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In Topic: DF2's "Fight of the Year" Ended in 1H by Reign of Terror

Yesterday, 10:24 PM


Ive seen DF calling your Mass NameChange as a desperated solution because you were getting "Handled". I dont really think, well actually I do, that their members are gonna believe that you mass name changed because of that.

A War is always based on strategics & that's a really fair one. Confusing your opponent & making it hard for them to call a Pile is a fair move.

If you want to be better than your opponent then you gotta be smarter & that's what I see here.

Congratulations RoT. Better luck next time DF, grats on pulling 80~ now. But still not enough though.

And if DF wants to do a mass name change they will forfeit in the CJ Tourney. I don't think it would matter too much to ROT if they did...


Some of us have to change back to accommodates the respective teams we're in, so they don't have any problems during said tournament, such as myself. Maybe its not on a big scale, as only a certain number of members are in teams, but no one, not even DF2 themselves, believed the name change played a deciding factor. They are just mad we didn't make it "fair" for them, not really our fault they can't handle pressure. 

In Topic: Large Scale Wars

Yesterday, 10:21 AM

You're way too biased to have an actual conversation with. Well, at least I gave it a shot and hopefully u understand my way of thinking now. Thankyou for your time!

> Doesn't want to prep for a 100v100 CWA fight that will end in 12 minutes = "Biased"

> Says is willing to fight anyone, anyday but avoids & ends to RoT at 3:30 EST.

> Loses in CWA to spartans because Fools "isn't interested in seriously fighting" (Joni's words not mine.)


Just fight (back) in the wild for once. 

In Topic: CE-vs-DF

24 April 2017 - 04:41 PM



Congrats regardless

In Topic: Spartans -vs- Damage Inc [3-0]

24 April 2017 - 04:37 PM

Good performance, especially in R2.

In Topic: DF2's "Fight of the Year" Ended in 1H by Reign of Terror

24 April 2017 - 10:18 AM

Not really surprised. You went in there and slaughtered them. Between the name changes and the fact that df mass recruited intros tend to either be under leveled, have the bare minimum set requirement, lack experience or all three, they never really stood much of a chance. 

The name change excuse is really dumb though. We started changing Tuesday, before we even started prepping. If it really was that big of an issue, they could had done their own mass name change or just simply cancelled. Thank god they didn't do the latter though, I think they needed a reality check, as you said they just never really stood a chance. 

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