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About Me

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Hi, my name is Matt Brown and im 19 years old and I live in the United Kingdom. Brap! I got to University and i study law yh interesting. I play RuneScape as a hobby game only play to train my levels and get cash. I have done neally all of the quests and i really cba to do anymore had enough. The new quests that are coming out are useless by Jagex. Fails yhhhh bladd. I like playing Soccer/Football and i play as a right forward. I quite spend time at the gym wake up really early in the morning at like 4:00AM and then i have a gym in my house so i do that around 2 hours till 6:00AM. Im usually at Uni studying,studying and studying. Umm, love all types of music mainly DubStep, like a bit of metal,rock, whatever you call it just pm me the song if i ask lol. Dont hesitate to contact me im clanless right now and training my combat lvl up and getting cash. Ok im quite new to this clan world mostly i have been in teams such as:


Saviour Terror - I was the leader of this team and the founder of this team. I opened this team in 2007 and it was a great team. We mostly had around 20 - 30 people in our team and they all we the active ones. This team was f2p/p2p both. We used to have around 3-4 events in a week. In 2008 the journey finished, well not for me but for my leadership. My council's had a tough time irl trying to get in a certain college for their courses and stuff. I was getting busy myself trying to get in a college aswell. I tried to tell them that we wont have that many event in a week as we used to but the fact is that it still stays in their head and therefore the decision was made. Few of the members quit RuneScape and followed the leaderhsip to which clan they went to. I stayed inactive for around 2-3 months until i came across ... (next paragraph)


Death Re-make - I joined this team and made my ex members come to this team. This team however was only a p2p team so ex members already had experience of p2p. This team was quite different as this was a p2p team who only did CWA matches and only matched. Was quite a problem because of the low levels. I recruited a good 5-8 people to the team and everything was going well. I had been in this team for around 7 months. I was promoted to being a Warlord of the team i only managed to arrange 4 fights for the team as it then closed because one of the leadership hacked the forums and messed everything up. Our audio was destroyed and there was no communication for wars to carry on. I was given the opportunity to take leader in the team but i had enough of RuneScape so i quit RuneScape and concerntrated on my studies.


Revenath - This team, i really dont know how i got in mind of making a new team again, but i think one of my leadership team from Saviour Terror tried to make me make a new team this time a whole different aspect as to make it only f2p. This team was one of the best team i had ever made every war we had there was commitment within the members and the leaders and so forth we made a good strong team. We had around 40-50 members and we used to pull 80% of that which was fun in pk trips and wars. Our members missed p2p so i tried to convince some of my leadership team to try make this a f2l/p2p team to make it more fun for our members but in the end this leadership wasnt the best of the all and when i made it to a f2p/p2p team they rage/quit the clan leaving me with 1/4 of members in my team. Obviously, there was no choice but to close the clan sadly.


Scrutinize Blood - This was a p2p team that i joined for only like a few weeks to get my mind away from the exams i had given in for applying to the courses in my university. Was not the best of the teams but great leadership and i was told to be promoted but i rejected because of the hassle that it would take. I was a retired member of the team and that's where i started being more part of the game and doing quests and getting combat levels up. I quit the team as i found out on msn on my main account that my ex leadership of Saviour Terror were back in the game and were ready to roll on!


Assaination Of Gods - This was the best leadership i had in this team i was leader and founder of this team for neally 2 years and i enjoyed everybit of it me and the leadership used to get on well and we all did well on the wars we had with small teams. The arrival of TS3, we all found it usefull and we all had geat fun in this team. Neally every member in this clan did not want to leave this team for life. Members in the team were proud to the leadership in the work and effort we put in wars. Last 2 weeks ago i announced that this is the last of seeing me and this is the end of the making of teams. Most of the members left as soon as i announced that and reulting me closing the team with a great smile.


I have had lot's of ups and downs in the "TEAM" world, and now i want to move a step forward and enter the proper clan world and see the amazing talent that's in you guys. I wont be joining a clan atm because im going to be training my combat and getting cash. I'll be roaming around in the forums and maybe talking to some of the clan members please dont get angry lol if i ask tooo much qeustions jus jam bruv :). It's just matter of knowing how members feel of being part of the clan world.


I would like to just let people know that atm im not in a good state and im in Hospital because of an incident of me being stabbed 4 times in the back and so forth i have left everything behind me my clan Divine Forces which im currently wanting to say im proud of being a Future Applicant of. I have quit playing RuneScape and my friend Thomas will be in touch playing on my account so forth please all my friends mostly DF please be in touch with me because i will never ever forget my fellow friends.

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