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Achievements Rules

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Posted 09 September 2007 - 05:02 PM

Achievements Board Rules

No picture, no proof
Only post if you have a picture to prove you have accomplished your task and you are the owner of the account. A good proof image clearly displays both your name and stats, and includes the entire Runescape applet. Please note a stat signature does not count as a picture.

Drop Topics
You are allowed to post topics regarding your drops as long as the drop is considered "rare" or "very rare". Don't post common drops. The exception being a drop log.

The prior Drop Log Dropoff topic has been archived and can be accessed here.

Crop all images
All images must be cropped - or your topic will be closed until you complete this task. Cropped is defined as the image only showing your computer's screen - no black boxes, or empty white spaces. To make your lives easier, you can crop the gaming screen using a screenshot tool like puu.sh

Cropped is defined as your image only showing your computer's screen - no black boxes, or empty white spaces. To make your lives easier, you can crop just the gaming screen using a screenshot tool like Puush or Imgur, or crop a screenshot using various photo-editing software, a guide to which can be found here.

Only post for yourself
If your friend(s) have achieved something special they can make an account and post it themselves. Your topic is only for your achievements.

No spamming
Each reply you make should be constructive; replies such as "thank you", "updated", "good luck dude" and "first post!!" are not tolerated. Whether or not your post is spam is at the discretion of the CL/Moderator. Note that posting repeatedly to only increase your post count will end up with a suspension and your post count will be reset.

In addition, posting merely to bump your topic, or double-posting, is also classed as 'spam' - please use the bump button, located at the top right of the posting screen.

Posting multiple topics is also considered spam. Try to give a time difference between topics, otherwise just add it to your previous topic. Again, it is at the discretion of the CL/Moderator.

Place your topic in the right forum
If you're making a topic that follows a list or series of different goals or achievements, put it in the Achievements Forum. If you are posting one achievement or one goal that you have, post it in the Single Achievements forum. If you decide that you want to change your single achievements thread to multiple achievements, PM a CL to move your thread to the correct forum.

The forums now have the function of being able to add tags / prefixes to your topics, it is preferred if users attempt to make the most of these when creating new topics, upon creating a new topic just below the title form there is a 'topic prefix' drop down box in which you can select one of three selections, they are explained just below:

- RS3: Used for any topic that contains achievements or content from the current state of the game (this includes RS2, EoC & now RS3 content).
- OSRS: Used for any topic that contains achievements or content from Old School RuneScape.
- HYBRID: Used for any topic that contains achievements or content from more than one game version.
- DEADMAN: Used for any topic that contains achievements or content from Deadman mode

Do not wannabe moderate
If someone forgets to post a picture in their topic, or spams the board, or flames - don't tell them off yourself, report them. We will not tolerate wannabe moderation anywhere on the forums. This also includes posts such as "pics plz" or "in b4 lock."

Posts or topics that violate these rules are subject to deletion or closing without notice. Please also note that these rules are subject to change at any time without due notice.


Punishments can range anywhere from a verbal warning to a rating deduction to permanent banning depending on the degree of your offense. Punishments are at the individual moderator's discretion.

Thanks for your cooperation!
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Posted 28 February 2011 - 02:48 PM

Guide to Cropping Images
Crop images using various graphical programs


Aside from the rules, every achievement looks so much better with neatly cropped and proportionally sized images right? Luckily for you, this guide will show you the best way to crop images using various programs. By cropping images, you can keep your achievement threads open, and add depth and attractiveness to them that un-cropped and vague images don’t do. :unsure:


There will be four main programs explained in this guide: Microsoft Paint, Paint.NET, GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. All four programs are excellent for your cropping needs, so it doesn't necessarily matter if you use the free and effective Microsoft Paint, or the expensive and professional Adobe Photoshop. Whichever program you use, it will work effectively and will fit your needs perfectly!

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint comes free with every computer that uses any of the Windows operating systems. It is a fairly simple program and is only limited to the basic image editing features, but nonetheless, it is still a great program for cropping images. As for this guide, the Windows 7 version on Paint will be used.



Paint.NET is one of the best image editing programs, and best of all, it is completely free. The program can be a bit intimidating at first with all of the various tools, plugins, layers and effects that you can use, but for cropping needs, Paint.NET is a very helpful and simple program to use.



GIMP is yet another free and helpful image editing program. It is more advanced than Microsoft Paint, but is about equal to Paint.NET in terms of tools, effects, layers, etcetera. Though the many buttons and features on your screen may be intimidating, GIMP is a very easy program to use for your cropping needs.


Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the premier image editing programs that you can get. It is a fantastic program for editing photos and images, as well as cropping, though comes at a high price. Like Paint.NET and GIMP, Photoshop can be a bit confusing, but for your cropping needs, it is very easy to get the hang of. As for this guide, Photoshop CS4 Extended was used.


Thanks to Debenkey for creating this guide!
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