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Ancient Fury Vs Fools - Full Out

08 January 2017 - 03:52 PM


After our fight with Fools the other day we set up a couple day prep with them. Knowing recently Fools have pulled a bit more than us in our recent fight we made sure to have a good pull and we ended up having a great one instead.




Single Spells

55 Def cap

P necks on

Tent only +1


Normal rules basically. 


Round 1 - First to 50:


Ancient Fury Starting: 84


Fools Starting: ~74 or something


We got off to a fast start going 6-1 up and didn't let up for the whole fight and ended up winning by nearly 20 kills.




Round 2 - Full out:


Ancient Fury Starting: 87


Fools Starting: 78


Changed it up for Round 2, aside from the full out we allowed other +1's like Godswords, Ballistas, Sotd Etc. At the start Fools all spread out making me Jimmy fear we'd ****ed up and it was multispells but thankfully it wasn't. After an even start we took a commanding lead and to stop fools from getting even more kills we spread out and basically mass sniped damaged them and they dropped out leaving us with 59 people still alive.













Think we peaked at 88 people.



Thanks for the fight Fools was really fun and alot better than prepping to watch it lol!.







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