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Need A Partner Or A Team?

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#1 blackspy


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Posted 04 April 2004 - 01:16 AM

Need a Partner?

Request Player-Killing partners here. This can be for making teams, or for additions to an existing team.

In order to avoid some confusion, here's what your post could contain:
  • Player's RS Name
  • I am seeking a/several [luring partner, TBer, hybrid, ranger, tank?]
  • Approx. Level Needed: _____
  • Splitting of loot: [50-50? other?]
  • Perks: [supply food? runes?]
  • Length of Relationship: [forever? a week?]
  • 07 or EOC?

Hey guys, Tonna Bricks here. I'm a prayer-beast, combat 45, looking for a couple Archers to boost my kill rate.
All piles are split evenly, but the killer gets first pick.
I kill Archers all the time, so I'll supply all arrows you need.

If you impress me, we'll talk business. Otherwise, this might be a month-long-team, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Responses to posts here should be done via PM, not posts on here.

This sticky will be cleared every little while to avoid stale posts.

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#2 Awesome Days

Awesome Days

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Posted 24 November 2015 - 08:22 AM

  • Awesome Days
  • I am seeking a/several Body Guards
  • Approx. Level Needed: 126
  • Splitting of loot: 0-100 (u keep it all)
  • Perks: I can dress u if u want bby
  • Length of Relationship: Forever (only if u skype with me)
  • RS3

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#3 ArctiKdiablo


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Posted 08 December 2015 - 03:12 AM

  • loOtrixx
  • I am seeking high dps mage/melee partners.
  • levels around 115-138.
  • Splitting of loot: loot will be a fair split, but the person who gets the drop may choose first item.
  • Perks: I can tank alot of damage and i will be able to pull enemies off you if you're in a pinch.
  • Length of Relationship: depending how well our pvping sessions go.
  • pving on EOC.
  • add my skype: brian dibbets (MLP picture cuz i can :P)
  • or add me ingame: loOtrixx

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