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2017 End of the Year Awards

21 January 2018 - 6:18 AM

Each year the public is able to nominate people in a variety of categories for the yearly awards. From best personality to most respected, the yearly awards are a way to show the respect and knowledge that people have gained on this site, as well as becoming a way to give hardworking people, some acknowledgement.

Thank you everyone for sending in your nominations, as well as staff who voted.

A huge thanks to Calum for making all of the banners, if you need any GFX work done, check out his topic!

Here are the final results! :king:

Best Personality: The duck


Runner up: Gintoki

Funniest Member: Jack


Runner up: The duck / Wack Sparrow

Most Helpful: Arceus


Runner up: HAR

Most Intimidating: Matchu


Runner up: No1

Most Approachable: Ile


Runner up: The duck / Jaacco

Most Respected: No1


Runner up: Molson

Best Debater: Yoto32


Runner up: BrotherVoid1

Most Recognizable Sig/Avatar: The duck


Runner up: Ramu

Silent Worker: I Love You


Runner up: Southampton9 / Jusin Bieber

Most Improved: VenenatisVNG


Runner up: Southampton9

Most Intelligent: Matchu


Runner up: Bow

Most Outstanding Person: Arceus


Runner up: Murdoc

Most Remarkable Newcomer: zGoat


Runner up: Scaphe / EVO Colton

Most Influential: No1


Runner up: Jaacco

Best CL: I Love You


Runner up: Gintoki

Best Member: VenenatisVnG


Runner up: Wack Sparrow / Jorrit

Best Senior Member: I Love You


Runner up: Gintoki

Best Moderator: Wee Man


Runner up: The duck / spoonheb

Best Admin: Jaacco


Runner up: No1

Poster of the Year: The duck


Runner up: Pkpete

New this year: Winners that aren't currently ranked on the loyalty program (active poster with 2000+ post count and neutral or better rating) will be awarded 6 months of Exclusive, runners up with 3 months.

Thanks for a great year everyone!

End Of The Year Awards 2017

21 December 2017 - 9:00 PM

It's that time of the year again! Every year RSC awards users in a number of categories for their posting during the past year.

There are two categories of awards, some more serious (Best SeMe, Best Mod, etc) and some a little more fun (listed below). You will be able to nominate users for the fun categories, and staff will then vote for the winners. The serious categories will be chosen only by staff. Please PM all nominations to Ramu. You will have until December 30, 2017 to get your nominations in. The winners will be announced as soon as staff chooses them, and they will receive immortalization in the awards topic along with an underbanner.

1. You may not campaign for awards. If we find out you are trying to get people to nominate you or vote for you, you are disqualified from all categories.
2. You may not vote for anyone who is currently banned.
3. Users do not need to be a CL+ to be nominated. Non-Staff can win any of the fun awards.
4. Please do not post nominations here, PM them to me instead.
5. Most Remarkable Newcomer must have registered in 2017.
6. If any category fails to have at least three different nominations, that category will be dropped.
7. You may nominate TWO people for each category.

Here are the categories!

[b]Best Personality:[/b]
[b]Funniest Member:[/b]
[b]Most Helpful:[/b]
[b]Most Intimidating:[/b]
[b]Most Approachable:[/b]
[b]Most Respected:[/b]
[b]Best Debater:[/b]
[b]Most Recognizable Sig/Avatar:[/b]
[b]Silent Worker:[/b]
[b]Most Improved:[/b]
[b]Most Intelligent:[/b]
[b]Most Outstanding Person:[/b]
[b]Most Remarkable Newcomer:[/b]
[b]Most Influential:[/b]

Good luck everyone!

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