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#17224389 Hi, I'm W13

Posted by Magick on 14 September 2018 - 8:08 AM

Enjoy your stay, any issues, shoot me a PM.

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#17221160 new clan discussion forum when rsc closes?

Posted by Magick on 16 August 2018 - 12:52 PM

Only way it'll work is if every admin and moderator on the site is unaffiliated with ANY clan. 

This is nonsensical... you want clanless mods who will somehow dedicate their time to the game for some reason only to be eventually called out-of-touch because they are clanless. People will always complain.

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#17216691 IRL Threats and Actions

Posted by Magick on 25 July 2018 - 10:28 AM

RL threats/actions are something for the police to deal with, if legitimate. I do not think JaGEx are particularly qualified to determine if claims are genuine or otherwise – it would be not be too challenging for people to fabricate stories.

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#17208076 ibliys open cc ends CT trip after getting 5 BGS

Posted by Magick on 12 June 2018 - 3:29 PM

Please do not bump old topics.
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#17191819 lobsters close

Posted by Magick on 01 April 2018 - 5:08 PM

Please do not spam.

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#17190435 unks

Posted by Magick on 26 March 2018 - 4:47 AM

Please do not spam.

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#17159496 PKVotS - Spring/Summer 2017 - Results Announced!

Posted by Magick on 23 October 2017 - 11:45 AM

.:: PK Video of the Season ::.

Hi there! Welcome to PKVotS. This project aims to give recognition to those who are deserving. By that, we mean who has the best PK video currently on RSC. This competition is hosted by us every three months, as each season ends. The way a winner is chosen is through our team of selected and experienced judges. Your video will be viewed by a number of different people (judges) with different views, judgements, likes, dislikes and so forth, if you are interested in becoming a judge, please PM a member of the PK staff - we will only accept articulate and experienced people. The final videos with the most consistently positive reviews are then brought together and chosen upon a final standing - it is from there that a winner emerges. Videos are judged upon:

Skill - this is perhaps the most important aspect of a video. Your video can be lacking in all other areas but still be a strong contender with this alone. The more skilled PKers can anticipate their opponents moves, use the surrounding area, game mechanics and different fighting styles to their advantage. They can dominate opponents with ease and mistakes will be minimal.

Music/Editing - while music is 'to each their own', editing should definitely be one with the music, the better editors will be able to tie in gameplay, music and editing into one. A good editor will rarely use the same transition twice and will more than likely be using more advanced editing software like Sony Vegas to take advantage of the wider editing capabilities.

Loot - while it is harder for certain builds to get the better loot it is not impossible. Do some risk fights, fight different builds. We can appreciate certain account types getting a kill that is good relative to their account type.

Risk - every account type can excel in this category. The more you risk on a consistent basis shows us that you have a bit of confidence in your gear and ability to get the better of your opponent.

Variety - a big one. Use different weapons, different loadouts, different locations, include multi clips, risk fights, luring, DMing, staking - in this category, more is better.

.:: Rewards ::.

You'll have the recognition of having the best video on Zybez. You'll get promoted to the rank of Zybez Exclusive. You'll get access to a new forum to chill with relaxed rules and discussion, among other perks. You will also receive a banner to put in your signature glorifying your achievement, and your thread will be pinned in this forum for 1 month. biggrin.gif

.:: Judges ::.

We seek the help of regular members of this community to supplement this project. Without them, it wouldn't work. The current judges on the team are as follows:

Player Kills staff judges:



Non-Player Kills staff judges:

The duck



.:: Recent Archive ::.

Please see the PKVotS Hall of Fame topic for earlier awards.

Spring 2015:


Summer/Autumn (Fall) 2015:



Winter 2015/16:




Spring/Summer 2016:




.:: Winners ::.


Without further delay, the winners of the competition are as follows:


Third Place

Second Place


And finally... and the First Place Winner...






Thanks to all the judges and Calum for making the banner.

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#17157057 Uk May Begin to Imprison People for Thought Crimes

Posted by Magick on 06 October 2017 - 4:23 PM

Haha, while it is certainly amusing how you and that article have arrived at that reasoning, looking at the original quote, I am pretty sure you are reading far too much into the words 'far-right propaganda,' which are likely just a poor choice as they do not actually mean anything. From a brief search, it is quite hilarious how all the right-wing websites have exploded with that quote.

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#17156783 [promo] #17

Posted by Magick on 03 October 2017 - 1:36 PM

Congrats, big man.

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#17156619 Las Vegas Shooting 1/10/2017

Posted by Magick on 02 October 2017 - 12:35 PM


Meanwhile Trump still thinks Islam is the problem.

Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack via its Amaq propaganda arm, saying the shooter "converted to Islam months ago".


Yikes, I did not realise people still gave credence to their 'claims' – they pretty much claim everything that goes wrong in the world at point. Reoccurring theme here folks:


So-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the shooter converted to Islam months ago, but have provided no evidence to support the claim.

The FBI said there is no connection between the Las Vegas shooter and an international terror group.

I imagine there is just 1 guy who sole job is to stalk social media and claim 'responsibility' :#

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#17149692 Terrorist Attack : Barcelona

Posted by Magick on 18 August 2017 - 9:37 AM



If a white nationalist does something like this, the liberals froth hysterically. I sense there will be a defending silence from them here.

what is the purpose of this? what good and decent person would not "froth hysterically" about terrorism in their community? it sounds less like you care about victims of terrorism and more like you're trying to score some sort of political point, which is frankly disgusting and inappropriate. people died, have some perspective.


Both sides are bad, all kinds of terrorism should be condemn. Most liberals won't wake up that Islamist terror is real and are living in a bubble.  Only reaction or excuses I've seen from liberals is "we been bombing them for years!!" "we colonised them!!" "slavery" all those things are horrible but this act doesn't make it right at all. Where are so busy living in the past we're not even looking towards the future, have we truly learnt nothing?


I do not think anyone on these forums has made that argument, so I am unsure who your post was directed at. Of course no one supports multiculturalism at any cost, so I will never understand why people come here to vent after every terrorist incident.

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#17141961 Greatest Brazilian Clan in OSRS closes its doors ft. TR

Posted by Magick on 17 July 2017 - 2:35 PM



It cannot be only me that reads 'Brazilian' as 'Brozilian'... every time.

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#17139885 Qatar Diplomatic Crisis

Posted by Magick on 05 July 2017 - 12:12 PM

If diplomacy does not occur would they be in jeopardy of loosing the World Cup? Furthermore, all of the extra money that comes with hosting that event certainly leads to doubts of where it would actually go....

FIFA have been notably quiet; given they did not act on the deaths of numerous construction slaves, I wonder what would make them change their mind at this stage.

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#17137336 American Student in DPRK suffers severe neurological damage.

Posted by Magick on 21 June 2017 - 8:40 AM


Nice to see some classic victim blaming here. It is this sort of mentality that allows these backward countries to operate the way the way they do – no proportionality to punishment, whatever happens, they 'had it coming' to them.

Try walking around with a Bible on the streets in some Arab countries, or try to enter some of those countries after you've visited Israel and have gotten a stamp from the customs there. Some country sentence you to death for having drugs in your suitcase, others ban chewing gum (Singapore). Plenty of backward examples all over the world really. You adapt to the customs of a country for your own good sadly. There's way more oommon examples of backward practices elsewhere but I often don't see any sympathy for that either.

However given the knowledge that you enter a highly totalitarian country with quite some strict rules and enforcement not even mentioning the oonstant watchful eye over you going as far as having 1:1 guides when travelling, I wouldn't go there to begin with, and you still do something stupid, are you really blameless? Yea surely they shouldn't beat him up, but actions unfortunately do always have consequences. A bit of a stupid examples coming through but putting a pen in the wall socket or crossing the road when the pedestrian light isn't green also goes against the established institutions and customs of a country. Sometimes you just got to abide to the rules. And what can we do against them, given international relations, especially with NK, are already so poor? In the worst scenario you'll have an offended Korean that tells a blonde-haired dude he should mind his own business and police force (because surprise surprise, police / state brutality is a thing in the modern civilized world too sadly enough) while he's at it.
That said, rest in peace.


Oh, I completely agree with everything here, obviously you have to respect and adapt to wherever you are. What I have a problem with is the narrative that he 'deserved' it; I have seen articles go as far as to suggest 'his white privilege can only take him so far,' which is disgusting. If you have nothing good to say about situations like this, it is best to say nothing. I am convinced if the guy was any other ethnicity, these same people would be saying 'US should have tried harder to get him out' etc.

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#17137026 American Student in DPRK suffers severe neurological damage.

Posted by Magick on 19 June 2017 - 4:38 PM

Nice to see some classic victim blaming here. It is this sort of mentality that allows these backward countries to operate the way the way they do – no proportionality to punishment, whatever happens, they 'had it coming' to them.


In related news: the guy has died, RIP.

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