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Runescape F.a.q.

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Questions FAQ

This is a guide is mainly a referral guide. It does encompass answers to your questions,
but mostly it takes you to guides and sections of guides that will help you in much more detail than we can without rewriting what they had made.

The Basics Skills


What to Train On...

Misc. Other FAQs

Dungeoneering 411

Chaotic Longsword VS Rapier:
Note: If one has extremes/overloads and turmoil, the chaotic rapier is by far the most versatile weapon of choice.

Binding items:
Weapons: 2h > Battleaxe > Longsword > Spear > Maul

Armor: Weapon > Hood > Platebody > Platelegs
Note: If a hexhunter bow is found, it should be bound over a platebody or platelegs.

Always, always, always complete every floor before resetting your ring of kinship. This will guarantee that you receive the maximum prestige experience while dungeoneering. If you're unsure about which floors you've completed, then make a party and look at the floors that are checked off.

If you have the dungeoneering level to enter a floor, but it's not an option on your ring of kinship, then you more than likely trained your dungeoneering through lamps, tears of guthix, and/or penguin points. To fix this, you'll need to run your highest floor on complexity one to unlock the next floor.

P2P dungeoneers have the option to customize their ring of kinship into 12 different combination's of rings that will help you throughout the dungeon. Depending on your roll, weapon, and armor in a dungeon, you may want to consider which ring(s) fits your character the best before spending tokens. Here's a list of all of the rings and their abilities.

Might you need more detailed tips & information about Dungeoneering, please take a look at our Skill Guide!


What should I kill to collect charms?
Gold - Ice giant, Ice warrior, Fire giant, Rock crab, White wolf, Infernal Mages, Dagannoth, Black demon, Giant bats, Red dragon, Jogre, Ogre, Aberrant Spectre, Green Dragon, Black knights, Jellies.
Green - Mithril Dragon(4), Red dragon, Bloodvelds, Jellies, Poison Spiders, Wild Dogs, Iron(2)/Steel(3) Dragons, Wolf, Nechryael, Hellhounds, Green Dragon, Black knights, Aberrant Spectre.
Crimson - Nechryael, White wolf, Dust devils, Greater demon, Metal dragons, Red dragon, Gargoyle, Bloodveld, Wolf, Shadow warriors, Waterfiend, Green Dragon, Black knights, Black demon, Aberrant Spectre.
Blue - All monsters that drop charms drop blue charms at varying rates, so the best monster to kill for blue charms is a monster that you can kill fast, or one that drops multiple charms. This would include: Ice warriors, Fire giants, Dust devils, Gargoyles, Aberrant Spectres.
Abyssal - Monsters that are found in the Abyss.
Obsidian - Tzhaar Xil, Tzhaar Ket(2)

What is Pure Essence and what is the difference between this kind of essence and normal essence?
On April 20th, 2006, Jagex added 'pure essences.' Normal rune essences can only be crafted into the six basic runes (air, fire, water, earth, mind, and body) and pure essences can be crafted into any kind of rune, including combination runes. For one to obtain 'pure essences,' they must have a minimum mining or runecrafting level of 30 and mine on a members server. If the requirements are not met for mining pure essence, then normal rune essence is obtained instead.
Under most situations, pure essences can be substituted for rune essence in runecrafting and quests.

How can I get an Obsidian Cape?
Buy from the TzHaar store for Tokkul, or get it as a drop from monsters in the fire caves. Alternatively, you can buy it from a player for about 250k (Check Grand Exchange for the most up to date price).

What are the best monsters to kill to obtain Dragon items?
The best way to get Dragon Items are to kill:

If you want to find out more about Dragon Items, click Here

What are rune tablets? What do they do? How can I make them?
Along with the release of construction, teleporting rune tablets were also released. Each tablet can be carried to save space in the inventory and are for one time use only. A tablet casts a certain spell once, then is destroyed. Possible rune tablets are: Enchant sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, dragonstone, and onyx; Varrock, Falador, Lumbridge, Camelot, Ardougne, Watchtower and House teleport; and bones to bananas and bones to peaches.

To make them, one needs to have soft clay and the runes required to cast the desired spell on them. Then, use a lectern, found in the study room of houses, and choose to make the desired rune tablet via the game dialog window. This may be done with anybody's house, as long as they have a study room and an appropriate lecturn. Different lecturns can make different levels of rune tablets. To use these tablets, simply click on them and they would activate similiarly to how you would normally use the magic menu to cast the spells.
When making these tablets, you must have the appropriate magic level to normally cast them. However, when using them, anybody can use them.

What is a Black Mask and what does it do?
Black masks gathered from the corpses of cave horrors give a couple of bonuses when worn. Firstly, they provide Attack and Strength bonuses similar to a Salve Amulet when fighting your Slayer assignment. Secondly, the masks contain 10 spells that can reduce your opponent's Defence by 3-10 levels each time, regardless of whether they are your Slayer assignment or another player. When the 10 spells are used, the mask and its bonuses will still remain. There is no way to recharge said masks.

Chaotic Longsword vs. Chaotic Rapier: Which one is better?
The Chaotic Longsword is probably the best melee weapon to use in the Godwars Dungeon, especially against General Graardor. It is also a good--if not the best--choice against the Corporeal Beast. The weapon is one-handed, so it is possible to equip something in the shield slot. This weapon is also very devastating during most Slayer tasks. It has a weapon speed of 5, just like any other longsword in-game.

The Chaotic Rapier has a good use in PVP, and it is also very useful when fighting dragons or anything else with a weakness to stab. This weapon is one-handed as well. It is as fast as the Abbyssal Whip.

How should I go about binding items while dungeoneering?
- You should always bind a weapon as your first choice. A spear has multiple melee options, so a spear is very useful.
- The Shadow Silk Hood is a really good item to bind, as it makes you invisible to any non-mage humanoid NPC.
- The Blood Necklace damages all NPC's adjacent to the player for 40 damage every 15 seconds and heals you for what it hits. It also gives a nice boost to your Strength bonus!


I'm kind of new to members. So what quests do you recommend to be the best to start with?

If you're new to the members world then you should also take a look at Zybez's Starting Members guide.

Mithril Gloves Requirements/Sub-quests (from Recipe for Disaster) that require defense levels to complete them.
You would need to complete any five of the sub-quests to obtain mithril gloves.
For Pirate Pete, Dwarf, Goblins, Skrach Uglogwee, and Evil Dave sub-quests, you can complete them with 1 defense level, however you do need higher defense levels for the remaining ones.
This guide provides a list of all the requirements for the gloves, and a complete guide of the quest can be found here.

  • Freeing the Lumbridge Guide- You will need to complete Nature Spirit quest, which gives 2,000 Defense XP. (13 Defense and 11 Prayer)
  • Sir Amik Varze- You need to start Legends quest, hence you would have to complete many other quests including Dragon Slayer (18,650 Def XP) and Heroes quest (2,625 XP) which provide defense experience points. (35 Defense)
  • King Awowogei- You would have to complete Monkey Madness quest (20,000 or 35,000 XP, it's your choice), and you receive defense experience when completing the quest. (41 Defense or 44 Defense)
  • The Culinaromancer- All the subquests are needed in order to complete the last sub-quest.
They all contribute one way or another to the defense skill, directly or indirectly.
*Technically, you don't receive any defense experience points for completing Recipe for Disaster quest, not even any from any the sub-quests. The reason why there is always an issue it's that you are able to complete no more than 5 sub-quests with one defense level, so that's why many pures can own mithril gloves. HOWEVER, the remaining 4 sub-quests are all associate with defense, as you would need to complete other quests that require defense levels to complete them, or you will obtain experience points for your defense skill after doing them.

Mini Games and Activities

Where can I learn more about how to beat fightcaves effectively?
In General Guides, BrodyNelson has a guide to Guide to Fight Caves or there's Zybez's Fight Cave Guide!

Fire cape? Where can I get it, and what stats would be best to get it?
In order to get one, you need to beat the Fight Caves. You should check out this guide here for the best way of doing it.

What is the best option for Barrows?
There are 3 ways to go at this:

  • Get a high kill count in the tunnels after killing the 6 Brothers
  • Go in and kill only the 6 Brothers
  • Go straight for the chest after you find the entrance
The best way is to just kill the 6 Brothers and quickly make your way to the center of the tunnel afterwards. Though people speculate that the more kills you get, the better prizes, but those are just speculation (I personally have killed just the 6 and got Guthan's plate body).
If you wish to find out more there are two guides:

How can I play Castle Wars and how do I do it effectively?
Castle Wars is a great mini-game with rewards with tickets that allows you to trade for armour and other items. There is more information on this:

What PC world should I go on? What is the current PC world for level Xs?
The best way you can find out the current Pest Control World, is on the SwiftSwitch IRC Chat. For more information on how to connect to the SS Network, click here. The channel you'll want to join is the #pc channel.You can also type /list , which will bring you to a list of channels on the server, from here you can see almost all the PC channels that exist. Alternately, chances are if you ask around people will be nice enough to point you towards the world you want or the channel you need to find it.
Another option is to head over to the Great Hall and look around for a Pest Control Clan for your combat level. These clans usually have their own worlds to maximize their training.
Your last option is to go to the Runescape Official Forums, and go to the Events section,or the Clan Recruitment section and look for a Pest Control team. You can also browse Jagex's new "Themed Worlds" page to see if any of them are listed as PC worlds.

God wars dungeon
The God wars dungeon is indeed a dangerous location and it's always better to check if you are capable of wandering around there.

  • Am I good enough to do god wars? Recommended stats:
    • Armadyl Boss: 80+ Ranged, 80+ Defense, 80+ Hitpoints.
    • Bandos Boss:75+ Attack, 75+ Strength, 75+ Defense, 75+ Hitpoints, 50+ Prayer.
    • Saradomin Boss: 70+ Agility [Required], 85+ Range [If Ranging], 90+ Attack, 90+ Strength, 90+ Defense, 90+ Hitpoints.
    • Zamorak boss: 70+ Attack, 70+ Strength, 70+ Hitpoints [Required], 70+ Defense.
  • What gear do I need to take, how do I kill the bosses? Help! Everything you should need to know about the god wars dungeon is explained in the following guides (containing strategies, equipment advice and videos).

Training Locations

What are Experiments and why do people train on them?
Experiments are part of the Creature Of Fenkenstrain quest. In order to gain access to Canifis to start the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, one must have done Preist in Peril and The Restless Ghost quest, which gives prayer experience. To gain access to the Experiment creatures themselves, one must complete the Creature Of Fenkenstrain quest to step 2 of the Zybez quest walkthrough guide. They are located at the cyan dot on this map. The red line outlines the path from Canifis to the tomb where the experiments are. Upon completing step 2, there is nothing needed to get to the experiments in future trips. Simply 'push' on the tomb (the cyan one illustrated in the map) and you will be in the cave with the experiments.
There are level 25 and 51 experiments, although people train on the level 25 experiments because of their 100 health points. Being level 25, they have low defense and that results in a lot of experience per monster, since combat experience points in Runescape 2 is based on how much damage inflicted on a monster.

What are rock crabs and where can I find them?
Just like experiments, rock crabs are known for there low defence and high health points. The beautiful thing about these though is that they can only hit a max of 1 damage and don't require any quest completion. The downside, however, is that they can be very crowded at times resulting in a lot of world hopping. This image shows the exact area of the rock crabs.

What are flesh crawlers and where would I find them?
To access the flesh crawlers, you will need to head over to the Stronghold of Security. You can get there by climbing down the ladder that lies directly in the center of Barbarian Village. Navigate your way to the second floor (a map and of the Stronghold of Security can be found here) and you're there. Flesh crawlers can be found in the listed rooms here.
They're great for training because they have low defence, moderately high health points, and they're aggressive (meaning they will attack you automatically without having to click on them). This is great because you can do other things while you're training like surfing the web, talking to friends on Runescape, and ect.
If you would like to find out more about the Stronghold of Security then you should check out this guide:

What are giant spiders and where would I find them?
Just like the flesh crawlers, giant spiders can be found inside of the Stronghold of Security. Only this time you will need to navigate down to the third floor. The best rooms to kill them inside are in here.
Giant spider are very similar to flesh crawlers in the way that they have low defence, high health points, and are aggressive. The only difference is that giant spiders have more health points but deal more damage. You should only train on these if you have at least 85+ combat.

Why is iron the best ore to mine for experience and where are the best locations to find them?
When you have reached a certain mining level, it will only take a couple seconds to mine iron ore. On top of that, iron ores only takes a few seconds to spawn back inside the rock. So the experience per hour is very high.
In free to play, the best mining area for iron is the Scorpion Chasm in Al Kharid. It offers three rocks right near each other. If you are banking, the closest iron to a bank are the rocks in south-east Varrock Mine.
In members, the best mining area are the iron rocks south of Ardougne. If you are banking however, it is better to mine the iron rocks north-east of Yanille.

Can I make money fletching yew longbows? Am I better off selling materials individually or not?
Due to the changing prices of materials, the answer to this question can vary from time to time. Therefore, here's a method you can use to see whether or not it's worthwhile to fletch yew longbows. Before starting, there's a few things you should do first. Check the following:
  • Price of a yew log [X]
  • Price of a bowstring [X]
  • Price of flax [X]
  • Price of yew longbow [X]
  • Price of yew longbow unstrung [X]
Make the following calculations depending on which method you will be using.
  • Buying all materials (yew logs + bow string) :
    If [Yew longbow] - [Yew log] - [Bow string] is a positive number, than you can use this method to train Fletching efficiently without making any major loss.
  • Buying yew logs, buying flax (to process them into bow strings):
    [Yew longbow] - [flax] - [yew log] = positive? Can be used to make money. For example, as of 26/12/08 [674] - [96] - [475] = +103 profit per bow.
  • Buying flax (to process them into bows), not buying yew logs:
    [Yew longbow] - [flax] > [yew log] Effective way to train your woodcutting and fletching losing no money.
  • Buying no materials:
    If [Yew longbow] - [yew log] - [bowstring]/[flax] = positive, then you are better of processing the materials rather than selling them individually (if you are not interested in training immediately).
  • Buying bow strings, not buying yew logs
    If [Yew longbow] - [bow strings] > [yew log], then it is a worthwhile process.

What skillcape should I get! Help!
You've always wanted to have a level 99-skillcape but you're not sure which stat to get it into, or how to get your first level 99 in general? While you could ask others for help, eventually it's a very opinionated matter and it's you who will have to decide what's best for you, as that will determine your motivation to get the cape. To determine which skill cape you will be going for you need to have a good look at your stats first. Personally I wouldn't recommend starting from the beginning and work your way up to 99, go for a skill that is reasonably high already and suits your interests.

Interests, what do you mean?
- Combat? If so, choose from attack/strength/defence. Keep in mind that it's in your best interest to train all melee-combat skills equally.
- Earn money? If so, choose hunter. If not, thieving.
- Willing to invest money? If so, choose for cooking / firemaking / construction

- Combat? If so, choose from prayer/ranged/magic to get 99. My advice is to pick the stat that is highest already, but keep in mind that it's in your best interest to train all melee-combat skills equally.
- Earn money If so, choose woodcutting/fishing/farming/slayer/runecrafting. If not, go for (speed)mining / agility.
- Willing to invest money If so, choose summoning/ smithing/ herblore.

Where should I use my brawling gloves?
Seeing as some of these methods may not be available to everyone, you are free to make a topic in the Questions board. This guide on locations may help.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact anyone of the Questions Staff. I would like to thank The Extremist for his previous guide that gave me somewhere to start with for this guide. I also would like to give thanks to all of the Zybez Content Team for their work on Zybez and the guides on them that have allowed me to make this.

Geniusdude :-)

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Posted 10 November 2010 - 08:09 PM

As an update, all guides should now point to the right place. Feel free to tell me if not.

The following guides were removed as I could no longer find them:
  • Additional Fletching Guide. By adeathlegacy
  • Powermining granite and sandstone. By Jorgen
  • Barrows Unlimited Walkthrough. By Scarkierztorm92

Again, if you stumble across them, feel free to let me know.

Also removed was a reference to a Brawler's Location Guide which I was unable to locate.


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