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Achievement of the Year - 2015 Results!

10 February 2016 - 01:22 PM

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Yet another year has passed and your votes have been cast.
Here now those that have achieved so much have passed the test, can now safely take a rest.
Now it's time to announce those who have won, for unfortunately there could only be one.

Firstly, a huge congratulations to Arceus for achieving something truly remarkable; something clearly unique to bring to the table.
For achieving 200 million experience in Prayer is quite the adventure; certainly not my kind of venture.
It is especially special since it was done in the free game; this achievement will certainly bring great fame.

Secondly, we cannot forget about the old school service for it is where many decide to traverse.
We must take with the time it took I Love You to smith,
over one million cannonballs to 99 Smithing; let's hope the cape looks quite spiffing.

Now thirdly we see the result of something quite extraordinary; a thread that's certainly out of the ordinary.
Here we again see MetalManiac9 with his thread; it should come as no question considering how many times it's been read.
So once again I present to you the thread of the year, hopefully you're able to celebrate with a beer.

Lastly we meet the one who's most friendly; someone who is quite gentlemanly,
His name is Purple, not to be confused with Steve Urkel,
His presence is quite resonant; perhaps he should become a tenant.

Thank you all, all viewers short and tall,
With another year's end and another one that is just around the bend,
I bid you good luck from this aging canuck.

PKVoTS Hall of Fame

31 January 2016 - 03:12 PM

.:: Hall of Fame ::.

All winners will be posted here and updated accordingly.

Note: the majority of our archives have sadly been lost, if you have won an award and are not list here, contact a PK staff member.

September - October 2009:

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December - January 2009:

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February - March 2010:

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Autumn 2014:

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Winter 14/15:

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Spring/Fall 2015:

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Summer/Fall 2015:

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Will you be rejoining RuneScape Classic?

14 January 2016 - 12:44 PM

With the latest newspost, RuneScape Classic is once again available for registration for RuneScape members. I remember signing up when it last opened up so I could continue playing in the future. I'd recommend that anyone who hasn't should soon so that they don't miss this window.

How is everyone finding it?

PKVoTS - Summer/Fall 2015 Winners

28 December 2015 - 08:58 PM

.:: PK Video of the Season ::.

Without further delay, the winner for this season's PKVoTS has been decided.

Videos are judged upon:

Skill - this is perhaps the most important aspect of a video. Your video can be lacking in all other areas but still be a strong contender with this alone. The more skilled PKers can anticipate their opponents moves, use the surrounding area, game mechanics and different fighting styles to their advantage. They can dominate opponents with ease and mistakes will be minimal.

Music/Editing - while music is 'to each their own', editing should definitely be one with the music, the better editors will be able to tie in gameplay, music and editing into one. A good editor will rarely use the same transition twice and will more than likely be using more advanced editing software like Sony Vegas to take advantage of the wider editing capabilities.

Loot - while it is harder for certain builds to get the better loot it is not impossible. Do some risk fights, fight different builds. We can appreciate certain account types getting a kill that is good relative to their account type.

Risk - every account type can excel in this category. The more you risk on a consistent basis shows us that you have a bit of confidence in your gear and ability to get the better of your opponent.

Variety - a big one. Use different weapons, different loadouts, different locations, include multi clips, risk fights, luring, DMing, staking - in this category, more is better.

The winner is:


Second place winner:


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