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About Me

About Me

My names Marco, I'm 16 years old and currently live in Sydney, Australia. I was born in Surrey, England and live there for 11 years of my life (In my personal opinion the country is better than Australia). I moved to Australia when I was 11 and started playing Runescape when I was 12. I'm half Italian, 1 quarter French and a quarter English.


I go to school, pretty smart but don't do as well as I could because Runescape comes first. In year 11, probably will have to start studying a lot when I get to year 12 which will be hard for me to adjust to. I'm a sporty person, I love football (soccer) and support Arsenal. My favorite player was Thierry Henry before be bsed us, now it's Fabregas.


I love Rock / Metal music. Favorite bands would be Escape the Fate, Bullet for my Valentine, Atreyu, Killswitch, Silverstein, Funeral for a Friend, All that Remains, Blessthefall and Mudvayne. I enjoy playing Runescape in my spare time, I rarely skill and basically log on for wars. I'm the Leader of Exodus and that's how it will remain until I quit Runescape.

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My iPhone Music

Song Name - Artist
Top 40 Song

Miss Murder ---- AFI
Teenage Queen ---- Aiden
What Goes Around... ---- Alesana
This Could Be Anywhere In The World ---- Alexisonfire
To A Friend ---- Alexisonfire
Rough Hands ---- Alexisonfire
Accidents ---- Alexisonfire
Dirty Little Secret ---- The All-American Rejects
Paper Heart ---- The All-American Rejects
Swing Swing ---- The All-American Rejects
Gives You Hell ---- The All American Rejects
It Ends Tonight ---- The All American Rejects
This Calling ---- All That Remains
Not Alone ---- All That Remains
We Stand ---- All That Remains
Whispers (I Hear You) ---- All That Remains
The Weak Willed ---- All That Remains
The Air That I Breathe ---- All That Remains
Six ---- All That Remains
Chiron ---- All That Remains
Two weeks ---- All That Remains
Tattered On My Sleeve ---- All That Remains
Hello Alone ---- Anberlin
Godspeed ---- Anberlin
Day Late Friend ---- Anberlin
An Ocean Between Us ---- As I Lay Dying
This is Who We Are ---- As I Lay Dying
Confined ---- As I Lay Dying
The Sound of Truth ---- As I Lay Dying
Bleeding Mascara ---- Atreyu
The Crimson ---- Atreyu
Untitled Finale ---- Atreyu
The Theft ---- Atreyu
Ex's and Oh's ---- Atreyu
Shameful ---- Atreyu
Doomsday ---- Atreyu
Falling Down ---- Atreyu
Becoming The Bull ---- Atreyu
Two Become One ---- Atreyu
Lose It ---- Atreyu
Blow ---- Atreyu
Right Side of The Bed ---- Atreyu
Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses ---- Atreyu
Lip Gloss And Black ---- Atreyu
Her Portrait In Black ---- Atreyu
I Kissed a Girl ---- Attack Attack!
Critical Acclaim ---- Avenged Sevenfold
Almost Easy ---- Avenged Sevenfold
Gunslinger ---- Avenged Sevenfold
Brompton Cocktail ---- Avenged Sevenfold
Lost ---- Avenged Sevenfold
A Little Peice Of Heaven ---- Avenged Sevenfold
Afterlife ---- Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold
Bat Country ---- Avenged Sevenfold
Unholy Confessions ---- Avenged Sevenfold
Children of the Broken Hearted ---- Behind Crimson Eyes
Times Like These ---- Blessthefall
Higinia ---- Blessthefall
Could Tell A Love ---- Blessthefall
Rise Up ---- Blessthefall
To Hell And Back ---- Blessthefall
Hero Heroine ---- Boys Like Girls
Diary of Jane ---- Breaking Benjamin
Dance With The Devil ---- Breaking Benjamin
Firefly ---- Breaking Benjamin
Sooner Or Later ---- Breaking Benjamin
Cries In Vain ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Hand Of Blood ---- Bullet For My Valentine
My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Room 409 ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Hearts Burst Into Fire ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Eye Of The Storm ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Waking The Demon ---- Bullet For My Valentine
All These Things I Hate ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Four Words To Choke Upon ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Her Voice Resides ---- Bullet For My Valentine
The Poison ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Scream Aim and Fire ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Tears Dont Fall ---- Bullet For My Valentine
Sorry Seacrest It's Casey's Countdown ---- Burden Of A Day
In These Hands ---- The Butterfly Effect
Can I Get An Amen ---- Capital Lights
The Red ---- Chevelle
Lexington ---- Chiodos
Brother ---- Dark New Day
Since U Been Gone ---- A Day To Remember
Carry Me ---- Dead by April
My Saviour ---- Dead by April
Fading Away ---- Demon Hunter
Still Fly ---- The Devil Wears Prada
Liberate ---- Disturbed
Haunted ---- Disturbed
Inside The Fire ---- Disturbed
Indestructible ---- Disturbed
Dropping Plates ---- Disturbed
The Game ---- Disturbed
Down With The Sickness ---- Disturbed
Shout 2000 ---- Disturbed
Stricken ---- Disturbed
Land of Confusion ---- Disturbed
I'm Alive ---- Disturbed Te
Ten Thousand Fists ---- Disturbed
Pain Redefined ---- Disturbed
Hell ---- Disturbed
This Moment ---- Disturbed
I Stand Alone ---- Disturbed
Let The Bodies Hit The Floor ---- Disturbed
Prayer ---- Disturbed
Are you Breathing ---- Disturbed
Stupify ---- Disturbed
Perfect Insanity ---- Disturbed
Voices ---- Disturbed
This Time ---- Klaas Remix
Move It ---- Dope
Through The Fire And Flames ---- DragonForce
Swing ---- Drop Dead Gorgeous
Im Shipping Up to Boston ---- Dropkick Murphys
Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour ---- Enter Shikari
Ok Time For Plan B ---- Enter Shikari
Sorry You're Not A Winner ---- Enter Shikari
Mothership ---- Enter Shikari
Not Good Enough For Truth Or Cliche ---- Escape the Fate
Reverse This Curse ---- Escape the Fate
Cellar Door ---- Escape the Fate
My Apocalypse ---- Escape the Fate
This War Is Ours ---- Escape the Fate
There's No Sympathy For The Dead ---- Escape the Fate
The Guillotine ---- Escape the Fate
The Flood ---- Escape the Fate
Ashley ---- Escape the Fate
Something ---- Escape the Fate
You Are So Beautiful ---- Escape the Fate
Situations ---- Escape the Fate
As I'm Falling Down ---- Escape the Fate
White Knuckles ---- Five Finger Death Punch
The Bleeding ---- Five Finger Death Punch
I'm So Sick ---- Flyleaf
The Pretender ---- Foo Fighters
Naked Girl Avalanche ---- Four Letter Lie
Enemy ---- Fozzy
Lollipop ---- Framing Hanley
The After Dinner Payback ---- From Autumn To Ashes
I'm The Best At Ruining My Life ---- From Autumn To Ashes
Emily ---- From First To Last
Note To Self ---- From First To Last
Hospitality ---- Funeral For A Friend
All The Rage ---- Funeral For A Friend
Streetcar ---- Funeral For A Friend
Drive ---- Funeral For A Friend
Monsters ---- Funeral For A Friend
History ---- Funeral For A Friend
The End Of Nothing ---- Funeral For A Friend
Alvarez ---- Funeral For A Friend
Sonny ---- Funeral For A Friend
Recovery ---- Funeral For A Friend
Roses For The Dead ---- Funeral For A Friend
This Year's Most Open Heartbreak ---- Funeral For A Friend
Juneau ---- Funeral For A Friend
Untitled ---- Handshakes and Highfives
This Is Who We Are ---- Hawthorne Heights
Pens And Needles ---- Hawthorne Heights
Ohio Is For Lovers ---- Hawthorne Heights
Beating Hearts Baby ---- Head Automatica
Lips of an Angel ---- Hinder
Young ---- Hollywood Undead
This Love This Hate ---- Hollywood Undead
California ---- Hollywood Undead
City ---- Hollywood Undead
Paradise Lost ---- Hollywood Undead
Everywhere I go ---- Hollywood Undead
No 5 ---- Hollywood Undead
Undead ---- Hollywood Undead
Bottle And A Gun ---- Hollywood Undead
Polaris ---- The Human Abstract
Robo Tech ---- Hyper Crush
How Can I Live ---- Ill Nino
The Taste Of Regret ---- In Fear And Faith
Cloud Connected ---- In Flames
The Quiet Place ---- In Flames
So You Know ---- InMe
Self Revolution ---- Killswitch Engage
My Last Serenade ---- Killswitch Engage
Life To Lifeless ---- Killswitch Engage
The Arms of Sorrow ---- Killswitch Engage
Unbroken ---- Killswitch Engage
My Curse ---- Killswitch Engage
Eye Of The Storm ---- Killswitch Engage
Reject Yourself ---- Killswitch Engage
A Bid Farewell ---- Killswitch Engage
When Darkness Falls ---- Killswitch Engage
Holy Diver ---- Killswitch Engage
This Fire Burns ---- Killswitch Engage
The End Of Heartache ---- Killswitch Engage
I Know What You Buried Last Summer ---- The Legion of Doom
Lolita's Medicine ---- The Legion of Doom
Dangerous Business Since 1979 ---- The Legion of Doom
At Your Funeral for A Friend ---- The Legion of Doom
I'm So Sick ---- The Legion of Doom
The Boulevard Of Broken Songs ---- The Legion of Doom
The Quiet Screaming ---- The Legion of Doom
Ode To Summer ---- Lostprophets
Five Is a Four Letter Word ---- Lostprophets
Cry Me A River ---- Lostprophets
Rooftops ---- Lostprophets
A Town Called Hypocrisy ---- Lostprophets
The New Transmission ---- Lostprophets
Can't Catch Tomorrow ---- Lostprophets
Everybody's Screaming!!! ---- Lostprophets
Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl ---- Lostprophets
4am Forever ---- Lostprophets
For All These Times Kid, For All These Times ---- Lostprophets
Heaven For The Weather, Hell For The Company ---- Lostprophets
Always All Ways ---- Lostprophets
Last Train ---- Lostprophets
Last Summer ---- Lostprophets
Can't Stop, Gotta Date With Hate ---- Lostprophets
Going Down With This Ship ---- Luke Pickett
stinking Determined ---- Mudvayne
Forget to Remember ---- Mudvayne
Happy ---- Mudvayne
Welcome To The Black Parade ---- My Chemical Romance
Teenagers ---- My Chemical Romance The Black Parade
Famous Last Words ---- My Chemical Romance
Helena ---- My Chemical Romance
Give 'Em Hell, Kid ---- My Chemical Romance
I'm Not Okay ---- My Chemical Romance
Saving Me ---- Nickleback
Rockstar ---- Nickleback
Something In Your Mouth ---- Nickleback
Hero ---- Nickleback
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid ---- The Offspring
I Caught Myself ---- Paramore
Decode ---- Paramore
Misery Business ---- Paramore
Frontline ---- Pillar
Sleeping Awake v2 ---- POD
Youth Of The Nation ---- POD
Blurry ---- Puddle of Mudd
In The Shadows ---- The Rasmus
The Acoustic Song ---- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Face Down ---- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Savior ---- Rise Against
Survive ---- Rise Against
Prayer Of The Refugee ---- Rise Against
My Darkest Hour ---- Scary Kids Scaring Kids
The Bright Side Of Suffering ---- Scary Kids Scaring Kids
A Breath Of Sunshine ---- Scary Kids Scaring Kids
The City Sleeps In Flames ---- Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Watch Me Bleed ---- Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Misery Business ---- Sea of Treachery
Fall for You ---- Secondhand Serenade
Your Call ---- Secondhand Serenade
Careless Whisper ---- Seether
The Fallen ---- Set Your Goals
Second Chance ---- Shinedown
If You Could See Into My Soul ---- Silverstein
Your Sword Versus My Dagger ---- Silverstein
Smile In Your Sleep ---- Silverstein
Already Dead ---- Silverstein
Giving Up ---- Silverstein
Apologize ---- Silverstein
Smashed Into Pieces ---- Silverstein
Bleeds No More ---- Silverstein
Comatose ---- Skillet
Rebirthing ---- Skillet
Whispers In The Dark ---- Skillet
A Reason For Broken Wings ---- A skylit Drive
Before I Forget ---- Slipknot
Hot N Cold ---- A Smile From the Trenches
Pride ---- Soil
Wake Up ---- Story Of The Year
Our Time Is Now ---- Story Of The Year
Anthem of our dying day ---- Story Of The Year
Sidewalks ---- Story Of The Year
Until the Day I Die ---- Story Of The Year
Hollow ---- Submersed
Twenty Twenty Surgery ---- Taking Back Sunday
I Climb ---- Thousand Foot Krutch
Phenomenon ---- Thousand Foot Krutch
Pain ---- Three Days Grace
Animal I Have Become ---- Three Days Grace
Never Too Late ---- Three Days Grace
Riot ---- Three Days Grace
Over and Over ---- Three Days Grace
Gone Forever ---- Three Days Grace
Home ---- Three Days Grace
Born Like This ---- Three Days Grace
Overrated ---- Three Days Grace
Just Like You ---- Three Days Grace
Silhouette ---- Thrice
Stare At The Sun ---- Thrice
The Artist In The Ambulance ---- Thrice
Image Of The Invisible ---- Thrice
Head Strong ---- Trapt
Ascendancy ---- Trivium Ascendancy
Dying In Your Arms ---- Trivium Ascendancy
Like Light To The Flies ---- Trivium
Moving for the Sake of Motion ---- Underoath
Writing On the Walls ---- Underoath
You're Ever So Inviting ---- Underoath
A Boy Brushed Red...Living In Black and White ---- Underoath
I'm Content With Losing ---- Underoath
Reinventing Your Exit ---- Underoath
It's A Dangerous Buisness Walking Out Of Your Front Door ---- Underoath
Sound Effects And Overdramatic ---- The Used
All That I've Got ---- The Used
I Caught Fire ---- The Used
Cut Up Angels ---- The Used
Let It Bleed ---- The Used
Listening ---- The Used
I'm A Fake ---- The Used
The Bird and the Worm ---- The Used
Smother Me ---- The Used
Box Full Of Sharp Objects ---- The Used
Buried Myself Alive ---- The Used
On My Own ---- The Used
Dreams ---- We Came As Romans
Empty Apartment ---- Yellowcard
Ocean Avenue ---- Yellowcard
October Nights ---- Yellowcard
Only One ---- Yellowcard
Falling Apart ---- Zebrahead
Anthem For The Underdog ---- 12 Stones
The Way I Feel ---- 12 Stones
The Kill ---- 30 Seconds To Mars
Attack ---- 30 Seconds To Mars
Jupiter ---- 30 Seconds To Mars
All is Numb ---- 32 Leaves
At the End of August ---- 36 Crazyfists
The Great Descent ---- 36 Crazyfists
The City Ignites ---- 36 Crazyfists
Bloodwork ---- 36 Crazyfists
Destroy the Map ---- 36 Crazyfists
[i]The Heart and the Shape
---- 36 Crazyfists
[i]Slit Wrist Theory
---- 36 Crazyfists

RSC Achivements

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Clan History

  • Wrath of Guthix
    It was my first taste of clanning. I joined a RSB clan with a friend IRL. I spent about 5 months here and definitly enjoyed the experience for the most part. Met a lot of people and made some great friends. However the leader was dictator and an idiot (XJX), didn't have a clue how to run a clan. Demoted one of my best friends at the time because he disagreed with him. We all got sick of being in the clan and left together.
  • Exile
    Joined with a few friends. Adrian7 was High Council in the clan. I spent about 2 weeks in there and quit due to timezone difficulties as did my other friends.
  • RunescapeGenesis
    Myself and about 5 friends decided to join one clan together. Sadly, however we obviously picked the wrong one seeing as about 1 week after I had been accepted the clan closed it's doors. Didn't really experience much due to my short stay.
  • Reincarnated Knights


    My friend convinced me to join because he said he could get a rank in the clan. Samp5 was leader and I spent a few good months here, just training combat at PC. I don't really remember much apart from we full out warred TNC and got to mossys and saw their options so Samp made up some bullcrap that they had brought friends and we walked out, the AZ + friends v RK + friends war and some random mule fights against CF which we would normally lose. Samp decided to close the clan because of some reasons he never clearly explained.

  • Clan Forbidden


    I was in this clan for a week or two. After being clanless for a bit I got bored and myself and my real life friend decided to join a clan. He picked it and we both joined. I didn't enjoy my time here, my real life friend was inactive and I didn't get to know anyone (which was probably my fault), after a week or two later I quit.

  • ClanDestine


    After a good few months clanless, I got a PM from Adrian7 to join ClanDestine. I had heard a bit about it seeing as Sarge Alex was a friend of mine and had tried to recruit me before so I thought I might as well give it a try. It turned out to be the best clan I had experienced so far, regular pk trips, returning, neat forums and a friendly community. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and met a lot of great people. Adrian retired from Runescape and gave full leadership to Xsepirothxx, when he went away for a few weeks the Founders decided to close the clan.

  • Chivalry Legion


    After CD closed I didn't really know who to join. CL seemed like the best option due to timezone although I didn't really know anyone apart from Samp. I spent about a week here and didn't really feel welcome. It was a lot different from CD and when Adrian and Sep came back they told me of plans to recreate Torment. I was all for it and posted my leaving.

  • Torment


    I joined the day it opened along with many X CD members. I gave 100% and was promoted to Council within a few months. We were doing great, pulling decent numbers and pking actively. Our returning was amazing, organization was brilliant, we pretty much had all the factors of a top 5 clan apart from the numbers. We were on a rise, competing with some great clans. However the day come when the wilderness was destroyed and Bounty Hunter was released causing us to slump. Within a few weeks we were on our feet, somewhat, however the damage had been felt and we lost a good 10-20 members (most of them didn't leave but just went inactive). When Bounty Hunter was destroyed it was the killer blow. 3 Officials disappeared of the face of Runescape, Adrian7 being one of them (the leader).


    Adrian7 was pretty much the binding force that brought Torment to where it was. Xsepirothxx was an amazing warlord however he lacked the skills of a leader. Adrian made up for that and when he retired, issues caused by Xsep that were normally controlled by Adrian, weren't. Along with the fact that half our memberlist (maybe more) had either quit Runescape / gone retired. I stepped up a lot after Adrian7 quit however it was an impossible task. After 2-3 months of stepping up into a Leadership role, conflict arose between myself, Xsep and a new member. Long story short, I left the clan and it closed 3 days later.

  • Exodus


    After Torment closed I had around 20-30 clanless friends. After a handful of X Torment members PMed me to make my own clan, I decided to. I talked to those who I thought capable of leading along side me and started up the clan. I think it's a decision I will never regret and will never go back on. It's my first clan I've led however being an official in Torment for over a year taught me a lot. As well as I was stepping up and filling the shoes of a leadership role during a slump. I've always given 110% to every clan I've been in, so being a Leader is perfect for me. Exodus will definitly be the last clan in Runescape for me but hopefully I won't have to give up clanning for a few years at least.

Runescape Goals


After being hacked for around 400M, my goals have changed slightly.


99 Mage
Attempting to get 99 mage at Rock Lobsters if I can stand logging into Runescape enough to achieve it.


99 Cooking


85+ All Stats


99 Summoning
Who doesn't want to be Lvl 138 on Runescape? I had the charms for around 80 summoning before I got hacked and they dropped it all though, oh well.

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