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About Me

This Page Under Construction As of 2007

My Popular Tips (Rated Well!) (* = For F2P too)
"Spade!" | Forgot it at Barrows? No Problem!
Quickly Angle Your Pov North
"Ardougne Cloak 3" | A New Top Notch Cape" | Very Easy To Acquire
"A Tip For Using Spirit Kyatt Summoning Training" | It's All In the Map


Other Tips:
"A Summoning Tip For Making Pouches" | Better Know A Scroll Bar!
"Getting Your Free Pure Essence"
Replacing God Books
Reachign Ooglog Pools Faster
F2P Tips for Karamja/Crandor Dungeon*


:lmao: NEWS :lmao:

Recently started blogging and contributing to the "Tips" forum; it's a great idea, go over there and see!



Aside from that, I'm a friendly guy. My private is always opened if I'm on. I'll give you detailed help with Barrows, and since I generally HiScore anyone who PM's me, all you have to do is tell me your monetary situation for me to create a good setup for you--running the clan has (pardon the lack of modesty) made me quite the expert on Barrows methods.
As far as anything else goes (and I don't mind you asking me about ANYTHING: RS, Homework, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 42, or Environmental Science), I'll do my best to answer most people's questions. Don't ask me for:


-GP (trade limit anyway, so this is sort of defunct)
-IRL Money (are you high?)
-To drop what I'm doing and come to your world, unless you're 1-hp, poisoned by a revenant, and need a bless. (Otherwise, my helpfulness ends)
-To rank you in my CC (if it makes you feel better, nobody gets ranked)


:hat: RUNESCAPE INFO (As of Nov 14th, 2009) :hat:

Username: Oct0ber Sky


Combat Level: 119
--> Last level Achieved From: 77 Summoning


Favorite Combat Skill: Magic (Barrage, Vengence, and TeleBlock. I rest my case)
Least Favorite Combat Skill: Strength (it's annoying to train, so I got 90 and leaving it at that indefinitely)
Currently Training in Combat: Summoning (1900 crimson charms is only hard if you say it is!) MAGIC: The new surge spells made me realize that I need to get 99 magic before the next big update. No more procrastinating! Summoning's on hold until then, though I might combine the two and kill rock lobsters.

Favorite Non-CB Skill
: Farming is greatly appealing to me, and I'm seriously considering the 99. It'll burn through money and take months, but I think it's worth it.
Currently Training Skill: Farming (easy to get cash while I'm at school)
Least Favorite Skill: Hunter (If anyone of my friends who actually hunted saw how it was portrayed in RS, they'd facepalm, laugh at me, and I would have to agree)


COMPLETED!! :evil:
EDIT: Okay so they're not so easy. But they're really fun.

Clan Affiliations:

"The Brother's Demise" (my Barrows clan; it's the only Barrow clan I know of. Barrows is a great minigame for people with mid to high melee/magic stats. We've turned a lot of players' accounts around for the better. If you're tired of mind-numbing, finger-grinding money-making techniques *cough* green dragons *cough* come visit the BROTHER'S DEMISE. We have tons of guides that fit people level 70 and up. Zerker Pure that needs some start up cash? A tanker that needs a DFS before going to Bandos GWD? Come on over to QFC 72-73-756-57453974!

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    W 31 W: Only clan/guild I could be down with

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