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In Topic: Ruin pk night out

14 April 2017 - 01:11 PM

good to see you guys recovering hope no hard feelings over us and kiwis leaving for SV

In Topic: [VID] Brutality vs DF

03 April 2017 - 02:49 PM






Lose to 1 f2p team, barely beat another. That's brutal.

I don't see beating someone 4-0 'barely' winning. If you didn't know we forced your current team to stop doing p2p cwas. :hi:
I'm basing it off the scores of the rounds really, also 55 def cap is irrelevant just like your clan. Soz.  :thumbsup:

Just because your clan stopped doing it doesn't make it irrelevant. Most other clans that will make it nowhere in jcup or any other competition in the game still do, so.


Fixed it for you, of course there are (2) exceptions. The bottom line was that your 20 man pulls and 25 man memberlist is irrelevant. Must be rough having to end your vacation to come back and still be unable to save your clan zzz.



Blimey, how old are we these days? Just stop buddy it's tragic.


For the record your clan has never won anything in Jcup.


DI has won multiple f2p J cups, and reached the finals in p2p categories as well.


Brutality's only recorded wins in J cup history were against Forces of Poland in the 20 v 20 and 10 v 10, followed by forfeiting to ROT and losing to DI in the 2nd round of the J cup 10 v 10 without killing a single DI :(

In Topic: Time to Choose a Side Clan World!

14 March 2017 - 07:12 PM

By popular demand I have added in multiple other teams and font sized them by their relevance in the clan world. As well those of you talking about hot fire mixtapes cut that nonsense out right now this is a serious matter


and @Ant if you stay neutral you are choosing a life with AF, losing and depression and a 12% chance of suicide.

In Topic: Revenant Defeat Ruin F.t Sovereign + Damage Inc

30 January 2017 - 04:31 PM

more revenant propaganda thanks for your mystic idiots, we didn't want SV's help they wouldnt **** off.

In Topic: Ruin night out ft. Clearing Sovereign, making bank

13 January 2017 - 12:08 PM



l0l we didnt even mass up in the aussie timezone we just had people who wanted to pk we cleared you both fights you just think you won cause we turned to pd then slapped you b2b easy win gratz sv gl ruin you need it with all the one bangs you have





-Fought ruin
-PD crashed
-SV focuses PD
-Ruin takes fake ending
-Ruin wants a RM
-Gets destroyed lmfao
-Makes fake win topic about first fight
Ur an idiot and you're just mad you got hacked go cry somewhere else it would be a shame if Ruin closes cus of you dumb personal problem half of the **** you say doesn't make sense.

honestly shutup. You lost the fight and your the one crying, your mass recruit quality is so bad you get killed by a 2 week old clan and have to start. Go tell f2p to keep begging in the gp for money after all the mage sets we killed him for. You have no power in anything so stop talking idiot. What stupid clan brags about hacking, one that can't get it done in game and has to cheat in and out of game that who. YOU LOST GET OVER IT.

Yeah our edge recruit quality aren't you advertising on pure websites?

Lets setup a P2P CWA if we're really that bad, ur losing against our aest unit we'd probably close you in a week if we would care enough to mass up in aest..


You sound like Brut begging for a CWA lmao what a joke.


You got cleared simple, you lost stop talking learn to take an L your garbage.


Want a matched Pkri, i'll probably give u +5/+10 if u can pull 30 atleast...


why would we setup anything with u scum, first time we did we wrecked u and come on here crying. 2nd time you start cheating, that's how it must be in SV. If we find you punks we find you end of story now go cry after another loss btw u lost the 123 hour fight

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