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Training Legitimately

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Posted 14 February 2005 - 10:55 AM

- Training Legit -
By: IxShotGunxI


Table of contents:

I. Legit Training
II. Training Low Defense Pures/High level pures
a. F2P
b. P2P
c. AFK/Wild
III. Training High Defense/Low Strength/Stakers
a. F2P
b. P2P
c. AFK/Wild
IV. Training Range
V. Training Magic
a. F2P
b. P2P
VI. Training Prayer
a. F2P
b. P2P
VII. What to bring
VIII. How to stay on top/tips
X. Quick List.


I. Legit Training

All of you know that there is a very few amount of legit trained characters. This guide is not only a list of popular and/or unpopular places, but it also tells you how you can stay the top dog at the poker table. Or, in a different language, technically have the whole training spot to yourself. Of course many people do auto, but if you have trained legit then you would know the feeling of great accomplishment.


II. Training low Defense Pures

The “one defense, all strength” pker is the toughest of all characters to train. Because of his very low defense. He will get hit, and you will use food. But don’t worry, I guarantee you will make it all up when you are done training. Although pures like these may be the toughest to train, they certainly are the fastest. With very high strength and moderate attack, these characters can easily 1-hit any monster in their path. You should train on characters no more than half of your combat level. Especially if there is many of them. With high strength and quick reflexes this should be a walk in the park. Remember, for pures, large quantity and weakness overcomes small quantity and power when it comes to training. If you have any other good training places, PM me. I purposefully didn’t post clear on the P2P monsters because anyone who has P2P is experienced enough to know what I’m referring to.


Combat 3-12: Chickens. I would prefer the chicken coop that is connected to the sheep herder’s house. There is little space there which makes it easier to attack a chicken and run only a step or two to get the next one.

Combat 13-20: Cows. I suggest the cow pen connected to the Crafting Guild. There are more cows here in a smaller space for them to roam.

Combat 20-25: Men. Man House in Edgeville is your best bet here. Fast respawns and good experience.

Combat 26-35: Rats. Melzar’s Maze is perfect, however the autoers lurking in there may overpower you. There is a small area in level 18 wild on the West Boarder.

Combat 36-42: Monks. If you have 32 prayer, go upstairs into the Prayer Guild and train there.

Combat 42-44: Dwarves. Inside the mining site south of the Black Knight Castle.

Combat 45+: Al Kharid Warriors.

Most players don’t normally have 1 defense when they’re combat 50+. So here’s a guide meant for the specific combat level, and the specific Defense level is in brackets. Example: [40]

Combat 50-54 [10]: May want to stick with Al Kharid Warriors. If you’re strength is more than 75, you could also try guards. The best guard spot is at the Black Knight Castle, there are also quite a few in Edgeville, Falador, and Varrock Castle.

Combat 55-59 [20]: Guards at any place mentioned above. Dwarves are a possibility. With enough strength, Pirates in the Rimmington/Port Sarim Dungeon.

Combat 60-65 [30]: Training is starting to get easier. Guards are a must here. Skeletons in Varrock Sewer may come in. Pirates in Rimmington Dungeon.

Combat 66-74 [40]: One word. Guards. I don’t care where. Anywhere, just find some.

Combat 75-84 [60]: Black Knights at Black Knight Castle, there’s 3 inside on the first story and a few more upstairs. Level 54 skeletons on Crandor. Don’t attempt to tackle Lesser Demons just yet. Deadly Red Spiders on Karamja.

Combat 85-90 [80]: Lesser Demons on Karamja or Crandor. Deadly Red Spiders. Level 54 Skeletons.

Combat 90-99 [90]: Lesser Demons, Black Knights are still alright. Level 54 Skeletons.

Combat 100-123 [99]: Read above.



Combat 3-20: Gnomes

Combat 21-30: Rats inside cave under fishing guild. Gnomes are still alright.

Combat 31-38: Spear Goblins inside cave under the fishing guild.

Combat 39-49: Dungeon Rats inside clock tower dungeon.

Combat 50-54 [10]: Dungeon Rats are still good. Goblins will also fare well. Iban Disciples inside Underground Passage.

Combat 55-59 [20]: Dungeon Rats, Iban Disciples, Souless.

Combat 60-65 [30]: Iban Disciples, Souless, Khazard Troops, Yanille Soldiers.

Combat 66-74 [40]: Iban Disciples, Souless, Khazard Troops, Yanille Soldiers, Giants Bats inside Underground Pass.

Combat 75-84 [60]: Souless, Khazard Troops, Jungle Spiders, Blessed Spiders inside Underground Passage.

Combat 85-90 [80]: Souless, Jungle Spiders, Blessed Spiders.

Combat 91-99 [90]: Jungle Spiders, Zombies on Karamja, Black Demons, Blessed Spiders.

Combat 100-123 [99]: Jungle Spiders, Zombies on Karamja, Black Demons, Blessed Spiders, Blue Dragons.



Here are all of the major Wild training spots, remember you will always find better training spots in the wild. The defense level recommended is in brackets.

F2p ~

Dark Wizards [10]: A good place to AFK or just train manual. It is also quite close to the Prayer Guild for recharging. This place is in level 3-5 wild. Some pkers do come by here bay-by-day.

Zombies [30]: Around level 20 wild, be careful of pkers.

Hobgoblins [40]: Around level 30 wild, be careful of pkers.

Deadly Red Spiders [50]: I’m not quite sure what level wild. PM me to give more information.

Black Knights (Lava Maze) [55]: Not many pkers waste their time going through the maze unless they see someone with a skull. Don’t exactly know what level wild is best to AFK at.

Lesser Demons [60]: Toward the far end of the wild. Not many pkers here but still be wary. Not sure exactly what wild level.

Greater Demons [70]: Read above.



Thugs [10]: Just above Varrock, about in 5-8 wild. These also lurk inside of the Edgeville Dungeon wild.

Chaos Druids [10]: These lurk inside Edgeville Dungeon Wild, they’re good for herblaw if you search the pile for herbs.

Deadly Red Spiders [50]: The best place is inside the Edgeville Dungeon.

Pirates [60]: These are inside a hut in about level 50 wild. Must have ?? Theiving to get in. Beware of Pkers.

Earth warriors [60]: Inside Edgeville Dungeon wild, go across the agility rope to get to these. They drop a considerable amount of Earth Runes.

Giants [60]: A ladder leading to a cave of them is in about level 46 wild, don’t stray too far, or else you will get smoked by the level 100+ fire giants!

Level 54 Skeletons [60]: Edgeville Dungeon Wild, not many pkers.

Lesser Demons [70]: A cage holding 4 of them lies beneath the Rune Rocks.

Animated Axe [80]: Arguably the best training spot in all of Runescape. You do need a picklock and a good Theiving level to get in, but the reward comes in the fast experience, watch for pkers.


III. Training high defense, low strength/stakers

These are the hardest and the most time consuming characters to actually train. With high defense, there is no need for food, but with your max hit being around 5 or 6, it will take awhile. Once again, the primary training spots are places where there are a lot of monsters and they all have very low HP.



Combat 3-25: Chickens. Around this level you might have about 10-20 strength.

Combat 26-30: Men. Man house in Edgeville is best bet. Cows behind crafting guild are nice too.

Combat 31-36: Rats inside Melzar’s maze, or cows behind fishing guild.

Combat 37-42: Rats are still ok, so are cows, but thieves are a good choice too.

Combat 43-50: You may move on to Guards, thieves are still alright.

Combat 51-60: Guards are your best bet here. Maybe skeletons inside Varrock Sewers too.



Combat 3-30: Gnomes. ß- Best spot ever.

Combat 31-40: Rats. The ones under the fishing guild.

Combat 41-46: Goblins, the spear ones under the fishing guild.

Combat 47-50: Dungeon Rats. Iban Disciples.

Combat 51-60: Khazard Troops. Iban Disciples.



Overall, your low strength won’t be good for AFKing because most monsters in the wild run, and your low strength won’t be able to 3 hit them. Only Thugs are really good here. You can also give Dark Wizards a try.


IV. Training Range

I don’t want to seem lazy, but go here for the best ranging guide ever. I can’t even compare with it so just go there. One spot Geoff failed to mention in his guide is the Dungeon Rats, which are extremely fast ranging experience.


V. Training Magic

Magic can confuse many people. Mainly because people think monsters like demons would be fast xp for a mage, but it’s not. You see, you only get magic experience each time you cast the spell, and you get more experience depending on how high the strength for the spell is. So what you want to find in a training spot is a place where you can always hit something, and not have to wait for it to respawn.


Port Sarim Jail. No better place.


Gnomes. Especially if you want some fighting experience. These little guys give you what they got. Dungeon rats are also pretty good.


VI. Training Prayer

If you think killing a monster and taking their bones isn’t enough… You’re probably right. Find a place where someone is autoing or there is a bone respawn.


Edgeville dungeon, a little room down there with rats and 4 bone respawns that respawn very quickly.

If you can protect yourself, or if you have friends that will protect you. Go to about level 26 wild, there is about 4 big bone respawns guarded by skeletons that will hurt you.


Khazard Battlefield. There is about 20 bones respawns on the East side. If you’re strong enough, you can kill some Blue Dragons or Red Dragons for some dragon bones.


VII. What to bring

Remember, the less the monster hits you, the more experience you will get training.

Always being your strongest armor.

Large helmet [ better than med! ]
Plate Body [ Better than Chain ]
Legs [ Skirts are sexier but legs will do ]
Cape [ Makes you look royal ]
Amulet [ Dragon, Ruby, Diamond, or even Gnome ]
Kite Shield [ Better than square. Only bring with a dragon long or rune b-axe ]
2 Hander [ Bring this for training F2P, you can’t use with Kite ]
Dragon Long [ Used with Kite ]
Gauntlets [ Used with Chain only ]
Food [ Cakes or Sharks ]


VIII. How to stay on top/tips

There’s nothing worse than sharing a training spot with an autoer, right? Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about that. But if you are sharing with a legit trainer.. It’s much easier. You have to have good reflexes, become focused, don’t slouch on your chair and click. Each time you see something appear.. Click it. If you are faster at attacking and get more experience than your enemy, he should admit defeat and log out or leave. Here are some things to check for.

1. Internet connection. Make sure your game is running fast, if it isn’t, close down your instant messengers and music, and close all other opened programs. If it still continues, press F1 and log out and back in again, until you get something that you can train with.

2. Sleep. Getting sleep is important. Seeing how very few people are on at night, you may want to take naps in the afternoon and you will be up and awake for the night time training session. Remember, sleep rejuvenates your reflexes.

3. Memory. Each time you kill a monster, remember where it respawns, then, after you kill the next one, you will know where to stand to beat the other guy to it.

Prentend to be autoing. While training, if the other person starts talking, don’t talk. Pretend that you’re autoing and they’ll just get pissed and probably switch.

Always bring a bow, start ranging their monsters, and they will get ticked and probably leave.

Whenever you want to keep low defense, here are some things you should do.

1) Bring a bow, whenever you log in, range the monster, it will attack you and you can change your combat setting before you would hit them

2) Get 100 Fatigue. Then when you log in, you will not get any xp until you sleep.

3) Take your weapon off and attack with fists. Most of the time on most monsters you won’t be able to 1-hit them with fists.


X. Quick List

Just a quick reference list on the best training spots.

Hits --- Monster(s)


10-20 --- chickens
21-36 --- cows
37-42 --- rats
43-50 --- monks
51-65 --- dark wizards
66-74 --- guards
75-80 --- hobgoblins
81-90 --- skeletons (lvl. 54)
91-99 --- black knights


10-36 --- gnomes
37-56 --- goblins
57-65 --- dungeon rats
66-74 --- khazard troops
75-82 --- souless
83-89 --- pirates
90-99 --- animated axes


Thanks for reading.

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