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Rules Of Pvp Clans

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Posted 21 June 2006 - 01:07 PM


This board is intended as advertising space for those clans with combat-based requirements, for example who identify themselves as warring, PKing or pure clans etc.

  • No Profanity or Inappropriate Material
    • To avoid sparking or fueling potential flame wars, the following are NOT tollerated: baiting/flaming, swearing (filter evasion), posting obscene pictures, racism and real-life insults. These come with rating deductions & suspensions.
  • Don't Interrupt Other Clan's Topics
    • Do not interfere with another clan's recruitment topic by flaming, spamming or propagandizing. If found, you will receive a warning PM, continuation could lead to a suspension.
  • Only Post Replies That Apply To the Recruiting Board
    • In order to keep topics clean for questions and general recruitment, do not discuss fights, alliances etc. here, keep posts relevant. A warning PM will be sent, a suspension may follow if posting persists.
  • No Symbols In Topic Titles
    • To keep the forums neat and void of annoying, unnecessary symbols (:~%~#*-=| etc.), do not include these in topic titles. They will be removed and if re-added, the topic will be closed.
  • No Bumping
    • Do NOT post 'bump' replies which includes posts like "Join us" / "We're amazing, really enjoy being in Clan X!" / "Check out our latest event recap!". The topic creator has access to the 'Bump Feature' - significant updates to your requirements etc. or answering questions are allowed. These will be deleted on sight and individuals may have further action taken against them.
  • Do Not Create Multiple Topics For One Clan
    • If your topic has gone off the first page, don't create a new topic, just use the bump feature, your new topic will get deleted. If the original topic owner has gone inactive/left and you'd like to make a new topic, PM a Community Leader and they will close the original.
  • Try To Stay Out Of Other Clans Business
    • If the topic doesn't involve your clan, unless you are contributing something constructive or useful to the topic, there is otherwise no need for you to post at all.
  • Do NOT Argue With The CL's of Recruiting
    • This is important, the CLs are chosen and trusted, they have the experience to know how to handle each situation. If you have any complaints or disagreements, do NOT post about it in public (which can lead to a suspension), instead please PM the Recruitment Leader or a Clan Discussion SMod.
  • Please Try To Indicate If You're Advertising/Looking For "Old School RS", "RS3" or "DeadMan Mode"
    • To make your advertising or searching more effective, feel free to use either the 'OSRS' or 'RS3' Topic Prefixes. Update: You may also use the new RS3 + OSRS prefix if your clan participates in both versions of the game.
  • Instances of Runescape Account Hacking
    • Members or clans that have been conclusively proven to be involved with Runescape account hacking will have a notice edited in the top of their recruitment topic as well a warning in a reply indicating the accusation and evidence; removal of these warnings without permission from a CD staff member will result in immediate closure of the topic. To have a warning changed/reviews, PM a CD staff member.
  • Member testimonials ARE allowed on your own topic.
    • To aid with your recruiting prospects, you are allowed to post testimonials of your experiences with your own clan on your clan's recruitment topic. Testimonials must be a minimum of 50 words; spam-like replies (e.g. "We're good, join us" etc.) will still be deleted at the CL's discretion and constant re-offenders may be suspended.
    All clan website/forums being advertised here MUST have a clear link back to either Zybez (http://www.zybez.net/) or Runescape Community (http://forums.zybez.net/index.php?) visible without requiring registration or logging in.
    • On websites: must display the Zybez.net or Runescape Community link somewhere on the page (can be on a 'Links Page').
    • On forums: must have a static link (outside posts/signatures) -or- a link via a redirect forum -or- a link as part of a forum description.
    • In LFC, if there is no visible link back on your forum/website, all of your posts will be deleted on sight - which will continue until a link is added.

      Note: Why RSC requires you to place links on your site? (1) Advertising(hey, you're advertising here so it's only fair if there's a link back, right? Besides, your site will probably get a lot more visitors from RSC then RSC will get from your site. (2) Google rates websites higher that are linked to by more websites, and we really need to stay at the top.


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