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Brain's tips (slayer/misc)

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Posted 04 July 2018 - 08:49 PM

4 July 2018: Hello! As of writing this I somewhat recently finished my first 99, slayer. I tried a lot of weird spots and methods in an attempt to make things easier along the way. Here, I'll share the successful ones and maybe some musing about them. Consider this thread as perpetually in progress; I'll start with just a few sections and add more once or twice a week as I remember things, or maybe even as I discover new stuff. For now, I think I'll keep it mostly slayer focused, but I'll also have a misc section for other tips I think people could use. If anyone wants to turn this thread into youtube money at some point down the line when it's more complete feel free, just link back here in the description please :)

4 July 18 - creation, intro, misc, untrimmed slayer, kraken, venom

Untrimmed slayer in general
An untrimmed slayer cape is actually very simple to get, but it's pretty restrictive and I wouldn't go for it again if I could travel back in time a year or so. If anyone reading this wants to go for it though, here's the stuff you need to know. Don't fight off task, keep normal ranging to a minimum, and cannon as much as you can. That's it. You can earn yourself more freedom to do stuff for fun by taking a few other measures. The big ones are unlocking Jad tasks and superiors, and using xp lamps on slayer whenever possible. Another one worth mentioning is doing morytania diaries for the xp boost in the tower. Smaller things like casting vengeance, wearing a recoil, or downgrading to a poisoned weapon aren't usually worth the cost in money or time. You'll have plenty of leeway in combat xp for quests, imbued rings, void, defenders and other stuff like that, so don't hesitate to get your untradeables early. Grinding a bunch off task or carelessly spending precious ranged xp can bite you in the butt later though. Good luck. 



Using a poisoned weapon at the cost of slower slaying isn't a good idea, but using venom in multicombat is actually really effective. I've found that using a serpentine helm and toxic trident switch to venom and lure Nechryaels or Abyssal demons in the catacombs, and then switching back to whip and slayer helm with auto retaliate and protect from melee on, makes for a semi-afk task with slightly more slayer xp than hp xp. Before I figured this out, I thought both of those tasks were mediocre and often skipped them. Unfortunately for me at the time, bursting Nechryaels gave tons of extra hp xp due to the death spawns, and Sire was the same with killing vents at the start and blood barraging spawns to heal. It's also doable at hellhounds for sure, but I chose to cannon those instead. I've only tried it on those three, but you could probably apply the same thing to a few other monsters in the catacombs too. Black demons come to mind as a decent candidate, although those are also cannonable.


Cave Kraken
These can be a long task, but they're not terrible. Even if doing untrimmed slayer I think the boss is worth it just to help pay for supplies, and it can be poisoned for a little extra free damage if you use a toxic trident. If you don't feel like doing that there's no need to skip; killing the small ones with fire surge, I managed to get roughly 100k magic, 25k slayer, and 33k hp per hour. Another thing to note is that you can "splash" on Kraken. With a regen bracelet and hp cape or rapid heal, tanking 1 tentacle isn't too bad, or you can go completely safe with nothing hitting you, but your afk period shortens to 5 minutes from 20. Not recommended if you don't want more hp xp!

This section is for single sentence and/or non slayer stuff
When you're doing mushroom wc, you can bring a druid pouch to fill with mort myre fungus if you don't want to keep it for sale, slightly better than just dropping it right? Also, holy moly this is an easy way to get your fossils.
At ZMI, rather than following people, try using an item on someone far ahead. You'll auto-path around stuff that you could get stuck on while following.

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Posted 09 July 2018 - 04:55 PM

The venom trick seems interesting, never actually seen anyone do it before. How high does the venom usually tick up to before you kill all the NPCs that you've agro'd?

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