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Rules And Information

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Posted 05 December 2003 - 10:06 PM

Welcome to the RuneScape 3, OldSchool RuneScape, and DarkScape Questions and Money Making Board!

Note: These boards are for questions relating to the official game (RS3, OSRS, DS, and DMM) ONLY. Questions relating to the community go in the Community Discussion board. Questions regarding Runescape Classic go in the RS-C section.

Before asking a question, the Questions and Money Making board staff request that you please use the following resources before asking your question:
  • 'Search' feature - This will seach the Questions forum for information you need
  • Zybez Runescape Help - Please have a look at the extensive Zybez Runescape Help
  • 2007 Runescape Help - Complete collection of OSRS tips, maps, guides and calculators.
  • Guides Forum - Please have a look in the guides forum for guides relating to the topic you want to ask about
  • RS3 and OSRS Guides, F.A.Q.s, and Tips - This resource contains answers to quite a few frequently asked questions here at the Questions board along with containing tools, mini-guides, and training tips
  • Runescape KnowledgeBase - Runescape.com itself has a knowledge base of information, chances are there is an answer in there for you.

Rules and Guidelines
Please keep these simple rules and guidelines in mind when using the Questions and Money Making board.

1. No Flaming, Spamming or anything of the sort
  • If you are not contributing to answering the question, your post will be deleted
  • We enforce a zero tolerance policy regarding this rule
2. Do not reply to topics marked as [Answered], unless you are the topic's author requesting more information or a clarification
  • Topics marked with [Answered] are considered closed, but are left open to in case the author feels they need more information
3. "Price check" posts WILL NOT be permitted on any items.
  • All prices can be found in the Grand Exchange and OSRS Price Guide.
  • Questions about the "street price" (or the price of an item when combined with junk items) will not be tolerated.
  • The official Grand Exchange database is now available on runescape's website for you to check your prices!
4. No general discussions
  • If you want to discuss general issues or questions, General Discussion is the place you are looking for
  • Topics that turn into debates or discussions are at risk of being closed, answered or not
5. Answer questions clearly and correctly
  • Make sure your answer is 100% correct. Posting incorrect answers isn't very helpful
  • Avoid repeating information already given in a thread. It is OK to clarify which answer is correct if two contradictory answers are given
6. Do not ask a question that is not related directly to Runescape 3, OSRS, DarkScape, or Jagex
  • Questions about funorb, videos, programs, image uploading or forums do not belong here and will be moved or closed
  • Questions relating to Runescape Memberships are allowed as long as they are directly related to the membership process. Credit card problems and other such issues belong in Off Topic
7. Questions relating to PKing, etc belong in PK General
  • Questions about how to build pures, or pking techniques (Bounty Hunter, PVP, etc) are also better suited to that board, as the people who frequent that section are far more informed and will surely give you a better answer then you would ever receive here
  • "Rate my pure" type threads are not allowed anywhere on these boards
8. No linking to other sites
  • You may only link to guides and resources found on Youtube, RSWiki, Zybez Runescape Help, 2007RSHelp, Runescape Community or Runescape.com
  • You are REQUIRED to quote relevant information from the link you are posting.
  • If you fail to follow this rule, your post will be deleted and you will be warned and/or banned
9. Please provide enough information so members can give you the help you need
  • Always specify any special circumstances, such as a time restriction, low skills/special circumstances, a laggy computer, etc
  • The more you tell us about your problem, the faster we can help you solve it
10. Topic titles should ALWAYS be relevant to topic content
  • Do not over-use symbols in topic titles, as doing so is reason for us to close your topic, answered or not
11. Questions about names are not allowed
  • We will not help you name your clan, character or whatever it is you need a name for, you can do that yourself
12. Leave your topic title alone after your thread has been answered
  • Do not edit your title to "Close Plz" or anything else like that, simply leave it and we will mark it answered for you.
  • It is OK to edit in the answered tag yourself if you feel the thread is done
13. No asking how to break the rules in game
  • Do not ask for tips on how to transfer items or where you can buy gold or how to take advantage of bugs.
14. Include stats when asking about money making
  • Your post will be closed if you don't provide a stats picture, stats-signature, or some other way for us to analyze the best way you could make money. Posting 'check my stats on the high scores' is not good enough.

The [Answered] System
Here's how it works:

If you are new to RSC the answered tags are probably new to you. Don't worry it is really easy to get the hang of. Basically what happens is, once your questions thread is fully answered and the thread considered over, a Questions team member will move in and mark it answered so that people know it is done. This leaves the thread open though, unlike a close. The reason for this is, maybe if you as the author have more questions still, then you can always ask them in the thread (the tag would be removed in this case), whereas if it were closed you'd be shut out completely and you'd have to make a new thread. You are also welcome to edit your own title, adding the answered tag, if you feel your thread is done and there are no staff around to mark it. Seeing as these threads are left open but effective closed, posting in a thread marked answered is not allowed unless you are the author, so please don't troll around posting in them unless you are the author.

Following the rules if often easier for everyone.

Punishments handed out in the Questions and Money Making board are based on the severity of the offense and/or the amount of offenses. These can range from a warning PM to removal of posting rights in the Questions and Money Making board to permanent ban from the entire community. Punishments will be handed out by a Moderator or Questions and Money Making Leader, their word is final.


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions be sure to let us know through PM.

We thank you for following these simple guidelines.
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Posted 22 January 2004 - 10:11 AM

The Art of Questioning

This short little write up would hopefully be able to help you get the best results from Questions Forum in the shortest time. It would also help to clear up quite a bit of spam. This little post aims to "teach" you how to post a question.

Although this is not one of the shortest posts you'll find around, but trust me, after reading this, I ensure you you'll learn something new. :-P

Before asking a Question... :-D


1. Have your question clear in your mind.

You may say: DUH. But well, you must know what you want. Many a time, you ask a questions, someone replies, only then you find out that he does not answer the question. Then you ask again, wasting even more time. You should make sure you questions is clear.

Before you click the "Post new topic" button, be sure you yourself understand what you are trying to say. This way, only others would understand it the way you want.


Types of questions:

1. What/Who
Normally questioning level requirements, or the origin of an item that might be new. These questions normally require very short answers. Many of these questions are answered in the FAQ.
EXAMPLE: Who is Shilop? What is charcoal?

2. How
MOST of these questions are answered in guides. Guides answer the "how" best most of the time. Otherwise, these would question the methods behind a certain thing.
EXAMPLE: How can I train my fishing quickly? How do I make Unholy Symbol?

3. Why
These questions would need proper knowledge of the subject.
EXAMPLE: Why do I always burn my lobsters? Why do people use the "wine trick"?

4. Which is better...
This IMO is the most complicated questions, and sometimes you may not end up with an answer at all. Here you're asking for others opinion of two or more choices.
EXAMPLE: Should I train magic with Wind Strike or something better?



2. Checking Present Material
FAQ, Guides and General Price Guides are not there for nothing. USE them. Much as you may think: "Posting is faster than clicking and reading". However, let me offer a different view.


If you post a question, you'll have to wait for an answer. As usual there would be people who give answers which are useless...and in the end, a moderator may even come along and copies or links you to the proper place and close your topic.
You may then feel enraged and start having bad feelings..... :-D


WHAT'S THE POINT? Why not just click a few more clicks...go to the relevant link and check if your questions is already answered. Believe me, you save a lot of time. :-P

Also, the Search Function should be fully utilised. Type your topic in there and browse through the searched results. Save yourself the trouble, and save the moderators and members the trouble.

Checking Guides Forum, and FAQ would save you a lot more time if your question is answered there.


3. The art of questions
I've though of this handy way of posting questions that may be help. It is clear and straight foward, and it would come into great use.


Example, my question: How does Defence from armour and Weapon hit affect combat

WHAT I KNOW (what I don't want to know)
I know how the battle system works (Attack and Defence Stats, Dice)
I know the effect of Weapon Strength and Strength

WHAT I DO NOT KNOW (what I want to know)
I want to know how Defence and Weapon Hit adds effect to the Dice.


This way, I'll save people from posting irrelevant stuff. Also, it'll also prevent topics from being closed by moderators if it is unanswered. Moderators ONLY close topics which they feel are duely answered. With the WHAT I DO NOT KNOW, if it is not achieved, Moderators can clearly see it.


Other Tips

- Do
  • ...use proper English and Grammer [sometimes people may misunderstand you and give you wrong answers...or you'll just invite "what are you saying" spam
  • ...be courteous [You're asking for help remember?]
  • ...say Thank You AFTER your question is answered [Formality, as well as indication that your question has been answered]
  • ...Use pictures if words cannot describe the situation
- Don't...
  • ...type thanks in advance [its rather useless, since you're going to post a thank you later again...and saying thank you in the begining is actually considered rather rude]
  • ...type in ALL CAPS or bright colours or big size... [hurting to the eye and distracting :lol: ]
  • ...ask for opinions, then still stubbornly claim your stand is the best [what's the point of asking then :-P]

Just wanted to add a little to this and reinforce what's already been said.

General Posting Rules as mentioned above:

1. You must never 'double-post'. In other words, never post twice in a row in the same topic.

2. You must never attempt to post too many completely senseless and useless posts.

3. You should always post in the appropriate board. For example, post all questions related to Runescape on the 'Questions' board.

4. Try not to post very short responses. Always be as detailed and easy to understand as possible.

5. Never go off-topic during a discussion.

Posting Tips for this "Questions" board:

1. Learn to use the Edit button.

You can add to an earlier post if you've got some new information or had 'forgotten' to add something to your original post. You can fix spelling and grammatical errors, too. Don't make a new post just to say something like, "Oh yeah, Edgeville dungeon is also a good place to find hobs." Just "Edit" that into your original.
The best posters in this community use the Edit button a lot! That's part of what makes them the best.

2. If you need more information from a member who asked a question, PM that member, don't ask for it in a post.

Member "X" asks how to raise his mining. He gives his current level and goal, but that's all. Don't post a 'one-liner' like, "D00d, what kind of pickaxe are you using?" PM member "X" asking him this.

3. Don't try to look like the Hero and answer every question on the board, especially if the answer you're posting has already been given. You may think that seeing your name under every " last post by" on the right of a topic makes you look smart. Many others might just see a Spammer instead. :yes:

And remember...

Check all the guides, FAQS, and rules regularly.

At the end of this, you would likely be able to use the Questions Forum better, and spam would be reduced. You're Happy, I'm Happy, the Mods are Happy :-P

Hope this helps,
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Posted 04 December 2007 - 9:53 PM

How to post a link from the Runescape Knowledge Base?

1.To post a link from the Runescape Knowledge Base, go to the Runescape Homepage and then click manual.

2.Choose a section of the Knowledge Base you would like to go to. An example would be the Quests page.

3.Once you find what section you are looking for (In this case, Quest Experience Page), hover your mouse over the title of your section. Then right click, which should bring up a series of tabs or options you can click.


Posted Image

Internet Explorer:

Posted Image

3.Click "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut" depending on what browser, now simply paste into your post and the link will appear.

By: Shadowmu
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