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#17224174 Clan Europe slaughter team trinity

Posted by Adrenalized on 10 September 2018 - 9:13 AM

strange definition of slaughter... congrats - heard there was CC leaving on both sides though

everytime TT/RNG fights theres "cc leaves" from both sides what were you born last night?


Grats Euros

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#17222744 Introducing Sharkbrew

Posted by Adrenalized on 24 August 2018 - 3:57 PM

me: knock knock

sb: whos there

me: **** off

Not interested.. people complain about how toxic main clans are pure clans are 10x worse.. Nice effort though. 

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#17222593 Seals vs Sovereign [SB P2P 30V30 RI]

Posted by Adrenalized on 23 August 2018 - 6:17 PM

l0l got good laughs from this nice job Seals.

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#17222146 RSC Clan Awards 2018

Posted by Adrenalized on 20 August 2018 - 10:35 PM

These are so pointless lmfao.. ill vote anyways to support the clan world.


Best F2P Clan - The Rising - Nobody else fights f2p pvp
Best P2P Clan - ROT
Best Organization - ROT
Most Improved - Don't really think anyone's improved much the past few months with the clan world dying off..
Best Community - N/A
Most Respected - ROT
Best Maxed Gear Warring Team/Clan - Sanity


Best Fall In Leader - Hotdog (HotGun) However I don't see much of the p2p side of things, nobody does fall ins during p2p anyways.
Best Tank - Pete N00b (Pietru) Guys nasty always ready to tank..
Best Contributor - Irrelevant at this point
Funniest Poster - Giggs
Best CD Staff Member - Southampton9 seems to be the only guy who truly cares about the clan world.
Most Biased - Irrelevant shouldn't even be a award it's like zybez is proud to have biased members.
Most Annoying - Wee Man/Adenina/Sparze  All are pretty highly annoying tbf

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Posted by Adrenalized on 15 August 2018 - 9:18 PM



i have all 5.5 hours of this fight recorded from CT's POV, whos tryna listen?

Only rats leak..



join ct so i can break you lil kid


Lmfao nice one Rat daddy

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#17220859 Help Us Improve Clan Discussion

Posted by Adrenalized on 15 August 2018 - 3:51 PM

how do you expect zybez to get better if you just brush off anything someone says critical of zybez.

I've been moderating the clan discussion section for 7 years at this point and I can tell you wholeheartedly that the criticism we receive tends to be either not constructive (Stop being biased!) or not something that staff can change (Toxicity within the clan world). There's been plenty of things over the years we've had suggested and actually decided to implement, things like the third party posting, the rules regarding ragging or even the recent rule change from February to try and fit into how the current clan scene is. The sad reality is that most of the time we just get ****ty complaints, hand over fist, because things don't go your way or they don't help you out but we can't just have things the way you want them, we have to try and make the site a place for everyone. What you consider toxic may not be true for other people, what you might consider an act of bias might actually be pretty fair when you look at it from a neutral point of view. Simple fact is that the staff have done everything we can to make things fair for everyone and the people that disagree with that tend to be people who can't see the forest for the trees usually because they simply don't care about anyone else and they only want what works for them, their clan and their way of doing things.
You're welcome to bring up specific instances where you think genuine constructive criticism has been "brushed off" and I'm more than happy to explain it to you.
I already pointed it out with you're lackluster reply to my first comment. I appreciate you taking the time to actually explain the reasoning behind you brushing off my comment now though that's all I ask. I will agree that the toxicity comes from the clan world but the moderators run the forum/section should be the one to lay down the rules. If rules are laid down and people know that toxicity/bait/flame banter won't be allowed and there's seriously consequences for these actions I think people would change. However if it's allowed to continue on the forums without anything being brought up then how can anyone expect change. I feel like when I first joined zybez all these fake winning topics aka bait topics were alot more controlled than they are now. Legit if you posted a topic like that before EOC chances are it would be locked fairly quickly. If there was actual work done to understand how these fights truly go from a moderator of the sections point of view then maybe they would be able to weed out these topics that are made solely to bait another clan into a flame war. Anyways I personally hope it does change I guess well see in the near future if anything is actually done. I can however guarantee that nothing will change if nothing is done and it's continued to be allowed.
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#17220848 Help Us Improve Clan Discussion

Posted by Adrenalized on 15 August 2018 - 1:07 PM

Appoint non bias mods.

Hi there
Two bias mods quote my post. Shock. Surprised I've not been banned again...21 days for calling someone unemployed last time
It's not our fault you can't understand why **** talking someone's personal life isn't a nice thing to do.
You're one to talk.. lmfao I would honestly agree with RJ and say that there's a few mods that most definitely should try to be better members of the community rather than being so toxic it would def make zybez more appealing. However take this as you wish I truly don't think anything will change and it's no skin off my back. The worst part about zybez is the toxicity and then when you have mods that are just as toxic you do nothing but show new community members that those type of actions are accepted and they shouldn't be.
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#17220338 Jaja Demoralizing the Alliance ft : Sv, Vr, Rev

Posted by Adrenalized on 12 August 2018 - 7:54 PM

Always enjoy my daily topics of VR getting smoked! nice job JaJa

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#17218752 CT exploded

Posted by Adrenalized on 05 August 2018 - 10:34 AM

Bro it sounds like this is your first time pking welcome to Runescape.
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#17218557 Merges

Posted by Adrenalized on 04 August 2018 - 3:41 PM

Well you can't consider a merge someone closing their clan and a majority of their members joining a certain clan that's just illegitimate. A merge is when two clans that are alive decide that their going to join forces and join one community to try to improve their standing in the Rank list.


PD not merged

VR and DK are a legit merge because both clans were alive when the connection between communities happened.

UNK,RUIN and EVO all joined CT after their respective clans closed so this isn't considered a merge but a mass join.

Turmoil is a rune pure clan, you cant merge a rune pure clan with a main clan. Not to mention Turmoil was mostly comprised of Jaja members when it first opened. Lets be honest you cant merge a dead clan with a live one so SV+Jaja isn't considered a merge because one clan has no members technically not long ago so this is invalid as well.


So if i'm not mistaken besides VR+DK there hasn't been a legit merge since Exodus-Ronin merged a few years ago.

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#17218322 F2P

Posted by Adrenalized on 03 August 2018 - 12:03 PM

The competition is watered down. People holding hands in cwa teams, they lost the aspiration to be the best, they just join the best and fight themselves because they're all in the same teams together. Rot/Fools quit doing F2P, that left Di as the top dog, with Downfall, then Tr/Fsk/Ronin. Ronin died out because of crash wars, Fsk became a cwa team and The Rising was the only clan left trying to give Di and Dfall action in both cwa and wild. I like to blame Di for switching sides and causing all of this, but at the same time without Di switching sides, things might of been worse. We had some of our best fights in Dfall and Tr against Di, the fights felt like they meant something because there was animosity, something to gain/lose, it was probably the most entertaining fights. I think that's because we were mid sized clans and Di was the last top clan left in the game, the #1. I know you could say Rot was #1, but we're going to avoid discussing them because they weren't really involved in the f2p scene once vr/df were neutralized.
There wasn't any room to grow, nor any reason to grow. If you grew too much you get starved for weeks, if not months by the other mid sized clans and to be fair I don't blame them. Mid sized really dwindled and while we had moderate success, it wasn't sustainable. Just not enough competition. No small clans to help the weaker clans get experience/grow and no top clans for the clans who were becoming too big to fight against and go up a tier. Let's say that Downfall surpasses Di, then what? They'd just grow stagnant and die, which they did anyways. Now, people think that egotism is a huge factor, the real word is selfish. People in this game are incredibly selfish and the community embraces that mentality. How many years have we seen the same superficial people, post the same superficial crap, heck, their clans even changed their real life speech patterns. Complete sheep, zero ambition, once again that if you can't beat them, join them mentality and that stems from being selfish. Not sticking it out, trying to make a clan better, bailing on it or spying on it. 
A small analogy....Imagine a country where there was more people on welfare then people working to support them. That's essentially what it came down to, nobody was contributing anything positive, just a few of us behind the scenes trying to salvage what we could, until even that came to a breaking point. Too many leeches, sucking the bones dry, no blood left. Just not enough clan leaders out there who wanted to win, people were simply happy to know their place, I'm the 8th guy in line, okay I'll wait my turn, hopefully somebody in front of me dies because I see no other way of me advancing up the ladder lol. That's what you're witnessing now with The Rising. Literally we were the second worst clan in f2p cwa, now they're apparently the best. How did that come to happen? Not because they earned it or improved, because everyone better then them died lol. That's what the clan worlds come down to in F2P, it's not even a shadow of it's former self, stick a fork in it, I've been telling everyone for 2 years now it's dead, let it rest and try to transition to P2P, the only thing worth doing that's left for our community PvP wise. Hell, even some poor souls tried to make their own clans, the prospects were very slim to pick from and new clans were devoured down by the old clans instantly, easy targets and pickings for action.
But yeah to wrap it up, F2P has become meaningless. People transitioned from the wilderness to clan wars arena. Then they transitioned from being clan members to being team members. Clans went from having multiple fights a week, to having 1-2 at the most, having 2 fights in a week was a blessing, I remember when that was a slow and boring week lol. Teams got more fights and clans got less, people focused on contributing and fighting for teams more then their own clans, so clans had to fight teams. But the logic of going against a team which has the best members from all the clans, you beat them, cool you beat a cwa team, you lose to them, okay cool you lost to a cwa team. No worries, next time next week right? Why are Red Sox vs Yankee games interesting to watch? Because it matters, people have pride, they take sides, they show emotion. Whose side are you on if two teams are fighting and you're a member in both of them? That's my personal opinion on the matter, I could see others saying we brought this all upon ourselves with the Dfall vs Ronin crash war and the Vr/Df/Eos vs Rot/Di crash wars, they wouldn't be wrong with that opinion either. Others will say there isn't enough active players, which is sort of echoing my theory on lack of people caring about winning in this game. I don't think anyone can be wrong with their opinions on this matter, pretty much anything that could go wrong did lol, hell you could even put some of the blame on jagex for stopping j-cups. Could even expand further on how deadman mode could of been far bigger if they banned people involved in ddosing it.
I'll conclude with a final thought on the issue. Thinking about it some more, now you have people who have taken the team strategy even further. Now it's not enough they're in 2-3 teams at once, they also want to be in 2-3 clans at once as well lol. The Rising/Rev, Cutthroat/The Rising, The Rising/Jaja, Renegades/Jaja, Renegades/Rev, Rev/Pd and Pd/Renegades, Jaja/Sv, Vr/Dk. Some of these clans are essentially the same organization, just different people leading it. The cancer has completely spread from the cwa teams to what's left of the clans. Being in 2 p2p clans at the same time....where is the loyalty and the pride? People back in the day had to decide, am I in this clan or that, I can only be in one. New generation of clanning, why not be in all of them at the same time xd. The crap just keeps compounding and getting worse and these guys are absolutely oblivious as to what they're doing, but to be fair they probably wouldn't care if they did.

it looked good until you claimed TR hasn't earned the top of F2p cwa. TR beat silent ember composed of member from the best f2p PvP clan in ROT. You were forced to leave TR by Rot so no surprise there's some hard feelings there. Nice post other than the false comment you made based on lack of true understanding of the current f2p scene.
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#17218307 VR slap CT End PD

Posted by Adrenalized on 03 August 2018 - 11:04 AM

So whos "members" were you fighting with exactly? After watching Cutthroats video im not exactly sure. l0l

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#17218160 F2P

Posted by Adrenalized on 02 August 2018 - 8:34 PM




someone please help, i've been inactive for a few years...



why is F2P warring dead?

Simply because nobody wants to lose, people would rather decline fights because they're unsure if they can Win. They would basically rather see no action than action that they may not win.




you're not serious ?


damn man.. since when did clanning get so soft? :\


Unfortunately Adrenalized is correct. People care too much about their eog and reputation to throw it down 1v1 anymore. They'd rather avoid and keep their ego intact 


It's very unfortunate brother.. Its supposed to be all about fun, who cares W/L truly I mean we all want to win.. The point is you wont get a gold award and a raise at work for your W/L record in clan fights on Runescape in reality it means nothing.

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#17218157 F2P

Posted by Adrenalized on 02 August 2018 - 8:23 PM

someone please help, i've been inactive for a few years...



why is F2P warring dead?

Simply because nobody wants to lose, people would rather decline fights because they're unsure if they can Win. They would basically rather see no action than action that they may not win.

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#17217112 The Rising vs Revenant [Sharkbrew]

Posted by Adrenalized on 29 July 2018 - 5:33 PM


We got drawn against our pals Revenant for the 40v40 Knock-Out and Run in. We mastered up a strong 47 men for this event allowing us to drop a few men.  Our styles were a bit uneven for the fight due to a lack of magers allowing for a intense scrap but we managed to take the win with 14 men left. Revenant had to leave after the Knock-Out giving us the win in the Run In. Thanks for the battle m8s


Knock-Out Ending


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