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Posted 21 February 2004 - 11:49 AM

by Daniyal


PART 1: Subscribing for members
i. Introduction and Preface to Members
ii. How to Subscribe
iii. Ways to pay
PART 2: Preparing and doing first steps in members
i. How to prepare for members before getting it
ii. Newbie member tips and first steps
i. FAQ
ii. Credits

PART 1: Subscribing for members

i. Introduction and Preface to members

You are now playing Runescape from a long time. You’ve killed the dragon, and you’re now annoying bad. But you’d had noticed that talking with some charaters it says “You must be on a member server to talk to this server”. You say, what is it?
Yes, RS Members is an extension to Runescape game, and you need 5$ to subscribe to it. A new world awaits you behind the gate near Doric. You’ll have new things to do, like Fletching and Herblaw. You’ll have a new land to discover, and new cities to go in, like Ardougne. You can also do a whole lot of quests, so you’ll never get bored, and also, for the daring off you, new monsters await you, including King Black Dragon (lvl 245). Want to become RS P2P? Lets start…

ii. How to Subscribe

Well, first off subscribe, it'd be better to tell you any thing you'd ask first about the members. You need 5$ for 1 month of membership.
Universal Currency Converter: Click HERE!
But, you pay only 5$ a month only by some methods of paying. You can select from these packages of Runescape membership:

NEW! ~ 1 month package - 7.55$
Only available for few services, like thru-Mail. The 1.55$ in more are for money transfer costs. If you pay by a credit card, you wont have to pay 1.55 more. I'd suggest you to take this only if you're in EXTREME measures. Your parents wont let you get RS membership... you dont have money, or just want to "taste" RS P2P is hostile conditions too... You can comfortly send 7.55$ in an envelop directed to PayByCash without taking risk of huge sums of money being lost in mishaps.

3 months Membership package - 19.95$
Available for all services. As ever, the additional money is for transfer funds. This will be the ideal for someone who wants to enjoy in Runescape, take it easy, having little sum of money to spend. This could be even good to try out RS P2P before buying 6 months or whole year packages. 3 months will be sufficient to familiarize with RS P2P. Ideal for kids who collect their own pocket money to pay.

6 months membership package - 33.95$
Available for all services. This package is ideal if you are gone a Runescapian, and dont want to send money now and then, and enjoy Runescape without having any expiry to respect for a long time. I'd recommend you NOT to send the money by mail services but by bank services.

1 YEAR P2P! Package - 57.95$
W00T! 1 YEAR OF P2P! lucky *******. You'll need this package if you and Runescape P2P are one thing, and you want to play RS P2P without caring for expiries for a whole year. DONT send it from mail services... but only by bank services... ya know.. i dont trust the post office :-P

Remember: You can ALWAYS pay in your OWN currency. And if anytime you want to unsubscribe, you can do so by going on Runescape.com and selecting: Unsubscribe.

iii. Ways to pay

1. go to www.runescape.com
2. Click on "Subscribe" on home page
3. A form will appear: Fill it out ALL (give a fake phone number to not get disturbed by any case :-P) and check the tick boxes... select country. If you want to pay by credit card, you can already click on one of the credit card options, if not have credit cards, you can go on clicking on "Pay by Cash" and filling the form i told ya about.

METHODS: There are many methods which to pay from. To avoid confusions, Im telling only about the methods that people use the most, and are effective.
  • Credit Card
    This is the payment method for excellence for RS P2P. You need a credit card (must be over 18 or get a parent) from your bank, type your number when RS site ask it, and voilà! In 10 secs you're a member! No risk of loosing money, and it'll automatically take 5$ out of your account every month (till you unsubscribe), so no agony for expiry dates.
  • Pay by Cash (thru-mail)
    My FAVOURITE method for paying :-D It let me get RS P2P when no other method worked and parents were all against it, and im only 14 years old. EVEN 14 YEARS OLD KIDS CAN SEND MONEY FOR P2P WITH IT! You just have to close the receipt sheet that they give you AND money in an envelope and throw that (with address) and in 7-8 days you're p2p! NO PARENTS INVOLVED! The explanation of this method will be given later on at the end of this chapter.
  • Virtual Check
    A check that you submit via the world wide web. The funds are drawn from your checking account via direct debit. Also called as Direct Debit. It's received instantly. Depending on the merchant, checks are either accepted and processed immediately, or after clearing, which can take six business days.
  • Auto-Debit
    A direct debit that is automatically drawn from your checking account every month until you cancel your subscription by notifying PayByCash. Its received instantly. Depending on the merchant, checks are either accepted and processed immediately, or after clearing, which can take six business days.
  • Bank Transfer Also known as a Wire Transfer or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), this is a payment that you send directly to PAYBYCASH's bank (in your country!) from your bank using the instructions they provide when you place your order. This is one of the most popular options for customers outside the U.S. where sending a wire transfer is quite inexpensive. It depends upon the country from which the bank transfer is sent. For most countries, they receive notification in 3-4 business days. For a few countries it may take as many as 10-12 business days.
  • Money Order Ah, the good ol' money order :-P ~ A money order (also known as a postal check, bank check, or cashiers check) is a funds-guaranteed check that is purchased from a financial institution or postal service office with cash. Its funds are guaranteed, so merchants don't have to worry about the check not being honored. It is sent via the mail. Depends on the postal service. U.S. mail usually gets there in 3-4 days. International mail gets there in 7-14 days (assuming the payment is not sent via express mail). If sent in by express mail ,it'll be recieved in some days, but you have to pay a bit more..
  • PayPal A method of sending funds via email. You must have (or create) a PayPal account before you can use this method. Typically recieved within about 30 minutes. Processing speed depends on the funding for the PayPal account.
  • Pay-By-Phone This is available to people resident in Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK only. With this, you can comfortly pay the membership from your phone credit. Better ask someone who pays the bills of it tho :-D
  • Pay-By-SMS Another way of NO-PARENTS involving method: You must be living in UK tho (only there :-P) Just send 6 SMS (costing 1.50£ each) to the number JAGeX provides you, and you'll recieve a pin-code, which you will type in the authentication window to get your account P2P!
Note: Some third-party payment services (such as PayPal, Certa-Pay, Western Union, etc) charge a fee to the sender, the receiver, or both for the use of their transaction service. PayByCash prices do not include this third party fee.

Pay-By-Cash (thru mail) method ~ NO PARENTS INVOLVING GUARANTEED!
Parents being stubborn? You cant pay the p2pship by any other method without them involving? NO PROBLEM! YOU CAN STILL DO IT! Dont loose hope so quick, i didnt so i became RS member. Well, there is a tiny bit of risk... 1% of it....

Here is what ya have to do:
First get yourself 20$. If you cant get them, get atleast 7.55$ so you can pay atleast for 1 month. Get to RS website, follow the procedure i told, and when you get to select a method for payment, select "PayByCash (thru Mail)" Now, select the package, and finally, there will be a "Thanks, your subscription has been sent" screen. There'll also be your username and the package AND the amount you need tp pay on that webpage. Print it. When you print it, print 2 copies. Keep one in the most secret outta your hideouts, and the other, send it to them. Get a normal envelope, and tickets necessary to send it out to USA, and put the printed page in it, AND put the money in it too...

REMEMBER: AVOID COINS! This, in many countries, is an illegal thing, and your money would return back to you if they ever discovered you've put coins in it, cuz they'll hear them! if they're asking 7.55$, put in 10$, so it'll be paper and will not be noticed. I sent too much coins once, and it came back.

Now simply, go to any mailbox, and put it in, and in 8 days max. (depending on your country) you'll be p2p.


To gain money, its not difficult! Just beg parents, or do a part time job for your neighbour :lol:


1) Go to Runescape Site and click "Subscribe"
http://www.rsvault.n...load/guide1.gif [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

2) You'll be upon the login screen: type your details (RS Name and PW) and Login.
http://www.rsvault.n...load/guide2.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

3)You'll be now upon the Account Management section. Click on "Subscribe NOW!" under "Membership"
http://www.rsvault.n...load/guide3.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

4) A page will come where you have to select your country: select it!
http://www.rsvault.n...load/guide4.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

5) Now, there will be a page with credit card payment options. Leave them. Go down and you'll see "Dont have Credit Card? No Problem: PAYBYCASH" then a button. Click there.
http://www.rsvault.n...load/guide5.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

6) Fill in your details (give a fake phone number and a FAKE address, probably of your neighbour...) and also tick mark the last options and then click the button "Click here to Subscribe"

7) You'll be taken to the PayByCash page. Click "[Click here for Runescape By PayByCash here!]"

8) Now, on the page that comes.... scroll down and click "US and INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS" (see pic)

9) Finally, you have come to the last step of the all thing: now, choose the payment option "PayByCash (thru mail)" and click "Click once to Submit"

10) Finally, you come upon a "Thank You" page. PRINT IT! And take an envelop, put that printed page in it, and your money: close it, and sent it to the adress shown and highlited in red! After 8-9 days you'll be p2p. DIE PARENTS! LOOK: IM A MEMBER!

This guide is copyright of Daniyal. No part of it may be reproduced without permission!

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