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About Me

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Welcome to my profile, here you'll find my community & clan timeline along with anything else that fits.

In short I am currently a Global Moderator alongside being the Leader of the Multimedia board & Co-Leader of the Achievements board. I've been a member of these boards for 6 years and counting. I have also held a range of other positions within the community that are listed in my timeline just below, most predominantly I am responsible for a large amount of the graphics you will see on the site, check out my graphics gallery here. If you have any questions, issues or just want to have a chat, feel free to message me via the boards PM system.


6th December 2008: Registered

14th March 2011: 1,000 posts
5th June 2011: +1 (Shauly)
6th June 2011: 2,000 posts
30th July 2011: 3,000 posts
2nd August 2011: Promoted to Graphics CL (now known as Multimedia & Design)
16th August 2011: Received Zybez Exclusive
10th September 2011: Joined the ASC Staff
15th September 2011: +2 (Bolsh)
28th September 2011: 4,000 posts
7th October 2011: +3 (Hemlock)
30th November 2011: Promoted to Senior Member
6th December 2011: 5,000 posts
20th December 2011: Promoted to Achievements CL

27th January 2012: Joined the Zybez Content Team
7th Febuary 2012: 6,000 posts
27th Febuary 2012: First topic with 100+ replies
3rd March 2012: Took on Kevin as a Mentee
11th April 2012: 7,000 posts
5th June 2012: Stopped mentoring Kevin
6th June 2012: Promoted to Pictures CL (now known as Multimedia & Design)
13th June 2012: +4 (Bolsh)
20th June 2012: Promoted to Moderator
6th October 2012: Stepped down to Honored Member

16th April 2013: 8000 posts
16th April 2013: Re-Promoted to Multimedia & Design CL
24th April 2013: Re-Promoted to Moderator
15th May 2013: Re-Promoted to Zybez Content Team
28th May 2013: Re-Promoted to Achievements CL
20th July 2013: Promoted to Co-Leader of the Achievements board
20th July 2013: Became a Leader of the AOTM/ASC Competition
19th August 2013: 9000 posts

6th Febuary 2014: Promoted to Co-Leader of the Multimedia & Design board
28th April 2014: 10000 posts
2nd September 2014: Promoted to Leader of the Multimedia & Design board


August 2011: First place Member of the Month
October 2011: Second place Member of the Month
October 2011: Best Personality of the Month (Achievements)
November 2011: Debate Tournament #7 Runner-Up (General Discussion)
January 2012: Most Improved; Yearly RSC Awards
January 2012: Most Outstanding Person; Yearly RSC Awards
January 2012: Best CL; Yearly RSC Awards
January 2012: Best Senior Member; Yearly RSC Awards
January 2012: Poster Of The Year Yearly RSC Awards
February 2012: Personality of the Year (Achievements)
April 2013: Best Personality of the Month (Achievements)


My current warn log:

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Clan History:

Australian Army: Invited to the clan by a real life mate who also played RuneScape around the early days of 2007, this was my first ever clanning experience where I learnt loads about the ropes of free to play warring and being in a clan environment in general. I enjoyed my time in the clan in it's early days, the requirements kept rising as we slowly stepped out of rsb into becoming an rsc clan over the years, things were getting a little more serious. I ended up quiting (taking a break) from RuneScape around mid 2008 for sometime and therefore left the Australian Army. Later I returned to RuneScape and joined the Chivalry Legions (read below), next thing I found myself back in the Australian Army, here I jumped the ranks over the years and finally found myself with an officials rank in the clan. As time grew on and life changed as I started getting older, my love for the game eased off, in turn activity in the clan did as well. After a year or so as an official and four or more as a member I decided my time was spent, retiring from my first and last clan in RuneScape in the early months of 2012, no regrets only memories.
Chivalry Legions: I returned back to playing RuneScape in the early days of 2009, with my eyes set on clanning once again I was in search of a clan that catered for my timezone; the two predominant ones again being the Australian Army and Chivalry Legions, I decided to join Chivalry Legions and mix things up and get back in the groove of clanning and free to play warring. Essentially this is what happened, and I also found myself dappling a little in pay to play warring as well, I met some new people along the way while I was in them for the short time it lasted. Later I left for the Australian Army after some of their clan members bugged me to rejoin and this is eventually what ended up happening.
Clearly Killing It: After getting back into free to play warring actively and being a solid member of the Australian Army, around mid 2010 I was looking for a little more activity within the timezone, a few members of the Australian Army were always talking about this new team called Clearly Killing It which I looked into a little further. This was my first step into the pay to play scene in terms of clanning and warring to some extent. As a clan we weren't all that successful, however it gave me the rough idea I needed on pay to play and I still do remember fighting some of the big shows of the pay to play scene even back then; predominantly around the bounty hunter era. I was kicked due to beef and leaking between the Australian Army and Clearly Killing It, the clan later closed and re-opened under a few names and leadership changes, eventually stopping at Team Oblivion.
Kill Orgy: In search of some pay to play action once again after being kicked from Clearly Killing It, I was referred to join Kill Orgy as it not only rendered American but Australian timezone friendly activity, giving me a chance at finally fighting with the bigger names of the clan world to some degree. Things were a lot more serious and the whole application process definitely did teach me a lot of important things regarding clans and even pay to play and how it was so diverse and different in many cases to free to play. Timezone slowly became an issue breaking me away from the American timezone in most cases, in my time in Kill Orgy we made history; being apart of the longest pay to play fight that ever occured with Reign Of Terror, totaling at 17 hours of fighting with us coming out on top.

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