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Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Sony Xperia Z2 (Camera)

09 April 2014 - 08:44 AM

I'm currently phoneless (using my Note 8.0 as a phone since my Galaxy S3 broke last year). Now, I'm split between these two: S5 and the Z2. The S5 body is cheap and there's no dedicated camera button but the photo quality is better than the Z2's. I use my phone to take a lot of pictures, so I really need a good night-shooter (all phones are great day shooters nowadays).  If that's something you also look for in a phone, I've gotten some comparisons to help you make the decision (I've reduced the size on purpose and cropped too):

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Verdit: The Samsung Galaxy S5's camera outperforms the Sony Xperia Z2's camera in night shots. I've read that the Sony Xperia Z2's colors are more true and that the S5 overprocesses the photos, but I only care about the final result: if the picture looks nicer, in my book, it wins (that's why you'll notice there is no mention of sensor size and megapixels here! ;-) )

Other things to think about:
  • The S5's camera focuses faster than the Z2's.
  • S5 has 2GB ram while Z2 has 3GB.  Not sure how much better an extra 1 GB RAM is and if it affects the battery usage.
  • S5 has a sliiiiightly faster processor.
  • Z2 has a bigger battery but remember that Z2 has a bigger screen and 1GB extra RAM, so it may consume more too.
  • Z2 has better waterproofing and a dedicated camera button for taking pics underwater. The S5 is waterproof too, but it's designed to withstand water, not actually be actually operated in the water like Z2 (which is marketed as such).
  • The Z2's body is nicer looking than S5's but the Z2's glass front AND glass back makes me feel worried about cracking it.
  • Z2 costs more (where I am) by about 15%.
  • S5 features a heart-beat monitor (I can see myself using it on my jogs) and has built-in apps for fitness (I use Nike+ currently anyways). There's also a fingerprint scanner... semi-cool, but not a game-changer for me.
  • Z2 has active noise cancellation. Now this is something that I'm excited about because I've tried $300+ active noise cancellation headphones before and their effectiveness blew me away (they can get rid of like 90%+ of the noise in an airplane!) The Z2 bundles a pretty decent pair of in-ear headphones as well.
  • The Z2 has front-facing stereo speakers so there's less chance of you covering up the speakers with your hands (I always did that on my S3!) and of course, audio probably sounds nicer.
  • The S5 is thinner, smaller, and lighter. But, the faux metallic bezel-border is cheap (easily scratches off) and the back is like a flexible leathery surface, but unlike leather, I've read that it feels cheap (and in the "gold" (light brown) color simply resembles a band-aid).

Source of the pics: http://www.xperiablo...-and-galaxy-s5/
Source of everything else: I read a whole bunch of reviews and saw Youtube review videos.

We Are Recruiting For 2007Rshelp.com!

03 April 2014 - 06:04 AM

Now that Jagex are updating OSRS more often and the OSRS community is pretty strong, we think it's a good time to get a content team for our 07 site: http://2007rshelp.com

Posted Image

If you're interested in applying, please see the procedure here: http://forums.zybez....-want-to-apply/    (please note: you need a minimum of 20 post-count to apply)

If you have any questions, feel free to reply here.

Protecting Your Runescape Account In 2014

27 February 2014 - 10:27 AM

Protect your email account. This is the most important part of your online identity.
  • I highly, highly suggest you enable two-step verification. Many email providers offer this feature but if your email provider doesn't, I suggest you switch to Gmail.com. This will make your email account a million times safer.
  • Make your email account's security questions and password unique. Don't use this password anywhere else.
  • Make sure your recovery email address and phone number is valid.
  • Create a new email address for signing up to RuneScape fansites and forums. Don't use this email address on your RuneScape account.
Protect your computer. If your computer is compromised, it doesn't matter how long or complex your password is.
  • Install and enable Windows Defender on your computer. (for versions of Windows older than Windows 7, use Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus). If you wish to use an alternative antivirus, check out Avast. Make sure you have one antivirus constantly running on your computer. There is no need to have more than one antivirus software running at the same time.
  • Do a full scan of your computer using Windows Defender (or whatever antivirus software you have installed).
  • Do a full scan of your computer using Malware Bytes.
  • Do a full scan of your computer using Malware Bytes Antirootkit.
  • Do a full scan of your computer using Gmer.
  • Do a full scan of your computer using TDSSKiller.
  • Make it a habit to do these full scans every month or so. Save the logs so you can share them with experts to help identify hidden/suspicious viruses on your computer.
  • Open your task manager ( CTRL+SHIFT+ESC ) and look for any suspicious applications, specially under the "Start-up" tab. (Or, better still, you can download CCleaner and check under Tools > Startup)
Protect your IP address.
  • Limit your communication with RuneScape players outside of RuneScape. Don't talk to them on Skype, IRC, email, Teamspeak, etc.
  • Don't use any RuneScape-related software. Play RuneScape in your web-browser or using the official downloadable client.
  • Limit your usage of RuneScape sites and forums. If you must use them, consider using an alternative IP address whenever you do. For example, you can tether (share) your cell-phone's mobile data connection, connect to it using your PC, and then browse suspicious forums and sites.
  • Disconnect your modem's (cable modem or DSL modem) power overnight every now and then. This will often result in you being assigned a new IP address by your ISP. The more often your IP address changes, the safer you'll be from DDoSers that may have obtained your IP address.
  • Think about investing in a VPN/proxy service if you are at a high risk of getting DDoS'ed.
Protect your password.
  • Your email account's password and your RuneScape passwords should be unique. Never make them the same and never use them for anything else. This means you should have at least three passwords: one for your email account, one for your RuneScape account, and a third one for everything else.
  • If you primarily play from home, make it a rule to never log into RuneScape from a computer other than your own. Your friends may install keyloggers on their own computers for the sole purpose of stealing your passwords when you use their PC to play. Just don't trust any computer other than your own.
  • When you sign up to RuneScape sites and forums, use a fake date of birth and falsify other information as well. Your date of birth, location (city, country), etc. can be used to help hack your RuneScape and email accounts. Be careful not to add any RuneScape friends on Facebook or register domain-names where your personal information can be easily stolen and used to steal your account. Don't fall for simple tricks where hackers simply ask you all this information in a seemingly casual conversation: "When's your birthday? I will give you a present", "What time zone are you playing from? Which city?", "You lag a lot? Who is your ISP? I bet they suck", etc.
Protect your RuneScape account.

What Should I Do Based On My Stats And Bank?

08 February 2014 - 07:43 AM

Here's my bank:


My stats:
Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
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Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Link to adventurer's log: http://services.rune...?searchName=W13

Suggestions, please!

How Would You Kill Yelps?

08 February 2014 - 05:31 AM

We know Yelps is gonna die as part of a quest, but exactly how? Post your own ideas below. YOU decide! (Power to the players, yaay!)

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