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About Me

Well, hello there, thanks for popping in, hopefully to check out my new and freshly (as of now) updated About Me page. My name is often misspelled, both accidentally and on purpose, as Wristle, Wristele, and such variations, but it is spelled Wriste13. That is a one, and that is a three. You can also just call me Wriste. It is pronounced "Rist'ay," like the word "cliche." So imagine an accent mark on the "e."

Also, if you're looking for some entertaining Fire Emblem gameplay, feel free to check me out at http://www.youtube.c...r/Roflstomping

Right, that gets my name out of the way, let's get any questions out of the way, and any backstory which you might be interested in.

How did I come upon Zybez?

The same reason everyone comes to Zybez: for help in all things RuneScape. Zybez wasn't the first website I went to, though. I hung around Sal's Realm (which was a great site - Sal is quite funny), although I didn't join the community. Later, I found his databases a bit incomplete, so I went in search of other sites, stumbling upon RuneHead, RuneHQ, Tipit, and a handful of other smaller sites before finding Zybez.

I stayed. Zybez was by far the "prettiest" site I'd seen by way of design and layout (it looks even better now), and there was a thorough guide for nearly everything. In addition to that, though, there were the blogs. I would read the blogs every time one came out, and soon I'd come back every week or so just to read the newest article.

One thing led to another (lazy way of saying "I don't remember"), and I ended up signing up and logging into the RuneScape Community for the first time. I immediately went to General Discussion, posting a topic with three sentences in it because I hadn't read the five-sentence rule, or any others. Some guy named Arno locked it, and I posted it again the next day. It got locked there too.

I left for a couple months, certain that my days at Zybez Community had ended, but I soon returned, posting the same topic in GD, only this time with more attention to the rules. It wasn't the most successful topic, but it at least generated some discussion. It wasn't until a short while later when I saw the S&P boards.

What is the S&P Board?

Yes, I'm sure you've only glanced at the S&P board, and that's only if you knew it existed. It wasn't very big, but since I consider myself a writer, I figured that I'd post a story there. It involved RuneScape characters and locations, so I figured it'd be the appropriate place to put it. It got fairly good "reviews," and it was also the first time I'd seen/met Lilmikee. I've posted quite a few pieces there, including about twenty poems and a handful of stories. Lilmikee is the fellow who got me into poetry, whether he knew it or not, and I'm grateful for that. I grew quite a bit as a writer in the board simple because I had a place to show my work.

So what does this have to do with Blogs?

It has everything to do with the Blogs, or at least I'd like to think so. After posting for around a month or two in the S&P board, I noticed that applications for the Blogs team opened up. Considering that they only open up when the stars align, Arno wears purple pants, and W13 begins acting sane (all three of these, I'm sure, happen quite rarely), I figured I'd apply. Lo and behold, when the applications closed, I was in, along with Teddy, yisliu, and a couple others whose names I can't recall.

Since then, I've been an editor, a writer (although I've never interviewed anyone), and a doer of things in the Blogs team, from cracking the whip to uploading blogs on the site, eventually landing me the position of Blogs Co-leader. Lilmikee, the actual leader, doesn't do quite as much anymore, so I'm pretty much running the place. Leaving the inmates in charge of the asylum, I believe it is.

Anyway, I also hold the record (although I'm the only one counting) for the most blogs written, having broken the 50 mark a short while ago, and consequently writing one fourth of the articles ever written, ever. I'd like to say that's an accomplishment.

Any other teams?

I'm glad you asked. I'm also part of the Maintenance Crew, which is quite cool. I basically help keep things clean and accurate around the site, correcting submissions and writing guides (I wrote the revamp for our Hunter skill guide within my first week and a half). I'd been an MC previously, on the old site, but the interface looked, frankly, awful, and I didn't have the time to do much anyway, since I was the only Blog writer at the time, and I was a bit tied up.

I was also briefly a Zybez Radio DJ, although that didn't last long since that took too much time as well. I broadcasted a total of two times before resigning.

So wait, you've only done Blogs?

Not quite. I'm also part of the Zybez20 panel (Zybez's podcast project). I'm there to share my opinions, and beat down those of others who don't agree with me. Since I joined the team, I haven't missed one recording. I've also taken over for editing, then the time called for it. I've also conducted two interviews, with the man who swallowed a sub-woofer (Arno), and the Lubricator (Teddy). It's a blast to do, and fun to listen to, so be sure to give it a listen if you're bored.

So explain your pretty purple.

Impossible. I knew that I was a fairly prominent member, but nothing could have prepared me for the topic in Community Discussion that announced my rise to Senior Member. I'm glad that my work is appreciated, and I will be certain to continue my contributions in the future.

Last Words

My last words will be a riddle that I've made myself. It'll be highly cryptic and long, and I'll say it right before I die. Even if my friends or family take a guess at it, they'll never know if they're right for sure, because I'll be dead.

Seriously, though, Zybez has given me a lot. Fun, work, an enjoyable atmosphere, an amazing community, and there's so much to do. Get out there and try to get involved, post regularly but intelligently, and just do what you find fun.


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