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Posted 28 April 2007 - 07:28 AM

If you need help calculating what level 20k iron arrows will get you or what monsters to stun, then look no further. Zybez has provided you with two useful tools to get your questions answered quickly, effectively, and accurately. Step has also provided a useful calculator, available for download.

These three resources will aid you greatly in your reaching your goals.

How to use the Skill Calculator

You will find the menu on the upper part of the screen; this displays the skills that are in the calculator. However, before clicking a skill, take time to click "Enter a character name" next to the 'Character' heading.
This will bring up a pop-up window. Enter your Runescape username and your stats will be automatically filled into the calculators.

There's an experience table on the lower part of the screen which can be used for manual calculations.

Using the Calculators

First, click on the skill you are going to be using. I will use the Ranging calculator for my example. You
can enter either your current level or current experience in the "Current" box. Enter the level you want to get to or the desired amount of experience in the "Target" box. So, if you want to get from level
67-76 range, then you would put "67" in the "Current" box and "76" in the "Target" box.

Finally, go to the right column and select the options you want. It should mostly be self-explanatory. It should automatically give you the calculation - such as, how many Ogres you would need to kill to reach your goal in Ranged.


Planning mode
In the right column you'll find a "Use planning mode" checkbox. Checking this box allows you to input the number of items you use and find out what level you will be at. For instance, if you go to the Ranging
calculator, indicate that you will be using 20k iron arrows and are currently 70 range, then it will tell you what level you will probably reach after using the arrows.

Hide member options
The "hide member options" checkbox (also located in the right column) is useful if you are an f2p player. It will tell the calculator not to display any of the member's parts of the skills.

Extra features

Posted Image

Changing XP bonuses is as easy as clicking the right box.

Posted Image
Unchecking this box lets you set your own starting level for the progress bar.

Posted Image
If you happen to be particularly lazy, you can change any of the "level" fields just by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Posted Image
You can also re-sort the table any way you want just by clicking the associated header.

Credits go to No1 1000 for the pictures

Zybez Skill Guides

If you have a question about the best method to use to train a skill (such as what monster to train your ranged on), then this is the place to look. The Skill Guides will provide detailed description of what you can achieve as you level, what items are available to the skill aand what they do, and even how to train it at certain levels. This is also useful if you have a question about a certain item - if you know what skill it is associated with, you can check the Skill Guides to see if they have it.

Step's SXS Sniffer

Some people have complained that Step's SXS Sniffer is not working for them. He has information about errors on his website; check there if you are having problems. You may also want to see through the rest of the website. If that fails, the best course of action would be to contact Stephimself about it, but please realize he is a busy person and may not be able to respond right away.

Questions CL's can try to help you, but we are not experts on his calculator and our ability to help is limited.

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Posted 07 May 2008 - 05:32 PM

Maxsje has created a Mini-Guide that may give you ideas should you ever get bored, or run out of ideas on what to do in the game.

Mini-guide on how to solve boredom

So you're bored.. You log onto your account, have a quick peek at your stats, check your bank for no apparent reason, simply find yourself clueless of what to do next? Don't worry, we all get to that stage at one point. This mini-guide should help you to quickly get out of it: I cannot guarantee you that this will automatically lead you into getting as excited with RuneScape as before, but this is mainly to get a few ideas and eventually get back on track.

Am I bored of doing skills? (answer this question truthfully)

If the answer is YES, I would strongly advise you to stop training those skills for a while. You'd be surprised how many fun things there are to do in RuneScape!

  • Questing
    A quest can always form a break of skilling - whether you're bored or not. Personally, I think you enjoy doing a quest a lot more if you do not use a guide. If you're however, a hasty person and can't be bothered to figure out each riddle or next step on your own, you can of course use the guide. But, if you can, try not to. A quest can be relaxing, but also very rewarding. Try to carefully pick a quest from those that are still available to you (if you have not yet completed them all), look through the rewards and make the best choice (perhaps one clue could bring an addition to the training process of one skill).
    Useful links: Quest Guides Centre on Zybez.net
  • Mini games
    While some of these are not rewarding at all, they can often be exactly what you are looking for. Something relaxing, yet exciting. From defeating other players and capturing flags in Castle Wars, to running errands for the Gnome Cuisine: there are so many possibilities for you to choose from. An overview of all these mini-games, accompanied by excellent guides can all be found in our Mini games centre.
    Useful links: Mini Games Centre on Zybez.net
  • I still want something else.
    • Hunting for clue scrolls:
      Not only a fun activity, but also very rewarding sometimes. Due to the wide variety in scrolls, you can keep doing very different clues - perhaps solve the mind breakers using your own strong insight?! For those that don't really want to do that, no worries: the Treasure Trail help guide offers all solutions.
      Useful links: Treasure Trail help on Zybez.net
    • Hunting some dangerous monsters:
      Many have become very rich doing this. There is no better place for this than the God Wars Dungeon. Beware, you should prepare yourself: reading a magnificent guide should do the job. You can also kill other dangerous monsters, ranging from the King Black Dragon to the Kalphite Queen. Your call.
      Useful links:
    • Watch videos:
      Still clueless? Perhaps you could get a few ideas by watching videos of others, in our very own RuneScape Videos Section. Seeing someone else being successful in their adventure, can be just what you need to get excited again.

If the answer is NO, follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Have a look at all your skills.
  • Step 2: Make a list and put every skill there.
  • Step 3: Start eliminating the skills you could absolutely not be bothered to train. Hopefully, you have a few skills left! If not, you'd better look up and read the advice that would've been given if you had answered yes.
  • Step 4: So, you have a few skills left. Then think of what really interests you: quick power training, money or both? What skill could be the best for what I chose? Can I earn money using that skill, or do I have the equipment to quickly level that skill? Hopefully, you can make up your mind as we cannot make the decision for you.
  • Step 5:If you cannot make up your mind, or you have trouble determining how good a skill can be for your interest, do not hesitate to ask others in the Questions forum. Explain your situation very well (also say which skills you do not want to train), as this will have an immediate result on how constructive the answers will be.

Some golden advice:
Always try to be innovative or challenge yourself: Sometimes you just feel like you've done everything you can in Runescape so how about trying to do something extraordinary? Try completing a treasure trail without looking at the clue, defeat the almighty King Black Dragon with your bare fist, or maybe even be the first person to have 99 Summoning with absolutely no leveled combat stats. Runescape doesn't have to solely be about leveling up skills or slaying creatures, it can be about thinking outside the box as well.
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Posted 21 July 2008 - 05:46 PM

If you are having trouble with treasure trails and their sliding puzzles, then you might want to watch this flash animation. It helped me once before and I think it will help you also. Thanks to Ryan P J for creating this animation!
“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” - Will Smith

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Posted 12 December 2008 - 05:48 AM

Troubleshooting With RuneScape

Table Of Contents
The Game Won't Start!
Logging In - Username In Use
Logging In - Unable To Connect To server
HD Won't Start!

Frequent Errors

The game won't start!
If the game doesn't start, runs slowly or crashes, you may want to try one of the following solutions.
  • Restart your computer
    Although this solution may seem simple, it fixes your problem most of the time. The problem is usually a Java error.
  • Reinstall or upgrade Java
    If you still cannot get RuneScape to load after restarting your computer, you may need to reinstall Java. Install the Sun Java plugin found here and click the 'Free Java Download' button. This should get you the latest version of Java.
  • Download the latest Windows patches
    Click here to download to latest patches for your Windows Operating System.
  • Try Changing you Java options
    Visit the Java Options page on the Official RuneScape website and change the Java setting to Force Sun Java. Then press save settings and proceed to load the game as normal.
If none of that works, you may want to contact JaGex or your internet provider.

Logging In - Username In Use
If you are trying to log in but it says that your username is already in use, please try the following:
  • Just wait a few minutes. If you were playing a few minutes ago and didn't log out properly then your user may still be connected to the server.

    Note: Always remember to log out using the log-out button, as closing RuneScape down by another method can leave your character open to being attacked and killed while you are not in control of them.

  • Look on the RuneScape home page and if one or more of the servers are showing 0 players then JaGex are probably upgrading our servers. Just wait a few minutes for them to finish the upgrade and then login as normal.
  • Lastly, it it may also happen that the server you were using has just gone offline. When a server goes offline, it can be for any number of reasons. If this does happen though, the best thing to do is simply wait patiently while the issue is fixed.
Again, if none of these solutions work, you may want to contact JaGex through Customer Support.

Logging In - Unable To Connect To Server
When this error show up, you can try to switch to a different world. Also, check the home page to see whether the servers are temporarily offline for maintenance or an update. If so, try waiting an hour and try again. Eventually, your internet settings cause the error. I'm afraid that there is nothing that we can do to help you with this, as it is a problem with the settings on your connection. In that case, you may need to contact your Internet provider.

HD Won't Start!
Make sure that you meet the requirements to play RuneScape HD. RuneScape HD requires 256Mb RAM, a 1.5Ghz processor and a graphics card at least equivalent to Nvidia GeForce 3. If you don't meet these requirements you may not be able to play in High Detail.

If you do have the requirements, yet HD won't start take a look at this guide on the official RuneScape website.


The following guides may also be helpful:


Note: If you are experiencing problems which aren't explained above you may want to ask the people in the Computing Board. They might be able to help you out.

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