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Looking for ROTS and/or Raids (1 kill)

08 June 2018 - 02:01 PM

I'm looking for a group willing to take me for ROTS and/or Raids, hopefully over the weekend. For the moment I'm just interested in 1 kill and I haven't done either before, so I can try and fulfill whatever role is needed and preferably isn't too complicated. Feel free to message me any time on "Arceuus" in-game or message me on here - if I don't respond right away I'm likely afk in the lobby. Thanks in advance! 


Done now, found help elsewhere. May be interested in doing more kills at some point though.

Nex Event - 9pm 16 Mar EST / 2am 17 Mar GMT

09 March 2018 - 11:04 PM


What: We're going to fight Nex! Hosted by Gintoki and myself.
When: 21:00, Friday March 16 EST / 01:00 Saturday March 17 GMT/ etc... Most likely going for an hour or two.
Who: No requirements imposed outside of requisites for the dungeon, i.e. 70 in Agility/Strength/Ranged/Constitution. However, be advised that without a high Ranged level and decent weapon, accuracy at Nex becomes problematic. You'll also need to gather and assemble the frozen key beforehand to be able to fight her.
Where: Meet in the Nex lobby. You can PM me or join "Arceuus" friends chat. This way we can see our own chat and won't spam Zchat too much.
World: To be determined when we get started.
The Zybez events team is pleased to present to you our nex(t) adventure! I don't know how many more puns we're going to be able to fit in here, but I thought something to break the ice might be nice. By now you've probably gotten my drift - we're going to face a boss that resides in the icy prisons of the original God Wars Dungeon.

This boss is a bit more difficult than our previous events in late 2017, and as usual it's a wise idea to not bring gear that you cannot afford to lose. However, together we should be able to bring down Nex plenty of times. With a high drop rate for uniques and a decent-sized team, we have a great chance to score some pieces of the famed ancient equipment. Will we be blessed with Zaryte choice? Will it be a virtu(ou)s outing? There's only one way to find out, folks...

For the event, either Gintoki or myself will be creating an instance. The cost is on me so there's no need to worry about the instance fee. We will be roughly keeping track of how many people come for how many kills and split up loot accordingly at the end. Ask in the friends chat [name] for details of which name to join for the instance closer to the time.

In the event of a death, you have two options for reclaiming your stuff in RS3. Option one is to buy it back directly from Death for a fee. The second option is to go back to the lobby area and reclaim from your grave. Bear in mind this second option may be difficult to execute if you're not maxed.

Getting there/gearing

It's strongly recommended that you devote two of your bank presets to Nex. The first should include equipping ceremonial robes and/or the shard of Zaros, along with teleports to God Wars Dungeon. The robes allow you to skip killcount and proceed into the Nex lobby. Without these it will be virtually impossible to kill Nex efficiently. Luckily, they are tradeable, so grab yourself a set before the event. The shard of zaros negates the aggression effect of all the NPCs in the area leading up to the lobby. Without this item, it is still possible to make it to the boss chamber, but can take more time.

In terms of gear, you should use ranged. HOWEVER, your armor must not favor ranged defense, because then Nex will melee you and cause problems later on. Something like hybrid armor + melee boots will work, or ranged armor with melee boots and gloves.
Due to the mechanics of how instances and Nex's usages of protection prayers, if you use magic or melee you risk reflecting a large amount of damage on yourself, or at best not being able to deal damage for several minutes. The pattern will be as follows:

* Start in Nex lobby, equip your Nex preset (not ceremonial robes!)
* Join instance from lobby, hop down
* Teleport out (tele to house tablet, max cape, etc.)
* Equip ceremonial robes, teleport to Nex
* Restore health/prayer as necessary
* Equip Nex preset and any other preparations necessary for the next kill.

The fight

The actual fight is composed in 5 different phases - all different, some more difficult than others. I'll be brief on attacks and counterstrategies, but here's a quick run-down of things to look out for on some of the more important ones. Between phases, you will need to kill one of Nex's mages in the four corners of the arena.

Phase 1 - Smoke

More annoying than others, this phase allows Nex to drag and swipe you for damage if you're not careful. Use Freedom/Anticipation to block the stun possibility. Nex will also run into one of the chutes in the middle, dealing a lot of damage if you're caught in the way. Watch out or this could be a deadly combination.

Phase 2 - Shadow

Nex will deal a lot of damage to you if are within melee range, and this will be an issue if you didn't set up right as described above. Other than that, the only other concern is shadow traps. When Nex screams "Fear the shadow!" you must move off your current spot to avoid taking moderate damage.

Phase 3 - Blood

This is an infamous phase, and one where you want to be on the cautious side if new. Avoid dealing any damage to Nex until she siphons 2 blood reavers and raises her wings, or it will heal her. In addition, bleeds at any time during this phase also heal her. It shouldn't be necessary to kill the reavers in our team, but you can attack them to gain adrenaline whilst you wait.

In a second attack, Nex will use 'Blood Sacrifice.' She will mark someone, and if you are marked, you must get away or Nex will damage you and heal a large amount. If you are chosen, a message in red appears in your chatbox. Use Surge to get far away and block it.

Phase 4 - Ice

Ice Prisons are the only real threat here. Nex will shout 'Die now, in a prison of Ice!' and one player will be stunned and trapped, to be dealt a large amount of damage when the ice shatters. If someone else is trapped in ice, click the icicles to free them. If you are trapped in ice and can't make it out, Freedom -> Eat -> Resonance and you should survive, unless you have a very low max HP.

Phase 5 - Zaros

This is a vanilla phase with not much special going on. Don't drop your prayer or focus as Nex can still do ~5000 damage with unblocked attacks. You can concentrate mostly on DPS to finish her off (just don't get sloppy and die). When she dies, she'll activate Wrath which will hurt everyone close by, so move out of the way or Surge especially if you're low on health.

There you have it - come join us next week to give it all a try!

Killing a Legion of Kings with Vindictive Fury, It's Game Over

23 December 2017 - 04:08 PM

...for Seren's Beast. (we need longer topic titles!)

I've picked up some boss pets since my last thread, and it's a doozy. I've got 16 (SIXTEEN) new pets to report. Not all have pictures, but here are some I do have below. Enjoy!
Legio Pets (6)
God Wars Dungeon 2 Pets (6)

Corporeal Beast (1)
Dagannoth Kings (3)
The Dag Kings took a long time to get. Really, a long time. You don't even want to know how many kills, but if you insist, check the spoiler..

Zybez RS3 PvM Event - K'ril HM - 26 August 10pm EDT

21 August 2017 - 05:26 PM

Zybez RS3 PvM Event - K'ril Hard Mode!

Long ago a war between factions obliterated a vast area now known only as the Wilderness. But apparently, no one told the four generals within the God Wars Dungeon, who wage on in battle anyway.* Join us to take on one of these, K'ril Tsutsaroth, along with fellow Zybezians for a fun challenge, and hopefully some good loot! This event is on RS3. Read on below for further details.

Details, details...

When: We will be hosting the event at 10pm Eastern Daylight Savings time (US) on Saturday, August 26, which is 2am GMT on Sunday, August 27. Please check the time in your local timezone by seeing below.



Who: Arceus and Gintoki will be co-hosting the event. We will use the friends chat Arceuus for chat and organizing the event. All are welcome!
Which game: This is on RS3
World: Will be set at the time of the event.
Gear: Unlike in regular mode, K'ril does not have an explicit weakness, so any form of combat is equally effective in pummeling him. He also does not have access to his infamous special attack to drain prayers and hit for thousands of lifepoints' worth of damage. However, in evading some of his special attacks, movement is critical. Thus, ranged or magic may be preferable, particularly if you do not have extensive experience in fighting this boss.
For food, sharks should be sufficient. Bring the best offensive potions possible (grand potions or overloads). Other useful items are a sign of life, attuned ectoplasmator with a demon horn or similar necklace, and antipoisons as K'ril still poisons in hard mode. The damage from poison, however, is still survivable, so don't worry too much if you forget your antipoison.
Getting there:You will need to navigate through Trollheim to get to the pinnacle and enter the God Wars Dungeon, then head north and get kill count for the boss (see below). If you have completed the quest The Mighty Fall, you can teleport directly there by using the spell from the standard spellbook. We will meet up in the God Wars Dungeon, north-east section.

Kill count: To fight K'ril, you will first need to gather the souls of 40 of his followers. These are creatures akin in difficulty to mid-level Slayer monsters and rounding up the kills will take 5 or 10 minutes. We will go together and do so. Note that you should wear at least one Zamorak item, such as a zamorak arrow, to avoid being auto-attacked by a slew of monsters at once.
Strategy: K'ril has three main special attcks.

The first one is Charge, during which he will run towards one player after yelling "Run, coward!". Simply move out of the way and let him smash into the nearest wall to avoid this one. If you do not avoid it, you will take a couple thousand damage as he steps over you.

His second attack involves Spikes. He will shout "You cannot stand against Zamorakian might!" and spikes will appear under a player, causing bleed damage. Move a step or two away and it will stop. If you lure K'ril over the spikes, the tables are turned and he will take damage himself!

The final (and potentially most dangerous) special is his Enraged mode. During this special he will repeatedly swipe whomever is in front of him, dealing hits of 1000-2000 damage in rapid succession. To avoid this, run away from him and stay out of melee damage until it passes. His animation will return to normal afterwards.

He'll use these specials in no particular order at random intervals throughout the fight. In addition, if you stand underneath him you will become "stunned" and need to use freedom or anticipate to escape and move. Usually, however, this is not too much of an issue.

Lootshare: We will be splitting drops using the LootShare system, as it is the fairest way to ensure an equitable distribution. For rare items, this means they will split into "shards," or fractions of an item. These are often difficult to sell, so I will be offering to buy any shards you receive at fair market value. If you would rather hold on to them, that's fine as well.
Disclaimer: Be aware that this is a dangerous area with the potential for death. In GWD your gravestone will be locked behind kill count making it very difficult to try and reach before the time ticks off and is thus not recommended. It is advised to ensure you have enough funds to pay Death for possibly dying just in case. We will make every effort possible on our behalf that you do not die, but we cannot provide any guarantees and are not responsible for any items lost.
If you have any questions please post on this thread or message Gintoki or myself and we'll be glad to assist you in any way we can. Hope to see you there!

Looking for pet hunting fwends [RS3]

19 August 2017 - 06:46 AM

Hello!  :hi: I'm looking for some people to go hunt pets with and gather up killcounts faster to speed it up. Right now I'm doing Kalphite Queen, and after that I'll be moving on to GWD2, Corporeal Beast, Dagannoth Kings etc...


I avoid the LootShare system but split loot half and half at the end of an hour generally. I also have a somewhat odd schedule but you can message me (Arceuus) and we can see what will work out. If you don't know how to do these bosses but have reasonable stats and gear, I can also show you.

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