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The Master Ranger's Guide | The Road To 99 Range

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The Master Ranger's Guide: The Road to 99 Range
By: Useph

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Table of Contents
This table of contents is interactive, so you can click on a section number and it will jump you down to that section further in the guide, allowing you to avoid having to scroll through the post.
  • [1.0] Why Should I Train Range?
    • [1.1] Training Range
  • [2.0] So Many Choices! (weapon selection)
  • [3.0] What do I wear?! (gear selection)
    • [3.1] Ava's Accumulator
  • [4.0] Where should I train?
    • [4.1] Low level training spots (levels 1-40)
    • [4.2] Medium level training spots (levels 40-70)
    • [4.3] High level training spots (levels 70-99)
  • [5.0] Some extra info

[1.0] Why Should I train Range?

Why should you bother training range? It seems like it takes forever and you're still only hitting 9s, when you could be hitting 22s with your scimitar. Range is often a skill resented by many, disliked because it is "slow," "ineffective," and "boring." Let me prove you wrong. Range is a skill that allows you to hit others from far away, dealing more damage than any other skill in the shortest amount of time. If you haven't already started range, you don't know what you're missing.

[1.1] Training Range

Training range is often considered boring and really long. In reality, it is really easy to train as there is not constant clicking as when, for example, alching, or constantly watching your health bar and munching on food in melee. In range, you can perch yourself behind a rock, or a mushroom, or even a friend, and shoot pieces of iron or steel at an opponent, often times much stronger than yourself.

This will go true for all range training. Use the best armor and the best bows (not necessarily ammunition) you can while training for the best outcome. Also, if you will be training with a bow use a Shortbow, not a longbow. Finally, always train with the "Rapid" attack mode, as you will save hours in the long run.

[2.0] So Many Choices!

There is also the question of what ranged weapon should I use to train? A Bow and arrows? Knives? Darts? Javelins? The bone crossbow? A regular crossbow? Here is a list of when to use each type of ranged weapon and how I rate them for training, not pking or Godwars or other non-training tasks:
  • Throwing Knives (Excellent): Knives are one of the cheapest and fastest ways to train range, therefore the most efficient. If you're debating between knives and a bow, you should probably take knives. They are faster, and hit only slightly less than arrows, but they are a bit more costly. I have also noticed that Ava's accumulator will retrieve them less than arrows. The only time I don't suggest using knives is when you are killing high leveled monsters. Meaning don't use knives for things like Dragons, Tzhaar, Aviansies, or any type of boss monster (God Wars Generals, Kalphite Queen, Chaos Elemental, King Black Dragon, Daggonoth Kings). Also, if you plan on using knives, just use bronze knives, they will be effective for low-medium level monsters.
  • Throwing Darts (Excellent): Throwing Darts are much like knives, however they have a slightly lower ranged bonus than a throwing knife of the same type. For example, the Iron Throwing Knife has a ranged bonus of +5, while the Iron Dart has a ranged bonus of +4.
  • Red Chinchompas (Excellent): Red Chinchompas are the fastest way to train ranged in RuneScape. However, they are also the most expensive. To use them effectively you need to find a large group of monsters in a multi combat area that you can attack all at the same time. The way a Chinchompa works is when you hit it, it also hurts everything in the surrounding 8 tiles (Similar to Barrage or Burst spells in the Ancient Magic Spellbook). There are only a few spots in RuneScape to use these, and using them before about 85 ranged is a waste of money.
  • Rune Crossbow (Above Average): The reason I am saying Rune Crossbow is because if you don't have the level for a Rune Crossbow, then a Bow will be faster for you to train with. You should use a Rune crossbow when you are killing higher leveled monsters only. They work extremely well on Dragons and such. Also, always use at least mithril bolts. Because you are sacrificing speed for power with the crossbow, this means you need to hit hard to get the same experience as you would with other methods. If you use bolts weaker than mithril, you will do less damage than you would with even bronze arrows and a bow, or throwing knives. A plus of the crossbow is that your shield slot is open when you use it. Usually the best option for that space is the Unholy Book, which gives you a +8 ranged bonus. This means that the total range bonus of your crossbow and shield will be +98 alone, making it better than every other ranged weapon except the fully charged Crystal Bow.
  • Crystal Bow (Above Average): The Crystal Bow is available upon completion of the Roving Elves quest. This is one of the most powerful and useful bows in the game. When you buy it or recharge a seed into one it comes with 2500 shots and starts at a +100 ranged bonus. Then it will degrade every 250 shots and each time it does its range bonus gets lowered by 4. Its arrows are more powerful than rune arrows, no matter what charge the bow is at. It has an extremely long range, and is very convenient because you never have to remember to grab arrows with it. After the fifth charge, using the bow costs 72 gp per arrow, but the arrows are not retrievable. The crystal bow should never be used on low level monsters. Like the Rune Crossbow, it is only worth using on high level monsters such as Dragons. It is possible to exploit the Crystal Bow and make it so that nearly all of the 2,500 arrows fired from it are from a 10/10 (fully charged) bow. To do this, requires 2 Crystal Bows. What you do is use one bow as a 'good' bow, and the second bow as a 'garbage' bow. You fire 230-249 shots from the 'good' bow, switch to the 'garbage' bow, use it until it degrades, and then switch back to the 'good' bow. Your 'garbage' bow will have degraded to 9/10, while the 'good' bow is still at 10/10, and can be used for another 249 shots without degrading. After you shoot 230-249 shots, switch back to the 'garbage' bow and have it degrade again, then back to the 10/10 'good' bow. After the 'garbage' bow turns into a seed another bow will have to be purchased to continue using this method. With this method you will ideally be able to shoot 2490 shots from the Crystal bow while it is fully charged. A good method of counting your arrows is, instead of counting each time you shoot, count the average number of arrows required to kill a certain monster. Say it takes about 20 arrows on average to kill a blue dragon. Instead of counting each arrows I know that after about 10 or 11 dragons I will want to switch to my 'garbage' bow until it degrades, and then back to the 'good' bow for another 10 or 11 kills. To people who may whine about this method being considered "bug abuse": Jagex has confirmed that this is not a bug, as you are not affecting other players. You are simply taking advantage of the bow's degrading property. If Jagex did not want you to use this exploit, they would change it so that it would be impossible.
  • Bow and arrows (Average): This is the basic way to train range, but when should you use this when you have other options? In most cases, knives are better than the shortbow. However, if your ranged level is low and you're killing a higher leveled monster like ogres, I suggest using this because knives give you a very low range bonus.
  • Dorgeshuun Crossbow (Average): This crossbow can usually replace a bow and arrows for training. It requires only 32 ranged to weild, and you do not actually have to complete the quest it is apart of to use it. It fires bone bolts, which hit significantly harder than bronze, iron, or steel arrows.
  • Sling (Average): On October 12, 2010, Jagex released the sling. This weapon is dropped by low level monsters, such as goblins and spiders throughout Lumbridge and Varrock. There is a slightly more powerful variation of this, Kayle's sling, which can be acquired by beginning (not completing) the Blood Pact quest. If you have already finished the quest, simply talk to Xenia at the start point to get another. If you choose to train with a sling, acquire the Kayle's sling. Kayle's sling is worth training with when training on low level monsters and on a very tight budget. This weapon uses no ammunition (free, unlimited ammo), it has range accuracy of +5 and range strength of +6.5. Compared to bronze arrows, which have a strength of +7, the sling isn't weaker. However, it is much less accurate than most shortbows. From experimenting with it, the sling appears to be as fast if not faster than the shortbow. Training with it on rapid can on a low level monster can be desirable if no other options exist.
  • Javelins (Poor): When are Javelins a good idea to train range? The answer is very simple and indisputable. Never. Never use any type of Javelin, period. Update: The Morrigan's Javelin is worth using for PvPing, but should not be used for training (unless you're willing to dish out around 30k per projectile).
  • Throwing Axes (Poor): Same as Javelins, don't ever use them to train, and they are useless for anything else as well. However the rune throwing axe has an interesting special attack, but it's still not really good for anything.
  • Dark Bow (Poor): The Dark Bow should never be used for training. It is way too slow, even if it does fire two arrows at once.
[3.0] What do I wear?!

It is important to make use of the best equipment available to you while you are training range. Here's a list of the best equipment to wear, in numerical order from best to worst.
  • Full Void Knight Set with Ranger Helm (After 75 Range)
  • Armadyl's Set (70+ Range)*
  • Black D'Hide (70+ Range) | Karil's Set (Not recommended for Training) (70+ Range) | 3rd Age Ranger Set (65+ Range)*
  • Red D'Hide (60+ Range)
  • Blue D'Hide (50+ Range)
  • Green D'Hide | Spined Set (40+ Range)
  • Snakeskin Set (30+ Range)
  • Frog-leather Set (25+ Range)
  • Studded Set (20+ Range)
  • Leather Set (1+ Range)
  • Nothing (1+ Range)
  • Melee Armor | Magic Robes (1+ Range)
* These items are very expensive

In some cases an entire set will not be the most effective to wear. Here is a list of the best item for each miscellaneous piece of equipment.

  • Ava's Accumulator*
  • Ava's Attractor
  • Fire Cape
* Very highly recommended

  • Full Slayer Helmet (slayer task only, 15% range boost)
  • Armadyl Helm
  • 3rd Age Coif
  • Robin Hood Hat
  • God Coif
  • D'hide Coif (Best Available)
  • Spined Helm | Archer Helm
  • Snakeskin Bandanna
  • Leather Coif
  • Leather Cowl
  • Unholy Book (Completed Zamorak Book)
  • Book of Balance (Completed Guthix Book)
  • Rune Kiteshield (Only -2 Range Bonus)
  • Amulet of Ranging*
  • Amulet of Fury*
  • Amulet of Glory
  • Amulet of Power
  • Amulet of Accuracy
* The Amulet of Ranging Provides a +15 Range bonus but the only other stat that it boosts is magic defense. An amulet like the Amulet of Fury provides +10 Range, but one has to remember that it boosts all offensive stats by +10, all defensive stats by +15, strength by +8 and prayer by +5. When buying a high level amulet for Ranging, take these factors into account. Are you going to choose an amulet that only helps you when Ranging? Or will you go with an all around amulet that helps slightly less in ranging but can be used for any activity? In most cases, the Amulet of Fury is better than the Amulet of Ranging.

  • 'Barrows' (Recipe For Disaster) Gloves
  • D'Hide Vambraces (Best Available)
  • Ranger Boots
  • Snakeskin Boots
  • Archer's Ring
[3.1] Ava's Accumulator:

Ava's Accumulator is a reward from the Animal Magnetism quest and is perhaps the most useful item for training range. Unfortunately, this item is available to members only. Any type of account can finish the quest and use the Accumulator with the exception of those that wish for their account to remain at level 1 prayer. The subquests of Animal Magnetism both reward about 1.5k prayer experience upon completion. Finishing the quest with under 50 ranged will give you Ava's Attractor, which has all the same properties as the Accumulator except it has a +2 ranged bonus instead of +4. It also attracts random iron objects instead of steel. The Accumulator is a Backpack that is worn in the Cape slot. It's most useful feature is that when you are ranging an enemy with nothing between you and it (no fences, walls, etc.) the Accumulator will return about 90% of the ammunition you are using directly into your arrow slot. This works for all types of ranged weapons and ammunition, provided that the ammunition does not disappear instantly when normally fired. This means it works on all types of Knives, Darts, Arrows, Bolts, Javelins (which you should never use anyway), thowing axes, etc, but does not work on things like Bolt Racks fired from the Karil's Crossbow, Crystal Bow shots, or Chinchompas.

[4.0] Where Should I train?

In the following sections you'll find some of my training spot suggestions based on Ranged Level, Member Status (f2p or p2p), and the gear available to you. These places are certainly not the only spots you can train at, but they are definitely the more efficient options. You can follow this guide, or not, it doesn't matter to me. However, my Range level is in the 90s now, and I have been playing RuneScape for close to 4 years. On top of this, I've created multiple 'pures', on which I've also had to raise my Range level again. These more recent accounts allow me to more accurately describe where to train range at low levels, since the best spots are certainly different from when I first leveled on Useph.

[4.1] Low Level Training Spots (Levels 1-40)

For low level training I will only list f2p spots, because my guess is that about 90% of a time you will not become a member until you reach at least 40 range. If you are a member with under 40 range, you'll just have to use these tactics but on a members world. Even as a member, you'll only have a few advantages at such a low ranged level, such as frog-leather armor and snakeskin armor, and the ability to use throwing knives.

Levels 1-5


For levels 1-5 you have a few options, each of which will cost you virtually nothing. I suggest getting 3 range at tutorial island (you cannot level any skill above 3 there), then when you complete tutorial, you'll have 25 arrows and a shortbow. Head a bit north of the Lumbridge Castle main gate, and talk to the Range Tutor, who will give you a training bow and 25 training arrows. You now have 50 arrows which can easily get you from 3-5 range, or perhaps even higher. Where I suggest this training is done is at the Chicken Farm a bit north of Lumbridge on the Eastern side of the river. You may also want to spend this time beginning The Blood Pact quest and do it far enough to acquire Kayle's sling, which may be useful for training, as it has unlimited ammo and is about as strong as bronze arrows. See the weapon description section of this guide for more info on the sling.

Posted Image

Levels 5-20


Make sure you have an Oak Shortbow, it is also wise to invest in some Range Stat-boosting armor. Your only option at this point is leather armor, which consists of vambraces, a soft-leather body, leather chaps, a and a leather cowl. You can also buy an Amulet of Accuracy which will boost you Range bonus +4, or an Amulet of Power, which gives +6 to all bonuses except prayer, and is a very wise investment because you can use it to train any combat skill while boosting your defensive bonuses. Head up north to the Monestary west of Edgeville. Kill Monks until 20 Range. This is the best option for pures and other low combat level players, because the monks can heal you if you talk to them when they aren't fighting you, and ask for them to heal you. You can kill them right afterwards (which I find quite funny).

Posted Image

Another option would be cows, at either the Lumbridge or Falador farms, mentioned in the section above. Cows have a slighly higher defense level than Monks, and they will not heal you. However, they drop Raw Beef, Bones, and Cowhides. Cowhides have always been over 100 gp each, and bones are over 70 gp each, making each cow a profitable kill at a low level.

Posted Image

Levels 20-40


Once you get 20 Range you've completed the most boring (in my opinion) part of training range. You no longer hit more 0's than anything else. You're ready to move on to something a bit harder, because you can hit 3-5 fairly consistently. The best place to train at this point is in the Stronghold of Security. This place will be your best friend for a long time, especially if you never plan on becoming a member. The stronghold contains a wide variety of monsters, from low leveled goblins suitable for even the lowest combat levels to ankous, a skeleton-ghost like creature whose combat level is above 80 and is quite difficult, but rewarding to fight. Many of the monsters in the stronghold have very good drops, and it's usually possible to find a world that is not very crowded.

Now as far as where you will train from 20 to 40 range. Make your way to the stronghold and go down to the first floor. Here, you will be fighting Minotaurs. The best room to fight them in is in the Southeastern most room. In this room there is a large wall that you can shoot over, which minotaurs spawn on either side of. Minotaurs are never aggressive, even to someone who is level 3 combat, so it doesn't matter if they come near you or not. However, you can use this wall as an obstacle to prevent the Minotaur you are attacking from hitting you. A benefit of Minotaurs is their drops; they drop Noted Rune Essence, Noted Copper Ore, Noted Tin Ore, and best of all Iron Arrows. When I trained at the Minotaurs Recently on a rather new account of mine, I noticed two things about their drops. For every 1000 bronze arrows I used (picking arrows up) I'd get about 600-800 Iron arrows. Also, their Tin Ore drop rate is significantly higher than their Copper Ore drop rate, so if you're like me and try to get the most out of every single thing you do, you're going to get frustrated when you find that you have way more tin than copper, and can't make a nice number of bronze bars without mining extra.

Posted Image

It will take approximately 2-4 hours to go from 20-40 range here. It seems like a long time for very little experience, but I promise that things will really speed up eventually, and your experience rate won't always be around 10,000 an hour.

[4.2] Medium Level Training Spots (Levels 40-70)

Levels 40-60

Welcome to being able to wear green dragonhide! You've completed the first major part of your journey to 99 range, or any range level for that matter. Now, member or not, you can wear green dragonhide. If you're a nonmember, you're stuck with the same old bow you unlocked at 30 range, the maple shortbow, and your best head gear option is either the green d'hide coif from Fist of Guthix or just a regular old coif. Members, you're a bit more lucky here. You're still stuck with green dragonhide if you take the normal route, but you can use a yew shortbow instead of maple, and you can also get some fancy ranged armor, such as Spined Armor or the Fremenik Archer helm.


But now, the real question, where do you train? Well for nonmembers, your best choice would be to return to the Stronghold of Security. This time, you're going to the second floor. Here you will find Zombies, Rats, and your new best friend; the Flesh Crawler. These little critters have 25 hp, giving you exactly 100 xp per kill, and their max hit is only 1. The best part of all is that they stay aggressive towards you no matter what your combat level is for about 20 minutes. This means that you don't have to keep clicking, and training becomes something you don't have to focus on as closely. If your combat level is under 89 you will be limited to the southeastern room of this floor, unless you don't mind fighting the zombies (which I don't reccomend since they hit harder and have a higher defense), as it is the only room where only Flesh Crawlers spawn. Unfortunately, this room is usually the most packed out of all the rooms in the entire stronghold, however since there's about 8 Flesh Crawlers in that room, and their respawn rate is very quick, you'll find one or even two other people will usually not disturb your training.

Posted Image

When ranging flesh crawlers, you have two options. If you're using the southeastern room, you can stand by either of the gates as a safespot, or you can just stand in the middle of the room and let them automatically attack you.

Levels 60-70


Once you hit 60 range you have a few options to continue training. As far as for nonmembers, one thing is you can continue to stay at flesh crawlers. Some people train at flesh crawlers all the way until 99 range. In members, you can also train at flesh crawlers, and they will have some much better drops than they do in nonmembers. They will drop noted Iron Ore, tons of Fire Runes, and a lot of herbs, including Ranarrs. It is very easy to train at flesh crawlers as a member and easily profit. As a nonmember, the only things that the flesh crawlers drop are body runes (about 5-12 at a time), and all four of the uncut gems (sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond). The body runes are only worth picking up if you plan on training magic with them, while the gems are worth picking up to help pay for the expense of the arrows. Oftentimes, other people will leave some runes or gems on the ground, which you can look out for.

A second option you have for training as a nonmember is to go to the Ice Giants in the Blurite Mine. There's a few safe spots there and the Ice Giants are a great way to gain xp in both range and prayer (if you bury the bones they drop), as well as get some pretty good drops.

Another option as a nonmember you have is to switch to fighting Ankous on the fourth floor of the stronghold. The Ankous are relatively high leveled and meleeing them in nonmembers in not reccomended because they can hit hard through rune armor. Instead, many people choose to range them at their safe spot. The Ankous drop Law Runes and Adamant Arrows regularily. It is easy to walk away with a pretty good profit if you pick up your arrows when you train on them.

Posted Image

Here is a map of how to get to the safespot:
http://files.getdrop...kousafespot.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


As a member, you have a few more options for training now. At about 60 range is when training between nonmembers and members begins to differentiate because you can now fight medium level monsters for a good amount of experience per hour. The first place to train is on Ogres at the King Luthas training ground, which can be found Northwest of Ardrounge. Entry into the training ground required the completion of the Biohazard quest. The Ogres are a great spot to train if you don't plan on picking up your ammuntion, as they are caged. Picking up ammunition or drops is possible but it will significantly reduce the rate of experience. However, one should look out for Ranarr Seeds which are sometimes dropped by the Ogres.

Another spot to train is on Yaks on the Isle of Neitizot. Access here requires the completion of the Fremenik Isles quest (which requires completion of the Fremenik Trials quest). However, most members will end up completing these quests for other reasons and end up gaining access to the Yaks. Each Yak is level 22 with 50 hitpoints. The are plentiful and respawn quickly. There is no need to use a safespot on them as they don't hit often, and there is a bank about 20 steps away so even someone with low defense (not one defense because Pures cannot finish the quests) can easily bank for food. The use of Ava's Accumulator for training here is very strongly reccomended.

A third place to train is on Fire Giants. The Fire Giants are probably slightly slower for training as far as experience goes, but they make up for this by their drops. They drop plenty of Rune items, Runes, Herbs, and Battlestaves. It is reccommended to bring runes for High Alchemy when going to train at them, since the Rune items can be alched on the spot to save a lot of inventory room. To access the Fire Giants one must complete the Waterfall Quest, as they are located in the Waterfall Dungeon.

[4.3] High Level Training Spots (Levels 70-99)

Welcome to level 70+ range! At the beginning of this guide I talked about how range would one day be fun to use, and how you wouldn't feel like a noob anymore. Well, you've finally reached this point. At 70 range you hit 9 with even the wimpy bronze arrow, and quite often. This is still less than say, what the Rune Scimitar hits at 70 strength (16), but you do much more damage in a shorter period of time with range now.

Training now will require gaining some serious experience gaining. Leveling up will begin taking over 100,000 experience per level shortly after 70 range, and this will take quite some time. However, not all is lost. You have quite a few things to balance that out. First, even at only level 70, you have reached a "high" level in what is referred to by most as the most boring and dull skill to train. 70 range means that you stand out in a crowd of your peers, especially if your combat level is relatively low (under 80). Next, you should also remember that 70 range is not just a nice number in a combat skill. 70 range can do some serious damage. You can easily trust yourself to complete any quest involving combat with only 70 range (unless the quest does not allow range, of course). Especially in many member's quests, using range over melee often simplifies things. An example of this was when I recently did the quest, "The Great Brain Robbery". At the end of the quest you fight the Barrelchest (a large monster with over 100 hp, that hits 25s with melee, which you cannot use prayer against). It is suggested that you bring a lot of food and potions to fight it. Instead, because there is a convenient safespot, I just brought around 50 mithril arrows and killed the monster without eating a single piece of food, or ever breaking a sweat. The third thing you should remember, is because you can do more damage, you can also gain significantly more experience per hour now than you could before. This is again especially true in members, because of the luxury of having black dragonhide, which has a very high range bonus and helps significantly.

Levels 70-85


As a nonmember, there aren't many new options for continuing training. However, one new thing that you can try is ranging Greater Demons at the old Bounty Hunter volcano. The volcano now has Greater Demons and Ankous that roam it. Fighting Ankous there is not effective because all of the safespots you cannot shoot over, and the Ankous can enter. However, Greater Demons are large monsters, so you can get them stuck behind the safespots. Safespots include rocks, skeletons, and crevices with lava coming through them. The advantage of doing this is that the Greater Demons drop pieces of rune armor and rune weapons, runes, and some alchable armor like pieces of mithril and adamant. Arrows are also easily retrievable and doing so recommended here.

The other primary training options in nonmembers would be to continue training at Flesh Crawlers or Ankous in the Stronghold of Security.


As a member, you can take virtually any medium-high level monster and train on it now. This can be anything from Blue Dragons to Greater Demons in Taverly to, as far as lower level monsters go, Ogres in the King Luthas Training Ground, or Yaks on Neitizot. For the higher level monsters I recommend a Rune Crossbow with Broad Bolts, and for the lower level monsters, Bronze Knives are best. Also, training with full Void Knight Armor as well as using Ranging Potions will significantly speed up training.

Another great way for members to train at this level is through Slayer. Simply doing all the tasks that you can using Slayer will rack up a lot of Range experience, money, and Slayer experience.

Levels 85-99

Once you've hit level 85 in range, you can consider yourself to be fairly "high leveled" in my opinion. This high leveled-ness is not in relation to other players, but instead, to the functionality of range at this level. You can use range for basically any type of task that requires a combat skill at this point. Whereas other players will be meleeing in a certain situation, after 85 range, you can almost always use range as an alternative.

But you've hit 85. Now what? Well, it really depends on your status in RuneScape (either a member or a nonmember).


Nonmembers training at this point truthfully does not differ much from levels 70-85 or even 60-70 in many cases. Heck, you may even end up killing Flesh Crawlers, which you could have easily started as soon as you put on your first set of green d'hide at 40 range. Your options are fairly limited, but you have to ask yourself what your primary goal is. Do you want the fastest xp per hour? Do you want some fairly decent drops? Do you want to just try something new? Well here's what I suggest for each:

Fastest xp per hour: The fastest xp per hour for training as a nonmember is undoubtedly either Flesh Crawlers or Spiders. When I say Flesh Crawlers or Spiders, I mean that both offer very similar amounts of experience per hour. The question is, which is more appropriate for you.

Flesh Crawlers would be more appropriate for you if you have an average or low defense level (1-80). You've undoubtedly probably killed them before, but the best way to go about killing them is simply to stand in the center of the southeastern room of the second level of the Stronghold of Security, with auto retaliate on, and not picking up your arrows. The outfit I suggest is a Rune Full Helm, full Green D'hide armor, a maple bow, and an Amulet of Power, using Bronze Arrows. The food I suggest is just Salmon.

On the other hand, choosing to do Spiders is an option you have if your defense level is relatively high (80+). They are on the third level of the stronghold, and found in multiple rooms. They hit much more often and harder than Flesh Crawlers, so the defense level is a must. However, the advantage to Spiders over Flesh Crawlers is the fact that they are much less crowded. The trade off, however, is that training here will force you to go to the bank for food more often. The outfit I suggest here is the same as above, with the exception of your legs. Instead of Green D'hide chaps, wear either a Rune Plateskirt or a set of Rune Platelegs. This will give you much more defense for only a slightly lower range bonus, letting you conserve more health.

Decent Drops: If you'd like to get some good drops while training range, the spot I suggest is Ankous, on the fourth level of the stronghold. You'll be able to kill them very quickly now, and they drop Adamant Arrows as well as Law Runes quite frequently. There is a safespot to kill them, which I describe above in the level 60-70 section of this guide.

Trying something new: Well, you've gotten a couple million xp in range and now you want to try something new eh? Lucky for you, there are now a few new things you could try to train range on (which weren't always there).

First, you may like to try Cockroach Soldiers beneath the Stronghold of Player Safety. These relatively high leveled monsters are plentiful there for you to train on. They do attack with melee as well as range (they will only use range if they cannot melee you and they will not melee you aren't standing right next to them). This means that you will need to bring along food with you, as well as replace your Green D'hide Chaps with a Rune Plateskirt/Platelegs. They drop a lot of noted ore (mithril and adamantite), Rune Scimitars, Rune Sq Shields, as well as Death, Law, and Fire runes. The drops will definitely pay for the food that you have to use, and probably your arrows as well.

Another option you have to try something new is killing Greater Demons in the old Bounty Hunter Volcano. They have good drops, have a safespot, and are relatively new to the game as an option which can be easily accessed. You can find a description on how to kill the Greater Demons in the nonmember part of the level 70-85 section of this guide.


Oh boy. You're probably scratching your head right now, saying, what the heck should I do? At this ranged level, being a member leaves you with literally hundreds of spots to train, the task you are left with, is weeding out the ineffective or boring spots and boiling the list down to things worth your time.

To add to the befuddlement, unlike being a nonmember, where you'd have two factors to worry about (Xp per hour vs Drops), you now have three (Xp per hour vs Drops vs Cost of training). Categorizing training spots for members isn't as easy. So instead of doing this, I'll list off a few spots or methods that I would personally recommend, and it will be up to you to balance how you want to train.

First, let's start with the classic options. You can try doing Yaks, which you may have already been doing at much earlier levels. I describe how to train on Yaks in the members part of the level 60-70 section of this guide.

Another popular yet effective option is Fire Giants. Fire Giants are at the top of the hierarchy of the giants (which goes Hill Giants --> Moss Giants --> Ice Giants --> Fire Giants). They are the highest leveled giants, and not surprisingly, have the most health (most xp per kill), and best drops (money making potential). I describe how to train on Fire Giants right below the Yaks portion of the level 60-70 section of this guide.

As far as classic spots go, with standard training methods, the two I listed above are the most popular. At such high levels, the advantage of using these spots it to be able to kill a lot of these monsters very quickly.

Now, moving on to some more modern spots, the next spot I would suggest would be to train at Aviansies in the God Wars Dungeon. These monsters follow Armadyl and cannot be meleed because they fly. The thing that sets Aviansies apart from other monsters is the fact that they are an extremely good way to make money. They Aviansies regularly will drop noted adamantite bars, as well as Rune Daggers and Runite Limbs (which can be alched on the spot). These two drops from them make the one of the most profitable training monsters in the game. One perk about training in the God Wars Dungeon is the fact that there is a counter showing the number of monsters you've killed while in the dungeon. Personally, at Aviansies, for every 100 I kill I never have less than 100 adamantite bars and 50,000 gp from alching the Rune Daggers and Limbs they drop. I won't personally be posting a guide on how to kill Aviansies, because it can get a little complicated, especially for someone who has never done it before. However, I very strongly suggest finding a guide for Aviansies before going there. This can be done by searching either these forums, Youtube, or Google for a guide.

The fastest, and undoubtedly the most expensive way to train range in RuneScape is undoubtedly to use Red Chinchompas (which you got a little hint at if you read the Equipment Section of this guide). All you need to know about Red Chinchompas before deciding whether or not you wish to train with them is two things. Red Chincompas are fast. Very, very fast. You can get as much as 300,000 range xp per hour using them. The second thing you need to know is that Red Chinchompas are expensive. Extremely expensive. You can spend well over 500,000 gp per hour using them. As with Aviansies, training using Red Chinchompas can be really confusing for someone who hasn't done it before. So, because I also won't be writing an entire guide within a guide for Red Chinompas, I again suggest searching either these forums, Youtube, or Google for a guide. Make sure you find a guide on how to use Red Chinchompas, not hunt them, or you'll be looking at how to train a totally different skill (Hunter).

The last great way I'll suggest to train range at these levels is once again, with Slayer. Simply using range to complete as many Slayer tasks as you can will result in a good amount of Range xp (albeit, more slowly acquired than with other methods), Slayer xp, and good drops which will help you profit a good deal from you training.

[5.0] Some extra info

One thing you should remember about training is that you should not have the "I am doing <insert name of monster here> all the way to 99" mindset. Chances are, you really won't kill the 22,000 Fire Giants it takes to get from level 85 to 99. Even if you somehow manage to afford to buy the 40,000+ Red Chinchompas you'll need to go from 85-99, you'll still have to devote about 50 hours to using them all and getting 99. My point is that you should switch up your training habits a bit. Perhaps, train for a while at Aviansies, and then spend the money you make there on Red Chinchompas. Or perhaps tell yourself you're going to range at least one out of every three Slayer tasks you get assigned. Simple strategies will help you stay on task, and proceed towards your goal of 99 range.

Once you have 99, there's a few things you should do. First, have a party, invite your friends, and make them watch you max out the once nooby skill called "Range". Next, if you're a member, make sure to buy the Ranged Cape of Achievement, which you'll be able to show the world with that you have 99 Range. Finally, if you have anything that you think should be added to this guide, PM me and tell me about it. I've listed only a few ways to train so far. These methods are in my opinion the more efficient options, but at the same time, they may not be perfect. I may have overlooked a great method or two. If you'd like to share this method with the world, just tell me, and I'll add it to this guide.

Posted Image A person wearing full Void Knight Armor with the Ranged Helm. They are also wearing the Ranged Skillcape and doing the 99 Ranged Emote. ~ Picture courtesy of Red Fat1

What do you think about <insert spot/weapon/method here>?

I'm training in f2p (nonmembers) and I'm thinking of using a Crossbow because it's cheaper. What do you think about that?
Personally I'd never train with a Crossbow. The ammunition may be less expensive but it is significantly slower, and the amount time you'll save using a Shortbow and Bronze Arrows will allow you to compensate for the cheaper cost of the Crossbow's Bolts.

Killing monsters like Black or Blue Dragons at 70+ range?
Well, you can certainly do it at these levels. And at the same time, I guarantee that you'll make a lot of money. However, xp per hour wise, dragons are far from ideal to train at. You can cut the normal rate of xp (xp rate from training at yaks or ogres or giants) you'd be able to get at your level in half, and that will be the best rate of experience you'll get. And before 70 range? Don't even bother.

Training at this particular spot? You haven't mentioned it in your guide.
As a rule of thumb, what you should do is compare the spot you're wondering about to others at your range level that I have listed in this guide. For example, if you wanted to train at Hill Giants from levels 40-60 instead of Flesh Crawlers, go to both spots and compare the two. I can tell you now that Hill Giants will be much more crowded, and you'll be getting only a fraction of your possible experience per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your ranged level?


Can I ask you for personal Help?
Sure, feel free to PM me in game. Please don't ask "what should I train on" until you read the suggested training spots for your range level in this guide.

Is this the Best way to train range?
No, this is a guide, just to give you an Idea if you have no clue about what you're doing.

Just a little tidbit, here's a few screenshots of what happens when I log into the game (Please remember my RSN is now Useph):
http://dl.getdropbox...de/rngguide.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Guide Copyright Notice:
All Guides are Copyright © Zybez RuneScape Community Guides forum and the original author, 2001-2010+; All Rights Reserved.

All Guides submitted to Zybez RuneScape Community become property of the Zybez Guides forum. Use on any other website without the author's permission is PROHIBITED!

Edited by Useph, 14 October 2010 - 03:35 PM.

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#2 vegury



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Posted 07 December 2006 - 01:21 AM

Nice guide, it
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#3 shazzam6999



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Posted 07 December 2006 - 02:10 PM

I think you should mention more areas to train from 70-99 since you'll be spending most of your time getting through those levels. There's also a ton of good places to train, this is when you have the most variety of areas. I think you should mention places like black dragons, greater demons, pest control, and lesser demons (which you should mention for f2p since they are one of the best f2p places to train range). You could also go more into depth about the amount of experience you get per hour, the drops, and alternative places to range them (for instance you can range blues at taverly, or yanille).

I would also talk about what kind of items provide the fastest experience and the most effecient training. Personally I've always wondered whether crystal bows are more effecient than adamant arrows. Knives are also a fast and effecient way to train range.
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#4 foxxy


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Posted 07 December 2006 - 02:22 PM

Keep in mind that over 50% of the people here at RSC are using the default skin, and it's almost impossible to see yellow fonted text in the default skin.
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#5 Joshicus


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Posted 07 December 2006 - 02:27 PM

im 83 range, you missed out a huge chunk which monsters to train on, black demons arent as good at greater demon cage where many of my friends have got 99 range.

pest control which is the fastest training in the gmae nowerdays and fire giants are awesome exp you might want to add them for 70+
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#6 Popcorn


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Posted 07 December 2006 - 02:38 PM

Also, screen shots of various training places and explained routes to them also wouldn't be a bad idea.
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#7 Blue Monke

Blue Monke

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 05:13 PM

Also, instead of having key words in yellow, try orange. Yellow is VERY hard to read.
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#8 Prodigy_X



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Posted 07 December 2006 - 11:22 PM

As the other people have said, you might want to consider a variety of ranging options and have your own analysis on those options. I understand that you are not trying to make this just a "plain" ranged guide, so try to include unique opinions and tips on the ranging methods.

Try these spots:

F2p Locations:

Edgeville Guards
Lesser demons
Hobgoblins at the plateau

P2P Locations:

Pest control
Greater Demons at the Watchtower
Castle Wars (Although not the fastest, the time will fly by, so it actually is "fast")
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#9 Traderdragon


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Posted 07 December 2006 - 11:29 PM

This is a pretty nice guide. If you're a member and want melee xp and range xp, go to pest control. :ph34r:
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#10 manchu



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Posted 08 December 2006 - 09:17 AM

77 doesnt involve the same training as 90 or more does i think... personally i recommend greaters or pc which is what i did for 99
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99 Range


#11 coy mistress

coy mistress


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Posted 08 December 2006 - 04:11 PM

Great basic guide, be for instance, there are some things that could be added to make this guide a whole lot better:

-Screen shots of reccomended equipment/inventory and alternatives to them (for poor folk)
-Maps/screens of the places where these monsters are/how to get there
-Exp per hour at each monster
-all the drops the monsters have to better determine what people should train on if after cash
-Pest control is a huge help in getting to 99 range.
-quests required to get to the best places
-f2p and p2p sections

Hope this helps a bit, but as it stands, its a great guide =[)
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#12 Alex L

Alex L


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Posted 09 December 2006 - 07:21 PM

I like this guide. But I have one thing to say:

DO NOT DO HILL GIANTS. I REPEAT, DO NOT DO HILL GIANTS. Do Minotaurs or Flesh Crawlers instead. Same if not higher exp overall, way less crowded and way less newbs.
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#13 manchu



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Posted 10 December 2006 - 12:41 PM

Good guide but I suggest you go into more depth on the training methods from 70-99 which is are the levels you will be spending most time on, and how much each method gives in exp. Also suggest many alternatives for those who are willing to spend less money etc. and recommend suitable weapons for each. Classify each on whether the person willing to use that method will be prioritizing money or time. For example. for those who do not want to spend a lot of money, but want to have train rapidly at higher levels, Pest Control with Crystal Bows is the way to go. Add pictures, locations, inventories and estimated costs. A decent attempt, but certain things could be elaborated upon.
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99 Range


#14 rangerpke



Posted 10 December 2006 - 01:02 PM

good guide but some things to add are that knives are faster than bows and fire giants are great exp as well as pest control
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#15 Useph



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Posted 11 December 2006 - 05:17 PM

Well, time to edit my guide.
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#16 B_Mere4000


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Posted 11 December 2006 - 05:25 PM

nice guide but also add hell hounds they are great for clues + great fast xp im only 75 range and i take em down pretty fast with iron arrows :P nice guide
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#17 herman



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Posted 11 December 2006 - 05:28 PM

Good so far, you need them pictures in. I would also suggest pestcontrol ranging , since this is the fastest fourm of range training. Also i suggest adding more places 70-85 ranged black demons and blue dragons, even at 70 range are pritty tough. I'll be checking back later :)
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#18 whytp


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Posted 12 December 2006 - 10:25 AM

great but on your prices if you use brozen arrows there 6gpea from shop ( in varrock f2p)
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#19 Oo2k5



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Posted 13 December 2006 - 07:50 PM

Pest control is horrible for raising ranged =) I never use pest control on ranged and my ranged is 86:-P I rather kill monster, sometime you can make more then 1 million. For me the best placed is hellhound from 85 to 86 I got in in one day =)
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#20 poncijus



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Posted 14 December 2006 - 04:43 AM

Thx, i gonna try it. Where u kill black demons? taverley dungeon?
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