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About Me

As I'll probably never be joining another clan ever, I'll be putting a brief history down here for reference from now on



Legacy Kingdom

The open cc where I began clanning. I pretty much never mention this as I feel no one mentions open cc's unless they survived to become an organized clan.


Red Blade Hunters — Member

I eventually came back to the game, and learned how to actually war here. Eventually after wanting more interesting fights and not getting along well with the carefree community I left. ['09]

The Blacknights Clan(before first closure) — Elder

I had a friend within the clan and decided to join him. I had trouble adjusting and still had to train up, and as I felt I was finally improving the clan split and then closed. 


The Blacknights Clan(remake) — Elder

I never really had the motivation to try out other clans when bk first closed. I took up a few offers here and there to pk with some but nothing ever panned out. 


Genesis — Member

Eoc was almost launched and I had no clan to join for the final cluster. After being invited on ts to fight in the final moments of pre-eoc, I ended up joining through eoc until 07scape.


Eternal Reign — Member

Due to drama in Genesis that resulted in my abrupt removal, I ended up here. Didn't particularly enjoy myself and most of the members who had come back for 07scape left shortly.


Echo of Silence — Member

After coming back to the game I joined eos. Mainly joined to have fun as I knew the clan wouldn't last the summer. I had a good time until the clan slowly fell apart as we all knew it would.


Divine Forces — Member

Joined due to having old friends in the clan. Despite never having a moments rest within the clan and having health issues irl, I was eventually removed on unconfirmed accusations of spying. 


Downfall — Member

A clan I had multiple rivalries with in the past, eventually invited me to join. I had a good time until things slowed down and my account was banned. Upon returning I found the active member base had changed and was no longer interested.



Honorable mentions:

Chivalry Legions\ I app'd right before eoc but Genesis invited me to join them later and they had seemingly already stopped opperating. 

THE Clan\ I app'd after spending sometime in the community only to quickly realize the state of the clan and decided it was not the place I wanted to be in.



Team AV

​Not much to say. I joined at their worst times and mainly used this as an outlet to improve. I was active on and off within the community and saw major changes throughout it's existence.


Flip Flops(second reopening) — Elite

On recommendation from a friend, I eventually ended up joining Flip Flops. I eventually left to focus on The Blacknight's remake.


Regression — Council

My first dealing with Icekid7. The team was fairly decent until neither me nor the other staff could continue to deal with his temper tantrums.


Perception — Council

An Icekid7 team made during eoc. I joined due to a friend convincing me he was much more mature now. After quickly finding he wasn't, I resigned and took my clan mates with me.


Descent — Legendary

A team I joined in 07scape before joining any clans, a place I called my home for the longest time. Eventually after the Divine Forces drama I stepped down due to distrust despite the rest of the staff members vouching for me.


Adversity — Member

A team I joined for practice and to stay sharp in fights. I ended up trolling a few times instead though.




Despite originating from tip.it and sals, heres my rating


07-December 2012 | Flaming Severe -1 by Justin

11-June 2013 | Good Behavior +1 by HAR

11-September 2013 | Good Behavior +1 by ^jordy


27-October 2013 | Promoted to Community Leader of Pvp Clans and Specialty Clans 



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