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VR and EoS can get to you before you touch us, you're getting a bit heated over Genesis ACing you. It's no wonder why your clan has fallen, you're to impulsive, and because of it you make bad decisions. Shame those same decisions will ultimately end up throwing you into your grave good luck TT, it looks like you're going to need it.


Least my clan has standards huh? Acting tuff on the internet is pretty kool too huh? Posted Image

So, what exactly did RSD do that you all seem to eager to crucify them for? Reading through the topic I see a whole bunch of people freaking out for various reasons about this fight and hardly any discussion about what actually happened. Looking solely at the K/D it simply looked like a messy (lot of crashers on both sides) fight that was back and forth until near the end. Seems like both sides should be more mad at all the randoms feeling the need to join in rather than at each other.



Ok, let me paint the picture. The fight started on relatively even numbers. Everyone is looking forward to a great battle between 2 clans well known for being organised and respectable. Around 30 minutes in VR come in piling TT members and around 10 minutes later TT's TS goes down. RSD are currently laughing in teamspeak saying don't stop unless officials say to. TT officials then ask in #rsd/#cdrsc if RSD are going to let them be 2 vs 1'd and ddosed against VR and RSD officials confirm that yes, they are that desperate for the win that this is what they are going to do. RSD even going to the lengths of telling their members to tank to VR so that VR will pile the TT members. At this point 2 RSD Intros and 1 RSD Official leaves because of how pathetic you are being. Around 4:30 Am RoT then masses up and clears what is left of VR (90opts or so crashing) TT and then gives you a taste of your own medicine.


Karmas a female dog~




I could sit here and tell you how much more I've accomplished in my clan history than you'll ever do but then I could care less about the game anymore. Besides anyone who is anyone knows the only accomplishment you've achieved is being one of the biggest trolls on RSC. As far as your statement though, I never begged any clan for anything and anyone who knows me can attest to that. I seem to remember that in my time leading DF we were the clan that made other clans do the begging not the other way around. You might remember that from your time in DI. Besides everyone knows TT didn't have the balls back then to retaliate against clans who were crashing them so begging is an inaccurate word to say the least.As for the last part, when you're 30 you'll wish you had the game to pull a 20 year old, don't hate because I do have that game. Don't bother arguing back and forth, I'm not going to bother battling you for who's the bigger troll, you have that all locked up.

http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/5371/whichclan.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
i didn't make it.

Can't flame or flamebait for those results.


Goodjob DF, seems getting rid of Danc was probably one of the smartest choices yet.


Gotta be the first time I've ever agreed with you.


Sucks that you'll never even get ST tho lol


Don't need it to make a positive influence on DF. You just moan when you have voice then omni shuts you down and you rage quit fights. Just go away.


Ye man, I was BK warlord.




Apart from that isn't the highlight of my achievements on this pathetic game lol.


5 times as a ST, 2 times as a warlord, ranked #1 retard by every other clan, moaning the whole time you weren't leading, leaving twice, once for a rival clan, once for a scrub clan. Yeah man, you've had an amazing impact on DF. Please go away, you're retired afterall.


I'd write one about you, but I don't you've done anything a part from cause 10 members every day to pm complaining me about you lol.


Yeah man! Left once because I was kicked out of my house, Never left a fight early, Bound every death for ages.


Congrats but it's kind of a cheap win, I don't really respect clans who have to wait it out for hours until they can start doing good, to eventually get the win. It is after all a game and if you have to go to such lengths to win and can't clearly dominate from the start - well you tell me. But again well done.


Good luck vs TT, have a very bitter taste in my mouth from saying this but I'll definitely be rooting for TT, they at least don't resort to cheap tactics to get a win.




http://img815.imageshack.us/img815/2561/funnyv.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]



And you ask me what? Oh, that's right, why? I write because I want to be famous,
faceless but not nameless.
I write because "I was here" became more than a single act of rebellious childsplay.
It became my voice to speak about my choice, and rejoice the real meaning of freedom of speech.


To be free from boundaries, to feel alive, to be jive, to always ask why,
to step outside of the box that has us on lock so when you walk around your block,
you'll question the thought that has your mind caught and your inner time clock frozen in time,


askin' yourself "why?" That's why I write.
I could be wrong I could be right,
so next time you look to your right and you see something tight,
by the way that means nice.
Analyze twice and you just might find the relevance between you and why that person writes on my back flarin'.


Titans GFX I've created:


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