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Downfall 07 Warring Clan

05 April 2015 - 01:48 PM

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Downfall Forums

Downfall Memberlist

#JKU on SwiftIRC

'Downfallfc' ingame

About Us...
Downfall is primarily a F2P oldschool warring clan. Besides warring, Downfall has an incredible community that is active on both forums and TeamSpeak 3. Being a warring clan, Downfall's main objective is to succeed on the battlefield, and to always better ourselves when we fight other clans/teams. That however, does not mean that Downfall sacrifices everything else for the success of one goal. Just as important to us is maintaining the feeling of a family in our community, which is something we do quite well. We pride ourselves on having such a strong sense of community, and that transfers to the battlefield as well, where everyone knows to be serious. After closing in 2012 with the introduction of EOC, Downfall decided to reopen its doors in August of 2014 as a Legacy team and in March of 2015 we made the decision to transition to old school as a clan.
Our Events...
Downfall is a warring clan, so most of our events are F2P PKRI's and CWA wars

As a member of Downfall you can expect 2+ wars a week

Our clan also enjoys other events such as (but are not limited to):


P2P PK Trips

Skill Competitions

& more


90+ F2P Combat to Apply for Member

3 Member Referrals

TeamSpeak 3 & IRC

Contact Us...

Join the clan chat "Downfallfc" as a guest in-game

Feel free to idle in our IRC channel #jku (SwiftIRC)

If you are interested in joining Downfall, come by our forums and get to know the community!

You can get to our forums by clicking here

If you have any questions feel free to PM an op in #jku or any staff on our forums



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