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Rules Of Clan Discussion

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#1 Brad


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Posted 27 December 2004 - 6:58 PM

Clan Discussion Rules

This board is for all discussion relating to clans. Wars, announcements, events, arguments and all things that discussion clans belong in this forum. Recruiting topics belong in the Recruiting forum.

All right, here are the few basic rules you must follow. Breaking them can result in punishment ranging from a warning, rating deduction, suspension to ban, depending on the severity.

I. No Inappropriate Material or Language

  • This includes filter evasion and swearing. This is not permitted.
  • Pornographic or other inappropriate material is not allowed. Pictures with inappropriate language are also not tolerated.
  • Racism is not tolerated in ANY way, shape, or form.
  • Spamming is not tolerated AT ALL. This includes (but is not limited to): posting "+1", and any other form of posting for the sake of increasing post count. Try to also limit quoting large replies (with images), if the staff thinks the post is too big and/or useless, it will be removed.

    Note: If a thread needs to be moved or closed, do not post about it. The Staff knows what to do with the thread - simply PM one of the CLs (check the active users list) and we will take care of it.

II. Flaming

  • NO flaming is allowed. We tried to allow light flaming and no one was mature enough to keep it at an acceptable level. Therefore, it's banned all together. Flame and you will be suspended. This includes flame-baiting. Flame-baiting is creating a post to entice or spark a reply from another clan that will result in a flamefest.

III. No pics, no proof

  • Baseless accusations are pointless. Please provide pictures or some other form of proof to back up what you are saying. This also goes for topics regarding a war or mini-war, without picture or video proof either originally or edited in within 5 minutes of posting will be locked.

IV. Only Post Replies that Relate to Clan Discussion

  • Simple as that. If it does not relate to the discussion of something related to clans, then do not post it here.

V. Do not publically argue with the CLs of the Clan Discussion

  • This is one of the most important rules. Do NOT argue with the CLs of the Clan Discussion. We have the experience and know how to handle things. If you have any complaints about us, PM it to us. Don't create a new topic. The same goes if you disagree with our actions. Just PM us. Remember, we have the right to remove ANY topic.
  • This is not to say CLs are infallible, but that it needs to be kept to PM.
  • Reposting deleted topics or posts falls under this rule.


  • There is no rule VI

VII. No more Special "Top 10" topics."

  • The top 10/20/30 topic stickied on the clan discussion forum is there to accommodate all Top lists. If you want to express your opinion on the rankings of clans do it here, creating topics for special top lists simply messes up the forum. There could be an infinite amount of different rank lists and this simply clogs up the board reducing the chances of some real discussion. Refrain in the future from creating any new topics regarding top lists of any kind.

VIII. No Anti-Clan Signatures.

  • This goes along with Rule II. This is the same thing as flaming, it's not allowed. If you are found to be in violation of this rule, your signature will be wiped completely, and you will recieve a -1 rating and suspension.
  • This includes no pictures, links, or negative references to any clans.

IX. No More asking for Information About any Clan.

  • This goes along with the rules VII and IX. Look, we have plenty of stickied topics regarding any information you would be looking for. Please do not ask for a clan website link, leaders name, member list, cape color, etc.
  • This board is for discussion issues that effect clans on a day-to-day basis; which is why people are not allowed to ask for information regarding individual players. A very handy and reliable site, to find members, is RuneHead.
  • Note: The only exception is if the specific clan information you are looking for is NOT listed in the directory. Only then may you ask for information.
  • Note2: This includes asking for memberslists or information about a clans levels, all of these can be found at RuneHead.

X. No Posting any Pictures of Private Clan Information

  • Pictures of private information may only be posted if used in conjunction with disproving a statement. All other pictures of private information will be deleted!
  • This rule includes (but is not limited to): Messengers, Private Forums, Audio Recordings and Private Irc channels.
  • Any pictures that break any other Clan Discussion rules will be deleted with possible suspension.

Example: Clan A defeats Clan B in a major fight. Clan B then claims the trip was spontaneous, and that Clan A had the benefit of preparation. Clan A would then be allowed to post picture proof disproving Clan B's statement.

These rules are subject to change without warning.
That's it. Please contact Jaacco with questions or comments.

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I'm back around. Feel free to PM with whatever you need and I'll try to to assist.
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#2 Brad


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Posted 19 February 2006 - 1:57 PM

Alright, over the course of time I have received a lot of complaints/baseless accusations regarding the moderators here in this forum. I think a large part of it is due to a misunderstanding of how we run this board. So this sticky is to tell you how we run it. Please read it before complaining to me about bias or unfair actions.

I. Bias

There seems to be a huge misunderstanding of what a "biased" moderator is. A biased moderator is one who:

  • Locks a topic because he or she disagrees with the content on the actual subject.
  • Bans or suspends a member because he or she disagrees with his or her opinion on the actual subject.
  • Deleting posts he or she disagrees with.
  • Punishing a member with no reason directly because of what clan he or she is in.

Biased is not:

  • Having an opinion or arguing for your opinion in a topic.
  • Punishing a member of a rival clan for breaking the rules.
  • Locking a topic where his or her clan was involved if the topic breaks the rules.

The fact is, as long as we punish only for breaking the rules and not based about what clan you are in, there is no bias possible. We are allowed to have opinions, believe it or not, on a lot of the issues in clan discussion.

If you are really paranoid, you can look on the active users list to see if there are any other Clan Discussion moderators online and PM them to look after your topic. We have moderators from many different clans so you can always get a second opinion from a completely different point of view.

So please, before PMing me baseless accusations or posting them, look at these two lists and figure out where your complaint lies.


Flaming here is deleted automatically, regardless of the content. However, the following types of flaming will mean an immediate suspension or ban:

  • Real life insults
    • "U r retarded"
    • "U suhk cawk"
    • "Ur a retarded loggerr lol"
  • Any filter evading whatsoever. If the filter catches it, but it's excessive (ie go suck a Chicken you fat stinking retarded happy person) we will still suspend you

III.Flame Baiting

Now, a lot of people become concerned why all their seemingly "innocent" posts are deleted. Here is the deal. If a certain post starts a small flame war in the topic, we delete all the flames, all the quotes containing the flames, and the original post (and any quotes containing it). We have found this to be the most effective way to control flame wars without closing a topic. We try to keep topics open as long as possible which is why the flaming, including the seemingly innocent post which caused it all will be deleted if possible.

You need to think about what you post, because a lot of innocent posts lead to flaming. Such as the following:
-Good job [insert clan here] and all your 8,000,000 guests
-Wow #2 clan beats #1 ROFLMLAOOMGORGASM
-Nice try [insert clan here] I guess Hides just don't cut it against rune
-Wow [insert clan here] pking alone? Shocking
-[insert clan here] ran lololol
-Any changing of a clan's acronyms will not be allowed (example: DFS, KOR, etc.)

Etc etc. All of these posts will lead to further flaming. That's why such posts are deleted indiscriminately.
Note: Just because someone posted something negative towards your clan which is based on solid proof it doesn't necessarily mean they're flaming.

IV.Closing Topics

We try to keep topics opened for as long as reasonably possible because if we just locked all topics that break the rules, we would have roughly 3 topics in CD unopened. And those are the stickies.

That's why most mods will delete the flaming and in most cases, post a warning. Please listen to the warning and stop flaming.

V."Well he said it first"

Every time I punish someone I get the PM "well he flamed me first". That is not a legitimate excuse. Ever. I don't really care what he said about you, your clan, or your pet dog. If you PM a mod they will take care of it. Everyone involved in a flame war is punished, not just the starters.

VII.The End

I hope this has helped you understand some of how this place is run. If you have any questions, complaints, or reports of unfair modding, forward them to one of the administrators (Senior Moderators) in the below post.


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I'm back around. Feel free to PM with whatever you need and I'll try to to assist.
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#3 Islamia


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Posted 06 December 2010 - 6:37 PM





Jaacco (Leader)

Senior Moderators:
Bow (Co-Leader)

Wee Man (Recruiting Leader)

Global Moderators:
The duck




Senior Members:
Jusin Bieber 

Fire Hawk154 



Community Leaders:

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