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About Me

General information


Name: Bas
Age: 24
Country: Netherlands, which is GMT +1
Things I like to do in my spare time: Chilling with friends, going to the club, drink some beers, fitness, football, game and just be lazy.


RuneScape related


I started RuneScape around 2003. I used to be a skiller untill the day I went out in the wilderness... From that moment I knew what my focus would be and that was combat and PKing. I was basicly living at the hill giants together with many friends. We PKed there every day and we had the best times :-P


At that moment my skills were basicly the same as they are now for most of them. All my non combat skills were around level 40 which most of them still are. I made my money by woodcutting (during homework :-P ) and I also made it of PKing.


I became a member of RS around 2005-2006. I went to do some slayer but yeah, something bad happened. I had a task called cockatrices. These apperently required a special shield to be wield when killing them else they would keep hitting you constantly... Well yeah, I didn't know that, went their skulled as I just came back from PKing and as I only had cakes with me I lost my bank there :-( From that moment I ragequited slayer and I'm still 37 slayer at this time :-P


My skill still aren't good at all as can be seen at my stat signature in the top of this topic haha.
I also started playing on a new account called Ascended Elf when Darkruler633 became maxed in combat. I did however start skilling on this account as the wilderness died basicly with the exception of planned fights. I made this account in the CWA era of clans as I got bored. Played a bit on and off on that account and it's the account I now play RS on when I have time ^_^




Clan History


Well I've been in Clans since 2003 or so. But my first big Clan was around 2006, which was Dutch Generation.
Click the spoiler if you want to read more about my Clan history ;-)



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