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About Me

I wake up to complete darkness, a vicious nightmare still burning its sights and sounds into my mind.
I dreamt of an endless void somewhere in the cosmos, devouring stars and planets alike. Its hunger never satiated by the vast amounts of matter it dragged into its maw. In complete silence, I slowly floated helplessly through the universe, towards the massive hole distorting time and space.
As I realized my fate, being unable to escape its death-grip, I turned around, peering into the infinite space that lay before me. The entirety of the cosmos' secrets were visible to me, every galaxy and cluster of stars shining beautifully against the black background that was the universe. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, as if none of my problems mattered anymore. It felt like this was the meaning of life, to view the universe as a whole, and not to be concerned with my life on the giant rock we called Earth. I closed my eyes, a smile on my face, and drifted backwards into the endless void.
Not long after, I reopen my eyes. I'm back in my room, it's pitch black aside from the dull-red glow of numbers on the alarm clock. 9:00 am it reads, that can't be right, it's too dark to be 9 am. The power must've flickered while I was asleep, resetting the clock. Deciding to get a glass of water before heading back to sleep, I head off towards the kitchen. Soon after, I drearily make my way back towards my room, hoping to go back to sleep soon. As I walk past the window near the front of the house, I hear it: A low-pitched static like noise that's barely audible.
I reach out to open the door back to my room when curiosity gets the best of me, I decide to investigate the noise. Slowly walking back towards the front of the house, intent on not tripping in the darkness, the noise gradually gets louder as I make my way through the darkness. It seemed to be coming from outside. I hesitantly open the front door, the noise growing to a loud roar now. I cover my ears while making progress towards the source of the noise. Not a single light could be seen anywhere in the neighborhood, darkness shrouding it like thick fog. Looking up into the sky, the noise suddenly stops, and that's when I saw it. The endless void from my dreams, nearly taking up all of the visible sky. I stumble back, trying to comprehend the situation when the noise hits me. It's the same loud roar from before, only I can hear it clearly now.


It's the screams of humanity.


Louder than anything I've ever heard before, I cover my ears again, to no avail. The screams pierce every thought I make as I stare in horror at the sky. Over the cacophony of noise, I hear a voice, deep and booming.
"This is only the beginning" it says.

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