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Oh hey, last week I hit 7 years being here. 21/7 = a third of my life. That shows how much of a life I actually have. Updated 03 Apr · 5 comments

About Me

Time to do an update to this page... since it was incredibly boring before.


Click here to see my original Meet the Staff topic - Created June 2nd 2005


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Since I typed up that original 'About Me' over four years ago, I'll go ahead and update the real life section quite a bit to share what's going on with my life at the moment. The RSC history however has pretty much stayed the same for years now, since I've been holding the same position here on the forum for quite a number of years now Posted Image


.::;' Real Life


My name is Josh, I'm 20 and I'm from Northern Virginia. I live about a half an hour outside of Washington DC, and I've lived here my entire life. I'm living about twenty minutes away from where I was born, so I haven't been around very much lol. I'm currently a Junior Computer Science Major at George Mason University, and I'm hoping to graduate with a well deserved B.S. I haven't quite decided what I want to do with it yet... I'm leaning more towards a career in cyber security by working for the United States Secret Service/FBI. However, I'm also considering a path in the gaming industry. It wouldn't be as uptight as a government job, and it'd be a lot of fun to create/maintain games instead of being stressed out with cyber security. However the benefits of a government job would be substantially better than those from a gaming industry, so it can really go both ways.


But anyway, I work as a server at a seafood restaurant close to my house. I've been working there for about three years now, starting out bussing tables and then eventually moved up to serving when I turned 18. I have a PS3 and I'm playing Final Fantasy 13, even though I've already played through the story. I'm an avid player of video games, I started playing runescape 6 years ago and I'm still playing it to this day. I started playing World of Warcraft when I started college, because my best friend from high school wanted to find an online game to play while we were both in school. And WoW it was, however I've maxed out my character in WoW and I don't feel like playing anymore haha, so I'm back to runescape to pass the time. But yeah, If there's anything else you want to know about me, feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me a PM. I'm pretty open about everything, and I'm probably one of the most laid back administrators here on the forum.


.:;;' Zybez Forum Life


Way back when, I was a lonely runescape player. I had no idea what I was doing, nor how the game worked. So one day, i'm exploring google for something about runescape (I don't remember what it was exactly), and I came across RSC. I looked through the boards and saw that it was just another board. So I kept it in the back on my mind for days, until finally, I decided to take one more look at the forum. I went through each subforum, and noticed how civilized and well mannered the community was. Then low and behold, I found the marketplace. The solution to all of my runescape economic anomalies, so I thought. That day, I decided that it was time for me to register.


That day was March 29th, 2005. I registered under the name Phoenix9025, and awaited the registration confirmation email like any time you register at a new forum. The email never came, so I figured that I had to be validated manually or something. So I head back to runescape and this board creeps into a hole in my mind. About a week later, I come back here to find that I still havn't been validated. I took the initiative to find out why, so I added Apollo on AIM (he was senior moderator at the time) and I had a chit chat with him. I eventually asked him why my account wouldn't validate, and he was nice enough to manually validate it for me. So if you think about it, I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for Apollo. laugh.gif


After that, things just started developing from there. I made a few posts in the marketplace, and that's how I got started. At some point, I decided to branch out of the marketplace and start exploring the other aspects of RSC that I may become interested in. I found General Discussion, and I started to learn about posting there and about the ranks/ratings. My first goal, of course like any other junior member today, was to get fifty posts. I remember it like it was yesterday, I posted all over general discussion to try and get my post count up. I never was interested in Off Topic or pictures, I just wanted to be a regular member. A couple days of posting, and I made it. After I became a regular member, things went pretty much downhill from there. I started losing interest in RSC and I started to branch away from it. This happened over the course of a couple months, and I ended up making a reappearance around May or June of 2005. I went back into general discussion, and started posting more and more until I became a regular. Somewhere around that time I decided to go bold and try out the other boards, like questions and suggestions. The more I started spreading around, the more active I got.


On July 15th, an event happened that started my.. I guess, career here. I received a +1 rating from Vampire (Ngaged), for good posting and all that. Of course back then, I was one of those members who enjoyed looking up to people with ratings and rank, just like i'm sure most of you are as well. When I saw that I had been noticed by a staff member, my activity pretty much exploded. I started posting all the time, and in time, runescape.com was steadily being replaced by runescapecommunity.com in terms of the first website that I visit when I get on the computer. I had a growing love for this place, and these were probably the best days of me being here. Months past as I posted around, played runescape, the sort. January of '06 came and I decided that I was tired of my name. I requested my name to be changed to Phoenix Zero, because I couldn't stand the numbers that were in my name before. This request was accepted. After this happened, things really started to move in very fast motion from that point onward.


A few days after I requested my name change, I was given a +2 rating from Brad; literally 6 months to the hour of my +1. So of course, this further boosted my activity once again because I knew that I was actually starting to stick out now and I felt like being here. Then a week later, during my winter vacation, I was given two community leader positions in the marketplace board (Armor, Weapons and Ranged/Services). I was ecstatic that I would actually be recognized enough to be considered to be a community leader, so I was happy to be given the chance to do so. Things went from there and I continued to do my work in the marketplace, moderating where needed while not forgetting to make my usual posts in general discussion or questions. Throughout this course of a couple months, I was promoted several more times and gained more boards within the marketplace that I could moderate. I don't remember the dates of these events, so we'll just go with it. That's the story with that, and that's how my moderating career started out. After a few months of moderating the marketplace, my posting started to get recognized when I was given the Senior Member rank on March 5th 2006. This blew open the doors here at the community, because I was now ranked. I was no longer a member, and I held a global rank over the entire board. This was welcoming, and quite unexpected at that time. From what I remember, I was promoted to senior member with like eleven others haha. But that was fun, and things continued on from there.


Over the course of my time being a senior member, I continued my duties in the marketplace. Eventually I was given the right to moderate every board there. It was the only place that I could CL, but still, it was a good six or seven boards at that time. I continued posting, moderating, blah blah over time as usual. I then got my +3 rating on April 2nd 2006 by Colton, for both posting and for my abilities in the marketplace. Little did I know that that would be the last rating that I would ever receive. A month or so after that, on April 23rd 2006, I was given the chance to moderate General Discussion. The board that I ended up starting my posting in, I got the chance to CL. I was quite happy, because I was already so familiar with how the board ran and what posts were naughty or nice. It made the upcoming job easier to bare. That was the last CL spot that I would get as well.


Then the day came: June 8th 2006. It was a normal summer day, and hot as hell from what I remember. Everything was normal and I was actually considering going down to the pool because it was open. I took a couple final looks at RSC to go get my stuff packed, and the board went offline. I figured, alright, server upgrade or something. So I went off, packed my stuff, and came back to the board still offline. I decided to waste some time and talk to people on msn for a couple minutes. Then all of a sudden I get bombed a message that I had been promoted to Moderator. I thought this person was screwing with me, because people did it all the time and I knew that RSC was offline. So for the hell of it, I refreshed the page. He turned out to be correct after all, as I sat there staring at my now red name. I checked the Community board and found out why they turned the board offline. They ended up promoting like twenty people at the same time, haha. But that day marked the start of me being a staff member, and I eventually got used to it and got started. A few days afterwards, Colton asked me if I wanted to be his co-leader for the marketplace. I accepted his request, and from that day on, Him and I have lead the marketplace as partners; even with the difference in rank.


So that was that, from the start of me being a moderator, everything became routine. I'd log in, take care of any new pm's i got, then troll the forum. At the end of 2006, towards the beginning of 2007, the community held the end-of-the-year awards for best member/senior member/moderator/admin/etc. After the votes had been casted, I learned that I had been voted the best moderator of 2006. It was a very prestigious honor to hold that title, because I knew that it was something that would never go away and it would stick with me through my entire career here on the forum. Then on April 17th, 2007, I was promoted to Senior Moderator. It was quite random too, I was just doing what I normally do on an ordinary day. I was reading a topic, and then I scrolled down to the bottom of the topic and I was about to make a reply to it... and I noticed that my name was bolded. I went to the community board and saw that not only myself was promoted, but my good friend Steve (Atarah) was promoted to moderator as well. I was excited for him, because I always knew that he'd make a great moderator and he has indeed been a great moderator to this day (even though he has since retired from his position).


If you have gotten this far into reading my history, I congratulate you. But there's one more step that I should talk about, because as you know I'm not a senior moderator at the moment. Due to behind the scenes reasons, I was promoted to King of Kings on August 5th 2010. The reason for this was because I needed root access in the ACP for the many duties I assumed as being Head of Content of Zybez and other such things. After months of holding this rank, my true rank seemed questionable. Was I really a King? That question was finally answered on January 22nd 2011, when W13 finally announced his decision to declare me a King of this forum. And from that day onward, I have assumed that role and have accepted it. And I continue to hold that rank to this day.


.::;' Zybez Content Life


In addition to me having the duties that I've had over the years here on the forum, I also had an extensive career working on the content for the website. I first expressed interest in joining the Zybez Content Team just after I was promoted to senior member here on the forum (around April of 2006). I never had to fill out any official application or anything, I just messaged Ben_Goten78 (who was the current Head of Content at the time) on MSN and told him that I was interested in joining the team. He told me that it shouldn't be a problem because I was already a senior member on the forum and I held a good reputation as it was. However, Ben told me that I had to be approved by MDW to be considered a content team member. Back during this time, MDW was a King here on the forum and he was also the project manager for the entire website, so he held a considerable amount of power. He ended up approving me, and I was allowed access to the content of the website. When I started out as a content team member, there were no teams in place like there are today (today there are the maintenance crew and the database crew), so I was just a 'contributor'. Time passed however, and an overhaul of the politics of the website were conducted, and the individual content teams were formed: Maintenance Crew, Database Crew, Upcoming Content Crew, Quality Control Crew. As these teams were created, I was asked by the content management to be the leader of the Quality Control crew for Zybez. I gladly accepted the position.


From that day onward, I was considered the Quality Control crew Manager for Zybez. Pretty much my responsibilities were to lead a crew of content team members that had to make sure the grammar was correct in all of the guides, structures were correct, etc. I maintained this position for quite a while, and then the team structure on the site went through another overhaul. Basically, the Quality Control crew and the Upcoming Content Crew were merged with the MC crew and the DC crew, to create only these two content teams to control the entire website. Since my team disappeared due to this overhaul, I decided to fade away from the content upkeep of the website. After a year or so of staying away from all this, I decided to return to helping the content team; yet i decided not to join one of the pre-existing teams, I decided to make my own rank. I made myself the Lead Support Manager for Zybez, and my role would be to support both of the teams that maintained the upkeep of the website. I basically took care of the responsibilities of each team where I was needed, which I really enjoyed for a while. After a while, Jeremy ended up retiring from his position as Head of Content of the website, and ile89 filled his shoes. However, ile89 at the time was the Manager for the database crew... and his absence left a hole in the hierarchy. So I decided that I would take ile89's former position instead of filling a position that wasn't really 'official', and I was made Manager of the Database Crew.


I held this position for a long time, until about around the time when I decided to stop playing Runescape and moved onto World of Warcraft was when I decided to give up my position (Fall of 2008). I wanted to keep my influence on Zybez as manager of the database crew, however I knew that because I didn't play Runescape anymore, I really wouldn't be the best person to lead this crew as my qualifications were slowly slipping away. So I decided to resign my position of DC manager, and I passed my title to BSE. After that, all that remained of me on the website was a helper. I didn't hold an official position, I basically was just around in case anyone needed any help with anything; but really, nobody did. Soon after that however (quite recently in fact), ile89 ended up retiring from his Head of Content position. He came to me and asked me if I would once again like to hold a position within the hierarchy of the content team, yet I declined. After a month or so just helping out the website, the hierarchy of the content team started to fall apart without an active Head of Content. So I decided that I would step up and try my best to unify the tea, and I put in my request to become the next Head of Content. On July 9th, 2010, I was promoted to Head of Content for Zybez RuneScape Help, the highest position anybody could acquire behind W13 himself. I was truly honored to accept this position, and I understood the responsibilities that came as a result of it. To this day, I enjoy nothing more than to see the work of our great content team help out the thousands of loyal users we have visiting us.


And that's basically my entire history here. To this day I don't have any regrets with joining this website. Throughout the years, I've made so many friends through the forums/website and it has really brought me a lot of joy in my life. It's unfortunate though because I know that the 'golden age' I experienced after I joined the Zybez community has passed. Almost all of the friends that I made back then have left the site; they've grown up and moved on to better things. Of course that's normal, but as I still lag behind as an influence to this community, it does sometimes sadden me that I don't have my old friends here to relate to anymore. But that's why I'm trying to get to know the newer generation of the Zybez community, I want to encourage those who are in the exact position that I was in so long ago, and let them know that just because I worked my way up this far, I'm not a robot. I was once where you are right now, and that gives us something we both have in common. So don't be afraid of me, if you have a question about the community, zybez, my past, your present, anything. Send me a message and I'll help you out. You can also find me on IRC (nick: PZ) if you want to speak to me in person. As one of my greatest influence's here on the forum has always said: my door is always open (Loyal2Death).


- PZ


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