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About Me

Welcome to The Man 5114 profile on RSC!


Runescape History:
I first started out playing rs and thought wtf is this. I started off wcing and from there on I went on to davling into different skills and test out the game to see what it has instore for me. I for the most part skilled until I wanted to join a clan to start out and get my pking side of me into full gear.. I started out doing some rsb clans with intention to learn and make some money from pking.. I found about RSC in September of 06 and started looking at clans there since it seemed to have more of a professional stance. My first rsc clan was Golden Elites.


Clan History:


Golden Elites- 2006-(~7 months)-This was my first p2p clan and I really got the feel of p2p wild and how to actually pk and use the different ways of combat to kill other people. There was a variety of clans to fight but most plan fights we had kept getting crashed and wasn't looking good for us in the long run. I was give the Council rank but the day I got that I quit because I didn't see the clan going anywhere and it ended up dying within the next month or so.


The Stricken Cards-2007-(11 Months)-TSC was clan that I joined because it had a 40 man member list and I wanted to have some decent sized fights and actually win a war. In TSC I expanded my knowledge in p2p and helped out others that were new to it and showed them the way to becoming successful in it. I was given different ranks while in tsc and it consisted of Moderator, Council, and General. It was more of a challenge to be a rank but I soon got the hang of it and started to like it a bit more each day of having a rank. I gained a lot of money through tsc because it was the old wild and that gave me a lot of rune to return and fight with. Im not quite sure what happened but TSC started going downhill and I seen what I seen in GE and I knew this clan was going to crash in the ground and there was no way of stopping it. I quit TSC to go to Aggression.


Aggression-2007-(1.5 Months)-Ag was all about me trying out Mage Bank because I never actually had a legit clan to go and pk mage bank with. They had a lot of cool people in there and it was nice to make some friends. But once BH hit most of the clan went to WoW and left the %5 of people that actually played rs to fend for themselves. Having a few pks in Bh it was easy to see AG didn't want to stay open and just closed because of lack of members and Bh was not a good update in their eyes.


Reign of Terror-December 31, 2007-(1 Year)- Reign of Terror this by far was the best p2p clan I was in and was a real cool clan to be in. From various fights from many different clans it was quite good practice and it helped me train on what is important which is returning for real long periods of time and the quality of being a member at fight times. Every single fight whether it was small or big had it's own meaning from either gaining loot or trying to defend the title of being one of the best p2p clans out there. Being in such a clan made me grow as a person and made me tougher because of all the flaming and crap like that. Iv learned from some of the best people in this game and I love to actually do what they say to me because it works and I know what works and what doesn't. Seeing as I wasn't having that much fun anymore it was time for me to hang up my rank and my title as a RoT council.


Corruption-2009-(3.5 months)- Was a change.. I wanted to experience the f2p and how it was different then an p2p clan. The first long fights were not boring because it was a new thing but then every saturday fighting for 7-8 hours just got real annoying. The community was full of nice people but I really didn't connect with much of them.. The only people I really talked to was Ex-Rot.


Currently in Reign of Terror and not planning on going anywhere for the rest of my Rs existence.


My Ratings:


-1 from Enviro for having an oversized signature.
-2 from Mr. Anderson for flaming a fellow rsc member.
-3 from Amill for flaming again.
-4 from Lord V Unit because I said he was a trash pker..Bias.
+1 now -3 from Mr. Anderson for giving me a +1 due to good posting!
-4 from Manga for flaming Libum1 for always acting like a girl.
+1 now -3 from Mr. Anderson due to a improve posting attitude.
+1 now -2 from Yoto due to improved posting behavior.


My Modern Warfare 2 Sniping Montage:




Awards that's iv won while in RoT:
http://img513.images...5599/nicest.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
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Interested in join the #1 p2p clan? Well then Reign of Terror is where you want to be. We are an active pking/warring clan and are one of the most organized clans in RS. We are a unique clan that can't be matched with ingame performance and our top notch community. If you want to dominant in the wild instead of being dominanted then come to our forums by click here Reign of Terror. If you want to come by and chat with us then we also have a irc chan on swift.irc and it's #rot. You can talk to many different clan members here and learn about us if you have any questions. If you have any personal questions about RoT you can pm me on forums or on irc. It's a decision that you won't regret in the future. *The Man 5114*


Try to take over this.
http://img33.imagesh...00221171841.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


Also if you have ps3 add my PSN: TheLonelyRider. I play Black Ops and have a 3.28 K/D if you were wondering :s


*Well that's my profile for you..Good Bye

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