards. So post your best and don't be afraid to get some feedback on how you are posting (this is what the Community Mentor Project is for). If desired, you could apply for the guidance of a mentor if you feel that you're floundering; not knowing what to do. Your posts should be constructive, detailed to a certain level, clear and written with appropriate grammar and vocabulary. Any posts that are too short, un-detailed or go too far off topic may be deleted and you will face the consequences and punishments, measured by the moderator in service.


Ratings are the tool for the staff of this community to see how good or bad a member behaves. A positive rating indicates that you're above average, or outstanding, while a negative rating means you have committed some form of offence, and were punished for it. Please note that ratings are ONLY given to those who deserve them, and can be taken away if you turn to the dark side. The lower the rating, the more likely you would be banned for exceptionally offensive behaviour. We expect our users to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, similarly to any school or institution. Good conduct is rewarded, whereas bad conduct may result in suspensions or bans.

0 ,.::;' Everyone joins with a clean slate; with a rating of 0. Those who are average members, who aren't outstanding or rule-breaking, will tend to stay with a 0 rating; it's nothing bad. It just means that you haven't done anything really good or anything really bad. I would suggest that you all keep this as a good starting point, because it gets harder to go up from a negative rating. If you have a +1 and were brought down, don't worry about it too much. Work on things like posting, helping others, and helping the moderators and you will be back up in no time. However, don't expect to earn it back so easily; the moderator has to be sure that you are worth it, so it may be harder than the first time due to the offence that took you down.

+1 ,.::;' This rating is for those that know the rules, and follow them well. They tend to stand out a bit, with great posting habits; they are overall above average members who deserve some recognition. These people show effort and care to the community, and are rewarded for it.

+2 ,.::;' A +2 rating indicates that you know your way around the community, and its rules well. This is evident in your posting, conduct, or ability to assist moderators in carrying out their duties: to keep the forums clean. You may, or may not have, been a part of the Member of the Month at this time, which is a great way to get noticed. Just remember not to go overboard. No one likes a brownnoser. Keep up the good work and good things will come.

+3 ,.::;' This indicates that you have pledged yourself to the community, and have been noticed for any number of reasons (posting, helpfulness, attitude, personality, etc). Members with +3 ratings have dedicated themselves to demonstrating appropriate behaviour throughout the community. Although this does not give you a definite spot as a Senior Member, you may be a candidate for the future. Keep up your positive attitude, posting, and helpfulness and you'll be great. Getting to know more staff members at this point is also a good idea, as long as you don't bug them to death.

+4 ,.::;' To get this far, you have to be the crème de la crème; the cream of the crop. You have proven yourself to be an invaluable member of the community, and should be treated as such. Although this does not necessarily warrant a Senior Member position, it is highly likely that someone has thought of you for a future promotion. You have a good sense of humour, without going too far, can post exceptionally well, are extremely helpful, and are a well respected member of the community. You are without a doubt a very loyal member. » Please note: Only Senior Moderators and Kings can give out +4 ratings, as they are trusted with the responsibility to highlight such outstanding members.

+5 ,.::;' Although this rating may seem like the idealistic status of "perfection" it is most definitely not so. You have proved yourself to be one of the top few members of the community, and a promotion may definitely be on the horizon. You are respected not only by other members, but the staff of this community as well. Congratulations. » Please note: Only Kings can give out +5 ratings, as they are trusted with the responsibility to highlight such outstanding members.

Negative Ratings and Punishments

Along with the positive ratings that can be awarded, there are also negative ratings, which RuneScape Community Staff use to determine suitable punishments. A negative rating can be given out if you do anything against the rules, such as making spam-like posts, or being mean and abusive towards members. However, if you have a positive rating, normally a rating will be deducted. You can normally see your rating by looking at the number underneath your Member Number. By clicking on that number, you will be able to see your rating, and why certain ones are removed, or added.

Below is a list of the negative ratings, in order of increasing punishment, and the usual punishment that comes along with it.

-1 ,.::;' If you are given a -1 rating, it is not the end of the world. Normally, if you make better posts, and don't flame, spam or just be plain annoying, you will normally get the rating back. Many people get a -1 rating, and can work their way back up to a +2, or even a +3. There are even some Senior Members who have received -1 ratings before, and worked their way up. Just post well, and you'll do fine. When this rating is given, you will automatically be given a three to seven day suspension depending on the severity of the offence. During your time away, think about what you did wrong, and try to improve.

-2 ,.::;' This rating is given if you are persistently breaking the rules, either by spamming a lot, or ignoring warnings. You just need to work on your skills. Take a look at your rating log, and see why you were given the warning, and if you don't understand, PM the moderator who gave you the rating deduction, asking for any advice they may be able to give. Another idea is to apply for a mentor, they'll be able to help you out. If you have an appeal, PM a Moderator+. We will look at the accusation and investigate. When you receive the rating deduction, you will be suspended for at least a week, if not longer.

-3 ,.::;' Now you're in hot water. You will receive a PM telling you of the offence, and how close you got to it. When you receive the deduction, you will be given a two week or longer suspension, depending on the offence. Now you should be trying to get a better attitude and post well, without resorting to flaming and abuse.

-4 ,.::;' At this stage, you are on the verge of a permanent banning. At this point, you will have experienced many suspensions, ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Punishments will vary depending on the offence, but the minimum will be a 3 week suspension for this rating.

-5 ,.::;' At a negative 5 rating, you are, or are extremely close to being permanently banned from the community. To increase your rating, you would have to do a major turn around in your attitude and behaviour, and keep it at a high standard for a long time.

The below exceptions, may result in a ban, or an extra long suspension, no matter what your rating is:
  • Extremely racist behaviour
  • Filter evasion
  • Ban/suspension evasion
  • Posting websites or images with malicious intent
  • Admitting to autoing
  • Trading RuneScape accounts
The punishments for negative ratings are MANDATORY. There are no exceptions. We are not Barbarians, Nazis nor Fascists. We do give you chances. Normally if we see you spam we will warn you via PM. If it becomes consistent, and you ignore the warnings, punishments will follow.

If you don't care about ascending the ranks, or going anywhere in the community, then try to stay at a zero rating. If you go below, step up a little, to get back to zero, just so you can stay around longer.

Community Leaders & Moderation

The bulk of moderation done on Zybez is done by Community Leaders (CLs). These are regular or senior members assigned to a specific board to assist with moderator tasks. They have the ability to delete, close and edit posts within their specified forum.

Since Community Leader itself isn't a rank, you can recognize community leaders by a list either in the rules topic or at the bottom of each board (varies by theme):

Moderation within a particular board is delegated by a board leader (usually a Senior Moderator or Moderator).

Community Ranks

Zybez Exclusive ,.::;' This rank (aka xMem) can be gained by having a 2000+ post count and a neutral or better rating, as well as winning certain competitions on this website. Exclusive Members receive access to the private Exclusive Members board, the ability to bump other people's topics, the ability to add polls to their own topics and a whopping 1,000 maximum storage space for personal messages.

Below is a description of the ranks of this community. From Junior member to King.

Junior Member ,.::;' This is the rank you will have when you first register. You will have this rank until you obtain 50 posts, at which time you will automatically receive the 'Member' status.

Member ,.::;' When you reach 50 posts you automatically receive this rank. It is the normal rank for the Community.

Senior Member ,.::;' This rank is given only to those who deserve it. These people have dedicated themselves to the Community, and may, or may not, have a high rating. To achieve this rank you must stand out above the rest of the members, you must be extremely helpful around the community. Just keep in mind that meeting these credentials does not automatically merit a promotion. Senior Members are also referred to as seme/SeMe or SenMem. When you reach Senior Member status you will be able to: close and delete your own topics and posts, create poll topics and several other perks. Ensure that you do not ask for this rank, or hint for staff members to try and get you promoted. This is called brownnosing, and is frowned upon; if you deserve it, you'll get it.

Honored Member ,.::;' This rank is given to those who have contributed to the community as a Moderator, Senior moderator or King. Very rarely is this rank ever given to past members or Senior Members. Most Honored members have the same abilities as they did prior to retiring.

Moderator ,.::;' Obtaining this rank means that you're part of the RuneScape Community staff. This position is only given to those who really deserve it. Moderators are sometimes referred to as Global Moderators or Mods. Moderators are able to: add and remove ratings, edit profiles, posts, and polls, close and open topics, post in closed topics, and bump any topic. There is also the perk of being more involved with community decisions.

Senior Moderator ,.::;' This is an extension of the Global Moderator rank. Senior Moderators (or SeMod/Smod/Admins) can: moderate anywhere in the community, give +4 ratings, hand out bans, decide on community leader (CL) positions, and have access to the administrative control panel. They also discuss more in-depth community matters.

King ,.::;' These are the head board administrators. They have total access to all facets of the community. Their word goes.

Ascending the Ranks

Member ,.::;' No real effort is required on your part to get here. As long as you don’t spam, flame or act inappropriately you will receive this rank once you reach 50 posts. If you spam your way to 50 posts, you will be reverted back to 0 posts and Junior Member status.

Zybez Exclusive ,.::;' There are two ways of achieving this rank. The first is by being an active poster with 2000 posts and 0 rating. Just like member, you can only gain this rank if you don't spam: posting around the board and contributing to the topics is the best way to raise your post count. If you have a negative rating, try viewing the Ratings and Standards section of the rules for tips on getting back to a neutral rating. Once you reach the requirements, you will be promoted during the next promotion cycle, and you must maintain them in order to keep the rank. The other way to receive Exclusive Member is by winning one of various competitions held around the board. The rules for the individual boards go into more detail on the competitions, however do note that all Exclusive given as an award will be temporary.

Senior Member ,.::;' This rank is not easy to achieve. It is given only to those who have been noticed by a number of staff members, and exhibit exceptional behaviour. To get this rank you must be: an above average poster, well known throughout the community, helpful in as many ways as possible and most importantly; know and follow the rules.

Moderator ,.::;' This is a fairly difficult rank to achieve, as it takes a lot of effort. For members who go straight to Moderator, you must be mature, one hundred percent trustworthy, have a clean record, exhibit exceptional behaviour, and be very active within the Community. You may or may not have been a Community Leader prior to the promotion, but you generally become a member CL before you get given a chance at Moderator. You must prove yourself to the other Moderators, Senior moderators and staff, through your ability to report topics and good attitude. Remember never expect to be promoted; if you deserve it, you will get it.

Senior Moderator ,.::;' This rank is only obtained through having pledged a massive amount of commitment to the Community. This rank isn’t earned through simply doing things; you have to have been here for a while, and know how things work. Most importantly of all: the Kings must trust you.

King ,.::;' This is the ultimate position. You can only achieve this rank through being on excellent terms with the other kings, and W13.

In short:
Never beg,
Be respectful,
Stay active,
Keep a clear head.
You'll go far in due time.

Account Security

Account security is an extremely important matter. People generally don't want to gain access to your account for fun, they do so in order to cause harm. The best way to protect yourself from becoming compromised is to have excellent account security, starting with a strong password.

Case Sensitive

Passwords on Zybez are case sensitive, if your password has "a" in it, it must always be "a", not "A". This means that when you set your password, it must be entered the exact same way whenever you log in. If your password contains characters in upper case, then those specific characters must be entered in upper case.

Creating Passwords

Creating a password for your account is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Your password is the barrier between yourself and the other members of the community and thus should be extremely secure and private. When creating your password, length is a huge factor to consider. The longer the password is, the more secure it will be, and the harder it will be for hackers to guess. In addition to length, case is an important factor in determining the strength of a password. Mixing in plenty of upper and lower case letters in your password adds even more possible combinations, making it harder to crack.

Alpha-Numerical Passwords

Alpha-numerical passwords are sequences of characters that contain both numbers and letters. When used, they are very tough to crack, but when mixed with various cases of letters, they become extremely difficult. Alpha-numerical passwords can be phrases or a string of random numbers and letters. To incorporate numbers and letters into a phrase, take a simple phrase such as cheeseisgod. After replacing some letters with fitting numbers and adding in random uppercase letters, you are left with cH3E531Sg0D, which is far harder to guess than the original phrase.

Alpha-numerical passwords are great to use, and when mixed with various cases and length, they are near impossible to crack.

Anything Passwords

Anything passwords are sequences of all characters found on the keyboard. This includes letters, numbers and symbols. Anything passwords are unique and when created correctly, can be near impossible to crack. Some tips on creating Anything passwords are:
  • Using periods in your password. For example: cheeseis.god.
  • Using brackets, etc, in your password. For example: chee[s]eisgod. Beware, though, because not all sites allows this.
  • Using symbols in your password. For example: (hee$eisgod. Again, this may not always be allowed on some sites.
  • Using other punctuation symbols, such as the dash, equal sign, etc. For example: cheese-is=god.
  • Using full-fledged 1337 in your password. For example: (h3e53][sg0[). Again, though, this may not always work. Note: you don't always want to be using the number replacements. Doing so would result in less variety in your password, making it easier to decipher.
Combine a few of those, and you have yourself a virtually un-crackable password.
For example: I could go from ilovethispw to ][l0\/3.7Hi$.[P\/\/.
Or from bananas to [34[]\[]4nAs.

Storing Passwords

Once you have created your password, it is time to store it. You can store your password in three ways; on your computer, through an online service or the traditional pen and paper style.

Computer Storage

Storing your password on your computer is simple, and makes it readily available for the future. However, when storing your password on your computer, you must ensure that your computer is safe and secure, free of keyloggers and other viruses. A common place to store your password would be in a text file, whether it be in Notepad, Microsoft Word, or another word processor.

File Storage

Some tips and things to keep in mind when storing your password on your computer are:
  • Name the file something irrelevant
  • Password protect the file
Another way to store your password is to create a blank .txt file and save it. Then, find it in the explorer. Right click the file, and go to 'rename'. Clear everything, including the extension, and write anything you want there. One possibility would be to make a bunch of files called like 'gamedat', or something like that, and put three characters of your password in the extension on each.

Online Services
Online services offer to remember your various unique passwords in one central place, removing the issue of trying to remember them all for you. Then, you simply need to remember your Master Password and the service will supply the right password for the relevant site. One such service is LastPass.


LastPass is a password managing program that is highly useful and convenient. Passwords, as well as other personal information, can be stored in LastPass, and then be used to auto-fill fields, and remember logins on websites. In addition, LastPass can also generate strong and secure passwords. It is a safe and trusted program that can be downloaded for free.

Paper Storage

Storing your password using pen and paper is simple and easy. Take a piece of paper and write down your password on it. Keep the piece of paper in a safe place that no one else will find.


While you may be a safe browser while on the internet, you never know when you may stumble across some malicious content. Malicious content can very easily inflict your computer with a virus, putting your personal information and files at risk. A great way to detect malicious content and help prevent viruses is to have an anti-virus program. With an anti-virus program, you will be alerted of potentially harmful sites you are trying to visit. The anti-virus can also be scheduled to perform scans of your computer to detect malicious files. Having an anti-virus program adds an extra layer of protection to your computer and information.

We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for PC users, and Sophos for Mac users. Both programs are effective and free.

Safety Tips

There are a few tips to keep in mind when on the internet in order to help keep your computer safe:
  • Don't visit sites whose URLs seem odd
  • Don't open emails from people you've never heard of
  • Be cautious of any downloads, be sure to scan them before downloading
  • Be weary of who give your email to and other personal information

Never give your password to anyone. Only you should know what your password is, and where it is stored. Zybez staff will never ask for your password. Please report anyone who does ask immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

» Q: What is this Community for?
» » A:
The community serves several purposes. First of all, it's a place where you can relax, and have fun. But there's a line between having fun and downright idiotic, or immature behavior. Ensure you keep yourself above the line.
Ask and answer questions, suggest RuneScape related ideas, gaze upon some artwork or discuss RuneScape; this is just a few of the things you can do here.

» Q: How do I use the Full Editor?
» » A:
Click the button "Use Full Editor" when editing posts or topics.

» Q: How can I report a topic or reply?
» » A:
There is a 'Report' button on each post.

» Q: I'm having some trouble with my Signature and Avatar.
» » A:
You can edit signature under the "Signature" tab in your Settings, while editing your Avatar is done through the "Profile Settings" tab in your Settings, under Photo. For limits and restrictions, please read the Avatar and Signature Guidelines.

» Q: How do I post images?
» » A:
Crop your image, upload it, and post between these tags:
» Q: Can I be banned from RSC?
» » A:
Yes, you only get banned on extreme cases. Usually you get banned if you post porn, excessive spam, malicious content, or are a persistently offensive member.

» Q: Can I be unbanned?
» » A:
In most cases, no, we do not unban accounts. However, we do accept appeals and consider each on a case by case basis.

» Q: How many private messages can I send/receive?
» » A:
Members can send/receive a maximum of 10 PMs every 24 hours. Senior Moderators and Kings can disable your Private message feature if you break the community rules.

» Q: Where can I advertise my website?
» » A:
Topics dedicated to 'advertising' your website are generally not allowed at RuneScape Community. Sometimes you may advertise in off topic in a reply, if your website is related to the topic. Otherwise, clans can advertise their websites in Recruiting sub-forums. Any advertising of another website, whether it is in your signature, display picture, or posts, must contain a clear and visible link on the websites index, back to RuneScape Community.

» Q: What is spam or flaming?
» » A:
Spam, Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, are just that. These can be considered as short replies, that does not relate to the topic, or as advertising or posting random topics, amongst other things. Flaming, is anything that can be considered offensive, is attacking to another member, or contains cussing or swearing.

» Q: How do I change my display name?
» » A:
Your display name can be changed within the "Display Name" tab in your Settings.

» Q: What is the maximum size allowed for a signature?
» » A:
The maximum size for a signature is 500x150px. Please check out the Signature Guidelines for more information.

» Q: Can staff edit my signature?
» » A:
Yes. Moderators, Senior Moderators and Kings have the ability to edit your signature. The staff will only edit users' signatures to remove rule-breaking content (size, offensive material, etc.).

» Q: Who should I contact if I have a problem?
» » A:
Staff members will be happy to answer any of your community-related problems. Check the staff list here.
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