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#17165872 I am the Bulwark Beast I Worship

Posted by Renkotsu on 08 December 2017 - 01:58 PM



It finally happened. I'm sure the iteration of me from 2008-2010 is crying tears of joy... or more likely, wondering why I blew $80 on Gold premier.

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#17152007 Is the Universe a Hologram?

Posted by Renkotsu on 28 August 2017 - 09:23 AM


Yall are spreading some globalist lies. Alex Jones boutta drop some red pills on yall.

link to the full video

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#17150467 Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos

Posted by Renkotsu on 22 August 2017 - 07:35 AM

Do you guys have any views on other conservative figures such as Lauren Southern?

Paul Joseph Watson from Info Wars/Prison Planet is probably the only one on that entire team that I can take /mildly/ seriously. I would include Alex Jones on that list, but he's a meme more than anything else.

I don't particularly care much for Ben Shapiro. He has good points to bring up every so often, but he has a MASSIVE blind spot for anything Israel does even if it betrays his own principles. Then again, I'm a staunch anti-Zionist and Ben is a sycophant to anything Netanyahu does so there's that to factor in as well.

Tomi Lahren was a just a blonde bimbo with a pretty face who spouted the least controversial conservative opinions, so I personally wasn't too torn up when she got laid off her own show because she said that she's pro-choice.

I haven't watched too much Tucker Carlson, but I did like what I have seen of him thus far. Same with Dave Rubin. Perhaps I'm just drawn to people who can get their point across without screaming like a special manchild.

I do like Representative Thomas Massie, but I do wish he'd stop jokingly proposing one-sentence bills.

As far as the white supremacist/nationalist/whatever the ****-ist crowd goes, I don't pay attention to any of them. Depeche Mode beat me to the punch: Richard Spencer is a ****. All those "nazis" that are on the streets right now in the USA pale in comparison to the Nazis of WW2 (though it can also be argued that antifa is the same in this regard as well). If there ever came a time when push came to shove and a full-on civil war broke out because of white nationalists, they'd be curb-stomped quicker than North Korea would be if they ever declared war on us.
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#17150143 Fewer Worlds

Posted by Renkotsu on 20 August 2017 - 02:16 PM

I remember back in the day (like circa ~2008-2009) when Jagex used to have servers for India and then those got thrown to the wayside </3


I'm game either for this OR for them to try and revitalise RS3 successfuly... although given their track record in the past, I'm rather pessimistic about that. There's always the Portugese servers if you want to hoard resources :lol:

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#17149060 North Korea Tensions

Posted by Renkotsu on 15 August 2017 - 11:58 AM

As I expected. -_-

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#17144161 Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos

Posted by Renkotsu on 26 July 2017 - 11:41 AM

I don't really pay too much attention to Milo. Biggest reason? He's a ****ing edgelord who has no idea how to talk or write an article on his own website without being controversial for the sake of being controversial. While I personally think Info Wars in and of itself is a bad news organisation, I can at least appreciate that Paul Joseph Watson is able to talk about what he wants to discuss like a proper adult instead of being an edgy 12-year-old about it.


I've seen advertisements about Milo's book online, and to be perfectly blunt: it doesn't pique my interest in the slightest, partly because of my disdain for Milo but mostly because I would imagine that it just parrots a lot of what he wrote about the liberal media and how he's been silenced time and again. Perhaps there's more to it than that, but I've got no interest in paying for and reading a book that parrots the same **** I've read on his own website time and again.

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#17139887 Qatar Diplomatic Crisis

Posted by Renkotsu on 05 July 2017 - 11:21 AM

If you sincerely believe that Qatar is to be blamed for sponsoring terrorism even though Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE are just as guilty for doing, kindly do us all a favour and get your head out of your ass.




This crisis isn't about fighting terrorism. This is about Qatar refusing to be a sycophant to King Salman. Iran and Qatar recently made an agreement to share a gas field that exists between the two of them and the Saudis either want a cut OR want Qatar to step back in line like Bahrain, the UAE, and Oman have. The demand to shut down Al Jazeera is so that the Saudi-led Al-Arabiyya news network will supplant it.

It would seem that Qatar actually poses an existential threat to Saudi Arabia... geopolitics certainly are interesting these days.

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#17139148 RS3/OSR - Making guilds actually worthwhile again

Posted by Renkotsu on 29 June 2017 - 02:22 PM


Expansion to the mining guild? I'm game... oh wait, OSR. Fudge.

Yeah... I don't know but I feel it looks bad when a spin-off, so to speak, gets more love in this way than 'canon'. 


I mean... I love the fact that OSR is getting content. That prevents it from turning into RS Classic. I'm just upset that the OSR developers have a much better feel for what the playerbase wants than the RS3 team.

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#17136359 American Student in DPRK suffers severe neurological damage.

Posted by Renkotsu on 16 June 2017 - 05:31 PM

  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center doctors said Thursday afternoon  that Otto Warmbier has suffered an 'extensive loss of brain tissue'
  • They also said there's no evidence that he has botulism, as the North Korean regime has claimed  
  • The 22-year-old was released by North Korea this week, after 17 months of detainment 
  • At an earlier press conference held at Otto's old high school in Wyoming, Ohio, on Thursday his dad Fred condemned the North Koreans for what they did
  • He also called out the Obama Administration for not doing enough to secure his son's release 
  • Mr Warmbier wore the same jacket to the press conference that his son wore to court in North Korea last year, when he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor


Click me for full story


Tis the circle of life: be moron in crappy country -> experience horrifying consequences as a result of your idiocy. Idk about yall, but I feel absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for the kid, or even his family for that matter. I mean, yeah it sucks but that's what happens when you visit the most repressed dictatorship on the planet and decide to conduct yourself like a moron.

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#17130983 RS3/OSR - Making guilds actually worthwhile again

Posted by Renkotsu on 22 May 2017 - 07:32 AM


Expansion to the mining guild? I'm game... oh wait, OSR. Fudge.

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#17130186 Zybez Reads: Volume One

Posted by Renkotsu on 19 May 2017 - 04:58 AM

This is a bit of a personal suggestion, but here goes (hope manga's allowed):


Title: Solanin

Author: Inio Asano

Plot synopsis: a 20-year-old college graduate is struggling to find her own place in the world after quitting her job.


Why it should be read: If you're honestly feeling uncertain about your own place in the world, I highly recommend it. Shortly after I graduated high school, I was plagued by anxiety over not knowing what my own future is gonna be like. I still feel it on some measure, but Solanin REALLY helped put my mind at ease (for the most part) and it honestly gave me that much more of an impetus to pursue my own goals irrespective of what the people around me think.

If you're in the same spot I was in a couple of years ago, I cannot recommend this enough.

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#17129064 RS3/OSR - Making guilds actually worthwhile again

Posted by Renkotsu on 15 May 2017 - 03:05 PM

What's good Togusa my man? ****ing good to see you around again, good **** dude. :-P

I've always been lurking. I'm flirting with the idea of getting involved again if only to round out my combat stats, but I'm not too fond of how they jacked up the membership price to $9.50 USD/month. A touch too high for my tastes.

100% with you on all of this. As Gin alluded to - I feel Guilds are the most extreme example of content that's been left for dead in the midst of the XP rush and general power creep across both versions of the game. I think expansions like with the Thieves' Guild would be the best way to implement all of the proposed changes here. At the very least the respective buildings/areas would be made to look a lot more impressive as befits their names and purposes.

Expansions to all existing guilds or just an overhaul of dead content would honestly be great at this point. A large reason as to why my lack of drive to play exists is because I honestly feel no big impetus to play the game anymore. At least with games like Destiny, you can contribute to the factions you're a part of by doing stuff like patrols or giving excess supplies you have to increase your standing and then you get rewards once you reach X amount of rep. Why not implement something like that in the quest-based guilds where you contribute to your standing within said guild until you reach a certain point for various rewards?
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#17128650 RS3/OSR - Making guilds actually worthwhile again

Posted by Renkotsu on 14 May 2017 - 11:14 AM

Irrespective of what version of the game you play, I think it's safe to say that virtually all of the guilds in the game are practically worthless.


Rangers' Guild - You need 40 ranged to enter, and you just get access to a ****ty minigame that gets you tickets to exchange for items you'd probably be able to come by easier on the GE and then also the ranged skillcape.


Wizard's Guild - You need 60 magic to enter, and all it does is give you a place to buy overpriced Mystic gear, a quick teleport to the Essence mine (which in RS3 is rendered moot by deposit boxes), and a few zombies in the basement that you can kill with magic from afar. Oh, and that Magic skillcape.


Crafting Guild - You need 40 crafting to enter, and all you get in return is access to a place with a few rocks to mine and a firing oven but with no bank inside the guild itself. Oh, and the crafting skillcape too. Unless you're here for the cape, you probably won't ever come here period. Crafting is basically Bankstanding at this point.


Mining Guild - 60 mining to enter, and all you get are some coal and mithril rocks to mine... oh, and that Mining skillcape.


But you know what REALLY gets my goat? The quest-exclusive guilds!


Champion's Guild - Outside of Champions' Challenge in P2P, you only go there to start Dragon Slayer and all the equipment you can buy there can be purchased on the GE for much cheaper after you finish the quest. Ironic how a guild meant for champions is basically dead content for everyone unless you get that RIDICULOUSLY rare challenge scroll that isn't even worth redeeming unless you want a comp cape (or the experience).


Heroes' Guild - You need to go through a quest that forces you to relive the headaches of Shield of Arrav (in that you need to find a partner) and the only things of merit that the guild actually provides you are a spot to mine rune rocks, the fountain you can recharge glories in, ONE blue dragon to kill, and the ability to actually wield a dragon battleaxe/mace (which again, you can purchase on the GE for much cheaper). Yeah... take the rune rocks and the glory fountain out of this guild, and you basically have the same situation with the Champions' Guild.


Legends' Guild - Words cannot possibly describe how much I ****ing hate this guild. You need 110 QPs to enter (a third of the quest points currently available in RS3), you go through what is either an extremely underwhelming quest in RS3 OR a moderate challenge on OSR (perhaps underwhelming still if you're well-prepared and high levelled), and what does the guild offer you in return? Virtually jack ****. You just get access to a dungeon where zombies can drop left shield halves slightly higher than the RDT, a shop where you can buy Melzar's key, a decent cape, and the right shield half. You mean to tell me that THIS is my reward for being a supposed "legend?" Well **** man, I killed an overgrown black demon, slew Agrith-Naar, unlocked the Ancient Magicks, began the process of liberating refugees from the oppression of the vampyres, among other such things and THIS is what I get in return?


The Legends' cape is literally the only reason why I ever bother going there in the first place and even then, my HP/Magic capes are superior in every single way; I'd only ever need the Legends' cape if I need a cheap cape with good bonuses in an area where I'd suspect I'm liable to die. OSR doesn't have much going for the Legends' Guild either - you can finally complete the Dragon sq shield which is the strongest non-degradable shield in the game (iirc) but outside of that and the Legends' cape, same problem.




The only guilds that are honestly worth going to are the Warriors/Fishing/Cooking guilds. The Warriors Guild actually has the most **** for you to do there. The merchants are ****, but at least you have minigames to play through for the sake of acquiring tokens that you can use to kill cyclopes in the hope of getting that legendary Rune/Dragon defender. The fishing guild actually has a LOT of spots that you can fish for **** like sharks, lobsters, and swordies and it's all right next to a bank inside the guild. The Cooking guild doesn't have much outright for you to do, but again: there's literally a bank inside the guild that's right across from a stove that's like the Lumbridge castle one so that's effectively the fastest place to train cooking in the game provided that you bought a ****load of fish.


What's my actual suggestion? How about we revamp the guilds in both games so that these things aren't dead content 90% of the time?


- Put a bloody bank inside the crafting guild. That won't change the fact that it's basically dead content at this point in time, but at least it'll be the closest bank to a firing oven so making **** like bowls or urns would be easier. Alternatively, how about fun crafting-based minigames inside the guild that actually provide a worthwhile amount of XP per hour?


- How about something like the crystal mines inside Priffdinas on RS3 but not quite as good? Red sandstone? How about a furnace or something to convert the coal you get into bars? Are there any mining-based minigames? If not, the mining guild could probably be a decent place for one.


- Why not put in some rare, untradable weapons for tickets? Something like a longbow that acts like a sniper? Alternatively, make it more like the Warriors' guild and put in some minigames, more merchants, that kind of thing?


- Magic guild should honestly have teleports that take you to Lunar Isle/Jaldrawhatever pyramid for easier changing of magic spellbooks. Again, minigames would be helpful as would be actually selling **** that's worthwhile




The quest guilds should honestly have **** that's befitting of you being a champion, a hero, a legend, or what have you. Why not have various trophies/mementos of difficult quests in the Champions' Guild? Implement something similar to Witcher contracts that you can pick up from the Heroes' guild? As far as the legends' guild goes, why not revamp the basement so that you have mementos of legendary accomplishments like killing Vorago/Araxxi? Put in drops that you can get from ridiculous bosses that you can bring back to the Legends' Guild and get an XP reward or something? I don't know.


These are just a few short ideas but you get the point. Whaddaya say?

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#17122901 What was your favorite book from your childhood?

Posted by Renkotsu on 24 April 2017 - 08:51 AM

Early childhood, none that I can recall.


Throughout the bulk of my elementary school years, I always gravitated toward stuff like Captain Underpants, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Goosebumps, and the like.


Middle school was where I actually started reading the Harry Potter books because I had the patience to sit through them, along with a lot of Ellen Hopkins' novels-in-verse (they're quite edgy upon retrospect, but still). Shamefully enough, I was also peer pressured into reading Twilight because vampires were the fad back in 2008. Also got into manga around this time, so there's that as well.

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#16632347 End of the Year Awards

Posted by Renkotsu on 22 December 2015 - 01:38 AM

The undisputed emperor of RSC commands you all to vote! Good luck to all. :hat:
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