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#17177861 How to manage 2 jobs

Posted by Ramu on 02 February 2018 - 9:57 PM

Straight up tell the fast food job that you have an internship that you need to schedule around. Remember it is fast food and there are probably 10+ fast food restaurants around that one so if they fire you its not really a loss on your end. You can easily find another one.
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#17174349 2017 End of the Year Awards

Posted by Ramu on 21 January 2018 - 6:18 AM

Each year the public is able to nominate people in a variety of categories for the yearly awards. From best personality to most respected, the yearly awards are a way to show the respect and knowledge that people have gained on this site, as well as becoming a way to give hardworking people, some acknowledgement.

Thank you everyone for sending in your nominations, as well as staff who voted.

A huge thanks to Calum for making all of the banners, if you need any GFX work done, check out his topic!

Here are the final results! :king:

Best Personality: The duck


Runner up: Gintoki

Funniest Member: Jack


Runner up: The duck / Wack Sparrow

Most Helpful: Arceus


Runner up: HAR

Most Intimidating: Matchu


Runner up: No1

Most Approachable: Ile


Runner up: The duck / Jaacco

Most Respected: No1


Runner up: Molson

Best Debater: Yoto32


Runner up: BrotherVoid1

Most Recognizable Sig/Avatar: The duck


Runner up: Ramu

Silent Worker: I Love You


Runner up: Southampton9 / Jusin Bieber

Most Improved: VenenatisVNG


Runner up: Southampton9

Most Intelligent: Matchu


Runner up: Bow

Most Outstanding Person: Arceus


Runner up: Murdoc

Most Remarkable Newcomer: zGoat


Runner up: Scaphe / EVO Colton

Most Influential: No1


Runner up: Jaacco

Best CL: I Love You


Runner up: Gintoki

Best Member: VenenatisVnG


Runner up: Wack Sparrow / Jorrit

Best Senior Member: I Love You


Runner up: Gintoki

Best Moderator: Wee Man


Runner up: The duck / spoonheb

Best Admin: Jaacco


Runner up: No1

Poster of the Year: The duck


Runner up: Pkpete

New this year: Winners that aren't currently ranked on the loyalty program (active poster with 2000+ post count and neutral or better rating) will be awarded 6 months of Exclusive, runners up with 3 months.

Thanks for a great year everyone!
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#17150370 Solar Eclipse 2017

Posted by Ramu on 21 August 2017 - 12:16 PM

Oh it's not in my state. I didn't really care about it anyway though.

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#17149361 What do you feel should be done?

Posted by Ramu on 16 August 2017 - 10:52 PM

You need a national common identity, or else it's not working. My parents and grandparents always told me to respect the USA because everyone is equal tbere but when you find out how divided and segregated it is...you realize things must change. Of course individuals don't act like population averages but I've seen enough to know a change is needed...

I am perhaps biased in my Christian identity but perhaps a common religious identity will strengthen people regardless of existing gaps. At least, that's my experience. I'm not sure how many Christians there are here.

In my experience, a large chunk of people use their religion to be assholes over here.

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#17148416 Watermelon

Posted by Ramu on 12 August 2017 - 12:17 AM

I also have a couple tomato plants but I'm having trouble getting them to flower/fruit.

Did you get starters from a greenhouse or went from seeds? I find starters work better to actually get tomatoes before winter.

Went from seeds. I think I've been overwatering them; it's so hard not to pamper them. Gonna wait a few weeks to see if anything changes. Fortunately since they're in-indoors I can probably grow them all year round. Getting a starter might be a good idea, I'm really tired of buying store-bought tomatoes and fresh farm tomatoes are so damn expensive.

I tried the seeds once and it didn't work out. Starters work great. Though usually all the tomatoes like to ripen at once. This year I am doing the cherry tomatoes instead of the giant ones. Instead of having a full blown garden I have about four plants in big pots out on the deck. Same with watermelons (which actually do grow in a pot surprisingly).
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#17144616 Trump Watch / General US Politics

Posted by Ramu on 28 July 2017 - 2:02 AM

they still gonna kill themselves regardless statistically right? always hear about the surgery not being too beneficial. if that's the case then it's a complete waste. if not, then it comes down to how people in the service feel about serving alongside the tranners

You are very misinformed about the subject. Statistically transgender people do not kill themselves just because they are transgender. They kill themselves because bigoted people and society in general are hateful to them. Not every transgender person decides to undergo surgery and even if they do is is irrelevant to the military because the military does not pay for it. Those that do get surgery benefit from it greatly.

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#17135090 Zybez Discord

Posted by Ramu on 11 June 2017 - 4:32 PM

Zybez RuneScape Community now has its own discord. Come join us and chat with your fellow RSC users.

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#16903571 laptop for school

Posted by Ramu on 16 June 2016 - 6:32 PM

I am still on the search for a laptop but I snagged this backpack for $30. This thing is decked out. http://flash.newegg....4-_-NA-_-359554
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#16018415 Which console(s) do you own?

Posted by Ramu on 22 January 2015 - 11:50 AM

How dare you forget the original Nintendo.
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#16015825 [Zybez] Vs Bonus XP Weekend

Posted by Ramu on 20 January 2015 - 4:05 PM

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#16003546 What do you miss most about RS?

Posted by Ramu on 14 January 2015 - 4:34 AM

I miss the days where you could go to a mini game (FOG, soul wars, BA, etc) and there would actually be people there to play it with you.
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#15916071 Membership Price - Important Information

Posted by Ramu on 25 November 2014 - 10:29 PM

Those that bitch and moan need to get a job or mow a lawn once a week for some money.
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#15875568 Looking to buy a desktop computer

Posted by Ramu on 26 October 2014 - 7:22 AM

Can't you buy the parts and then go to a local geek to have them put it together? Would be cheaper and you get better parts.
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#15871884 Vetips

Posted by Ramu on 23 October 2014 - 9:25 AM

Oh hey it's that noob I gave a +1 to back in the day, first one I ever gave. I remember you freaked out and thought you were in trouble.
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#15870126 Tabbed Bank Window

Posted by Ramu on 22 October 2014 - 1:25 AM

They already have one in RS3. If you don't like to tediously search your bank for all your items in OSRS, they made a current version of the game for updates and most most of the OSRS players didn't like it and I recommend you play it instead. Welcome to Nostalgia, population: anyone who agrees with this post.
I wish I could say I'm sorry about I'm not. (go ahead and -1 my post, I stopped caring a long time ago)

This topic is from 2005 before tabs existed.
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