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Clan Awards 2014 - Results!

09 January 2015 - 08:12 AM

Clan Awards 2014 - Results

... and the results are in! There were quite a few categories that were very close which delayed the announcement of the winners by a few days while we recounted several times, while others were victories by landslides.

Special thanks to Unrated for making the underbanners for the awards.

The rules for underbanner use are as follows:


You may use ONE of these underbanners in addition to your current signature until April 1, 2015. After that, you are liable for the extra size, and could face suspension if you don't get it down. That means if you are using a clan underbanner, your sig can be 500x180 until April 1.


For those who won more than one, you can use a single cycling .gif. If you need help creating one, I suggest you create a topic in the Multimedia & Design forum. Keep in mind that signatures still have a 150kb file size limit.

If you have any questions, contact myself or a CD Mod+.


Best OSRS Clan (P2P)

Best OSRS Clan (F2P)

Best RS3 Clan

Best Overall Pure Clan

Best Fall In Leader

Best Tank

Best Poster

Funniest Poster

Best CD Staff Member

This topic will be archived in the Clan Archives subforum of Clan Videos where it will be pinned after a period of time.

Thank you to everyone for voting and best of luck in 2015!

RSC Clan Awards 2014

27 December 2014 - 06:54 AM

RSC Clan Awards 2014

Yet another year has gone, and it's time to reflect on the accomplishments this year. It's been a big year with big changes such as the release of Legacy which contributed to the rise of the RS3 clan world. Let's look forward to 2015 and make it even better.

First of all, the following rules will apply to the awards this year so please read this before posting your votes (there should be no surprises here):
  • Use the format at the bottom of the post
  • You are allowed one vote per category
  • Your account must have been registered in November 2014 or earlier
  • Voting for every category is not a necessity
  • Voting will be open until the 5th of January
  • Votes made solely to troll will be nulled.
  • You do not have to justify your votes, however, if you feel the need to then do so at the bottom of your post. However, if you post any baits or flames your vote will be deleted and nulled.
  • You may only vote for a given clan a maximum of 3 times
  • All posts must contain your votes otherwise they will be deleted; this is NOT a discussion topic
  • Only vote for clans that are currently open

If you feel the need to persistently break these rules or purposely attempt to disrupt the awards you will be suspended.

If you have any questions or concerns about the awards, please contact me.

Good luck to every individual or clan nominated.

Based on feedback from last year's awards, we've reduced the amount of categories available. This should (hopefully) result in a smoother voting process.

Best OSRS Clan (P2P): 
Best OSRS Clan (F2P): 
Best Overall RS3 Clan: 
Best Overall Pure Clan: 

Best Fall In Leader: 
Best Tank: 
Best Poster: 
Funniest Poster: 
Best CD Staff Member: 

US Senate Condemns CIA Harsh Interrogations

11 December 2014 - 11:50 AM



U.S. Senate investigators delivered a damning indictment of CIA practices Tuesday, accusing the spy agency of inflicting pain and suffering on prisoners beyond its legal limits and deceiving the nation with narratives of life-saving interrogations unsubstantiated by its own records.

Treatment in secret prisons a decade ago was worse than the government told Congress or the public, the Senate Intelligence Committee's torture report found. Five hundred pages were released, representing the executive summary and conclusions of a still-classified 6,700-page full investigation that lasted five years and cost $40 million.

"Under any common meaning of the term, CIA detainees were tortured," Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat and the committee chairman, declared. Speaking in the Senate, Feinstein called the detention and interrogation program "a stain on our values and on our history." She said the tactics were "far more brutal than people were led to believe."

President Barack Obama said the interrogation techniques "were not only inconsistent with our values as nation, they did not serve our broader counterterrorism efforts or our national security interests."

"Rather than another reason to refight old arguments, I hope that today's report can help us leave these techniques where they belong, in the past," Obama said in a written statement.

Tactics included weeks of sleep deprivation, slapping and slamming of detainees against walls, confining them to small boxes, keeping them isolated for prolonged periods and threatening them with death. Three detainees faced the simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding. Many developed psychological problems.

But the "enhanced interrogation techniques" didn't produce the results that really mattered, the report asserts in its most controversial conclusion. It cites CIA cables, emails and interview transcripts to rebut the central justification for torture — that it thwarted terror plots and saved American lives.

The report provides a catalog of what it deems misstatements by senior CIA officials to the president, the Justice Department, Congress and the American public. It describes mismanagement so deficient that the agency lost track of how many detainees it held. Senate investigators documented 119 — a higher figure than the 98 described in memos made public in 2009. At least 39 faced harsh interrogations, the report said. The CIA has cited the number 30.

In a statement, the CIA said the report "tells part of the story" but "there are too many flaws for it to stand as the official record of the program."

Some Republican leaders objected to the report's release and challenged its contention that harsh tactics didn't work. But Republican Senator John McCain, tortured in Vietnam as a prisoner of war, welcomed the report and endorsed its findings in the main.

"We gave up much in the expectation that torture would make us safer," he said in a Senate speech. "Too much."

The report, released after months of negotiations with the administration about what should be censored, was issued amid concerns of an anti-American backlash overseas. American embassies and military sites worldwide were taking extra precautions. "There may never be the right time to release this report," Feinstein said, then quickly added: "This report is too important to shelve indefinitely."

Earlier this year, Feinstein accused the CIA of infiltrating Senate computer systems in a dispute over documents as relations between the investigators and the spy agency deteriorated, the issue still sensitive years after Obama halted the interrogation practices upon taking office.


Senate intelligence committee report on CIA's detention and interrogation program
  • The more than 500 pages that were released are a redacted portion of a classified 6,700-page report.
  • The report was prepared by the Senate intelligence committee under Democratic leadership. Committee Republicans blasted findings in a separate minority report.
  • Compiling the report took more than five years and involved the review of more than six million documents
  • The CIA director took issue with the report, saying its own review showed that interrogations involving ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ produced information that “helped thwart attack plans, capture terrorists and save lives.”

Former CIA officials disputed the report's findings. So did Senate Republicans, whose written dissent accuses Democrats of inaccuracies, sloppy analysis and cherry-picking evidence to reach a predetermined conclusion. CIA officials prepared their own response acknowledging serious mistakes, but saying they gained vital intelligence that still guides counterterrorism efforts.

"The program led to the capture of al-Qaeda leaders and took them off the battlefield," said George Tenet, CIA director when the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks occurred. He said it saved "thousands of American lives."

Not so, said Democratic Senator Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader. "Not only is torture wrong, but it doesn't work," he said. "It got us nothing except a bad name."

Unauthorized methods

President George W. Bush approved the program through a covert finding in 2002, but he wasn't briefed by the CIA about the details until 2006. At that time Bush expressed discomfort with the "image of a detainee, chained to the ceiling, clothed in a diaper and forced to go to the bathroom on himself." Bush said in his 2010 memoirs that he discussed the program with CIA Director George Tenet, but Tenet told the CIA inspector general that never happened.

After al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah was arrested in Pakistan, the CIA received permission to use waterboarding, sleep deprivation, close confinement and other techniques. Agency officials added unauthorized methods into the mix, the report says.

CIA Torture Report Dianne Feinstein
Senate intelligence committee chair Senator Dianne Feinstein delivers a damning indictment of CIA interrogation practices after the Sept. 11 attacks, accusing the agency of inflicting pain and suffering on prisoners with tactics that went well beyond legal limits. (Senate Television/Associated Press)

At least five men in CIA detention received "rectal rehydration," a form of feeding through the rectum. The report found no medical necessity for the treatment.

Others received "ice baths" and death threats. At least three in captivity were told their families would suffer, with CIA officers threatening to harm their children, sexually abuse the mother of one man, and cut the throat of another man's mother.

Zubaydah was held in a secret facility in Thailand, called "detention Site Green" in the report. Early on, with CIA officials believing he had information on an imminent plot, Zubaydah was left isolated for 47 days without questioning, the report says. Later, he was subjected to the panoply of techniques. He later suffered mental problems.

He wasn't alone. In September 2002, at a facility referred to as COBALT— understood as the CIA's "Salt Pit" in Afghanistan — detainees were kept isolated and in darkness. Their cells had only a bucket for human waste.

Death from hypothermia

Redha al-Najar, a former Osama bin Laden bodyguard, was the first prisoner there. After a month of sleep deprivation, CIA interrogators found him a "broken man." But the treatment got worse, with officials lowering food rations, shackling him in the cold and giving him a diaper instead of toilet access.

Gul Rahman, a suspected extremist, received enhanced interrogation there in late 2002, shackled to a wall in his cell and forced to rest on a bare concrete floor in only a sweatshirt. The next day he was dead. A CIA review and autopsy found he died of hypothermia.

Justice Department investigations into that and another death of a CIA detainee resulted in no charges.

During a waterboarding session, Zubaydah became "completely unresponsive with bubbles rising through his open full mouth," according to internal CIA records.

Waterboarded 183 times

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Sept. 11 mastermind, received the waterboarding treatment 183 times. Though officers noted he wasn't becoming more compliant, they waterboarded him for 10 more days. He was waterboarded for not confirming a "nuclear suitcase" plot the CIA later deemed a scam. Another time, his waterboarding produced a fabricated confession about recruiting black Muslims in Montana.

After reviewing six million agency documents, investigators said they could find no example of unique, life-saving intelligence gleaned from coercive techniques — another sweeping conclusion the CIA and Republicans contest.

The report claims to debunk the CIA's assertion its practices led to bin Laden's killing. The agency says its interrogation of detainee Ammar al-Baluchi revealed a known courier was taking messages to and from bin Laden.

Ferguson Discussion

26 November 2014 - 12:00 PM

The aftermath of the Ferguson shooting and the resultant grand jury decision has had two dominant reactions: those who support the decision and those that do not. As a result, it has created a great deal of civil unrest.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, a police officer by the name of Darren Wilson (white) shot and killed Michael Brown (black male) who was unarmed at the time. It has brought a lot of discussion related to use of force by police as well as racial violence.

I'm not going to cite any articles in the first post since a lot of the news stories follow similarly to whatever opinion the author has. I'm sure you guys have heard about it by now anyways.

So, what are your thoughts about this?

Since this is a sensitive topic that is fueled by a lot of emotions, it's understandable for it to be channeled in your posts. I must ask that when posting that you guys be extra careful to avoid flaming/baiting since (obviously) the board rules still apply.

Profits Plummet At Maker of RuneScape

04 November 2014 - 08:22 AM



Full-year revenues and pre-tax profits have plummeted at the UK's largest independent developer and publisher of online games.

But Cambridge-based Jagex, the maker of RuneScape, said it was positive about the future and praised the performance of its flagship game, adding that the team finished the year "on a high".

According to the financial accounts for the year to 31 December 2013, Jagex reported operating profits of £944,833, a significant drop from £9.7m the year before.

Gross margin has decreased from 45 per cent to 31 per cent, reflecting the bigger investment in talent during the year. Headcount increased from an average of 472 to 515 in 2013 financial year.

Pre-tax profits slipped from £9.8m to £968,123.

This was on the back of a decline in revenue - from £53.1m to £46.5m. Game income, which includes both subscription and microtransaction sales, fell from £52.3m to £46.1m, while advertising revenue declined from £735,118 to 332,496.

But other income, which includes revenue from advertising and the sale of merchandise, rose from £27,907 to £89,537.

A statement by company secretary R Hodgson said: "During the year the company focused on its two leading titles RuneScape and Transformers Universe and decided to pause the expansion of the Third-Party Publishing division to ensure the two main games were prioritised above other activities.

"Revenue decreased in comparison to 2012 but the management team is pleased with the current underlying game engagement and community sentiment going into 2014, which is stronger than the same period in the previous year.

"The landscape is continuing to be very competitive but the group is positive about the future, given the successful engagement with the RuneScape community and the upcoming launch of Transformers Universe in the coming financial year. The company made the decision to invest further in Transformers Universe and extend the launch date into 2014."

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