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In Topic: Revenant night out Ft 1 hour vs RoT/SV/OAC

16 minutes ago

RoT smacked u why making topic about it...?

Fight us?

In Topic: Revenant versus Sovereign

Yesterday, 03:18 PM

How can you even merge this lmfao, look at our PoV it proves rev was just taking fake endings when we're north rofl. 
Still waitings for Rev's PoV its a few days late :/

We have 7 endings of where we cleared you, you have a video that shows you not attacking us for the last 2 minutes

In Topic: Revenant versus Sovereign

17 January 2017 - 12:55 AM


Usually when endings are taken on the immediate battlefield there are a plethora of white dots that belong to both the remaining 1 itemers and looters :)

In Topic: Revenant versus Sovereign

17 January 2017 - 12:49 AM

(22:10:09) <Zeke> where was rev

(22:10:15) <@Cam> On the battlefield
(22:10:19) <@Cam> where were you zeke lol

(22:10:38) <Zeke> Was sitting at gdz sipping on my redbull

(22:10:52) <@Cam> But the fight wasnt at Gdz
Sorry palz, this one is ours =)

fake, u rushed us then ran away
gf, maybe next time
Actually you got cleared at every location we rushed and we stayed in those locations waiting for you to come back, which you never did. After 7 ending pictures at every battleground and you still not being on anywhere to be found its fair to say that we are well within the rules when claiming this win xD.
Fight was getting dragged everywhere, ur own elite member just admitted to leaving when it was at gdz
take the loss like your 10 other losses to us on the chin and move on
So if the fight was at GDZ, why would your ending picture be of you at dwarves? And why does your ending picture look like there hadn't been anyone fighting there for quite awhile xD. 
A loss is a loss, we can take one when they happen. No biggie. However this time we won
Fight started at Dwarves, best to end there. You cant use Af tactics and claim that you think you outperformed so you left early lol, well your leaders  were Af so it makes sense 
Recognize  :king:
You might want to read again, I'm not claiming we left because we outperformed you. Im stating that you got cleared 7 times and we have the evidence for it. I've never known a clan to still be on the battlefield and just allow the opposing clan to take an ending... 7 separate times. that's a bold strategy Cotton
We didn't need 7 fake endings to show that you ended, just 1 real one   :-)
If they were fake, why didn't you stop them?
Busy killing your members just a minimap away, while you guys were desperate to end in your own timezone lol
Just a minimap would be quite the exaggeration seeing as the ending is at gap and you were at GDZ. But thanks for admitting yet again that you were not on the battlefield.
Just take your loss on the chin and move on, you kept dragging it south and we kept dragging it north, I've never seen a clan feeling the need to take 7 fake endings in different places lol
In the end you ran away from us and ended, a loss is a loss buddy
Because its not about outlasting? what in the hell is wrong with everyone in this day in and age of clanning? We don't need to outlast you to know/show we won, you can clearly see it on our topic. It was a good fight but why does it need to go 8 hours top "prove" who won?
We were still fighting and you left, that's a loss buddy lol
i was wondering why its so hard for your clan to understand that, but then i remembered both your leaders came from Af

Well actually, if we were able to take 7 endings we were clearly not still fighting. Thus, we win :)

In Topic: Revenant versus Sovereign

17 January 2017 - 12:30 AM

Slayed them and I feel our topic is a true reflection of the battle. Thanks for the battle SV

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