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About Me

That 4 Year Update:

Hello my name is Mika Engelman and I am 29 years old living in KCMO. I live with my amazing husband of 4 years and our little family. I am a Clinical Psychologist and business owner. I want to say from the bottom of my heart that I have enjoyed each and every one of the individuals I knew throughout my time playing RS and the few times I have dropped in to say hi. Every member that I knew whether we were on good bases or not really drove me to wanting to help others and better myself for all the right reasons. I hope that all those out there who might read this be having the time of their lives. Much love and good vibes.

About me:

My name is Michelle or Mika whichever you feel it easier to call me. I am 25 years old living in Kansas City Missouri. I live with my fiance Casey. I work as an Office Admin/Manager for a cleaning company; inb4 lol women clean etc etc I know I know. I am almost done with my degree is Psychology from Park University. I've lived in Kansas City for awhile and since I go to school here I wont move until I am done. I hold a degree is graphics and web design from Phoenix University however I don't really use that to my advantage since I didn't like the school I went to.

I have been playing Runescape for some time and maybe about a year ago have been starting to just play it when I had time for it. I don't have any big goals for my character because I am happy with how it is right now. Other games I play from time to time are World of Warcraft and Minecraft but that's only with some friends I know from the reals.

So what do I do when I am not on the computer either in Photoshop or messing around on some game? Well I guess Id be doing something at Uni, hanging with my friends, drawing, painting, you know the usual random stuff people do. I love vampire diaries, the secret circle, castle, criminal minds and numb3rs.

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray Shangri-La my soul to keep

But if I'm dead before I wake

I pray to Ninjas My axe to take.

Pass it on, From Clown to Clown

and all have fun,

Shout Outs

Jaybear - I know you like purple so I put your shout out in it. For a year we dated and we had a lot of ups and downs. We've taken a break from talking and have been doing our own thing. You have proven a lot of people wrong with your achievements you've gained recently. I wish you the best of luck with everything in your life because you're really a good person it just takes a bit of time to break through those walls of yours. I love you broski.

Logan: Think you're worse than La hire 44 and that is really tough to do broseph

Mathias: We've been through a lot for sure but you've always managed to understand even if it was a stupid reason to stop talking/chilling with you. Happy early birthday btw :)

Mike: When I first met you it really never accrued to me that we'd be such good friends. We've had our ups and downs and didn't talk for some time after a lot of our hick ups but as you are there for me when I need to talk to someone or just need to cry I will be there for you.

Ish: While Ill probably just show you this on skype I want to put you here because you've helped me see a lot of things. Not just about my relationship I had with my ex but about myself. You're a great friend and someone I can easily talk to. Cast buddies :)

John: Met you back in the summer in CD and you've been nothing but great when it comes to someone to talk to about stupid stuff that bugs me; not to mention you're a great dung partner :D never change.

Nolan: We've had our ups and downs over the past 2 years but I am so glad that we've become friends again. It 's always been a regret of mine that we stopped talking for so long so I hope this friendship kindles further and again thank you for everything you've done from past to now.

Gladz: Robert I can't believe I forgot you out of everyone I am sorry hun. I want to thank you for all the time you've spent working with me on situations that became out of control and putting yourself on the front line. I should also shout out that you are one of the reasons I love DG (110 btw) :). Thank you for everything and I love you kid.

Christi: It's weird how things happened and even before the fall out we would have our ups and downs but we always found our way back to forgive each other and give each other second chances. This time is and will be no different you are a good person who has helped me over and over with no judging and I love you for that. Thanks for always understanding even when I am stupid love drunk over him.

Todd: Your little c-section ghost makes me laugh every time and you have a way of giving the mood a certain tone of happiness and excitement. Don't ever change.

Neto: All I need to say is your tissue is waiting here for you lol :>

To the rest of my Collision buddies you've made me love clanning again and as I get to know you you'll get your own shout out. <3 you guys

Tim: Oh how are friendship has grown the past few weeks. Always liked hanging with you in ts and **** but now it's even better. Never change you're perfect "JUST THE WAY YOU ARE"

More will be added as I wish to put you up.

Signatures I've made and Gfx Awards

Will make a signature for anyone, even if I dislike you sigs are my lyfe

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