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In Topic: The Rising vs Cutthroat | Weekday Wilderness

Today, 08:22 PM



Would post something meme/troll but for once you can have a props for doing F2P.


Goodjob Tr performance was good/was easy.  :king:

A rev member memeing a clan that has any sort of fight in the wilderness is like a paraplegic memeing someone who can walk.



Dang Lovelost you're really a creative guy when it comes to replies eh? Looool what a dead reply no wonder people think you're a mong.





In Topic: Cwa teams

Today, 07:50 PM

hi hummy nice to meet you i'm trainer red.

In Topic: The Rising vs Cutthroat 3-0

Today, 07:08 PM

CT legit getting a lot better at F2P, except Lovelost.. my little peanut butter baby! XD Thanks for the rounds!

In Topic: People finding love online

Today, 03:52 PM

Welp, I could say one is brewing up in my clan. I make fun of them for it lmao

is it between you and your two other personalities?

In Topic: CT vs. TR [F2P] [VID] [CLEAN] [FRESH] [1080p]

Today, 11:48 AM

thanks brother

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