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Batman Bin Suparman Jailed In Singapore

13 November 2013 - 10:55 AM


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A man with the eye-catching name Batman bin Suparman has been jailed on theft and drugs charges. Well before this case, his double-barrelled superhero name had given him something of cult following on social media.

The jokes on social media are aplenty following the news that a 23-year-old man, Batman bin Suparman, has been given a prison sentence of 33 months by a court in Singapore. Batman was arrested after being caught stealing money from a shop, as well as using his brother's cash card to withdraw money. Far-fetched as it seems, this unusual name does appear to be entirely genuine - and it's not gone unnoticed.

Back in May 2008, a Singaporean ID card belonging to one Batman bin Suparman began being widely shared on social media. It was picked up by the blog Gizmodo and ran from there. Since then, the picture has been re-posted over 300 times, there have been more 15,000 tweets using his name, and a Facebook fan page has been set up in his honour. It has more than 11,000 followers.

Batman bin Suparman's family appear to be originally from the Indonesia island of Java - where the name Suparman is very common, explains Ben Zimmer, a language columnist for the Wall Street Journal, who has worked in Indonesia and who has written about Suparman.

"Su" has Sanskrit origins and is a common prefix in Indonesia, featuring in a whole rung of Indonesian presidents' names - including the current one Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. "Bin" means "son of" in Arabic, making it very likely that Batman's father was also called Suparman.

The Batman part is a bit harder to explain, however says Zimmer, as it's not a traditional name in the region. The most likely explanation is that his parents chose it as a joke - Batman the superhero is popular there, and Indonesians are often playful in the names they choose, says Zimmer. "I see the name as this interesting juxtaposition of local naming with Western pop culture."

Zimmer, for one, says he was sad to hear the news of Batman's arrest and sentencing. He believes one of the reasons he became such a star on social media was because of how how young and innocent he looked.

"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

nevar forget the hero singapore deserves, but not the one it needs right now

Caption Contest No. 1: Voting!

24 October 2013 - 04:09 PM

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With 8 side-splittingly fantastical competitors to choose from, be prepared for the hardest voting decision of your life. That's right, the Caption Contest needs you , the Zybez RuneScape Community, to decide amongst yourselves on whose comic is the funniest! Have a look at all the entrants below and make up your mind now! You have until the 1st of November!

,.::;' JessyU

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,.::;' Manga

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,.::;' Ninjasteak

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,.::;' Eg1s

Posted Image

,.::;' The duck

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,.::;' Vincey

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,.::;' Murdoc

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,.::;' ToeJam

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The winner will receive:
  • 3 months of Zybez Exclusive membership
  • An underbanner to forever cherish their victory with
Our runner-up:
  • 2 months of Zybez Exclusive membership
Our third-placed finisher:
  • 1 month of Zybez Exclusive membership
Best of luck to all our participants!

(Note: voting has been made public to prevent any of the 7 contestants from choosing their own comics and in order to help highlight any other irregularities. Those caught engaging in any such activities will be removed from the contest and risk being banned from future editions too.)

Caption Contest No. 1

01 October 2013 - 11:42 AM

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,.::;' Preamble

Welcome, everyone, to Zybez's first ever monthly Caption Contest! Held every other month in conjunction with Community Voices - these will be opportunities for you to showcase your wit, ingenuity, and general sense of humour by coming up with the best commentary, character dialogue, and so on for an image or series of images. In this case, the Blogs & Comics team will present you with RuneScape-related panels to have a crack at!

,.::;' This month's image

What is this player thinking or saying (to himself and/or the Jungle Strykewyrm)?

Posted Image

,.::;' Guidelines

  • We ask that you don't go over 10 words for each panel for the sake of fitting everything in to the limited spaces.
  • Anything said in them must abide by the Global Rules.
  • Everyone will have a 2 weeks to submit their material (which means the deadline is the 15th of October), which should be posted on this thread below or PM'd to Murdoc. Be sure to obviously match what text applies to which panel.
  • Immediately afterwards, the text will be added by the Blogs & Comics team to the panels themselves if that hasn't already been done so by you (more information on this can be found in the FAQ section), and everything then presented to the public for voting - which will again also last for 1 week (from the 16th of October to the 23rd).
    • Anyone found to have been asking for votes will be disqualified and potentially barred from all future editions.

,.::;' Tips

Remember, for a competition like this people will be judging your work by some of the following criteria:
  • Creativity
  • Relevance to the panels
  • Clarity
  • Conciseness
  • Comic value
Whilst this is by no means a comprehensive or bullet-proof list - more often than not those are the yardsticks most will end up using. Keep them in mind!

,.::;' What can I expect in the future?

To make sure this competition stays fresh we will be playing around with the themes. After all - getting you to add dialogue to every frame will get old fast. For the next contest we might ask for a caption below a single panel to see which best-suits its portrayed scenario, or even a famous quote. In others we might ask for a short backstory explaining how the events in the picture came to be, and so on. Here is a list of concepts we will draw off:
  • Character dialogue
  • Descriptions
  • A title for the image
  • Past events that led up to image
  • Future events that will occur as a result of image
  • A famous quote that pertains to image
More will be added as we think of them or you suggest.

,.::;' Frequently Asked Questions and closing remarks

Q. Can I add the text to it myself?
A. Of course, provided you use the RuneScape ingame chat font, font size 12, and yellow as its colour. More information can be found here if you don't already know how to. The original download link provided by Zestycookie no longer works, however, so dafont.com is recommended instead.

Q. Can I submit my own panel(s) for consideration for a future contest? Or even ideas for fresh themes?
A. Sure! Just PM everything to Murdoc.


Good luck to all! Of course feel free to post any comments, further questions you might still have, and so on now!

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